Atomic Beamsplitter Based On Multiple Adiabatic Passage In The Optical Interference Pattern

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Study of the Velocity Dependence of the Adiabatic Rapid

Adiabatic Rapid Passage (ARP) is a technique commonly used in the magnetic of the phase of the optical pulses on the atomic state.

arXiv:1602.05685v1 [quant-ph] 18 Feb 2016 - CORE

by C Qiu 2016 Cited by 13 of hybrid interferometer based on the atom-light coherent superposition state. Interference fringes are observed in both optical output 

arXiv:quant-ph/0107124 v3 7 Feb 2002 - Strathprints

by E Andersson 2002 Cited by 199 fringes even in a multi-mode regime, analogous to a white light interferometer. beam splitters are formed by splitting the atom guiding.

A passive photon atom qubit swap operation - Weizmann

by O Bechler Cited by 29 single-photon Raman interaction11 15 an interference-based fields from stimulated Raman adiabatic passage6,7, to the Duan and Kimble protocol5.

Entropy Removal and Coherence with Lasers - University of

by JT Reilly 3.2 Fundamental properties for various atomic and molecular candidates for adiabatic passage (blue, solid curve), SHAPE with a Lorentzian profile (red 

Matterwave interferometric velocimetry of cold Rb atoms

by M Carey 2018 Cited by 11 the use of velocity-dependent atom interferometry for eter beamsplitter and recombiner at t = t1,2, the atomic.

Quantum interference in organic solid - Department of Physics

by A Rebane 2005 Cited by 8 C. Y. Ye, V. A. Sautenkov, Y. V. Rostovtsev, and M. O. Scully, Fast optical switching via stimulated. Raman adiabatic passage, Opt. Lett.

Dissertation submitted to the Combined Faculties for the

by P Krüger 2004 Cited by 20 microscopic atom-optical tools based on magnetic and electrostatic fields additional wire already allows to form various types of beam splitters (Sect.

Studies of Light-Matter Interactions in Atomic Ensembles for

by T Gujarati 2019 2.1.2 Stimulated Raman Adiabatic Passage (STIRAP) 17. 2.1.3 Rydberg Blockade Atomic ensembles interacting with optical beams based on off-resonant.

Broadband integrated beam splitter using spatial adiabatic

by T Lunghi 2018 Cited by 14 Spatial adiabatic passage (SAP) [2] currently emerges as a novel approach to fully transfer an optical beam from a waveguide to another one [3].

Bloch oscillations in atom interferometry - Archive ouverte HAL

by P Cladé Cited by 15 This transition is called a Bragg transition : the atom is diffracted by the optical lattice. 4. Bloch oscillations. 4 1. Adiabatic passage.

Atom matter wave interferometry and the - JSTOR

by P Hannaford 1994 Cited by 2 light shifts in atoms, which had been found amongst which suggests that a caesium atom produces Talbot-von-Lau interference fringes at the.

Interference of clocks: A quantum twin paradox - Science

by S Loriani 2019 Cited by 14 here on light-pulse atom interferometers like the one of Kasevich and tion leads to the sum of two interference patterns, that is, 

Shortcuts to adiabaticity in the double well Sof´ıa Mart´ınez

by S Martínez Garaot 2016 Cited by 1 2.4 Schematic representation of a 1 : 2 beam splitter. produces loss of contrast in the interference patterns when recombining the two waves [17].

arXiv:0708.2302v1 [quant-ph] 17 Aug 2007

by M Pavicic 2007 Cited by 15 passage transition and photons by a ring resonator with two outgoing ports. based on classical optical interference (analogous to.

Cavity QED and quantum-information processing with ''hot

by LM Duan 2003 Cited by 241 Our method is based on adiabatic passages, which make the relevant dynamics field with a polarization beam splitter at output side 2.

Nonlinear interferometers in quantum optics

22 Mar 2016 SU(2) Hybrid Atom Light Interferometer of the interference pattern depends not just on the phase delay acquired by radiation.

Precision atomic gravimeter based on Bragg diffraction

by PA Altin 2013 Cited by 127 2. Background. Most precision atomic inertial sensors to date have used Raman transitions to produce the optical mirrors and beamsplitters 

Cavity-Mediated Entanglement Generation Via Landau-Zener

by CM Quintana 2013 Cited by 49 Zener-Stьckelberg interference patterns, analogous to. Mach-Zehnder interferometry [8]. Such a beam splitter of two-qubit states could.

Ultracold molecules and atom pairs in optical lattice potentials

condensate of 87Rubidium atoms into a three-dimensional optical lattice. two molecular quantum states via a stimulated Raman adiabatic passage [WINKLER 

Spatial adiabatic passage:

by R Menchon Enrich 1.3.1 Time-dependent adiabatic passage with atomic internal degrees of freedom 2.3 Light spectral ltering based on spatial adiabatic passage

Towards interferometry with ultra-cold atoms in crossed optical

by RPB Moore 2019 interferometers based on quasi-Bragg waveguide beam splitters. The Bragg beam splitter interfere, leading to visible interference fringes.

Large-Area Atom Interferometry with Frequency-Swept Raman

by K Kotru 2015 Cited by 28 Large-Area Atom Interferometry with. Frequency-Swept Raman Adiabatic Passage Nevertheless, many light-pulse atom interferometers are.

Long baseline atom interferometry - Stacks are the Stanford

by DMS Johnson 2011 Cited by 11 A new family of atom optics, based on control of 2 (beamsplitter) pulse at time 2T results in interference between the two space time paths.

Multiple beam atom interferometer: theory and experiment

by M Weitz 1997 Cited by 9 pattern characteristic for multiple beam interference. Besides this fringe sharpening effect, atomic wave packet by adiabatic passage through a velocity.

Precision Measurement in Atom Interferometry - Müller Group

The atom is coherently split by atom-light beam splitters of measuring the phase shifts given an interference pattern. For an initial atom amplitude.203 pages

High‑Resolution Atom Interferometers with - DR-NTU

by B Estey 2015 Cited by 53 Atom interferometers are a direct analogy to optical interferometers, where beam splitters and mirrors send a wave along two different  5 pages

An Atom Laser is not monochromatic

by S Choi 2007 Cited by 1 atom optics in the time-domain based on adiabatic pas- 2: Interference fringes obtained by solving the Gross-.

yptim l hetuning for etomi™ snterferometry - Journal of the

We present an atomic interferometer in a parallelogram arrangement based on the concept of ideal situation of adiabatic passage, the atom stays in.

A modulated mirror for atomic interferometry - publish.UP

by C Henkel 1994 Cited by 37 Methods to produce larger beam separations have been investigated, notably adiabatic pas- sage in a dark state [12, 13]; the magneto-optical beam splitter [14] 

Splitting the Raman beamsplitter

by M Jaffe 2018 Atom interferometers (AIs) have been used for many the use of adiabatic passage for matter wave optics with.

A theoretical analysis of Bose-Einstein condensate based

by JA Stickney 2007 Cited by 3 analysis of several different types of cold-atom beamsplitters in the context of BEC 5 BEC based interferometry with optical control of dynamics.

Quantum state transfer between remote single atoms

by C Nölleke 2013 Cited by 6 Generation and storage of single photons using an adiabatic passage The light is combined by using fiber-based beam splitters and is directed to the 

Testing sub-gravitational forces on atoms from a - Nature

by M Jaffe 2017 Cited by 125 Light-pulse atom interferometry3 is based on the wave particle Beam splitter π/2. Figure 1 Cavity matter-wave interferometry.

Quantum Optimal Control of Motion in an Atomic Fountain

by VS Malinovsky atoms is imprinted on the resulting interference pattern of the quantum wave the efficacy of a proposed pulse schemes using adiabatic passage [2] with.

Bloch oscillations in atom interferometry - Hal-Inria

by P Cladé 2014 Cited by 15 tions to enhance atomic beamsplitters and the third example will be way can be used to transfer the population : the adiabatic passage.

Experiments in Atom Optics* Contents - CSIRO Publishing

by KGH Baldwin 1996 Cited by 13 FIRST-ORDER ATOM OPTIC ELEMENTS. 3.1 Lenses. 3.1.1 Zone plates. 872. 3.2 Beamsplitters. 3.2.1 Matter diffraction gratings. 874. 3.2.2 Transmission light 

Atom optics -

by CS Adams 1994 Cited by 780 As a result atomic waves obey a different dispersion relation to light. In. Page 4. 146. CS. Adams et at. / Physics Reports 240 (1994)  68 pages

An Interferometer for Atoms - The Keith Group

by DW Keith 1991 Cited by 907 The method allows us to compute the interference pattern 2 Atom Optics: Theory. 29. 2.A General Quantum Mechanics. 29. 2.B Numerics.

Precision Measurement in Atom Interferometry Using Bragg

by BV Estey 2016 Cited by 7 The atom is coherently split by atom-light beam splitters of measuring the phase shifts given an interference pattern. For an initial atom amplitude.203 pages

Stimulated Raman adiabatic passage in physics, chemistry

by NV Vitanov 2016 Cited by 484 Population transfer in atoms. 27. 2. Coherent superposition states. 27. B. Atom optics. 28. 1. Atomic mirrors. 28. 2. Atomic beam splitters 

Demonstration of a nonmagnetic blazed-grating atomic beam

by KS Johnson Cited by 32 two-level atom with bichromatic standing-wave light fields.11. In this Letter we demonstrate a large-angle beam splitter based on a  3 pages

Manipulation of the Quantum Motion of Trapped Atomic Ions

by KE Wright 2017 Cited by 3 an adiabatic passage via the same laser fields is also discussed. isolator followed by several pelical beam splitters to route the light into various 

Universal atom interferometer simulation of elastic scattering

by F Fitzek 2020 Cited by 2 5 developed an analytic theory for Bragg atom interferometry based on the adiabatic theorem for quasi-Bragg pulses. Realistically distorted light beams or mean- 

light superposition oscillation and Ramsey-like atom - OSA

by C Qiu 2016 Cited by 13 onator based on multiple interferences between light and an atomic the optical phase, we find that the interference fringes also depend.

Proposal for a Quantum Test of the Weak - SYRTE

by R Geiger 2018 Cited by 38 atoms and an entangling process based on a vacuum stimulated rapid adiabatic passage protocol implemented in a high-finesse optical cavity.

Roadmap on STIRAP applications - University of Sussex

2019 Cited by 52 Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics adiabatic passage) is to transfer a population within a quantum.

Pulsed Excitation of a Single Atom - Quantum optics group

by S Kosen the atom with an excitation probability of 78% using a π pulse. 4.2 Towards Interfering Single Photons from Different Systems 34.

Spatial adiabatic passage: - ddd-UAB

by R Menchon Enrich 2014 1.3.1 Time-dependent adiabatic passage with atomic internal degrees of freedom 2.3 Light spectral ltering based on spatial adiabatic passage

Optimal control of cold atoms for ultra-precise - ePrints Soton

by JC Saywell 2020 2 Coherent manipulation of atoms with light pulses. 9. 2.1 Raman transitions II Composite pulses, adiabatic rapid passage, and optimal control 43.