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Core Personal Values - Kathy Caprino

Core Personal Values Understanding your values can help you prioritize your goals. Identifying and thinking about your values is a great exercise to help understand what motivates you. Your life purpose or impact is all about how you make a difference and this is ALL about your values.

Test for HIPAA Course (Correct answers are in bold) 1.What is

a. The individual who is subject of the information (or the individual s personal representative) authorizes in writing. b. The information is requested by a family member c. The information is requested by the spouse. 6. If a patients refuses to allow the agency to share his patient information with family

Core Values and Essential Intentions Worksheet

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A C o m p r e h e n s i ve G u i d e to D e ve l o p i n g S

Personal values Core values answer the question: what s most important to me? When you become aware of your personal values, you can evaluate if you re living in accord with them. 5 Personal vision We have an ideal future self. This future self is our realized innate potential.


CORE VALUES ASSESSMENT Your values are your GPS navigation system for life. Getting them de ned and properly calibrated is one of the most important steps in redirecting your life toward your grandest vision. The below series of questions will help you evaluate and re ne what is truly important to you and what matters most in life.

50 Activities for Achieving Excellent Customer Service

8. Powerful bonus sections to complement and support your customer service core values and enhance performance. 9. A complimentary copy of EXCUSES, EXCUSES, EXCUSES For Not Delivering Excellent Customer Service And What Should Happen! 10. Effective tools to assist you in attaining the next level of success with the individual who needs

resilience questionnaire & score inc 10 tips

I am the victim of my personal history Your past must have an impact, but is no excuse for not improving yourself now. There s so much to do it s not even worth trying Life is complex, and you now have to do more with less. As a result, you may come to believe there are simply so many imperatives that you can t se where to start.

The Life Change List

A Quick Look at Your Values page 1 Values are your heart s deepest desires for how you want to behave as a human being. Values are not about what you want to get or achieve; they are about how you want to behave or act on an ongoing basis. There are literally hundreds of different values, but below you ll find a list of the most common

Personal Care Assistant (PCA) COMPETENCY TEST

Personal Care Assistant (PCA) COMPETENCY TEST Georgia Written Examination I. ROLE OF THE PERSONAL CARE ASSISTANT A PCA may perform certain duties. Mark the following true or false for task may legally perform as a Personal Care Assistant. T=True F=False 1. Reinforce a dressing. 2. Apply a hot pack. 3. Give and enema. 4. Administer medication. 5.

VALUES WORKSHEET (Adapted from Kelly Wilson s Valued Living

Values are not the same as goals. Values are directions we keep moving in, whereas goals are what we want to achieve along the way. A value is like heading North; a goal is like the river or mountain or valley we aim to cross whilst traveling in that direction. Goals can be achieved or crossed off , whereas values are an ongoing process.


changing behavior so what you might like to do is to translate your personal values into your intended changes in behavior. The next task is to have a look at your goals, expressing them in terms of behavior change. Here s a worksheet way to set it out. In the left hand column goes the VALUE that you defined earlier. Your values may be

Personal Core Values - Health and Wellness Coaching

Personal Core Values Checklist Remember no list can ever be complete. There may be additional personal values that are unique to you, so don t be limited by the list. Add anything else that just feels right. Acceptance Fast pace action Power Achievement

VIA Character Strengths (Youth) Form)

3. Put a *star* next to those that you consider to be core to who you are. These should also be strengths that you find to be energizing and very easy to use in many situations. You can probably consider these to be your signature strengths. 4. Review those character strengths that you checked as Like me. Some of these strengths

Hierarchy of Values Worksheet - SMART Recovery

facilitated. It s called the Hierarchy of Values, and goes something like this: Take a few minutes or so and make a list of the things that are important to you. Once that is completed, pick out the five things that you would place at the very top of the list the five things that are MOST important to you. There is no right or wrong

Values Exercise - CMU

Group all similar values together from the list of values you just created. Group them in a way that makes sense to you, personally. Create a maximum of five groupings. If you have more than five groupings, drop those least important. See the example below. 3. Choose one word within each grouping that best represents the label for the entire group.

Values Worksheet Nicole - Carleton

Values Assessment Worksheet A value is defined as a principle, standard, or quality considered inherently worthwhile or desirable. Individuals, groups, and whole societies hold values. Values are what motivate and fulfill you. They imbue your work and your life with meaning. In essence, a value is what is important to you.

7 Steps to Discovering Your PERSONAL CORE VALUES

What follows is a self-coaching tool to help you discover your personal core values. Let's jump in Why Personal Cor e V al ues Ar e I mpor tant Values are a part of us. They highlight what we stand for. They can represent our unique, individual essence. Values guide our behavior, providing us with a personal code of conduct.

Rship Values Worksheet - Your Relationship Architect

Values. Step #1) Choose the values that are vitally important to your happiness. Write them down on the worksheet. Step #2) Conduct a rank-order prioritization by asking yourself, Would I be in a relationship if I couldn't have this? Value #1) is most important and so on. Put each of your values in decreasing priority.


Clarifying Values and Making Life Changes 21-22. A Quick Look at your Values page 1 23. A Quick Look at your Values page 2 24. Love, work, play, health values and goals 25. The Happiness Trap. 26 Worksheets to use with the Happiness Trap 26. How to get the most of The Happiness Trap 27. Control of Thoughts and Feelings 28

Eight Core Christian Values - Ethos

Eight Core Christian Values by Brian Edgar, Director of Theology and Public policy for the Evangelical Alliance This discussion of values is in two parts The value of values Eight core Christian values for a society to live by The value of values It is very common today for all kinds of organisations to nominate their core values

VALUES - Winona

Nov 16, 2016 Listed below are 50 values. Read through the list. When you find a value that describes you, circle it. Next, condense the circled list to the 10 values that most describe you. Finally, reflect on the meaning of each of these 10 values, and ask yourself if they are congruent with the choices you make and the actions you take on a daily basis.

Choices and Values - NWABR.ORG

importance of values in individual and group decision-making. Students are asked to link outcomes important to them with values they may hold. This activity follows the Choices and Values one. Student Handouts Values Prioritization, What is a Value?, Values Definition Table, materials from Choices and Values activity

List of VALUES

Personal fulfillment Power Pride Recognition Reliability Resourcefulness Respect Responsibility Risk -taking Safety Security Self-discipline Self-expression Self-respect Serenity Service Simplicity Spirituality Sportsmanship Stewardship Success Teamwork Thrift Time Tradition Travel Trust Truth Understanding Uniqueness Usefulness Vision

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EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE QUESTIONNAIRE self assessment SELF-MOTIVATION Achievement Drive: Striving to improve or meet a standard of excellence. 1 I am results-oriented, with a high drive to meet objectives and

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resetting your spending habits to better align them with your values, who you are, and who you aspire to be. INTRO 4 This program will help you: Identify your current spending type Find your financial spirit-animal Create spending goals that align with your core values and bring you joy Reflect on your spending personality and values


Life Values Inventory Publisher: Life Values Resources, [email protected] 4 LIFE VALUES INVENTORY SCORING SUMMARY Add up the ratings from pages 2, 3, and 4 for each question. Record the total scores for each letter below and in the SCORES column on page 6. This will give you your scores for the 15 major life values identified by this

Self Assessment of Core Competencies - Surrey Schools

the core competencies identified in BC s renewed curriculum. It is a framework for thinking, providing Surrey educators with starting points for reflection, deliberation, discussion and learning. Its goals include: Core competencies are sets of intellectual, personal, social and emotional proficiencies that all

50 Activities for Promoting Ethics within the Organization

A quiz starts off this 30-minute exercise, after which participants explore two case studies taken from actual corporate occurrences. 9. Be-Guile 67 In this 25-minute exercise, participants consider the best way to propose organizational change. 10.

Developing Balanced Core Beliefs

new core belief, you want to aim for something that is more positive, balanced, and realistic. Think of something that is a more accurate reflection of yourself. It is important that the work you do on your negative core beliefs is not just about squashing the belief that you have been carrying around, but also Page 4

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Professionalism may look slightly different in various settings, but the core elements are always the same and give young employees an edge as they begin their careers. The activities in this section focus on each of the five individual soft skills presented in this


PERSONAL VALUESPERSONAL VALUES Card SortCard Sort W.R. Miller, J. C de Baca, D.B. Matthews, P.L. Wilbourne University of New Mexico, 2001 IMPORTANT TO ME VERY IMPORTANT TO ME NOT IMPORTANT TO ME ACCEPTANCE to be accepted as I am 1 9/01 ACCURACY

Schwartz Personal Values Questionnaire

The Schwartz personal values questionnaire was developed through decades of research by Professor Shalom H Schwartz, one of the world s most prominent and respected researchers on this topic. Professor Schwartz found that across cultures 10 dominant individual values could be identified. Below are the results on the Personal Values Questionnaire.

Valued Living Questionnaire (VLQ) -

the level of importance and how consistently they have lived in accord with those values in the past week. For detailed information on scoring the VLQ see Wilson and Murrell (2004). Reliability: The instrument has shown good test-retest reliability. Validity: Currently being collected. Reference: Wilson, K. G. & Groom, J. (2002).

Identifying strengths, interests, abilities, hopes and dreams

Become aware of their personal attributes. initiate goal-oriented action. For facilitators preferring written work, the reflections worksheets accomplish all of the above goals. Additionally, clients are: exposed to new ideas through illustrations, brief introductory information, factsheets and quotations.

Identifying Values - Personal Development Insights

way you live. Values can range from family traditions, to more everyday values in work situations such as punctuality and reliability, and then there are personal values that are psychological such as self-respect, kindness towards others and having a life purpose. Everyone has their own unique personal values that guide them.

What are Personal Boundaries? - Therapist Aid

Values own opinions. Doesn t compromise values for others. Shares personal information in an appropriate way (does not over or under share). Knows personal wants and needs, and can communicate them. Accepting when others say no to them. Most people have a mix of different boundary types. For example,

Core Values Clarification Exercise Step 1: Core Values List

Please place your personal core values in priority order and list the outcome statement and behavior indicators for each of them. The behaviors do not need to be in priority order. It is critical to place your core values in priority order, in the event you face a decision where two values conflict.

Personal Values Clarification Exercise

Personal Values Clarification Exercise Values Clarification: Having contemplated some important values, Fill out the following Personal Values Work- sheet. This process is designed to further clarify values you hold dear. Column A Identify how well you feel you ve satisfied each value. Use the following scale: 0 = not at all 1 = slightly 2 = some

Generational Differences Chart - WMFC

Generational Differences Chart Traditionalists Baby Boomers Generation X Millennials Birth Years 1900-1945 1946-19641965-1980 (1977-1994) 1981-2000 Current Age 63-86 44-6228-438-27

ethics in Professional Nursing Practice

rest on the agreed core concepts of nursing, namely: person, culture, care, health, healing, environment and nursing itself (p. 16). The nursing profession embraces all of the roles that characterize nursing, whether in practice or not. Nursing ethics permeates all of those nursing roles.