A Novel Liquid Core Fiber Temperature Sensor For Smart Structure Applications

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Fiber optic sensor technology offers the possibility of implementing nervous sensor technology and some of the applications that make this field, which is still in its Figure 1.1: Embedded temperature sensor to measure curing of thick concrete pad Figure 3.48: Fiber optic smart structure systems consist of optical fiber 

modulated temperature sensor based on fiber interferometer

Key words: temperature sensor; interferometer; intensity-modulated; applications where electronic sensors are not feasible to be used A more complex scheme using MZI structure superimposed core fiber (TCF) has been demonstrated for refractive index, neous temperature and liquid level measurement [11].

Use of a Novel Fiber Optical Strain Sensor for Monitoring the

sensor, bonded to the surface of the aircraft structure, relies on measuring the phase shift that Fiber-optic sensors offer many advantages over their elec-.

Hybrid Optical Fiber Sensors for Smart Materials and Structures

by M Ramakrishnan 2016 and that for practical strain sensing applications buffer coated PM-PCF are more suitable for Hybrid Fiber Optic Sensing System for Simultaneous Strain and Temperature Smart Structures with Embedded Hybrid Optical Fiber Sensors. where n0 is the effective refractive index of the fiber core and Λ is the grating pitch.


by H Wang 2014 Cited by 2 used to develop optical resonator for broad sensing applications. Specifically successfully demonstrated for different sensing purposes, including temperature, chemical vapor addition, the alignment free, integrated microresonator structure may also find other IONIC LIQUID CORE MICRORING RESONATOR FOR.

PDMS hybrid overcoating enhanced fiber plasmonic

It is believed that the multilayer graphene/PDMS structure can be further exploited for has been widely utilized for many applications such as biochem- ical analysis,4 coefficient liquids, the sensitivities were increased to a higher order in in a hollow core fiber to fabricate an SPR temperature sensor and obtained a 

Optical fiber distributed sensors: a tool for in-situ structural and

by L Zeni Cited by 12 Consortium for Research on Advanced Remote Sensing Systems - CO.RI.S.T.A., Naples, Italy ployed, such as liquid-core fibers (Hartog 1983) or doped fibers 


In communication applications one tries to minimize such effects so that signal transmission and reception is reliable. On the other hand in fiber optic sensing, 

A Novel Liquid Core Fiber Temperature Sensor for Smart

by B Zimmermann 1990 Cited by 3 novel, liquid core fiber (LCF) temperature sensor for possible applications in smart structure systems, rely upon information provided by a variety of distrib-.

Zehnder Interferometer Sensor Based on Er Doped Fiber

15-May-2021 Abstract A novel temperature sensor based on rare earth fiber peanut (REFP) shape structure in fiber ring laser (FRL) is proposed and Applications under Grant LZC0019, and in part by the project The Veri- fication Platform The liquid sensor based on the hollow core fiber interference also has been.

Plasmonics-Based Fiber Optic Sensors

by IR Matias Cited by 35 certainly, the application fields of optical fiber sensors will be extended and more commercial Brillouin Distributed Temperature Sensor Using Optical Integration of novel functional material with fiber optic components is one of the variation of refractive index into the core of a special type of optical fiber using an.

A Review of Microfiber-Based Temperature Sensors - ePrints

by W Talataisong 2018 Cited by 35 microfibers, with a focus on their applications in temperature sensing. In 2004, a temperature sensor based on MF for measuring liquids In the strongly fused coupler, the two fiber cores are brought close to each other and the coupler strain-insensitive long-period grating sensors for smart structures.

Fiber optic liquid level sensor based on - IEEE Xplore

by X Zhang 2014 Cited by 26 that can monitor many physical parameters like strain, temperature in harsh optic liquid level sensors have been developed with different smart and interferometer have attracted much attention due to their compact structure and high sensitive. present a novel fiber-optic liquid level sensor by combining lever principle 

High Spatial Resolution in Distributed Temperature - IMEKO

by G Betta Abstract A fiber optic reflectometric temperature sensor sensors the cores of two single mode fibers are placed very application, these values of spatial resolution and response refractive index, a temperature variation of the liquid acts as [8] E. Udd, Fiber Optic Smart Structures , invited paper to Proceedings.

Fiber bragg grating sensors for mainstream industrial processes

by G Allwood 2017 Cited by 42 Bragg grating (FBG) sensing in wind turbine, aerospace, structural Moreover, in certain applications the sensors must be elements which can be created in the core of an optical fiber using [77] described their temperature-insensitive FBG liquid level sensor [99] proposed a novel FBG flow sensor.

Advanced Electromagnetic Metamaterials for Temperature

by L Ma 2021 temperature sensing applications, based on different kinds of Electromagnetic metamaterials are kinds of synthetic structural materials with novel and optical frequency bands by constructing nano-scale MEMS Smart Mat Struct. (2018) metamaterial and sensing application based on liquid metals.

SNS optical fiber sensor for direct detection of phase

by W Han 2018 Cited by 5 A single-mode-no-core-single-mode (SNS) fiber optical sensor for the detection of solid- liquid and liquid-solid phase changes in C18H38 n-alkane considered applications of fiber optic sensors in detection of phase A novel optical fiber sensor based on an SNS fiber structure for Smart Materials and.

Composite Modal Interferometer for Simultaneous Triple

by M Zhang 2020 temperature response but the apparent differences in strain and refractive applications. INDEX TERMS fiber optic sensor; composite modal interference; cascaded structure; In this paper, a novel composite modal interferometer core fiber structure), multiple high-order modes will be liquid level sensor, IEEE Photon.


Best Paper Award, ASME Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures, and Novel photonic/microwave micro/nano materials, structures, devices and with Low Bending Loss Based on Thin-Core Fiber. Spatially Distributed Fiber-Optic Temperature Sensor for Applications in the Contactless liquid interface measurement.

Novel Knob-integrated fiber Bragg grating sensor with

by G Yan 2015 Cited by 45 Abstract: A novel high performance optical fiber sensor for simultaneous measurement of relative humidity (RH) and temperature based on our the simple fabrication process make this structure a highly promising sensor incorporated thin-core fiber modal interferometer, Opt. Express 19(5), 4140 ​4146 (2011). 15.

Photonic Crystal Fiber Based Plasmonic Sensors - PURE

20-Nov-2016 capabilities such as high sensitivity and wide range of applications in sensing, (iii) illustrate various proposed structures and development in liquid-core based PCF SPR sensors have been studied [44, 112]. novel birefrigent photonic crystal fiber surface plasmon resonance biosensor, Photonics.

A Review for Optical Sensors Based on Photonic Crystal

by Y Zhang 2015 Cited by 111 the specific measurement principle, structure of PCC, and the corresponding Keywords: Photonic crystal cavity (PCC); optical sensor; high sensitivity; such as gas sensors [17-19], liquid sensors [20], temperature sensors [21], the key problems and new directions of PCCs for sensing applications are put forward,.

Fiber Optics Nptel - beenews.com

The first part of the book introduces readers to the basics of sensor This edition retains all core features, while incorporating recent improvements crystal fiber sensors, micro- and nanofiber sensing, liquid crystal photonics, acousto-optic effects in humidity sensing applications, smart structure applications, and medical 

Review of Liquid-Filled Optical Fibre-Based Temperature

by F McGuinness 2018 Keywords: optical, fibre, temperature, sensor, liquid, review. 1. commonly find application in processes involving high temperatures, intracranial and core temperatures in patients within 2 168 h post severe head from in-vivo biomedical sensing [22], to structural and geothermal thermocouple based smart industrial.

Structural Health Monitoring Using Fibre Optic Acoustic - MDPI

consists of a core with a high refractive index and a surrounding cladding. their fundamental operational principles and key industrial applications. high temperature sensing, displacement sensing and also strain monitoring in asphalt concrete. cost of their novel fibre optic ring AE sensor was around two dollars [​62].

One-rod core microstructured optical fibers for evanescent

by DK Sharma 2021 structures. For assessing the confinement loss, an alternative approach based sensing applications for single-mode water-core MOF has been annotated in with almost index sensitivity via strong evanescent field-liquid measurand interaction has [3] K. Peters, Polymer optical fiber sensors a review, Smart Mater.

Curvature and Vibration Sensing Based on Core - inesc tec

by CS Fernandes 2016 Cited by 18 in a wide range of applications, for instance, structural health monitoring. Index Terms Core diameter mismatch (CDM), optical curvature sensor, optical 

Intrinsic Optical Fiber Sensor - IntechOpen

22-Feb-2012 applications and that the packaging of optical fiber sensors for to use monomode fibers for sensing, but more and more smart uses of A change in pressure, temperature, curvature and so on will modify The polarization maintaining fibers (generally with an elliptical core). Components using liquid.

Experimental Feasibility Study of Fibre Optic Extrinsic Fabry

by SC Jain 2001 Cited by 6 Interferometric Sensor for Civil Structures and Other Applications. S C Jain structures, novel materials, medicines, aerospace, power strain, pressure, temperature, acceleration, magnetic, and fibre sensors induce a refractive index change in the core, 7 Udd Eric, Fibre Optic Smart Structures (John Wiley & Sons.

Fiber Bragg grating sensors for monitoring of physical

by JK Sahota 2020 Cited by 14 changes refractive index of the fiber core is called photosensitivity, which pressure, temperature, strain, liquid level, and also sensing of 1 Structure of fiber Bragg grating along with the transmitted, reflected, and output spectra. The sensors can be either surface mounted or embedded in smart struc-.

Biomedical application of optical fibre sensors - IOPscience

by R Correia 2018 Cited by 70 Development and validation of a novel sensing systems, have found applications ranging from structural health in healthcare and are classified as physical (temperature, strain, Light propagates in the core of an optical fibre via total internal Fiber Optic Sensors Smart Sensors, Measurement and.

Handbook of Optical Sensors Optical Waveguide Sensors

book addresses optical-fiber-based sensing with an emphasis on underlying fields, for example, pressure, temperature, liquid level, liquid refractive index, liquid pH, on military applications like fiber-optic hydrophones for submarine and Sensors for smart structures based upon the Fabry Perot interferometer. In​. Fiber 

Fiber optic sensor for distributed liquid content quantification

by S Texier Cited by 3 ABSTRACT: A novel fiber-optic sensor assembly for continuous monitoring of moisture the sensor, reacting to environmental parameters such as strain and temperature. calibration free application led to considerable interest in the civil engineering community Optical fiber sensors and their role in smart structures. In.

Chronology of Fabry-Perot Interferometer Fiber-Optic Sensors

by MR Islam 2014 Cited by 205 interest for their prospective applications in sensing temperature, A Bragg grating structure is produced in the core of a germanosilicate-made optical fiber by and high voltage electricity exists, smart structure monitoring, seismic Although there are some books [51,52], on fiber optic sensors which 

Photonic crystal fiber based plasmonic sensors

by AA Rifat 2017 Cited by 165 Photonic Crystal Fiber Surface Plasmon Resonance (PCF SPR) has emerged as a highly-sensitive based SPR sensor for chemical sensing applications in the 1990s sensors can be enhanced by modifying the structural parame- show a positive and negative refractive index sensor, a liquid-core.

Investigations towards the development of a novel multimodal

by J JOHNY 2019 sensors for smart monitoring of oil and gas subsea structures. In OCEANS Characteristics of Liquid Crystal PCF for Sensing Applications. different fibre optic core-cladding structures, material infiltrations and material doping to improve the doped materials for fibre-based Raman distributed temperature sensing (DTS).

Fiber Optic Sensors Second Edition Book

optimum sensor for any type of application, including engineering, optic sensors, Intensity sensors for monitoring temperature, position, and other Fiber Optic Smart Structures pools the expertise of thirty-threeleading professionals, many of This edition retains all core features, while incorporating recent improvements 

Patent Report

Strain Sensors for Smart Structures, A Novel Liquid Core Fiber Temperature Sensor for Smart Structure Applications for rare earth-iron-boron alloys.

APOS2018 Technical Program

by MTW Thu exploring the dynamics of cells and for diagnosing the structure of the principle and applications of SRS microscopy and its recent We report on a novel smart needle based on optical fiber sensor High sensitivity temperature sensor based on no-core fiber with selectively filled with magnetic fluid.


by A McDonach 1994 277 Smart structure application for the Challenger aircraft 354 Novel fibre optic stress/strain sensor using the near-infrared SPATE effect (FONI-SPATE) (eg inorganic) materials on low temperature substrates (eg polymers) have been When the foam core is used for the adhesion of the optical fiber, the 

Development of a Wireless MEMS Multifunction Sensor

by H Ceylan 2016 Cited by 4 addition, the MEMS temperature sensors and the MEMS water content sensors and water content sensor uses a straightforward structure to simplify the In this stage, a novel relative humidity/moisture sensor using PMMA fibers on interdigital benefits of using graphene as the core detecting component and liquid metal 

High spatial resolution Distributed fiber optic - NDT.net

by W Li Cited by 14 Hartog, A. H., A distributed temperature sensor based on a liquid-core optical fiber, IEEE. J. Lightwave Technol., vol. 1, pp. 498, 1983. 6. Dakin, 

Fiber-Optic Temperature Sensor Based on Single Mode

by KT Kim 2008 Cited by 30 This paper reports a fiber-optic temperature sensor using a single mode fused fiber in-line structure of these devices offers many attractive Core (nco) of liquids were prepared for the external medium. coupler based refractive index sensor and its application A novel ultrasound fibre optic sensor based on a fused.

Optical Fiber Sensors for loT and Smart Devices - National

by FD Maria de Fátima Cited by 2 This book provides a brief overview of optical fiber sensing, with its different sens- ing techniques sensitivity, more resiliency, and wider range of applications, by increasing their range of 5.2 Smart Composite Materials and Structures These sensors can be effectively used for temperature sensing (doped fiber.

Polarimetric optical fiber sensors of a new generation for

by TR WOLIŃSKI 2008 Cited by 36 The paper presents a novel modular fiber optic sensing system of potential industrial applications to measure temperature, hydrostatic pressure, and strain that 

Pendulum-type hetero-core fiber optic - Preprints.org

21-Jun-2018 Keywords: structural health monitoring; fiber optic sensor; There have been a variety of fiber optic sensors developed for smart structures by use of Brillouin. 55 al. introduced distributed fiber optic temperature and strain sensors using a novel accelerometer based on a hetero-core fiber optic sensor.

Optical Fiber High Temperature Sensor - OSTI.GOV

by KL Cooper 2006 Cited by 3 a laser bonded silica high temperature fiber sensor with a high temperature capability up to 6.0 A Novel Intrinsic Fabry-Perot Fiber Optic Sensor 62.5μm​-core fiber and a 50μm-core fiber etched in 50% HF solution for 5 minutes. Sensors and Smart Structures for Civil, Mechanical, and Aerospace Systems, Proc. SPIE.

Chalcogenide Glass-Capped Fiber-Optic Sensor for Real

by B Badamchi 2021 Keywords: chalcogenide glass; optical fiber; temperature sensor materials, structural components, and fuels, it is imperative to study their This characteristic has led to several emerging phase change applications [22 24]. A novel temperature sensor architecture for monitoring temperature evolution 

Multifunctional Smart Optical Fibers: Materials - MDPI

by Z Liu 2019 Cited by 19 sensing applications due to flexible choices in materials and Basically, the refractive index of the core is slightly higher than that of Typically, the soft-glass fiber is drawn at a temperature of hundreds of With the introduction of novel materials, the function of optical fibers To enable liquids to flow into.

Liquid level sensor based on dynamic Fabry Perot - Nature

by P Roldán-Varona 2021 In this work, a novel optical fiber sensor capable of measuring both the liquid level of optofluidic structures are favored by the presence of the fiber core as a in applications such as fiber lasers12, or non-linear optics13, is also a very Electronic and Communication Engineering and Institute of Smart Cities (ISC), Public.