How Are Biases Used To Help Students In College

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A Phenomenological Study of College Students - Scholars Crossing

(b) how do college students describe bias; (c) how do college students There is precedent for the content of history textbooks to be used to determine teacher.

The Perception of Bias by University Students with Access to

by K Coppola 2016 Part of the Higher Education Commons, and the Journalism Studies Commons The perception of media bias by students with an education in journalism and was also gathered about the students' knowledge and use of the Center for 

How Faculty Attitudes and Expectations toward Student

by P Lindsey Cited by 21 what we, for lack of a better term, refer to as ethnolinguistic bias: the tendency This finding parallels studies of textbooks used in Native English Speaker (NES) also made by native speakers were marked as unacceptable in college-level  40 pages

A lesson in bias - Psychology : Princeton University

Oct 31, 2015 that teachers' biased expectations for their minority students negatively impact students' Implicit racial bias. To measure instructors' implicit racial bias, we used the subliminal high school or college course. 2 Pretesting 

Implications for Child Development - Case Western Reserve

The SCHUBERT CENTER FOR CHILD STUDIES in the College of Arts and children.12 Implicit biases are formed in the teacher used the colors to label.

Decision making biases in children and early adolescents

by J Baron Cited by 139 Most studies of heuristics and biases in decision making have used college students The present study grew out of a project concerned with the teaching of​ 

Perceived ideological bias in the college classroom - ERIC

by DL Linvill 2011 Cited by 10 Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Vol. 11, No. use and understand evidence in building knowledge claims, though the link is tenuous. This link in the perception of and reaction to political bias in the college classroom.12 pages

Bias in Online Classes - Stanford Institute for Economic Policy

by R Baker 2018 Cited by 4 interactions: college students with racially or gender-connotative names receive different We tested for the presence of racial and gender biases in these settings by creating fictional student content are widely used in other online courses.46 pages

Can You Beat Cognitive Bias? - Lesson Plan - KQED

Students will define and analyze five different types of cognitive bias. Students we still fall for fake news and cling to outdated opinions. Why? As a class or in small groups, students watch the Above the Noise video (Note: Use a platform.Missing: College ‎ Must include: College

Gender biases in student evaluations of teaching - UNLV

by A Boring 2017 Cited by 278 As universities use SETs to decide on promotions and contract renewals, these results imply that promotion and hiring in univer- sities may be 

Locked Out of the Classroom: How Implicit Bias Contributes to

that called for students to be suspended or expelled from school for less serious, over-ride implicit biases that can interfere with best practic- es in consumer and tions for African American Students' College Experience. 83 J. of Personality.15 pages

Seven Forms of Bias in Instructional Materials

The most fundamental and oldest form of bias in instructional materials is the complete or Here are several strategies for teaching these concepts in K-12 and teacher college level texts (academic areas as well as teacher education), or in.

Effects of Implicit Bias on Teachers' Expectations of Student

by CM McGinnis 2017 Cited by 2 and Dissertations from the College of Education and Human Sciences. disparities is that teachers hold different expectations for students of different races developing vignette characters, unisex names or names that were used for both 

Exposing Gender Bias in Student Ratings of Teaching

by L MacNell 2014 Cited by 651 Student ratings of teaching are often used as an indicator of the quality of an similar study, college students evaluated two hypothetical applicants for a faculty​ 

Minimizing Bias When Assessing Student Work - ERIC

by P Steinke 2017 Cited by 6 Most often, some kind of rubric is used to assist with this coding We argue that the potential for bias is a concern when assessing student work and audience for higher education has expanded in the last 40 years to include a much greater.9 pages

Bias and Trends in Student Evaluations in Online Higher

by CL Marcham 2020 occurring in online higher education courses taught for the time period bias in student evaluations, they shouldn't be used for personnel 

Admission Officers' Perceptions Of Implicit Bias In - eGrove

by CD Hardy 2020 In a recent case, Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. (SFFA) v. President and Fellows of Harvard College, SFFA claimed Harvard College's use of 

Frequently Quoted Bias Annotated Bibliography - University

Gender biases in student evaluations of teaching. Journal of As more colleges and universities use student ratings data to guide personnel decisions, it is  3 pages

A Review of Bias in Peer Assessment - Asee peer logo

by J Stonewall Cited by 6 His teaching methods include team projects and the application of team-based learning methods regarding the fairness of peer assessments due to student biases. that aims to use this information to design and evaluate fairer peer assessment processes. practices have been incorporated on college campuses as a.

Student Bias Response Protocol - Agnes Scott College

BRT review filed reports and work to bring effective resolutions to incidents reported. The following guidelines are used to assist the BRT throughout the process:.

Critical Practices for Anti-bias Education - Learning for Justice

nation's children. The program provides free educational materials to educators for use encouraging students to speak out against bias and injustice;​. including use in classrooms from kindergarten through college. The strategies that  36 pages

Unconscious bias and higher education

This report is intended to help higher education institutions Unconscious bias is a term used to describe the associations that we hold which, despite being recruitment and selection of staff and students, and the ability of those staff and  106 pages


for students applying to college and applicant gender and race. Next, we focused on the descriptors used in the letters, examining the relationship between the  12 pages

Measuring teaching quality in higher education: assessing

by M Goos 2016 Cited by 78 Abstract Student evaluations of teaching (SETs) are widely used to measure course evaluations are upward biased, and that correcting for selection bias has​  24 pages


by KHEE KIM Cited by 41 Key Words: assessment, cultural bias, creativity, standardized tests, cul- Teachers forced to use standardized tests can help students practice their lan- assessment as part of the college admission procedures (Sternberg, 2008).

Teacher bias in elementary school and the factors that aid it.

by CU Douglas 2016 teacher bias affect the educational experiences of African American students and member to attend college] in the public schools in Louisville, Kentucky for Critical Race Theory is used in the field of education due to its ability to highlight.

Do School Counselors Exhibit Bias in Recommending

by DV Francis Cited by 15 when they recommend students for AP Calculus courses and whether the propensity graduation, 3) increased likelihood of matriculation to four year colleges and 4For more examples of studies in the education context that use names to  47 pages

Incidents of Bias in College Classrooms: Instructor and

by GA Boysen Cited by 103 Little is known about incidents of bias specific to college classrooms or how they are handled by classroom bias. Keywords: education, college students, prejudice, teaching ing the same pejorative use of the word gay confronted the​  13 pages

Confronting Bias in Schools - American Federation of Teachers

shown that children use group membership, such as ethnicity, as a cue for friendship. tion in the Department of Teaching and Learning at Peabody College of.

Revisiting Course Evaluations - Assessment Institute - IUPUI

Oct 14, 2019 Biases in Student Evaluations of Teaching. Presentation given 17 distinct schools and 2 colleges that confer degrees thru IU & PU o 2 Purdue Schools evaluations are biased against women, then the use of evaluations to  29 pages

Assessment Bias: How to Banish It - IARSS

by WJ Popham 2012 Cited by 33 aspects of a test's items that can contribute to assessment bias: offensiveness and might be offensive to particular groups of students for instance, females, Native and college, this wouldn't be the case, but that is the subject of another 

Countering Bias in the Classroom - Georgetown Institute for

Thomas Dee, Seth Gershenson, Unconscious bias in the classroom: Evidence and teachers advise and teach minority students, creating dramatic effects for We use an original dataset measuring self-reported participation and a number of highly-ranked universities, this project assesses the gender diversity of the 

Implicit bias and racism in higher education - DRS Digital

by G Kavanaugh 2019 examine those experiences and solicit the help of students who experience this racism. In higher education, implicit bias and racism is Because class and race intersect in various ways, it can be used to promote racial.218 pages

Selection Bias in Educational Research - Mid-Western

Several statistical methods exist that can be used to help identify and reduce selection likelihood of students in the Utah Valley State College system needing 

How Poverty and Cognitive Biases Can imPaCt deCisions

by M Helmer 2015 can use to help low-income individuals to reach their full potential in the classroom and many job training participants and community college students are 

Pre-service Teachers' Implicit Bias - Scholarship & Creative

by KE Batchelor 2019 Cited by 5 Part of the Curriculum and Social Inquiry Commons, Higher Education Commons​, Higher Education and Teaching Commons, and the Language and Literacy bias. The few studies which exist regarding implicit bias with PSTs use 

2020 Youth Bias Report -

bias incidents in New Jersey, especially among children and young 4 The phrase Latinx is used to include all people residing in the United States Publish resources for schools, colleges, and universities responding to a bias incident

Strategies for Addressing Implicit Bias in Early Childhood

by K Capatosto Cited by 3 complicate educators' efforts to help students reach their full potential. Defined as Educators are critical to the process of reducing the effects of implicit biases in schools. However higher education populations (Hurtado, 1999; Milem & Hakuta, 2000). ability levels and cultural backgrounds that can support cooperative.

Impact bias in student evaluations of higher education - Taylor

by A Grimes 2017 Cited by 10 of students' satisfaction with their teaching, learning and wider university Scollon, and Lucas (2003, 197) note, 'people use their affective well-being as [​one.

Cognitive Bias and Repairs in Admissions Decision Making

Oct 9, 2017 application reader is to summarize a student's qualifications within context. and science curricula, which may help explain male admissions advantage at elite colleges. What cognitive repairs are being used to address.32 pages

The Impact of Implicit Biases in Pharmacy Education

by L Prasad-Reddy 2021 a Chicago State University College of Pharmacy, Chicago, Illinois Various strategies have been developed that can aid an individual in assessing implicit Evidence suggests that pharmacy students exhibit implicit biases.

Analyzing Gender Bias in Student Evaluations - Association

by A Terkik 2016 Cited by 9 1Golisano College of Computing & Information Sciences, Rochester Institute features, to explore whether there is bias in how students describe their We rely on techniques and algorithms typically used for the NLP task of.

Race and Gender Bias in Higher Education: Could Faculty

by TA Huston Cited by 8 Huston, Therese A. (2005) Race and Gender Bias in Higher Education: Could Faculty for evaluating teaching, namely faculty course evaluations, has a relatively use different formulas to determine how each of these three factors is.22 pages

Implicit Bias - Baker Donelson

Jun 23, 2019 content should not be considered to be or used as legal advice. Lesson Points for College and University Counsel based on the students' race, appearance and other factors, may impact how the teacher interacts.

Bias in the Classroom: Types, Frequencies, and - EdSpace

by GA Boysen 2009 Cited by 90 Full Terms & Conditions of access and use can be found at Frequencies, and Responses, Teaching of Psychology, 36:1, 12-17. To link to this article: Incidents of bias still occur in college classrooms, but no research has  7 pages

A Close Encounter with Personal Bias: Pedagogical - JSTOR

by P Clark 2014 Cited by 50 aware of the potential impact of bias on the teaching and learning process. Pedagogical strategies that can be used to help teachers become aware of the impact of bias on the teaching professors in the university's college of education.


by CA Neumann 2005 Cited by 4 support and feedback throughout every step of the project. Alcohol-using college students also show defensive bias for alcohol use. Leffingwell et al. (​2003) 

How Bias Emerges in Academic Hiring: A Research Brief for

The language used in the job ad can bias who is interested in applying for a Studies conducted within higher education settings are emphasized. We rely heavily upon CVs and resumes to evaluate candidates' research interests, teaching.


From nursery school through college, fat students experience ostracism, opportunity for students to discuss and define weight bias, identify stereotypes about people and discrimination is an action that can follow prejudicial attitudes.

Gender Bias in Student Evaluations - Cambridge University

by KMW Mitchell 2018 Cited by 201 Jonathan Martin, Midland College. ABSTRACT Many universities use student evaluations of teachers (SETs) as part of consid- eration for tenure, compensation,