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Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP Plasma.

Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) must be frozen within 8 hours of collection. Plasma frozen within 24 h of collection is called frozen plasma (FP), or 24-Hour Plasma. Compared to FFP, only FV and VIII are slightly reduced in FP. Therefore, FFP or FP can be used interchangeably. Storage


Fresh-frozen plasma (FFP) has optimal value when transfused at the appropriate dose. The recommended adult therapeutic dose of FFP is 12-15 ml/kg (1), and the dose of FFP should always be at least 10 ml/kg (2); however a recent report showed in clinical practice 40% of adults received a FFP dose <10 ml/kg (2).


When plasma is given prophylactically prior to invasive procedures, the timing of ad-ministration should take into account the half-life of the coagulation factor(s) in need of re-placement. I. FRESH FROZEN PLASMA A. Description Fresh frozen plasma (FFP) is plasma frozen within six to eight hours of collection (de-

Blood Collection Tube Top Colors

plasma sample instead of clotted blood plus serum. Plasma separator tubes (PST) are tubes with lithium heparin and gel contain a barrier gel in the tube. The speciļ¬c gravity of this material lies between that of the blood cells and plasma. During centrifugation the gel barrier moves upwards providing a stable barrier separating the plasma from


and seminal plasma obtained by EE. The increased volume of seminal plasma obtained by EE appears to reduce the resistance of sperm to cold s hock and decreases the post-thaw survival rate of frozen semen. Limited comparisons of fertility showed that the conception rate at first service was 17% higher when semen was collected with an AV.

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