Asymmetrical Volumes Of The Right And Left Frontal And Occipital Regions Of The Human Brain

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cancer. The frontal lobe was wider in the right side of right-handed controls, but it was wider in the left side of the right-handed patients with breast cancer. The occipital lobe was wider in the left side of right-handed controls, but it was wider in the right side of the right-handed patients with breast cancer.

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4 25 frontal 25, right parietal 50 5 50 left parietal and occipital 50, right parietal 75 6 25 left parietal 75, right parietal 25 7 25 small frontal, parietal, and occipital fragments; very few joins, overall shape cannot be inferred 8 75 calvarium complete apart from a large part of left parietal, and small fragments all over calvarium 9 100

Review of Computational Methods on Brain Symmetric and

the human brain, associated with higher brain function such as thought and action. The cerebral cortex is divided into four sections called lobes: the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, and temporal lobe [2]. Different anatomical parts of the human brain are shown in Figure1. Figure1a


frontal and central opercular, ventral occipital-temporal, and superior pari-etal regions, and large rightward asymmetries were obtained for the ante-rior cingulate, angular gyrus, and posterior occipital areas. Asymmetries for thickness were considerably smaller, and greater right than left cortical thickness was observed for 70% of brain regions.

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in the left temporal, lateral occipital, right occipital, left frontal, right frontal and right parietal lobes. Two new sites of SS in the posterior parietal lobe were also observed. Two lacunar infarcts were evident with one overlapping a large MH suggesting a local haemorrhagic change.

Regional Study of the Genetic Influence on the Sulcal Pits

mouth cortical regions, actually correspond to the definition of the sulcal pits and reinforced the idea of a tighter genetic control at these points than other parts along the sulcus. Still little is known about the genetic heritability of sulcal pits in the rest of the cortex and the underlying associated genetic variants.

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their frontal lobes do not show Broca s regions similar to what we find in Homo. Indeed, the earliest Homo is the famous KNM-ER 1470 specimen, which at a vol-ume of 752 ml, shows clear-cult petalial asymmetries of the human pattern (left occipital/right frontal width) and Broca s regions that are human-like in external mor - phology.

Early developmental asymmetries in cell lineage trees in

Aug 24, 2020 unequal characteristics of symmetrical organs, such as different volumes of left and right frontal and occipital regions of human brain (4). Furthermore, several pathological conditions exhibit asymmetrical manifestations such as motor symptoms in Parkinson Disease (5), hemimegaloencephaly and cortical dysplasia (6). One of

Cerebral Asymmetry: A Quantitative, Multifactorial, and

tion of the brain hemispheres, in which the frontal cortex is wider in the right hemisphere, and the left occipital pole is wider and protrudes further posteriorly (Kertesz et al., 1990; LeMay & Kido, 1978). Recent morphometry stud-ies have consistently found handedness-related effects on RECEIVED 22 November 2011; ACCEPTED 26 March 2012.

Review of Computational Methods on Brain Symmetric and

human brain along with inter-hemispheric fissure (also known as cerebral or longitudinal fissure), and Figure1(b) shows important brain anatomical regions from a sagittal cross section of a magnetic resonance (MR) image. A deep arrow divides the cerebrum into two halves, known as the left and right hemispheres.

Left-Right Temporal Region Asymmetry in Infants and Children

6. Galaburda AM, LeMay M, Kemper TL, Geschwind N. Right-left asymmetries in the brain. Science 1978;199:852-856 7. Weinberger DR , Luchins OJ , Morhisa J, Syatt RJ Asymmetrical volumes of the right and left frontal and occipital regions of the human brain. Ann Neuro/1982;11 :97-100 8. Kleinman PK, Zito JL, Davidson RI , Raptopoulos V. The sub­

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occipital pole of the left cerebral hemisphere is also displaced downwards (i.e. below) the occipital pole of the right hemisphere. Corballis and Morgan (1978) note that the direction of the Torque is opposite to that of the growth vector from left frontal to right occipital earlier reported for the formation of sulci by (Gratiolet 1839).

Asymmetry of cerebral gray and white matter and structural

the right/left ratios of the subcortical volumes were tested by multi-regression analysis. Results: All three groups showed a leftward asymmetry in the motor cortex and the planum temporale, and a rightward asymmetry of the middle occipital cortex. Both asymmetries were more pronounced in 46,XY males than 46,XX females and 47,XXY

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surements of human brain functions. Since solutions cannot be uniquely determined, various constraints have been imposed on the inverse problems of MEG (Ha¨ma¨la¨inen et al., 1993). In many applications, math-ematical constraints have been used: the number of equivalent current dipoles, which we simply call di-