Froissart Bound For/from CFT Mellin Amplitudes

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Froissart bound for from CFT Mellin amplitudes

We derive bounds analogous to the Froissart bound for the absorptive part of CFTd Mellin amplitudes. Invoking the AdS/CFT correspondence, these amplitudes correspond to scattering in AdSd+1. We can take a flat space limit of the corresponding bound. We find the standard Froissart-Martin bound, including the coefficient in front for d +1 = 4

Froissart-Martin Bound: A CFT Perspective Parthiv Haldar

CFT d≤6, the number of subtractions needed to write a dispersion relation for the Mellin amplitude is equal to 2, for CFT d>6 the number of subtractions needed is greater than 2 and goes to infinity as d goes to infinity. Reference: Froissart Bound for/from CFT Mellin Amplitude, Parthiv Haldar and Aninda Sinha, Arxiv:1911.05974911.05974

Jun 19, 2020 Froissart bound for/from CFT Mellin amplitudes Parthiv Haldar aand Aninda Sinha y aCentre for High Energy Physics, Indian Institute of Science, C.V. Raman Avenue, Bangalore 560012