Mechanisms Of Therapeutic Activity For Gallium

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Gallium Nitrate for Acute Treatment of Cancer-related

by RP Warrell 1986 Cited by 79 of bone. We have now treated 39 episodes of hypercalcemia with gallium have no direct antitumor activity. Such agents cancer was started on radiation therapy during the drug study. We did not pathogenic mechanisms. N. Engl. J. Med.

Effective increasing calcium concentration on antimicrobial

by SP Valappil 2009 Cited by 98 activity. However, the delivery of gallium ions from these glasses can be doped PBG potentially a highly promising new therapeutic agent. new antibacterial drugs with an entirely new mechanism of action that has been introduced in.

Elimination of arthritis pain and inflammation for over two

by GE Austin inhibition of IL-1beta and TPA stimulated MMP activity by gallium nitrate at Mechanisms of action are therapy, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Evaluation of metal- based antimicrobial compounds for the

by A Evans 2021 There are several mechanisms by which AMR is mediated in bacteria. used as therapeutics for several centuries and pentavalent antimonials, or The anticancer activity of gallium is believed to occur due to its ability to 

Synthesis and biochemical study on the effect of a novel

by A Mohamed 2017 tumor cell Invasion and matrix metalloproteinase activity in vitro. Deux complexes de gallium solubles dans l'eau Surgery is the oldest type of cancer therapy and remains an effective treatment for many types Carboplatin anticancer mechanism resembles cisplatin as mentioned before but the 

Combination of gallium(iii) with acetate for combating

by Y Wang 2019 Cited by 18 Gallium(III) has been widely used as a diagnostic and therapeutic agent in clinics for the However, the molecular mechanisms of action of gallium remain unclear​. the activities of TCA cycle enzymes upon Ga(III) treatment.

Gallium compounds in nuclear medicine and - De Gruyter

by P Mikuš 2014 Cited by 13 In oncology and nuclear medicine, gallium and its com- pounds have Bernstein​, L. R. Mechanisms of therapeutic activity for gallium. Pharm.

Gallium maltolate has in vitro antiviral activity against SARS

by LR Bernstein 2020 Cited by 1 Background: Gallium has demonstrated strong anti-inflammatory activity in numerous animal studies, and has also Mechanisms of therapeutic activity for gal-.

Immunosuppressive therapy in patients with congestive

by JB O'Connell 1981 Cited by 99 offered immunosuppressive therapy. Four of 19 pa- Uptake (Group I) and Patients with Significant Gallium-67 seen in the sternal area; 3 = myocardial activity equal to that of the tional mechanisms, perhaps ongoing hypertrophy, in​-.

Gallium nitrate inhibits calcium resorption from bone and - JCI

evaluate the mechanism of drug-induced hypocalcemia, we tested the effects of gallium nitrate upon in vitro both parathyroid hormone and a lymphokine preparation with osteoclast activating factor activity. within 48 h of initiating therapy.

Clinical toxicologic and pharmacologic studies of gallium nitrate

by IH Krakoff 1979 Cited by 97 Gallium nitrate, administered intravenously to patients with advanced cancer, The mechanism of localiza- to maximize the therapeutic activity of gallium.

Activity of Gallium Nitrate in Refractory Peripheral T-Cell

of newer agents have demonstrated activity in refractory PTCL, including gemcitabine Gallium nitrate therapy was initiated on a phase II trial at a daily dose of 300 that bind to the receptor.12 Therefore, one mechanism could relate to the 

Gallium nitrate and spinal cord injury. a pilot study of - Nature

by SC Colachis 1994 Gallium (Ga) nitrate has been shown to attenuate immune-mediated tissue destruction in models of Therapeutic interventions directed at min injury,2 the precise mechanisms have not been fully to have immunologic activity. 13.15,​1637.

Gallium as a Potential Novel Anti-Inflammatory - ATS Journals

by KB Hisert 2020 gallium's therapeutic effects were due to its antimicrobial or anti-inflammatory Here we investigate gallium's anti-inflammatory activity, and test the hypothesis Future studies will characterize the molecular mechanisms by which gallium.

Gallium, Rhenium and Platinum. 1. Determination of the

by P COLLERY 2012 Cited by 28 wide range of activity. Its main mechanism of action involves its binding to DNA. Gallium, another metal, has also demonstrated apoptotic effects on malignant 

Gene expression analysis of gallium-resistant and gallium

by M Yang 2007 Cited by 34 activity of gallium was confirmed by showing that the induction The mechanisms of cytotoxic action of gallium nitrate are Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 635.

Download PDF - EJNMMI Research - SpringerOpen

by J Notni 2012 Cited by 35 synthesized, labeled with Ga-68, and used for microPET imaging of bone in Bernstein LR: Mechanisms of therapeutic activity for gallium.

Pulmonary uptake in 67-gallium citrate scintigraphy-the

by SG Cooke 1989 Cited by 6 considerably increased activity in the lungs. This sign is best Uptake of 67-​gallium citrate (67-Ga) with diffuse or 3 The exact mechanism for the Ga uptake is Adult respiratory distress syndrome associated with sulphasalazine therapy. 2.

Gallium nitrate for the treatment of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

activity of gallium, and it was therefore concluded that other apoptotic cell death in lymphoma cells through mechanisms therapeutic activity for gallium.

Resistance of planktonic and biofilm-grown Burkholderia

by E Peeters 2008 Cited by 49 in vitro activity of gallium against planktonic and biofilm-grown B. cepacia complex isolates. Mechanisms of therapeutic activity for gallium.

gallium(III) - [ RSC ] Publishing - The Royal Society of Chemistry

biochemical mechanisms of cytotoxicity. A number of therapeutic agents have been advanced to entering clinical trials but the rate of for antiproliferative activity of gallium. activity described, gallium (in the form of nitrate salt) is effective 

Distribution of trace levels of therapeutic gallium in - PNAS

by RS Bockman 1990 Cited by 68 standing the mechanism(s) of action of gallium in bone by where within bone this therapeutic agent accumulates. We metabolic activity of this bone region.


by LR Bernstein 2000 Cited by 184 A COMPOUND WITH HIGH ORAL GALLIUM BIOAVAILABILITY Gallium is a semi-metallic element that has shown therapeutic activity in metabolic bone disease, The mechanisms whereby gallium maltolate enhances the gastrointestinal 

Bernstein LR (2013) Gallium, therapeutic effects, in - Gallixa

by LR Bernstein Other antiproliferative mechanisms of action have been proposed for gallium, Gallium, Therapeutic Effects, Table 2 Antimicrobial activity of gallium compounds.

The cytotoxicity of gallium maltolate in - Oncotarget

28 Apr 2020 complex I activity and produced a 2.9-fold increase in cellular ROS. NMR spectroscopy temozolamide or with radiation therapy, synergistically inhibited the The mechanisms of gallium's cytotoxicity include inhibition of 

Potential use of 68Ga-apo-transferrin as a PET - Uni Mainz

by V Kumar 2011 Cited by 40 Mechanisms of therapeutic activity for Gallium. Pharmacol Rev 1998;50:665 82. 398. V. Kumar et al. / Nuclear Medicine and Biology 38 ( 

Recent Advances in Iron Chelation and Gallium-Based - MDPI

by V Vinuesa 2021 Cited by 2 chelation therapy (zinc, manganese and iron) as one of 19 antimicrobial activity of iron chelating molecules and gallium-based Pathogenic bacteria have evolved mechanisms to obtain host iron that can be broadly.

Value of Gallium-67 Scanning in Monitoring Therapeutic

by MC Chang 2008 Cited by 17 gallium-67 citrate, the 48-hour delayed image shows increased tool for evaluating inflammatory activity and monitoring therapeutic response in patients with relapsing take mechanism in inflammation, suboptimal physical. Gallium scan in 

Gallium, Biological Relevance and Future Prospects

ABSTRACT: The versatility of gallium and its compounds is enormous. Apart from its [6] Bernstein, L. R. Mechanism Of Therapeutic Activity For Gallium.

two-page PDF about gallium maltolate - Medical Devices Group

14 Aug 2020 GALLIUM MALTOLATE AS A POTENTIAL TREATMENT FOR COVID-19 Bernstein LR (1998) Mechanisms of therapeutic activity for gallium.


by R Bockman 1990 Cited by 13 Therapeutic doses of gallium result in trace levels (ppm) accumulating in bone Reviewing the possible mechanisms of gallium's antiresorptive activity, we.

Gallium-Based Liquid Metal Particles for - Cell Press

by W Xie Cited by 1 Gallium (Ga) and Ga-based liquid metal (LM) alloys offer low toxicity, excellent electrical in Ga-based. LMPs in therapeutics based on the underlying mechanisms of their design and activity, X-ray imaging, and PA imaging, respectively [6].

Gallium nanoparticle as an antimicrobial agent to combat

by C Limantoro 2020 Antimicrobial activity assessment of gallium oxide nanoparticle synthesised via hot-injection 56. 3.1.1. Mechanisms of therapeutic activity for gallium.

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Bernstein LR (1998) Mechanisms of therapeutic activity for gallium. Pharmacol Rev 50:665 682. Chitambar CR (2004) Gallium compounds as antineoplastic.


activity. The radionuclidic composition at expiration time is ≥99.89% Gallium Ga The mechanism of concentration is unknown, but investigational studies have renal, or cardiac function, and of concomitant disease or other drug therapy.

Somakit TOC, INN-edotreotide

The activity of gallium (68Ga) edotreotide has to be measured with an activimeter immediately prior to injection. response to peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRT) in histologically confirmed metastatic NET Mechanism of action.

Re-assessing gallium-67 as a therapeutic radionuclide

by MF bin Othman 2016 Cited by 32 The A50 values (internalized activity of oxine complexes per cell required to kill 50% of tions due to cellular and subcellular barriers, DNA repair mechanisms.

Medical Applications and Toxicities of Gallium Compounds

by CR Chitambar 2010 Cited by 269 stable gallium nitrate are used as diagnostic and therapeutic agents in The mechanisms of antineoplastic activity of gallium are complex and 

Gallium, a promising candidate for bone pathologies treatment

Clinical studies of gallium therapeutic potential in bone disorders 103. 4.5. levels of activity requires either autophosphorylation or phosphorylation by another that these two mechanisms operate really independently (Erben, 2015​).

Gallium scanning in Paget's disease of bone: effect of - AJR

by AD Waxman 1980 Cited by 24 that gallium uptake might be a more appropriate measure of the activity of Paget's disease than a noncellular marker such as a technetium-containing bone scan.

Gallium Compounds Exhibit Potential as New Therapeutic

13 Mar 2015 Ga-based therapy offers the potential for further develop- ment as a novel Mechanisms of therapeutic activity for gallium. Phar- macol Rev 

PDF (2 MB) - ACS Publications - American Chemical Society

by D Merli 2018 Cited by 4 therefore, a therapy in which the effect of gallium complexes is potentiated (1) Bernstein, L. R. Mechanisms of therapeutic activity for gallium.


by E Bombardieri Cited by 177 gallium scan is necessary before therapy in untreated patients in order to constipation oral laxatives prior to imaging may decrease the activity in the bowel​. The most important mechanism of cell uptake of 67Ga appears to correlate with 

Targeted Delivery of Glucan Particle Encapsulated Gallium

by ER Soto 2016 Cited by 27 Part of the Therapeutics Commons receptor-mediated particle uptake mechanism [3, 12]. We Gallium's therapeutic activity stems from.


by P MELNIKOV Cited by 3 lium salts, the incorporation of gallium into bone tissue and mechanisms of therapeutic activity of this element. Gallium properties. Gallium is a trace metallic​ 

Sarcoidosis - Journal of Nuclear Medicine

by R Lebtahi 2001 Cited by 76 tively compare SRS and gallium scintigraphy in the evaluation of The mechanism of disease activity and therapy decisions in pulmonary sarcoidosis in 

The mobility of two emerging contaminants, gallium and

by H Jensen 2017 Cited by 2 study aimed to determine the mobility of Ga and In in the soil-plant system. Batch sorption Mechanisms of Therapeutic Activity for Gallium. Pharmacological 

Antitumor Efficacy and Tolerability of Systemically

26 Dec 2017 investigate for the first time antitumor mechanism of a new gallium compound L.R. Bernstein, Mechanisms of therapeutic activity of gallium.


by M Ahmed 2015 Cited by 2 Effects of Gallium-Desferrioxamine Compounds on Bacteria. ABSTRACT Bernstein, L. R. (1998). Mechanisms of Therapeutic Activity for Gallium.

Mechanisms of Therapeutic Activity for Gallium

by LR Bernstein 1998 Cited by 457 Mechanisms of Therapeutic Activity for Gallium. LAWRENCE R. BERNSTEINa. GeoMed, Inc., Menlo Park, California. This paper is available online at