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in an increase of output, film transparency, and improvement of gauge uniformity. JENN CHONG TAKE-UP UNIT The take-off unit portrayed a significant intermediate station in the blown film process accountable for wrinkle-free collapsing of tubular film into a lay-flat film while maintaining perfect flatness.

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Film Property Imperfections caused by Freezing the molecule chains and by Bubble collapsing Definition of flatness 01.12.2017 Bagginess in the film are mainly caused by temperature variations Bagginess leads to different lengths of the film, when cutting into stripes Bagginess in the film Slightly stretching of the film optimizes film flatness

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areas around the blown film bubble through the air ring while stabilizing the film exit due to the forth special downward lip. This automatic thickness improvement system of-fers simplicity and state-of-the-art visualiza-tion giving the highest operational reliability. The system effectively increases the low ar-


Bubble Stability 21 COLLAPSING THE BUBBLE 22 Gusseting 22 Nip Rolls 23 Oscillating Haul-off 23 Slitting 23 FILM WIND-UP 23 SUMMARY OF DIFFERENCES IN EXTRUSION EQUIPMENT FOR LDPE AND LLDPE 24 TREATMENT OF POLYETHYLENE FILM 24 Electrical Discharge Treatment 24 Effect of Film Additives on Treatment 24 Common Dangers and Difficulties 25

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NATIONAL SOCIAL SCIENCE PROCEEDINGS Volume 55 #1 National Technology and Social Science Conference, 2014 Table of Contents Metro Atlanta Housing Industry Recovery, 2010-2013: A Temporary

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Blown Film Extrusion : Upward Blown ¾Technique predominantly used for PE films ¾Process : ∗Resin is plasticized in an extruder & pumped through the annular die ∗Molten extrudate in form of tube is inflated by air into a bubble of desired diameter ∗Cooling of bubble using air ring ∗Haul off through collapsing boards & nip rolls

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over the dichroic coating (Method 1) or collapsing a thin wall tube around the rod (Method 2, back page). When the dichroic coating is overheated or directly touched by the torch flame, the coating turns gray. To keep the thin dichroic coating intact, vigilance must be constant. Boro News Newsletter February 2003 / ISSUE 17 Written by Jesse Kohl

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The Film Extrusion Process Operation of a Blown Film Line9 Bubble Stabilizer 23 Cast Film Cooling 23 Blown Film Tower 24 Guide Bars 24 Collapsing Frames 24

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The flexible gauge control system which can be combined with any air ring is a proven system for quality improvement. Due to its modular and independent design the system can be adapted to the different air rings of almost all other manu-facturers of blown-film lines. Gauge Control System SF/BS High-Tech Air Rings KARAT COM2 SF (Side Gusset Film)

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SPECIAL BLOWN FILM SERIES In the next series of Macroletters, we'll discuss the latest advancements in blown film technology. How to effectively deal with today's processing challenges will also be explored. SUPERCOMTM is a computer-based supervisory and control system for polymer processing lines developed by Macro Engineering. The control


blown film die. It is inflated and simultaneously cooled by rapidly moving air/water. At frost line, bubble/circular blown film solidifies. The circular blown film is pulled upward and flattened using collapsing frames. Further, it is drawn through nip rolls and over idler rolls to winder which pulls and winds the finished rolls of films.

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The cooling function is a key component in the blown film process but it is not the only parameter that influences the output of a blown film process. I think it is worth mentioning a few points about bubble stability and width control. This is strongly linked to web handling, creasing and film flatness. Each blown film line is