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Normal Range** Interpretation Tips secondary to liver or bone pathology. If both ALP and GGT are elevated, the source is likely the liver. - Elevated GGT, combined with an AST/ALT ratio > 2, is suggestive of alcoholic liver disease. Renal Function Tests Serum Creatinine (SCr) Females: 45 90 umol/L

Age- and gender-specific reference values of estimated GFR in

Study. We have calibrated the creatinine assay against the MDRD laboratory. Our data provide reference values of estimated GFR for a Caucasian population. RESULTS Age- and gender-specific reference values of GFR Values of estimated GFR per 5-year age groups are given for men and women in Tables 1a and 1b and 2a and 2b. In

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regarding critical laboratory values and safe mobility recommendations. Lundberg (1972) defined a critical value as a physiological state at such variance with normal as to be life threatening unless something is done promptly and for which some corrective action can be taken. 2 As critical values might evolve quickly in the

THC New Use vs Old Use: Normalizing Results

THC Value/Creatinine Level x 100= value Example A : *samples from same client on differing dates Sample 1: Marijuana: negative at level of 20 ng/ml, Creatinine normal at 94 mg/dl 20/94= 0.212 x 100= 21.2 Sample 2 : Marijuana negative at level 45 ng/ml, Creatinine normal at 53 mg/d 45/53=0.84 x 100=84.9 Interpretation of Results

Basic Laboratory Tests Basic Urine Tests (Urinalysis)

creatinine (<200 mg protein /g creatinine). The normal values for urine albumin/creatinine ratio are <3 mg albumin/g creatinine. Albumin/creatinine concentration ratios in the range of 3-30 mg albumin/g creatinine are termed microalbuminuria and albumin/concentration ratios >30 mg albumin/g creatinine are termed gross albuminuria.

Positive and negative false estimates of serum creatinine

creatinine values due to interference in enzymatic methods but not in Jaffe s method [12]. Therefore, Jaffe s based analytical systems should be used to analyze serum creatinine in patients receiving lidocaine or fluocytosine therapy [3]. On the other hand dopamine and dobutamine interfere negatively in both

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Creatinine is the waste product derived from muscle creatinine and is released into the blood at a relatively constant rate. It is then excreted by glomerular filtration during normal renal function. The amount of creatinine per unit of muscle mass is constant; therefore, increased blood creatinine is the best indicator of impaired kidney function

Normal Laboratory Values for Examinations

Normal Laboratory Values for Examinations LABS METRIC VALUES S.I. UNIT VALUES. Hematology. Hematocrit 36-47% (female) 0.36-0.47 (female) Creatinine 0.7-1.3 mg


programs in reference to creatinine and specific gravity information. 1) Specimens reported as negative with creatinine 5-20 mg/mL AND specific gravity >1.0010 and <1.0030 should be considered negative dilute. If the program wants to require a re-collection of the specimen it should be done as soon as

Renal Insufficency / Kidney Failure (Chronic Renal Failure)

Creatinine- This is another protein metabolite (though this one is less dependent on dietary protein intake than is BUN). A normal creatinine is less than 2.0. A good goal in kidney failure is a creatinine of 4.5 or less. BUN and creatinine will be tracked (as will several other parameters) over time and in response to different treatments.

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Urine protein to creatinine (UPC) ratio Sept 15 Oct 15 Nov 15 0.6 0.7 1.0 ncreased creatinine and SM concentrations Results of both tests should be interpreted in light of patient s hydration status. Creatinine SM plus Urine specific gravity <1.030 Urine specific gravity <1.035† 1.0351.008 Feline 1.0301.008 Canine Abnormal kidney

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Creat: this is creatinine, a by-product your muscles make. Your kidneys get rid of it through your urine. eGFR: this stands for estimated glomerular filtration rate, a calculation that measures how well your kidneys are filtering your blood. Normal result

Reference Ranges for Serum Creatinine in Infants, Children

creatinine and urea concentrations in children: Normal values for age and sex. J Paediatr 1976; 88: 828-30 2 Jury DR. Serum creatinine concentration in child­ ren: normal values for sex and age. Aust NZ MedJ 1979; 90: 453-56 3 Donckerwolcke RAMG, Sander PC, Van Stekelen­ burg GJ. Stoop JW, Tiddens HAWM. Serum creatinine values in healthy


Creatinine kinase (CK) 40 150 U/L Creatinine, serum (SCr) 0.6 1.2 mg/dL (adults) 0.2 0.7 mg/dL (children) Creatinine clearance (CrCl) 75 125 mL/minute/1.73 m2 γ-Glutamyl transpeptidase 2 30 U/L Glucose, serum 70 110 mg/dL Hemoglobin A1C (A1C) Brain< 5.7% Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) 100 200 U/L NT Lipase < 95 U/L

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Albumin-creatinine ratio less than 30 mg/g Calcium 100-300 mg/24 h (2.5-7.5 mmol/24 h) on unrestricted diet Creatinine 15-25 mg/kg per 24 h (133-221 mmol/kg per 24 h) Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) Normal Male 130 mL/min/1.73 m2 Female 120 mL/min/1.73 m2 Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease

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- Normal ration is 10:1 - > 20:1 pre-renal causes of dysfunction - 10:1-20:1 intrinsic renal damage - 20:1 ration may be normal if both BUN and SCr are wnl. Total Protein and Albumin: - Total protein: normal = 5.5-9.0 g/dl - Albumin: normal = 3.-5 g/dl o Responsible for plasma oncotic pressure and give info re liver status


values should be interpreted in the context of pregnancy status. Androstanediol Glucuronide, HPLC-MS/MS BLOOD ASSAYS 500026 (E) 500881 (L) RANGE (ng/dL) PREPUBERTAL CHILDREN Not Established ADULTS Male: 112 1046 Female*: 11 249 *Occasionally, normal females with no evidence of hirsutism may have levels well beyond the normal range.


Elevated creatinine over 2 mg/dl is generally declined. For elevated creatinine (1.6 mg/dl - 2.0 mg/dl) of unknown cause in adults with completely normal urinalysis, enter calculated creatinine clearance in the table below: Creatinine Clearance = (140 - age) x ideal weight in kilograms x (0.85 for women) (ml/min) 72 x serum creatinine (mg/dl)

Mayo Clinic Laboratories Critical Values / Critical Results List

values/results. DEFINITION A Critical Value / Critical Result is defined as A value/result that represents a pathophysiological state at such variance with normal (expected values) as to be life-threatening unless something is done promptly and for which some corrective action could be taken.

Urine Albumin-to-Creatinine Ratio (UACR)

Reducing urine albumin to the normal or near-normal range may improve renal and cardiovascular prognoses. In Evaluating Patients with Diabetes for Kidney Disease. Urine albumin (mg/dL) ~ = UACR in mg/g ~ Albumin excretion in mg/day Urine creatinine (g/dL) UACR is a ratio between two measured substances.

Tables of Normal Values (As of January 2013)

Tables of Normal Values (As of January 2013) Note: Values and units of measurement listed in these tables are derived from several resources. Substantial variation exists in the ranges quoted as normal and may vary depending on the assay used by different laboratories. Therefore, these tables should be considered as directional only.

Adult Reference Ranges for Serum Cystatin C, Creatinine and

serum creatinine x BSA where k=0 85 in women and 1 00 men. 26 Reference intervals were calculated using the mean± 2 SD of the log-transformed serum cystatin C and creatinine values and the mean± 2 SD of the untransformed, calculated creatinine clearance values. RESULTS Quality control

Laboratory Values in the Elderly

ently normal creatinine. Creatinine values needto be corrected for body weight before they can be safely interpreted at the older ages. In younger people, creatnine is generally considered to be a more reliable guide to overall kidney function than BUN. This 117

Laboratory Values in Normal Pregnancy

normal pregnancy. Some of these can induce significant alterations in laboratory values that in a non-pregnant woman would be considered distinctly abnormal. Common examples are the lower hematocrit and hemoglobin concentrations that reach a nadir at the end of the second trimester. Another is that a seemingly normal serum creatinine value of

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Creatinine 0.7-1.4 mg/100 mL Increased creatinine levels can be found with impaired renal function, heart failure, shock, and dehydration. ACID-BASE STATUS REFERENCE RANGE NURSING IMPLICATIONS (arterial blood gas studies) (conventional units) pH 7.35-7.45 Identification of the specific acid base imbalance is important in

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gets worse, the creatinine goes up and the eGFR goes down. Urine Albumin-to-Creatinine

Urtica semen reduces serum creatinine levels.

creatinine had been persistently elevated since his nephrectomy. Serum laboratory values were regularly monitored as part of his standing order blood work. Although there was a degree of variation in his normal readings, the values were always significantly above the accepted upper normal level of <110 micromol/L,

APPENDIX B Pediatric Normal Laboratory Values

V alues are reference values from Texas Children s Hospital Clinical Laboratory, current as of August 2011. All practi-tioners are urged to consult the normal laboratory values for their local laboratory, as these may differ from those listed below. They are also advised to continually check for updated normal ranges. Dean B. Andropoulos

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Creatinine A byproduct of your body s creation of energy from nutrients (energy metabolism). When your kidneys are working properly, they filter creatinine out of the blood and remove it from your body through urine. Higher-than-normal levels of creatinine can be a sign that your kidneys aren t working the way they should.

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1. A Normal Serum Creatinine Level May Not Be Normal. Normal creatinine values may vary among different laboratories, and some patients with serum creatinine lev-els within the normal range may have substantial reduc-tion in kidney function. For example, a 66-year-old man with a serum creatinine level of 1.4 mg/dL (to convert to

ABIM Laboratory Test Reference Ranges January 2021

Creatinine clearance, urine õ ì ð ì mL/min/ í. ó ï m2 Creatinine, serum Female: ì. ñ ì í ì mg/dL; male: ì. ó ì ï ì mg/dL Creatinine, urine Spot mg/dL; varies 24-hour measurement í ñ ñ mg/kg body weight/ î ð hr Cyclosporine, whole blood (trough) Therapeutic í ì ì ì ì ng/mL

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Oct 05, 2017 Creatinine Kinase (CK) Precautions and considerations Elevate 4-6 hours after MI,peaks 12-24 hours after MI,and clears after 48-72 hours Activity should be limited or held when CK trend is rising Activity can continue once CK trends down toward normal range

GFR (Glomerular Filtration rate - Kidney

of creatinine just right. the level of creatinine in your blood and your age, race and gender are used to estimate your gFR. Do you know what your GFR is? your doctor or testing lab usually calculates your gFR number. Be sure to talk with your doctor about the result. What is a normal GFR number? in adults, the normal gFR number is more than 90.

Selected Normal Pediatric Laboratory Values

Normal: 4 7% of total hemoglobin Diabetic patients in good control 8 10% of their condition: Diabetic patients in poor control: 8 18% Pregnant Women: 5% 8% Values tend to vary with testing technique. aNote: These values reflect total Hemoglobin A 1 levels. When Hemoglobin A 1c is computed, values are usually 2 4% lower.

Pediatric Reference Ranges - Endocrinology

Catecholamines (µg/g creatinine) 316203 Volume: 10 mL (4.0 mL minimum) Urine Epinephrine Age Male/Female 0-23 mo < 75 2-4 yr < 57 5-9 yr < 35 10-19 yr < 34 Note: Use plastic transport tubes for all frozen specimens. In addition, to avoid delays in turnaround time when requesting multiple tests on frozen samples, please

Age-related reference ranges

Methylmalonic acid (Urine MMA) umol/mmol creatinine Gender Age Low High Both less than 1 year 0.4 23 Both 1 - 16 years 2 5.1 Both 16+ years 0.7 3.2 Mucopolysaccharide screen: Urine Glycosaminoglycans (mg GAG/mmol creatinine) Gender Age Upper limit of normal B 0 - 6 months <30 B 6 - 12 months <26 B 1 2 years <21


R: Renal insufficiency (creatinine clearance < 40 mL/min or serum creatinine > 2 mg/dL) A: Anemia (Hb < 10 g/dL or 2 g/dL < normal) B: Bone disease (≥ 1 lytic lesions on skeletal radiography, CT, or PET-CT) Rajkumar SV, et al. Lancet Oncol. 2014;15:e538-e548. MGUS M protein < 3 g/dL Clonal plasma cells in BM < 10%

LABORATORY VALUES (see inside back cover for continuation)

LABORATORY VALUES (see inside back cover for continuation) * Included in the Biochemical Profile (SMA-12) REFERENCE RANGE SI REFERENCE INTERVALS

Reference values of hematological and biochemical parameters

Effect of sex on biochemical values in cynomolgus and rhesus monkeys The results obtained from analyzing biochemical param-eters are listed in Tables 4 and 5. ALP and GGT values were significantly higher in males than in females in both cynomolgus and rhesus macaques (Tables 4 and 5). Significant sex-related differences were noted for BUN