Classification Of The Superior Petrosal Veins And Sinus Based On Drainage Pattern

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Direct drainage of the basal vein of Rosenthal into the

divided into two main systems: the superficial system com- prising the Key words: Basal vein of Rosenthal, Basal vein, Superior petrosal sinus, Tentorial sinus. Received July 25 sented a classification of BVR variations depending on the.

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by A Aralasmak Cited by 15 classification is described by Barrow based on arterial supply. Direct CCF (Type via deep venous system, superior petrosal sinus (SPS), and.

Dural Arteriovenous Fistulas: the value of Carotid -

arteries and dural venous sinuses, meningeal veins or cortical veins. Their true incidence While the Borden classification system stratifies lesions based on the local and direction of venous The DAVF venous drainage pattern determines the severity of symptoms and provides the foundation Superior petrosal sinus or 

Variations of the Superior Petrosal Vein Complex

the superior petrosal vein (SPV) complex (SPVC. ) and to verify and classified into 3 major patterns and 10 sub- veins and sinus based on drainage pattern.

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by T Watanabe 2013 Cited by 38 the surgical anatomy of the superior petrosal vein and its significance Based on the operative findings, the tumors were emptied into the superior petrosal sinus above and lateral to [9] classified the drainage patterns.


artery and a meningeal vein or dural venous sinus within dural leaflets. vein, MS = marginal sinus, OS = occipital sinus, SPS =superior petrosal sinus.) Most classification systems are based on : 1- Presence 1 - Venous drainage pattern.

Bridging vein and tentorial sinus in the subtemporal corridor

by S Shibao 2019 Cited by 1 Conclusions We showed classification of the BV, and preservation of the BVand TenS during the ATPA. Furthermore dle cerebral vein (SMCV) and the petrosal vein, have been interdural sinus based on intraoperative videos and operative There was no BV emptying into the superior petrosal sinus.

Contrast-enhanced Reformatted MR Images for Preoperative

by P Wangaryattawanich 2016 Cited by 6 ever, such is not the case for the bridging veins of the skull base. Technical factors associated bridging veins, the superior petrosal sinus, and the superior petrosal vein. quently classified the venous drainage patterns of the inferior frontal 

Trigeminal root massage in microsurgical treatment of

by E Urculo 2020 Cited by 1 the transvers and sigmoid sinus and the squamous part of the have adopted the Sindou classifications for both the petrosal venous superficial superior petrosal vein system (sSPVS) in 7 cases during opening of the duramater and basal cistern drainage trigeminal nerve by suboccipital retrosigmoid approach based.

Depiction of the Superior Petrosal Vein Complex by 3D

Classification of the superior petrosal veins and sinus based on drainage pattern. Neurosurgery. 2014;10 Suppl 2:357 67).11 A, Anterior view of the left 

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petrous sinus (IPS) are frequent venous drainers. In CS-DAVF vein; OV, ophthalmic vein; SSS, superior sagittal sinus; TSS: transverse sinus. CS is not a Proposal of Venous Drainage-Based Classification System for Carotid. Cavernous 

Classification of the Superior Petrosal Veins and Sinus Based

RESULTS: The 4 groups of the superior petrosal veins based on their tributaries, course, and draining areas are the petrosal, posterior mesencephalic, anterior pontomesence- phalic, and tentorial groups. The largest group was the petrosal group.


by YUNP HUANG 1968 Cited by 124 drains the anterior portion of the cerebellum and brain stem and empties pri- system can be divided into superior. (or Galenic), an- terior. (or petrosal), an(l Classification of the Superior Petrosal Veins and Sinus Based on Drainage Pattern.

How does the blood leave the brain? A systematic ultrasound

by R Klingebiel 2004 Cited by 208 blood from the superficial as well as the deep cerebral venous different venous drainage patterns in healthy young volunteers by inferior petrosal sinus. Because of its study, we propose the classification of the extrajugular venous base are the main connective vessels between the dural sinuses 

the superior petrosal sinus appears in the

[27-30] who proposed a classification of cav- surrounding the ICA below the skull base and within the petrous bone below the Tanoue et al. classified the drainage patterns of superior petrosal sinus, SOV superior ophthalmic vein,.

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by A Karatas 2015 Cited by 7 purpose of this study was to assess the drainage patterns of the BVR among ISAH the Nayak CT-based classification system for non-aneurysmal (3), superior anastomotic vein (Trolard) (4), superior petrosal sinüs (5), 

Venous congestive encephalopathy related to cranial dural

nized that the pattern of venous drainage could be related to the clinical the first classification of DAVFs based on the venous drainage, stating classification. 1. Venous drainage directly into dural venous sinus or meningeal vein. 2 Superior and inferior petrosal sinuses; ophthalmic, deep sylvian, uncal and anterior 

Patterns of the Cranial Venous System from the Comparative

by T Aurboonyawat 2008 Cited by 6 nous system based on the location on the brain. position of the superior petrosal sinus and its the venous drainage of the five brain vesicles in Key words: classification of the cranial venous system, comparative anatomy, deep venous 

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expansive anatomical studies of the cranial venous system led to another Classification of the superior petrosal veins and sinus based on drainage pattern.

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by Z Kielan-Jaworowska 1986 Cited by 112 (b) Veins of the dural sinus system 558 ~~~~GLOSSARY 577 system serial-​section method, based on serially grinding the fossils, introduced by superficial petrosal nerve (anterior to the 'hiatus') and companion vessels, the artery possibly this interpretation the general pattern of venous drainage of 

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The intracranial venous system has two major components,the dural venous sinuses and the and inferior petrosal sinuses(SPSs,IPSs),Clival venous plexus​(CVP) The superior sagittal sinus is a large curvilinear sinus that parallels the spaces of the calvaria also drain into the SSS The SSS increases in diameter as it 


2010 Cited by 1 sinuses. The size, configuration, location, and pattern of venous drainage were noted. superior petrosal sinus and transverse sinus was used to divide the tentorium The tentorial sinuses were classified into four groups, depending on.

Safety profile of superior petrosal vein (the vein of Dandy

by V Narayan 2018 Cited by 25 tant venous drainage system in the posterior cranial fossa because it Cochrane database; articles were selected systematically based on the PRISMA protocol and reviewed completely, and then relevant key MeSH search terms like ​superior petrosal sinus, Rhoton's group updated the classification as type 1, type.

Venous Drainage in Perimesencephalic Hemorrhage - AHA

by IC van der Schaaf 2004 Cited by 173 drainage was classified into: (1) normal continuous: the basal vein of Rosenthal is continuous with the deep middle cephalic veins draining to the superior petrosal sinus or basal vein of patients if the pattern of hemorrhage was symmetrical or asymmetrical. (type C) is based on the embryological development of the.

The treatment of complex dural arteriovenous fistulae through

by K KeithA Cited by 14 Key Words: Arteriovenous fistula, dural, skull base. Keith A. Kattner location, arterial supply, and venous drainage pattern. Ad- of the medial section of the superior petrosal sinus with the A proposed classification for spinal and cra-.

Evaluation of Venous Drainage Patterns for Skull - J-Stage

by K ADACHI 2017 Cited by 8 The evaluation of venous drainage patterns prior to surgery for skull base meningioma is important owing to their delion et al.2) similarly classified the infratentorial venous the superior petrosal sinus above or lateral to the boundaries of 

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by DH Padget 1956 Cited by 483 Current anatomical descriptions of cranial venous patterns are inadequate. Classification of the largest superficial veins of by which the superior cerebral veins (lateral and medial) of each side sinuses they are an intracranial detour through the base of the petrosal sinuses that do not drain any cerebral veins some-.

Morphology of the dural venous complex of skull base in

19 Sep 2019 basilar dural complex, the drainage patterns of the shunt, and the co- existence with In fetuses 16 weeks of gestation, the superior petrous sinus was adults occurs in 9% of cases and is classified as underdeveloped type

Current status of endovascular treatment for dural

by K Xu 2018 Cited by 9 infratentorial veins, the superior petrosal sinus and diploic veins [30-32]. and the grade/classification of DAVFs is essential for Depending on venous drainage patterns, the TSS DAVFs can be divided into. 4 grades: Grade 

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by D San Millán Ruíz 2006 Cited by 4 et intervient dans l'analyse morphologique et la classification des affections des veines et des sinus veineux de la base du crâne. middle cranial fossa; and III. the venous system of the posterior cranial fossa and cranio-cervical primarily represents a drainage pathway of the superior petrosal vein, rather than a 

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understanding of the angio-architecture and venous drainage patterns is mandatory This classification was not based on a clinical series and no correlation with fossa, Torcular, vein of Galen and straight sinus, superior or inferior petrosal 

Venous drainage pattern analysis of medial sphenoid wing

1 Aug 2020 Results: Based on the 7 surgical cases, 5 cases found as cortical type, sphenobasal Type D,. SMCV connects with the superior petrosal sinus or Figure 1. The Classification of venous drainage pattern from sylvian vein.7 

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by J Dye 2020 The major tributaries to the CS are the superior ophthalmic vein petrosal sinus (SPS), inferior petrosal sinus (IPS), emissary veins to the In 1985, Barrow et al. classified carotid cavernous fistulas (CCF) into form the common facial vein, which drains directly into the IJV. Depending on the venous.

Risk factors for dural arteriovenous fistula intracranial

type classification [27] of DAVF is based on the venous drainage. 72 pattern [8] as is with greater detail [9,10], including the CVR and the pattern of. 74 venous sinus drainage. 75. 2. petrous apex dural arteriovenous fistula: a case report.

Encephalic Venous Drainage: Understanding Anatomy and

pattern. The development of the encephalic venous drainage evolves from one initial main venous trunk at each superior petrosal sinus, IPS inferior petrosal sinus, ICV the base of the brain. The classical classification (Huang and Wolf​.


by İA GÜRSES classified according to the course of the trochlear nerve. Photo- grametric the drainage patterns of the superficial middle cerebral vein and cranial base dural sinuses. superior petrosal, and white arrows depict emissary drainage patterns​.

Absence of the superior petrosal veins and sinus: Surgical

by K Matsushima 2015 Cited by 13 which the superior petrosal vein and sinus were absent. Results: The into the superior petrosal sinus, are the major drainage pathways of the petrosal group of the venous system. divided into medial, lateral, and complete types based on sinus, being classified as the lateral type [Figure 1e].

33 Tentorial and Posterior Fossa Dural Arteriovenous Fistulas

greater than that of brain arteriovenous malformations. (AVMs); 33.2 DAVF Classification, Natural. History, and cation system.8 Type I DAVFs drain in an anterograde direction into the anatomical location, dural base, related venous sinus, and type. 241 rosal sinus and drain infratentorially into the petrosal vein and.

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These systems are based on the lesions' venous drainage patterns as this factor dictates Borden simplified the Cognard classification, emphasizing that the major factor in superior petrosal sinus, or tentorial, fistulas; both of which almost.

Classification of Spontaneous Dural Arteriovenous Fistulas

by A Mironov 1995 Cited by 55 base of the skull (n=9); Type 5 - DAVFs of the parasinusal cortical veins (n= 9). The documentation ous area; of the superior sagittal sinus; of the ethmoidal DAVFs of the Galen's system. -/-. I/-. 61 1. 111 infarcts, presented with type 1 DAVF with venous drainage upstream. The venous both superior petrosal sinuses.

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21 May 2020 CCF can be classified based on the etiology (traumatic or spontaneous), flow rate (high venous drainage, through the inferior petrosal sinus (IPS), this route is the arteries, sizes, venous drainage patterns of CCFs, and carotid artery superior ophthalmic vein (SOV) through the IPS and another into the.

Sacrificing the superior petrosal vein during microvascular

by G Anichini 2016 Cited by 24 Classification of the superior petrosal veins and sinus based on drainage pattern. Neurosurgery 2014;10 Suppl 2:357-67. 19. Matsushima T 

Intrapetrous Anastomosis between the Internal Jugular Vein and the

the Internal Jugular Vein and the Superior Petrosal Sinus: Cone Beam Computed Tomography the drainage pattern of the dural sinuses, particularly the.

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by RK Sharma 2017 Barrow's classification of CCF is based on the pattern of arterial posterior via deep venous system, superior petrosal sinus. (SPS) venous drainage pattern.

Natural history and classification of dAVF second case: SHA 1

4 Nov 2019 drain mostly to the sinus and not directly the cortical venous system. recruits additionally 3 posterior drainage into superior petrous sinus (SPS), leading to bruit; A) Classification based on Embriology. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89.

Persistent fetal superficial middle cerebral vein: an - ResearchGate

drainage pattern of the SMCV in fetal cadavers. During the dissection of The SMCV and superior petrosal sinus can be a venous refluxing route in patients with The SMCV was identified and classified based on its variability using a 

4 Dural Arteriovenous Malformations

by I Szikora Cited by 11 the venous system, venous thrombosis, head trauma, DAVMs are found on the base (Fig. 4.3, 7) and at the connected with either the superior petrosal sinus, the petrous vein venous drainage early on and created a classification system​ 

Clinical Presentations, Venous Drainage Patterns, and

by Y Shwe the carotid arteries and cavernous sinus. Clinical symptoms can be mild to severe based on size, flow rate and shunt location Types of CCFs (Barrow's classification) type A, B, C, D. Figure - Ellis et al Venous drainage pattern correlates with Posterior. Superior petrosal, inferior petrosal, sphenoparietal sinuses.

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arteries and cerebral venous sinus and/or cortical veins.1,2. A recent population-​based and the venous drainage pattern, which ranges from asymptomatic 

Endovascular management of six simultaneous intracranial

7 Mar 2013 pseudophlebitic pattern of venous drainage indicating Both systems are based on the pattern of venous Table 1 Summary of Borden and Cognard classification systems1 2 occipital artery; OphA, ophthalmic artery; SPS, superior petrosal sinus; SSS, superior sagittal sinus; STA, superficial temporal