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united states of america before the securities and exchange commission securities exchange act of 1934 release no. 66980 / may 14, 2012 sec suspends trading in common stock of three hundred seventy-


power supplies from 190 to 415 V-50 Hz and 200 to 575 V-60 Hz. Bridge motors and brakes are designed and intended strictly for variable frequency control operated by pushbutton pendant or radio control. Pendant may be located and suspended from an independent festoon or attached directly to the hoist and trolley.


Sep 11, 2015 (Table 1 continued) September 11, 2015 Page 6 of 16 2015-R-0205 Company Town Primary SIC Code EMCOR Group Inc. Norwalk Mechanical Contractors

US Select Series om RevF May08 3351 - Pride Mobility

each use to make sure your power chair operates smoothly and safely. Perform the following inspections prior to using your power chair:! Check for proper tire inflation. Maintain but do not excee d the psi/bar/kPa air pressure rating indicated on each tire if equipped with pneumatic tires.! Check all electrical connections.

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ASCO POWER TECHNOLOGIES (ASCO) Hyogo Mfr. solenoid valves, emergency power controls, pressure and temperature switches. AUTOSPLICE INC. Tokyo Mfr. electronic components, connectors and automated interconnect solutions.

Dominion Resources, Inc.

produce gas, store it, sell it or use it to generate power; it can generate electricity to sell to customers in its retail markets or in wholesale transactions, giving the company the ability to produce and sell energy in whatever form it finds most useful and economic. 3

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SDS # POWER-003 Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use Recommended Use Battery Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet Manufacturer Address Power-Sonic Corporation 7550 Panasonic Way San Diego, CA 92154 Emergency Telephone Number Company Phone Number 1-619-661-2020

A Guide to the Supplier Diversity Program - NYPA

New York Power Authority (NYPA) is the nation's largest state public power organization, through the operation of its 16 generating facilities in various parts of New York State, participation in a unique public/private partnership to contract for power from a clean generating plant in Queens, and its operation of more than 1,400 circuit-miles of


The company reserves the right to cancel this request if no further communication is received from the customer within 90 days of Pepco response APPLICANT INFORMATION ADDRESS OF PROPERTY TO BE SERVED Name Owner ☐ Contractor ☐ Electrician ☐ Builder ☐ Developer ☐ Other ☐


The Tata Power Company Ltd Material Handling and Storage Procedure Document No. TPSMS/GSP/HAZM/003 REV 01 Date of Issue: 30/06/2016 C O N T E N T S 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Purpose 1.2 Scope 1.3 Terminology 2 RESPONSIBILITIES 2.1 Station head 2.2 Competent Authorised Person

Invacare® Perfecto₂₂₂™Oxygen Concentrator

gas output. Ambient air enters the device, is filtered and then compressed. This compressed air is then directed toward one of two nitrogen adsorbing sieve beds. Concentrated oxygen exits the opposite end of the active sieve bed and is directed into an oxygen reservoir where it is delivered to the patient.

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Power Consumption The Drive uses the machine s power directly and does not use batteries. It only powers on when the machine is turned on. In order to detect machine activity on startup however, the Drive requires a negligible amount of power while the machine is turned off. This will not drain the machine s battery.

400 Series Industrial Ethernet Switches

WARNING: Do not block the air vents. WARNING: Observe proper DC Voltage polarity when installing power input cables. Reversing voltage polarity can cause permanent damage to the unit and void the warranty. Power must be supplied by an isolating source, and a 0.5 A max rated UL recognized fuse must be installed immediately before the unit

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tecumseh power company this engine meets 1995-1998 calif/us epa ph1 applicable emission regula-tions for ulge engines fuel regular unleaded oil sae 30 the following will be needed to locate parts for your engine. locating and reading engine model and specification engine model number locations model numbering system for tecumsehpower s full

Quarterly Report to the Pennsylvania - FirstEnergy Corp

Pennsylvania Power Company Page 6 Penn Power has achieved 10.2 MW of demand reduction through PY7Q1 4. Figure 1-2: Phase II Portfolio Demand Reduction There are six broad groups of measures available to the low-income sector at no cost to the customer, compared to a total of 40 broad measure categories included in the Company s EE&C Plan.

Battery Manufacturers and Brand Names List

Apr 19, 2009 Battery Manufacturers and Brand Names List http://www.jgdarden.com/batteryfaq/batbrand.htm#E[7/24/2009 11:56:06 AM] A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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AFC Acquisition Corp. AG One Captive Program AGC AGCS Marine Ins. Company Aggressive Medical Cost Containment Agilysys, Inc. Ahs Holdings AIC - ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY AIG AIK Aim Benefit Services, Inc. Aim Mutual Air Liquide USA LLC Aircraft Braking Systems Corp AIX AIX Fraternal Orders AK Steel Corporation Akebono Akzo Nobel Coatings

US Army in Europe (USAREUR) 1980-1989

x4 Combat Engineer Company (el) ME CWUS-17 x3 Air Defence Battery (Vulcan) (e) ME CWUS-18 x3 Air Defence Battery (Chaparral) (e) BG CWUS-16 x1 Divisional Armored Cavalry Squadron (en) FIRE SUPPORT ELEMENTS FSE CWUS-01 x3 SP Field Artillery Battalion (e) FSE CWUS-07 x1 SP Heavy Artillery Battalion (eg) DIVISIONAL AVIATION ASSETS (dm)

Worksman Cycles

Worksman Trading Corp. was established in 1898 in Lower Manhattan on the very site of the World Trade Cente and we have continuously manufactured cycles in New York City ever since. Today we are located in Ozone Park, Queens which is eight miles from mid-town Manhattan, five miles from JFK and


F. AMCA 301 (Air Movement and Control Association) Methods for Calculating - Fan Sound Ratings from Laboratory Test Data. G. NEMA MG1 (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) Motors and - Generators. H. UL 705 (Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.) -Power Ventilators. 1.3 SUBMITTALS

The Sqair - Smart Air Filters

company that overcharges you for clean air. The Sqair is a purifier that s been stripped down to its active ingredients: a fan and a filter. That s all you need to breathe clean air. Minimalist design Energy efficient Extremely quiet No hype, no mark-up, just clean air. About Smart Air Smart Air is a social enterprise and


Company Identification Spray Products Corporation P.O. Box 737 Norristown, PA 19404 Telephone (610) 277-1010 Fax (610) 277-4390 E-Mail (competent person) [email protected] Emergency telephone number Emergency Phone No. Transportation Emergency: CHEMTREC 24 hr. 1-800-424-9300 / 1 (703) 527-3887 (Collect calls accepted)

IBM and IBM PC are trademarks of International Business

The power cable is the disconnect device for this equipment. It is attached to the back of the machine as a plug-in device. To remove all electrical power from the equipment, disconnect the power cable from the electrical outlet. Emergency Power Off If any of the following conditions occur, turn off the machine


It s designed to transport, store and distribute JP-8, JP-5, DF-2 and other kerosene-based fuels in the expeditionary environment for Marine Corps aircraft and tactical ground vehicles. The fuel capacity of the FR is approximately 2,800 gallons. The FR is capable of being loaded,

ACCA Standard 4

ACCA Standard 4 2800 Shirlington Road Suite 300 Arlington, VA 22206 703.575.4477 Fax 703.575.8107 www.acca.org The Air Conditioning Contractors of America Educational

World s Largest Renewable Energy Storage Project Announced in

Compressed Air Energy Storage Large scale flow batteries Solid oxide fuel cells For 20 years, we ve been reducing carbon emissions of the U.S. power grid using natural gas in combination with renewable power to replace retiring coal-fired power generation. In California and


Nov 03, 2016 COMPANY IDENTIFICATION: Power Service Products, Inc. P.O. Box 1089 Weatherford, TX 76086 Email: [email protected] Phone: 800-643-9089 or 817-599-9486 Fax: 817-599-4893 Emergency Phone Number: Within USA 1-800-424-9300. Outside USA 001-703-527-3887 (Call Collect). RECOMMENDED USES: Diesel fuel additive SECTION 2 HAZARD(S) IDENTIFICATION


apc company inc api technologies corp apio inc apple & eve llc apple inc applied biosystems, llc applied materials inc applied micro circuits corp appvion inc aptina imaging corp aqua-lung america inc aquatic arcadia, inc. arcelormittal sa arch telecom inc. archer daniels midland arctic glacier u.s.a., inc. ardagh argen corp arista networks inc


NIAGARA MOHAWK POWER CORPORATION REVISION: 4 INITIAL EFFECTIVE DATE: NOVEMBER 20, 2017 SUPESEDING REVISION: 3 APPLICATION FOR NON-RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMERS This application is for non-residential electric and/or gas service with Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation d/b/a National Grid ( Niagara Mohawk or Company ).

Thomas ET Juliet Classic Juliet Pro & Juliet Pro 60

Technologies Company assumes no responsibility for such errors or omissions that may occur. Neither do we assume any liability for damages resulting from the use of information contained herein. Brand names, company names, or product names mentioned in this document may be trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of their respective

Berner Architectural Recessed 12 and 16 Air Curtain

I. Do not operate any air curtain after it malfunctions. Disconnect power at the service panel and have the air curtain inspected by a reputable electrician before reusing. J. To disconnect the air curtain, turn controls to off , and turn off power to the air curtain circuit at main disconnect panel. K.

2020 NYCECC - How-to Guide: Supporting Documentation

To ensure air barrier continuity in the building thermal envelope, drawings must specify required continuous air barrier construction measures (Section C402.5.1.1), and indicate that the continuous air barrier shall be achieved by either 1) Materials not exceeding maximum allowed air permeability (Section C402., or


PEL use a power air-purifying (positive pressure) respirator with a replaceable N95 filter. If dust concentration is greater than two hundred (200) times the PEL use a type C, supplied air respirator (continuous flow, positive pressure), with full face piece, hood or helmet. GENERAL HYGIENE Avoid breathing dust. Avoid contact with eyes.

Pneumatic Products - Wilkerson Corp

Plant Air Supply Pressure Range Supply Pressure Variation Upper Pressure Limit High Precision Regulators Precision Regulators General Purpose Regulators Examples- WRA302, P12, P15 / P16, R18, R28, R39, R30 WRA102, WRA102BP, Dial Air WRA171 Sensitivity: 005 to 010 PSIG


as plumbing, air supply, venting, gas supply and electrical supply are required in addition to electrical testing skills when performing service. ANSI Z223.1 2006 Sec. 3.3.83: Qualified Agency - Any individual, firm, corporation or company that either in person or through a representative is engaged in and is

VITAMIX® 5200 Owner s Manual

the container, and blow air into the center section of the bottom with a hair dryer on the cool setting. 220 Volt machines: 220/240 motors are equipped with a reset button. If the motor shuts off, press the black reset button on the bottom of the machine. Power Cord: Your machine is equipped with a long power cord.


Combustion and Ventilation Air Adequate air supply must be provided to furnaces located in a closet, alcove, or utility room by means of upper and lower Thermostat Figure 2 F A N O N A U T O Selector Switch Fan Switch Cooling (if applicable) & Heating Temperature Setting Room Temperature 50 60 80 70 60 50 70 80

Article Title: Fort Omaha Balloon School: Its Role in World War I

1794 the French had an air force of thirty-four to man their balloons. Messages were communicated to ground crews by means of a cord 2 After the balloon was used by the French, military aeronautics lapsed until the 1849 War of Italian Independence, when the Austlians used hot air

FDA USDA - Air Curtain & Air Door Manufacturer Berner

the air curtain. H. Extreme caution is necessary when any air curtain is used by or near children or invalids, and whenever the heater is left operating unattended. I. Do not operate any air curtain after it malfunctions. Disconnect power at the service panel and have the air curtain inspected by a reputable electrician before reusing. J.


If air handled by the fan contains corrosive, erosive or sticky materials, fan should be shut down regularly for inspection, cleaning and recondi-tioning of interior parts. If the fan is to remain idle for an extended period, protect motor and exposed surfaces. Follow the motor manufacturer s recommendations