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and strategic, infographics are your go-to resource. And there are plenty of infographic styles to choose from, some with heavy reliance of numbers or text, others with 2-D character illustrations or 3-D interactive features. Let s look at the most common and successful types of infographics your brand can leverage throughout the sales funnel.

Document Accessibility Guidelines for CalRecycle Contractors

Documents that include charts, infographics, and other visual representations of data must include an appendix with source data (i.e., an accessible table) and a brief description that explains the significance of the data depicted in the chart. Resources The following resources define accessibility and provide instruction on how to make

Data Visualizations and Infographics. Reviewed by Hannah

Data Visualizations and Infographics. Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield, 2015. 119p. $85. Reviewed by Hannah Alcasid * ¶98 Data Visualizations and Infographics. is an accessible book for information professionals with varying levels of, or even no, experience with graphic design or image-generating tools.

Application Submission Job Aid Reference Guide

Infographics; Glossary terms; and New feature summaries. This guide is part of alarger training resource library that includes self-guided eLearning videos and infographics. All training resources are accessible on the JustGrants Training page. During the initial release of JustGrants, be aware:

UNDERSTANDING INTERSECTIONALITY intersectionality in schools?

(FAPE), with accessible academic and mental health services, for all students. How do we build resiliency? Resilience Guide for Parents & Teachers

Flyers & Infographics Accessibility - CSUN

Create accessible flyers/infographics using InDesign, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, or Acrobat Pro. Add selectable text instead of text in the image. Graphics with multiple layers must be flattened (jpg, png) before importing them into your infographic/flyer software. Canva is not accessible, but you can use it to make images to import.

Journal of Human Services: Training, Research, and Practice

The accompanying infographics provide guidance for mindful self-care behaviors woven into daily transitions. They present a low-cost means of promoting self-care strategies throughout agencies and organizations. This, along with minimal time commitments for each practice, makes these infographics an accessible intervention for

U Mentor Program

Accessible U Mentor Information Rev. 08/2020 U Mentor Program Who We Are The U Mentor program pairs students with vital services and mentoring support from the University s faculty and staff. The overall goal is to build connection and community, and create an atmosphere of belonging. Demographics of Students for Academic Year 2018-2019

Designing for accessibility - GitHub Pages

Designing for users with low vision Do use good colour contrasts and a readable font size. publish all information on web pages. use a combination

images, videos, infographics, and histograms in geography

The primary way to make videos accessible to visually impaired students is to use audio description, wherein the speaker can pause the production and read over the titles, names, and describe the visual information for the blind students. For more information on making videos accessible, refer to Audio & Video Accessibility.


media posts, infographics, posters, blog graphics, and other marketing materials. After choosing a template and a layout, users can customize their design by adding icons, shapes, charts, frames, or images. Users can upload their own images or select stock imag-es from Canva s database of customiz-able graphics.1 Canva s photo editing

Digitally transform your mobile workforce

Highly accessible data improves day-to-day compliance tracking and regulatory reporting requirements Lockout/Tagout Prevent unexpected energization, start-up, or release of stored energy Prevent injury to employees Mobile framework supports the development, documentation and enforcement of LOTO control and release procedures BYOD

Infographics and Mathematics: A Mechanism for Effective

Infographics are an engaging way to condense material into a more readily clear and accessible form. While many infographics focus on current events and technology trends, infographics are also becoming more common as an educational tool. In particular, there exists research based evidence on infographics improving

Principles for e˜ective communications ACCESSIBLE

ACCESSIBLE Principles for e˜ective communications use global channels to reach broad diverse audiences use partner channels analyse your audiences access to different channels and their preferences use the channels preferred by regional and country offices to reach targeted audiences with tailored information What channels do audiences

Diet and Activity Guidelines to Reduce Cancer Risk

Diet and Activity Guidelines to Reduce Cancer Risk CANCER CASES TYPES. OF CANCER = ABOUT. 1. IN. 5. Staying at a healthy weight, being physically active throughout life, following

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Accessible Infographics Community Group The goal of the Accessible Infographics CG is to make information graphics, like bar charts and maps, as accessible as possible to all.

How Do You Like Your Science?: A Comparison of Infographic

Infographics 101: Infographics are visual tools that allow complex information to be more accessible and processed through the two pathways, often utilizing principles such as Mayer s Multimedia Principles of Design1,3. What Does This Mean? Young adult college students may prefer infographics and be a more effective way to approach

Entity Users Grant Award Modification

Infographics; Glossary terms; and New feature summaries. This guide is part of a larger training resource library that includes self -guided eLearning videos and infographics. All training resources are accessible on the JustGrants

Black Womenomics: Investing in the Underinvested

Black Womenomics: Investing in the Underinvested Due t o compl ex hi st ori cal f act ors and ongoi ng di scri mi nat i on, B l ack women remai n heavi l y


ADVERSE CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES ACEs ACEs WHAT ARE ACEs? Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) is the term given to describe all types of abuse, neglect, and other traumatic experiences that occur to individuals under the age of 18.

The Art of Making Graphics Accessible

The Art of Making Graphics Accessible Jessica Cavazos Health Educator June 15, 2018. Agenda Introduction. Color. Alt-Text. Images. Charts and Graphs. Complex Images

Creating WebFOCUS Infographics

Chapter 1 WebFOCUS Infographics An infographic is a way to convey an idea or metric in a compelling visual format. It uses images to share information and present complex concepts, such as business analytics,

Assignment 3: Infographics

Assignment 3: Infographics Working Texts Ede, Lisa. The Academic Writer. Theoretical text #1 Infographics examples At least three sources obtained from library on chosen research site At least two other sources At least one source obtained from hands-on research Context [Left blank for instructor.] Task

Open Science Infographic A3 v13 CMYK LO - Elsevier

Accessible Reporting Scholix STAR Methods Elsevier partners with the research community to empower open science. Working together, we can achieve a more inclusive, collaborative and transparent world of research. We believe open science can benefit research and society and drive research performance.

Synchronous Online Teaching Observation Checklist for P-12

translation, and technical-(visuals, infographics, use of text features, graphics, accessible text, enlargement of type, use of audio podcasts or narrated slideshows) Materials are made available to help students who cannot be online or have a technical

Making Your Message Accessible - University of Tennessee

Infographics. Captions. Captions. Accessibility and Branding Resources. Accessible PDFs Take a tremendous amount of time to create each time an update is needed

By Jennifer J. Otten, Karen Cheng, and Adam Drewnowski

Infographics And Public Policy: Using Data Visualization To yet accessible information visualizations.11,12 The Power Of Images The broad accessibility of data and digital tools

Better health for people with disabilities 1 People with

Making all health care services accessible to people with disabilities is achievable and will reduce unacceptable health disparities But they are: more likely to be 3x denied health care more likely to be treated badly in the health 4x care system train all health care workers in disability issues including rights make health care affordable

Infographics and Accessibility - ACDowd Designs

Infographics and Accessibility. Angela Dowd ITEC 860 Current DE Topic Presentation. page 1 of 10. Accessible Infographics. The topics Infographics and Accessibility, when searched together, lead to many research paths. This comes as no surprise in the multimodal learning envi-ronment of 2009. We are communicatiing in dynamic

COVID-19 Case Investigation and Contact Tracing in Non

COVID-19 Case Investigation and Contact Tracing in Non-Healthcare Workplaces: How Employers Can Assist Health Departments Health departments are responsible for leading case investigations, contact tracing, and outbreak


THE ART OF INFOGRAPHICS Simply put, data visualization is a visual representation of data. This data is quantifiable and is often in the form of pie charts, bar charts, line charts etc. Often a data visualization is used to help make sense of data and to make the data more accessible. The design of

City of Peterborough Guide to Accessible Documents

Font Size 11 11 pt or less is not accessible Font Size 12 12 pt is accessible Font Size 16 16 pt or more for presentations. Tip: Font size varies between font families. When selecting a font size, use Arial as the base for determining appropriate font size. For example: 12 pt Arial is an accessible font size. 12 pt Calibri is not accessible.

Neglected Tropical Diseases -

649 MILLION people no longer requiring treatment for lymphatic filariasis (LF) 1.38 BILLION people no longer requiring treatment for trachoma LESS THAN 30 Guinea worm infections in 2020, down

Accessible ADT - Sacramento State

Accessible ADT Information Rev. 05/2021 Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) College Futures Foundation Report Update (12/14/2020) Counselor Conference During the academic year 2019-2020, Admissions and Outreach organized four Counselor Conferences on 10/2/19, 11/6/19, 2/12/20 and 3/4/20. More than 375 counselors and

Data Driven, not Data Drowning1 -

accessible data, and a culture of data use. It also requires careful attention that data are both relevant and diagnostic for each decision maker and decision. Meaningful use of data begins with who will access, analyze, or review the data and for what purpose. The figure below displays several

Infographics and Email Accessibility

Creating Accessible Infographics Flyers and Infographics in Calendar Events Infographics Checklist Web Accessibility Criteria Creating Accessible PDF Documents Creating Accessible Emails: Outlook 2013 & 2016 Best practices for infographic sizing Charts & Accessibility by Penn State

2014 NCTE Session: Accessing Stories Through Infographics

content, style, and effectiveness. Infographics need to be informative, clear, accurate, accessible, and interesting. 7. Publish Once your infographic is complete and free of errors, publish it, present it, and be proud of it.

Accessibility at Michigan Vaccination Sites

Use plain language tools like handouts, videos, visuals and infographics with key information. Straightforward plain language is accessible to more people. Ensure you have large print versions of key documents available; in general, do not use less than size 12-point font (16-18 is considered large print), use

Using Adobe InDesign to Create Accessible PDF Documents

Accessible PDF Documents For infographics, explain what they represent and provide the data (if short) or link to a matching data table (after the