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Company's premises, bearing in mind that these visitors may not necessarily be attuned to certain aspects of the Company's environment Control effectively the activity of all outside contractors when on the Company's premises. It is the intention of the Company that, apart from routine supervision and

U.S. Policies and Procedures Manual - eXp Realty

policies herein or the Company s core values may be released from the Company immediately and without warning. It is the commitment of the Company to ensure the brokerage is free from negative, aggressive and inappropriate behaviors, and that the environment is aimed at providing an atmosphere upholding our core values.

Generic Code of Conduct and Ethics Template

Disclaimer template by WebsitePolicies.com Generic Code of Conduct and Ethics Template Our employee code of ethics and business conduct outlines our expectations regarding the behavior of our employees towards other members, customers, stakeholders, and society. Our company stands for the core values of synergy, honesty, and integrity.


A values statement represents the core beliefs of the organization that inspire and guide its choices in the way it operates and deals with people. These values should be imbedded in both the mission and the vision and part of all

Singapore Employee Handbook - Adobe Inc.

Adobe s Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) enables you to invest in the company you re helping to build. Through convenient payroll deductions, you may purchase Adobe stock at a discount of at least 15% on the date the shares are purchased. If you are covered by the Employment Act, any payroll

Employee Handbook - Workable

Getting to know our company [Provide a brief history of your company here. If possible, use illustrations and charts to make this information memorable. Present your company s culture and vision. Avoid jargon and overused phrases (e.g. competitive, fast-paced environment, core values and innovative.


Company s reputation each and every day. I look forward to working with each of you as we continue to strengthen our firm s legacy as an unparalleled business partner. Sincerely, Steven H. Gunby President and CEO FTI Consulting, Inc. Dear Colleagues, Over the last 30 years, FTI Consulting has grown to

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Core Values Your organization s core values are the principles that guide decisions and actions at every level of the workforce. A good set of values promotes autonomy while also building a sense of

Example values and behaviours framework

Communicate the new values and behaviours to existing staff. Plan how to start to embed the new values and behaviours into all aspects of your recruitment and management processes. 2) If you already have a values and behaviours framework in your organisation Using the mapping tool provided, map your organisation's values and

Code of Conduct HILTON

take on Hilton s behalf. Understand the rules, laws and policies that govern your work, and comply with them. Ask questions and seek guidance when you are uncertain about the right course of action. Report issues or concerns when they arise. One of Hilton s core Values is Integrity. We do the right thing, all the time.

Vision, Mission & Values

Understanding Mission, Vision and Values Training & Organizational Effectiveness, Revised October 2012 2 The diagram illustrates 3 degrees of vision and its impact on a group s accomplishment of goals. Shared vision creates alignment and focus toward a common goal. How Does Shared Vision Emerge?


company and the core beliefs of the enterprise; Commitment to ethical values: The code outlines the core values the company wishes to abide Commitment to anti-corruption: The code articulates the stance of the company's management regarding corruption and the involvement and role of its employees. This


the Company s business and your personal affairs that impact the business with honesty and integrity. You contribute to the Company s overall reputation and, therefore, must accept personal responsibility for ensuring that these standards are met. Our code is a reflection of our core values integrity, respect, and leadership

Core Values Sample - Church 5 - David Mays

CORE VALUES - Church Sample #5 The following represents the core values that we at Our Church are passionate about and aspire to reflect in our very essence of who we are as a Church 1. Biblical Teaching We lead people out of a deep conviction and commitment to God s Word, so that together we grow in our love and application of it. 2.

A Toolkit for Establishing and Maintaining Successful

communicate both the organization and the group s core values and common interest. While the mission defines the overarching purpose for which the group was established, the goals should clearly articulate specific activities and timelines. The following questions should be addressed when setting the mission and goals:

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the Company s strategic focus and growth, promote margin improvements, and achieve record financial results. Her continuing focus on new product development earned the Company a 2016 Chicago Innovation Award and a 2017 nomination for CEO Innovator of the Year from the Executives Club of Chicago. Ms. Sherman has demonstrated a

Code of Conduct - McCain

manner which reflects our core values in every business decision and interaction. The Code of Conduct will help you make the right decision. If you ever find yourself in the difficult position of questioning whether a situation is consistent with our core values and Code, the Code will help guide you or help you reach people who are ready to help.


activities on a principled path. Staying true to our Code helps Sony s long-term success that is based on the trust of our fellow employees, our customers and our business partners. It is up to each and every one of us to ensure that Sony s core values are upheld and practiced in our daily work. Your leaders and Compliance personnel are always

Building a Stronger Food Safety Culture - PwC CN

company s policies, systems and processes incentivise good food safety decisions and behaviours at every level of the organisation. Traditionally, companies and regulators have depended on training, inspections, audits and testing to ensure compliance with food safety regulations and certification requirements. Training is a vital part of food

Code of Ethics Policy v10.19

Life s too short not to have a great time and we are always striving to create a fun environment for members, franchisees, employees and other business partners. We need to incorporate these Core Values in everything that we do. We expect employees to live these Values every day, and the Company will do so as well. Likewise,

Chevron Business Conduct Ethics Code

the code helps us understand how chevron s values are put into practice every day. Chevron s Business Conduct and Ethics Code is built on our core values and highlights the principles that guide our business conduct. It provides questions and answers for situations that you might encounter on the job and lists

The Integration of Visuals and Appreciative Inquiry for

Feb 12, 2017 The company s core values (Why) Cultural attributes (What) Applied behaviors and actions (How) The 3 x3 image hangs in the company s offices as part of it s employee branding efforts and is referred to in Visioneering and team lead meetings to remind employees the importance of asking questions.

Ideal Candidate Profile Guide & Example

Core Values/Culture Drivers: Consider your own company s core values. How do these translate into employee behaviors? Are there key traits your current team shares that you want all new employees to have as well? Spend time articulating these culture fit requirements to help guide your evaluating during the interview stages.


legitimate Company business purposes and must at all times follow prescribed procedures for recording, handling and protecting such. Where an employee s position requires Company funds to be spent, it is the individual s responsibility to good judgment on Nampak s behalf and to ensure that exercise

How to Adapt Company Culture for Remote Work

WHAT ARE YOUR CORE VALUES? This is a multi-step process to distilling what your company s ethos are. Think of them as qualities that make up your company s personality, an operating system for the way you are together, the way you do business, and what makes your company unique. The first step is to gather a team to collaboratively work

HOW TO WRITE A Culture-First Employee Handbook

Netflix Culture slidedeck, Valve Software s Handbook for New Employees, and/or Zappo s Culture Book. If not, google them now! Although one of the best things about these handbooks is the honesty and leadership buy-in, it doesn t mean you need to change your company s entire culture to have one.


diversity is integrated into all aspects of the organization s strategy and is among the organization s core values. The VP D&I will have primary responsibility for implementing the Diversity Strategic Plan described below. In filling any vacancy for the position, New T-Mobile will consider a diverse pool of

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct - U.S. Bank

made, and the decisions we have yet to make, are rooted in our core values and allow us to move forward with purpose and a clear path. As we adapt, we must be thoughtful about the ethical implications of our decisions, no matter how fast we re moving. This Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is an expression of our core values and our culture.

Esri UK Ethics Policy

The company will take the appropriate measures and act quickly where the ethical code is broken. Scope This policy applies to all employees, contractors, consultants and part time employees of Esri UK1. Policy Esri UK Board s commitment to Ethics: that Integrity is one of the company s core values to set and lead by example.

Creating a Vision

Contrast the visionary General Electric s statement To become #1 or #2 in every market we serve and revolutionize this company to have the speed and agility of a small enterprise with the vision of the far-less-successful company, Westinghouse: Total Quality Market Leadership Technology Driven Global

Corporate Business Principles - Nestle

to society while contributing to Nestlé s ongoing success. In line with our purpose and values and the way we do business, the Corporate Business Principles set out in this document guide the actions and behaviors of everyone at the company and reflect our culture which has developed over the span of more than 150 years.

The essential guide to employee experience

employees are, to what extent they re living the company s core values, how much pride they take in their job, what they love about working for you, and how likely they are to stay or leave. This library of employee experience (EX) surveys was developed by our team of EX Scientists and Psychologists here at Qualtrics.


Our core value of Respect for All People exemplifies how we should treat our fellow associates, customers, suppliers, vendors and service providers. Any conduct that fails to show appropriate respect to others, including fellow associates, customers, professional customers, vendors, suppliers and service providers, violates the Company s values.

SWOT Analysis in Manufacturing: A Case Study of Nigerian

Core Values: Core values of the company and major expectations are explicitly stated in the company s vision and mission statement. To the Customers: Customer Focus Excellence Service Creativity Prudence Other Stakeholders Business growth and profitability Employee personal and professional growth

Environmental Sustainability Policy

The Company employs this Policy to define the fundamental principles for its commitment to the well-being of its Users, communities and the environment, uphold the Company s Core Values and comply with Applicable Law.


Safety is one of the company's core values; therefore tremendous emphasis is given to the health and safety of workers. Well trained safety officers are appointed and allocated responsibility for training the project team. They are capable of handling any emergencies. The efforts of the company in efforts 2) Recruitment Criteria. Recruitment:


Core Values We, the employees of the Company, make a personal commitment through the daily demonstration of our Core Values: Safety, Integrity, Quality, Productivity, Flexibility. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYMENT The Company is an equal opportunity employer. We will not unlawfully discriminate against

Code of Ethics - CGI

Company has invested in developing a strong corporate culture, based on six core values that reflect its approach to business. These values are: quality and partnership, intrapreneurship and sharing, respect, objectivity and integrity, financial strength and corporate social responsibility. These values are at the heart of CGI's success.

Assessing Unique Core Values with the Competing Values

core values, which play a central role in strategic decision making, sustaining high-performance cultures, and guiding organizational culture change. Although the Competing Values Framework (CVF) has been widely used to identify a standardized set of core values, it has not been used to identify unique. core values at a given organizations.