Collection And Transport Of Specimens For Anaerobic Culture

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Handbook of Specimen Collection and Handling - CDC stacks

by JM Miller Cited by 1 Suitability of Various Clinical Materials for Anaerobic Culture S tudies. Collection and Transport of Clinical Specimens for Bacteriologic.72 pages

Client Communication: Microbiology Specimen Collection

(Anaerobic Culture Transport) I tube for anaerobic culture will begin during mid-August 2019. The Anaerobic. Culturette (Blue Cap Gel) is being replaced with 

Specimen Collection & Transport Guide - Quest Diagnostics

for anaerobic culture. After collection, plunge the swab into the liquid or gel transport medium to prevent drying. For many tests, we may also provide a 

Appropriate Specimens for Anaerobic Cultures - CiteSeerX

anaerobes. They are however still killed by oxygen unless anaerobic conditions are maintained properly during specimen collection and transport.

Microbiological specimen collection and transport -

in the collection and transport of clinical specimens containing aerobes, anaerobes and fastidious bacteria from the patient to the laboratory for 

Specific Guidelines for Specimen Collection

Transport the specimen to the laboratory immediately. Inoculate 10mls into both an aerobic and anaerobic blood culture vial.

Microbiology and Molecular Specimen Collection - PhysLab

Stability: 24 hours. List collection method on specimen and requisition. Culture, Urine (includes colony count) - #603. Urine C&S transport tube.

Microbiology Specimen Collection and Transport

Stool specimens in transport media are good indefinitely at room temperature. Wound or Abscess Culture (with. Anaerobic screen). (eSwab Transport System). USE 

Evaluation of Two Anaerobic Systems for Isolation of Anaerobes

by LO Egwari 2011 Cited by 2 bic bacteria from clinical specimens. These are the methods used in collecting the appropriate specimens, transport and handling of speci-.


Transport to laboratory for processing immediately. 6. Do not refrigerate. PROCEDURE FOR USING AN ANAEROBIC CULTURETTE. 1. Peel open BBL Culture Swab Plus  2 pages

General specimen collection guidelines: General Information:

Culture swabs with transport media are the preferred specimen container for most specimens. Anaerobic Culture submitting guidelines below).

Microbiology - IU Health

An anaerobic transport system MUST be used for anaerobic culture requests. d. Stool specimens should be collected in STOOL transport vials. See following tables 

Anaerobic Swab Collection Instructions

Remel A.C.T. ® II (Aerobic/Anaerobic Culture Transport). Collection Instructions. Swab Specimens: 1. Open the package and remove the swab and the media tube.

Collection of Samples for Anaerobes - Alberta Health Services

Aerobic culture and sensitivity will be performed on the anaerobic samples Collect samples under aseptic conditions; avoid contamination with indigenous.1 page

Blood Cultures - Aerobic & Anaerobic Body Fluid Specimens

NOTE: Throat specimens are the only specimen approved for testing. Collect the specimen using approved swab transport systems. Page 10. A. Collection Swabs.

Document (9).max - WHO World Health Organization

Specimen collection and transport for microbiological investigation Request form, labels, blood culture bottles for aerobic and anaerobic.

Microbiology Specimen Collection and Transport - Labcorp

Swab Collection and Transport Devices. Swab or Double Swab in Amies Agar Gel. Use for aerobic and anaerobic bacterial culture and fungal culture.

BD™ Collection and Transport Products

BBL™ Vacutainer™ Anaerobic Specimen Collector. BBL™ Port-A-Cul™ Transport Systems. BD™ Universal Viral Transport System. BD Falcon™ Sputum Collection System.

Collection, Transport, and Processing of Clinical Specimens

The best specimen for anaerobic culture is one that is collected at the site of If specimens must be collected by swab, transport swabs in a tube 

Anaerobic Culture

certain anaerobic organisms. Do not transport through the pneumatic tube. Offsite collections: Specimens must be promptly transported to the.3 pages


If the swab is intended for culture, do not use transport media intended Whenever possible, collect specimens for bacterial culture before starting 

Anaerobic Specimen Collection Guide - NDSU VDL

specimens to the laboratory are critical for anaerobic culture success. Regular culturette/swabs and transport systems will not preserve anaerobic bacteria,  1 page

Bacteriology Specimen Submission Guidelines - LSU

Anaerobic Culture: 1. Specimens submitted for isolation of anaerobes require special transport media. Call the laboratory for further information. 2. Aerobic 

App. R - Microbiology Specimen Collection-Table 1

*Immediate transport is preferred to avoid any deterioration. 105. ANAEROBIC. CULTURE. See specific site listed below. Avoid contamination.

Microbiology Collection Media and Specimen Transport

23 Oct 2018 Room temperature Sustains viability of aerobic, anaerobic, and fastidious bacteria for up to 48 hrs. Anaerobic cultures must also have an  2 pages

Anaerobic specimen transport device - ASM Journals

18 Jun 1975 samples from oxygen. MATERIALS AND METHODS. Bacterial cultures. All anaerobic bacteria were from the culture collection of the Virginia Polytech 

Survival of Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria in Purulent

by DM CITRON 2000 Cited by 35 during the transport of clinical specimens to the laboratory is Collection and five clinical strains of anaerobic bacteria and.

Microbiology Specimen Collection and Transport Devices

cultures. Not for anaerobes. BBL Culture Swab Mini-. Tip. Green cap. Storage - room temp. Transport - refrigerate. Ear, eye, if Neisseria gonorrhea is not 

ACT I - Thermo Fisher Scientific

® I (Aerobic/Anaerobic Culture Transport) is a semi-solid medium recommended for use in qualitative procedures for collection of clinical specimens and 

Specimen Collection and Transportation of Microbiology

by B Pettross Cited by 2 A separate order is needed for each test, including anaerobic cultures. For example, if sputum is collected for AFB, Fungus and routine culture,  25 pages

Specimen Collection and Transport, Anaerobic Culture

by DM Citron 1984 Cited by 27 Specimen Collection and Transport, Anaerobic Culture Techniques, and. Identification of Anaerobes can be used to transport swab specimens or small.8 pages

Microbiology Specimen Collection Guidelines - HealthLab

5 Label and transport to lab according to procedure. Page 2. healthLab. Blood - aeroBic and anaeroBic. (Bacteria and fungi).

Microbiology Specimen Collection Guidelines - Pathology

22 Jul 2020 Transport all specimens to the Laboratory promptly. Routine blood culture BD Bactec Plus Aerobic* & BD Bactec Anaerobic bottles (*BD.14 pages

Angell Microbiology Sample Requirements - MSPCA-Angell

MICROBIOLOGY TESTS AND SPECIMEN COLLECTION GUIDELINES. GENERAL CULTURE Anaerobic culture submission: Use a separate Aimes/Copan transport culturette.


20 Jul 2016 Transport systems for aerobic and anaerobic specimens: BBL Culture Swab ™Transport System. Sterile, disposable culture collection and  13 pages

Page 1 of 13 Stanford Hospital: Specimen Collection

25 Jul 2016 Fluids. If possible, inject maximum of 10 mL in equal amounts into an aerobic and anaerobic blood culture bottles. Transport additional fluid ( 

Microbiology Sample Collection and Transport - MercyOne

Transport specimen at room temperature. Deliver to lab ASAP. Anaerobic Culture Collection and Transport. Collection. 1. The sample should be collected from  16 pages

Microbiology Collection Guide

anaerobic culture transport swab (gel in bottom). Large pieces of tissue can be place the specimen collection swab into the transport tube.

Blood Cultures - Clinical Laboratory

Body fluid specimens collected by percutaneous aspiration for pleural, Alternatively, submit in anaerobic transport tube or capped syringe after 


Specimen Collection: Protect specimens for anaerobic culture from oxygen during collection, transportation, and processing.


Transport all specimens to the laboratory promptly, preferably within 2 hours of collection. anaerobic culture, or Foley catheter tip for culture).

Specimen Collection and Transport, Anaerobic Culture

by DM Citron 1984 Cited by 27 Specimen Collection and Transport, Anaerobic Culture Techniques, and. Identification of Anaerobes. Diane M. Citron From the Medical Service, 

Anaerobic culture

Anaerobic conditions must be maintained during the collection, transportation, processing, and identification of specimens. Page 5. * Toidentify bacteria that 

Johns Hopkins Medical Microbiology Specimen Collection

For orders with more than one test, ensure that the proper transport is utilized. For example, anaerobic culture requests need to be submitted in anaerobic  28 pages

Section 9:

30 Jun 2016 Not suitable for fluids or anaerobic cultures. BBL CultureSwab™ Double-Swab Collection System with Liquid Stuart transport media. Rapid Strep 

Collection and transport of specimens for anaerobic culture

by HO Hallander 1980 Cited by 5 Collection and Transport of Specimens for Anaerobic Culture ery of anaerobic bacteria requires special precautions to minimize the risks of contamination at 

A transport method for swab specimens submitted for aerobic

by M Alfa 1982 Cited by 3 in inadequate transport of specimens for anaerobic bacteriology. separate specimen collection methods for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria  6 pages

Specimen Collection Chart - UI Health Care

Tests: Aerobic culture. Anaerobic culture. AFB culture. Fungal culture. Anaerobic Tissue Transport Media: PS59547. Set bone on top of the media. PS# 141344 

Specimens for Anaerobic Culture, Collection of - Standard

10 Dec 2019 PRINCIPLE: A crucial factor affecting the ultimate success of anaerobic cultures is the transport of specimens. The bacteria must be protected  5 pages

Specimen Collection Supplies - CompuNet

For transport of swab, or fluid specimens for aerobic and/or anaerobic culture. Tube of gel medium. Swabs should be placed into gel for transport. Maintains