Pseudocyst Of The Auricle Associated With Trauma

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trauma, are rare. The differential diagnosis of a postauricular cyst includes an epidermal inclusion cyst, a steatocystoma, a trichilemmal cyst, a pseudocyst of the ear, a dermoid cyst and a branchial cleft cyst.1 Keloid scarring in this region can also give rise to large swellings. Pathological exami-nation of the specimens removed from our

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Repeated minor trauma to the pinna like rubbing, ear pulling, sleeping on hard pillows, minor sports injuries,wearing of tight motorcycle helmet & ear phones etc. are the probable causes of the pseudocyst formation.4 This condition iscommonly seen in adult males of 30-40 age groups. The swelling due to pseudocyst ranges from 1-5 cm and contains

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epithelial lining. They can be due to trauma and subsequent tissue degeneration, or to accumulation of mucinous material within the skin. Pseudocyst of the auricle (12). The pseudocyst of the auricle is caused by degeneration of cartilagenous tissue of the ear, most often occurring in middle- aged males. Histologically there is an

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Auricular pseudocyst Pseudocyst of the auricle is a relatively uncommon been associated with minor trauma from a variety of

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Infection of perichondrium of auricle Etiology trauma to auricle, ex: ear piercing, op, hematoma Spontaneous, ex: Immunocompromised patient (DM) Pathogen Most common: Pseudomonas Symptoms: pain over auricle and deep in canal, pruritus, pus discharge 13

Treatment of auricular pseudocyst with aspiration and local

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syndrome have associated abnormalities, in particular trauma or resurfacing, topical corticosteroid- Pseudocyst of the auricle

Pseudocyst of Pinna and Its Treatment with Surgical Deroofing

pseudocyst of auricle is a rare and benign This procedure was associated with some minor Although we did not statistically analyzed trauma as a cause of pseudocyst pinna but we are of

Treatment of recurrent auricle pseudocyst with intralesional

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a pseudocyst of the auricle, this diagnosis did not satisfactorily explain our findings in this case. A pseudocyst of the auricle is not associated with inflammation of overlying skin, is usually limited to the upper half of the ear, and would not be expected to respond to prednisone. 9' lo We view the finding of

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trauma, such other causes of ear deformity as sarcoidosis, perniosis, polychondritis and auricular pseudocyst must be carefully investigated by adequate biopsies and histopathologic studies to rule out malignant processes.1,2 malignancies, and the majority present with cervical lymph node


Pseudocyst of the auricle associated with trauma. Arch Dermatol. 1989. 125: 528-530. 4.- Cohen PR, Katz BE. Pseudocyst of the auricle: successful treatment with intracartilaginous trichloroacetic acid and button bolsters. J Dermatol Surg Oncol. 1991. 17: 255-8. Anderson R. Pseudocyst of the auricle: Compression suture therapy. J Dermatol

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A pseudocyst of the auricle is an uncommon asymptomatic cystic swelling resulting from intracartilaginous accumulation of fluid and typically involves the scaphoid fossa, triangular fossa of the antihelix and the cymba concha.

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tumour that invariably follows trauma or incision on the skin.1 Keloids are commonly prone for recurrence with need for long time treatment.4 Pseudocyst of auricle is also called as auricular seroma, is a swelling with serous fluid collection between perichondrium and cartilage. It is usually seen in the upper part of auricle. However, the

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literature by Engel in 1966, pseudocyst of the auricle is a benign, idiopathic, painless, spontaneous dome shaped cystic swelling on the anterior surface of the auricle [1-3].

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- Pseudocyst of auricle (cyst on the external ear that follows trauma) Benign cysts may sometimes be confused with skin cancers, especially a nodulocystic basal cell carcinoma. Rare malignant cysts include malignant proliferating trichilemmal cyst. What are ruptured cysts? Ruptured cysts are red, painful epidermal cysts. They may discharge

Bilateral auricular seromas: A case report and review of the

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Treatment of the Non-Traumatic Auricular Pseudocyst With

The pseudocyst of auricle is a rare and benign condition of the ear that is caused by intracar-tilaginous collection of serous fluid in the anterior aspect of the auricle. The auricular pseudocyst has a cavity that is not lined by epithelium. The term pseudocyst of the auricle was first defined by Hartman in 18461.

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horn and pseudocyst of the auricle. These conditions are usually painless, even when ulcerated in contrast to CNH where pain is the clinically distinctive feature.15 Biopsy may be required only if patients with CNH have chronic solar damage and a history/suspicion of skin cancer.

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Pseudocyst of the auricle Ganglion Mucocele Common - lower labial mucosa dome-shaped, bluish, translucent papules or nodules disruption of ducts of minor salivary glands Digital mucous cyst dorsal surface of finger distal phalanx depressed nail deformity

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A cyst is a walled off subepidermal cavity filled with keratin, mucin or fluid. Cutaneous cysts can be classified by anatomic location, embryologic derivation or histologic

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cases to be blunt trauma to the upper part of the abdomen [2,9-12], but in the adult the causative factor is predominantly pancreatitis, which was encountered in 80 to 90 per cent of case, [2.9,12]. In this context mumps-pancrea-titis has little etiologic significance [9]. Trauma as well as inflammation can cause de-

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Feb 17, 2021 3. Kallini JR, Cohen PR. Rugby injury-associated pseudocyst of the auricle: Report and review of sport-associated dermatoses of the ear. Dermatol Online J 2013; 19:11. 4. Miyamoto H, Oida M, Onuma S, Uchiyama M. Steroid injection therapy for pseudocyst of the auricle. Acta Derm Venereol 1994; 74:140 2. 5.

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Pseudocyst commonly occur as a post trauma sequela. Multiple hypothesis has been put forth expalining the seroma formatoi n such as yl sosomal degradation of cartilage which is a consequence of a trauma.

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trauma (hematoma), infection (peri-chondritis), or tumor (cystic degener¬ ation).1 However,the term pseudocystofthe auricle has been used in a more restricted sense by Engel2 to describe an endochondral cystic lesion with clinical and pathologic features that clearly distinguish it from all other cystic lesions of the auricle. He

Cystic Chondromalacia of the Auricle Treated with Dual-Plane

chondromalacia of the auricle that was successfuly tl reated by surgery specifically, dual-plane dissection and we briefly review the literature. Introduction Cystic chondromalacia of the auricle (CCA), also known as pseudocyst of the auricle, is an uncommon, benign neoformation developing in the thickness of auricle