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Masonic Holy Bible Found and EXPOSED!( A MUST SEE!) George Washington's Bible escorted by three master Mason's The Bible is the King James Version, 

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2 May 1989 gredient, the inaugural Bible. George Washington did not have a personal Bible. No church Bible was acceptable to all the various denomina-.

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by just checking out a ebook masonic bible as a consequence it is not directly Masons, are the custodians of what is now known as the George Washington.

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by KO Lejon 2012 A few hours after the church service, the inaugural ceremony took place at the for the CIA, two for vice president, and one [beside the Washington Bible,.

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4 Oct 2014 Bush had intended to take the oath of office as the na on's 43rd president on the his- toric Masonic bible. George Washington was the first, in 

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national ritual would take on, George Washington established several precedents oath, he bent over to kiss the Bible.2An inaugural address was given to the 

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Membership of the Founding Fathers (Washington: Masonic Service Awakening, signer of Declaration, first president of American Bible Society 1816-​21,.


inaugural. o Presidents who used two Bibles at their inauguration: Harry Truman, 1949, Dwight D. officiated, using the Bible first used by George Washington.

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the Bible on which Washington had taken his oath as President was borne before the Grand Master. The first tiding arrived in Boston the 23d, and special Masonic​ 

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A Masonic Club has been organized at. Castine, with a George E. Corson, Washington, D. C., Gen. Gr. High Priest. who took his obligation on the Bible; one.

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by RF Blomquist Cited by 47 culminates with the President's inaugural address, the ride (or Nevertheless, no one thought to secure a Bible for Washington's [first] 

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ANCIENT FREE AND ACCEPTED MASONS. ANNO LUCIS 6019 Masters for Masonic. District 1A, Michael Paul Bible, with an artistic composition on canvas.

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and claims to have the Bible in its possession on which Washington was obligated as a Mason. If Washington ever held any Masonic intercourse with that lodge 

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Washington Masonic Medal, 1797 Page. 88. Arms of the Freemasons. 39. The Bible on Which Washington Took the Oath of. Office as President. Page. 46.

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by TC Parramore 1974 and said to have been used in the preceding year by. General Washington while presiding over a tent lodge at Williamsburg. The Masonic Bible and prayer 

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by JC Mozingo 2020 The average Mason will own this type of Bible as a Masonic heirloom and a go-to manual for all things Masonic as concerned with scripture. This book was of 

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THE GRAND LODGE OF NEBRASKA. George Washington Inaugural Bible in Nebraska for. Installation of Nebraska Grand Lodge Officers by Mary Lou Rodgers, 

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The Secrets Of Masonic Washington A Guidebook To Signs Symbols And Richly illustrated with biblical and Masonic illustrations, photographs, and ancient​ 


Thus, the obelisk represents the very presence of the sun god, whom the Bible calls Satan. There are four major obelisks that were erected by Freemasons in the 


George Washington Masonic Bible (henceforth noted as the Bible ). There are several important steps that must be taken, however, when requesting that the.

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Washington's army for the Battle of Brandywine in 1777, the American cause had of the Washington Apron. 1. HOLY BIBLE, the great light of Freemasonry.

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In our jurisdiction it is usually the Bible, but any candidate not a Christian may have substituted for it any other volume which he considers sacred: e.g., the Old 

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tions made by Masons and Masonry to mankind, and our ultimate purpose is Worshipful Brother George Washington rested his hand upon this Bible when he.

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by HFW Hard 2018 Cited by 2 Even though Masonry is ostensibly trans-religious, the organization's core texts are still rooted in the Judeo-Christian Bible, and this particular edition is used as an 


17 Oct 2011 Holly Bible upon which Washington took his Masonic Obligations, 1752. The 1853 centennial of Washington's initiation into Freemasonry.

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The Online Books Page features a vast range of books with a listing of over 30,000 eBooks available to download for free. The website is extremely easy to 

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24 Jan 2021 The tradition itself dates back to President George Washington, who was sworn in using a Masonic. Bible in 1789. The George Washington 

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The Freemason Bible PDF file (307mb) This is the Master Mason. Bible, a book originally compiled by Jewish masters for the management of goyim Masons. This 

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The Standard Masonic MonitorThe Freemasons' Magazine and Masonic MirrorMasonic Fiction ExplodedThe Bible, the Great Source of Masonic Secrets and 

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by J von Ehrenkrook 2020 Kennedy's 1961 inaugural address, and adds to it inaugural speeches by George Washington,. Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Harry 

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the utter horror of Congress, the Bible had not been brought for the oath. A near- by Masonic Lodge quickly provided one and saved the ceremony. John Adams 

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20 Jan 2005 Chancellor Robert Livingston remembered that the Masonic. Lodge just words and kissed the Bible, Washington was following a practice.


John's Lodge Inaugural Bible Committee is pleased to make this national treasure available to the general public throughout the year for both Masonic and non- 

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14 Jan 2005 'I swear': Last-minute availability put Masons' Bible into history. By Patricia Zapor Washington Inaugural Bible Committee. He was one of 

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30 Jun 2010 Washington took his oath of office on a Bible from. St. John's Lodge in New York. During his two terms, he visited Masons in North and South.

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The Book of the WordsLodges Examined by the BibleThe Freemasons' Magazine and Masonic MirrorShould A Christian Be A Mason?The Secret Teachings of 

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place to start is with the magnificent letter G. This is definitely a Masonic G, (​photo credit to The Museum of the Bible, to be open in Washington D.C. in 2017).

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Inaugural Bible was a Masonic one proving he was a Mason. How this bible came to be used by Washington is an unusual story. Shortly before the. General's​ 

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The first was presented by St. John's Lodge No. 36, A.F. & A.M., Richmond. The stone is of granite with a raised marble. Bible carved with a 

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by G Whitney 2005 At least three later presidents used. Washington's Masonic Bible at their own inaugurations, all of them Republicans: Warren Harding (1921),.

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THE CRITERIA for presenting the printed history of a Masonic grand juris- City, which was conveying the George Washington Bible for use by Warren G.

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Masonic Bible a68cfdc2acb6c16483996f5590cd0601. Duncan's Ritual of FreemasonryReasoning from the Scriptures with MasonsWhy Catholics Cannot Be 


the primary themes of the Memorial, not George Washington or Jesus. The Bible further exposes such minions of Lucifer as Workers of Iniquity masquerading as 

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by FB Jonassen 2012 Cited by 7 The website,MASONIC LEADER, (last visited. Mar. 15, 2012), states, [T]he George Washington Inaugural Bible has been 

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Freemason's ChronicleThe Secret Teachings of the Masonic LodgeThe Bible, George Washington and Reading about George WashingtonHoly Bible 5355 Rl 

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by S Eyer 2016 at the House of the Temple in Washington, D.C.; Christopher. B. Murphy, MPS; Arturo de Masonic texts that mention Biblical themes (other than the. Temple of​ 

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The other was Most Worshipful. Brother Chester Hodges. Ohioan New DeMolay. Grand Master. Bible from St. John's Lodge, New. York City, on which 

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The Washington Inaugural Bible is over 200 years old! It is still actively used by the members of St. John's Lodge No. One, the oldest operating. Masonic Lodge 

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St.John's Lodge No.l.A.Y.M., Free and Accepted Masons, the oldest Lodge in New York State is the caretaker of the Washington Inaugural Bible on which the 

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by D Vogel 1989 Cited by 12 1 The Mormon Bible is anti-masonic, wrote the editor of the Ohio Star , and it is a singular truth that every one of its followers, so far as we are able to ascertain,