Homogenization Of Bulgarian Temperature Series

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Long-Term Trend Analysis of Precipitation and Air

by S Chattopadhyay 2016 Cited by 82 Non-parametric statistical tests were applied to homogenized and (as needed) Bulgaria over the years 1961 2005, Bocheva et al. Time series of daily precipitation, maximum air temperature and minimum air temperature,.


Report of IPCC (2007) show increasing of mean global temperature with. 0.74°C Data quality control (QC) and homogenization procedure was made using.

Exposure, instrumentation, and observing practice effects on

by B Trewin Cited by 107 to have temperature data whose changes reflect changes in the climate and not changes in other of homogenized data sets (discussed further in section. Methods Used for the Bulgarian set of Syrakova and Stefanova is 1.2. ◦. C. This gives an geneities in a temperature time series; through the use of metadata which 

Assessing Impacts of Land Use/Cover and Climate Changes

by TA Woldesenbet Cited by 2 3.10: Different adjustments in precipitation series for the period 1980-2013 ​ 45. Fig. 37. 3.3.4. Impact of homogenization on the rainfall and temperature series Homogenization of Bulgarian temperature series. Int. J. Climatol.

Annual Bulletin on the Climate in WMO Region VI - DWD

30 Jun 2020 Annual extreme values of temperature and precipitation Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Malta, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, and second sunniest year for the UK in a series from 1929, with only 2003 sunnier. homogenized and interpolated data from 58 stations; Diagram as 

3 e-Newsletter September2011 - DMCSEE

3 Sep 2011 scientific article DROUGHT VULNERABILITY OF BULGARIAN temperatures will characterize also the period towards the end of the month. Multiple Analysis of Series for Homogenization (MASH) was first introduced and.

Efficiencies of Inhomogeneity-Detection Algorithms

by P Domonkos 2013 Cited by 18 seminar series of Homogenisation and Quality Control in. Climatological are generally true for the surface air temperature datasets [63] M. Syrakova and M. Stefanova, Homogenization of Bulgarian temperature series 

Technology and factors influencing Greek-style yogurt - DOI

ratios, high incubation temperatures, certain types of starter Yugoslavia, Bulgaria. Ititu standardization of milk (fat and protein content), homogenization, milk heat Since the yogurt organisms show limited growth activity around 10 °C​, the 

Homogenization of daily ECA&D temperature series - CORE

by AA Squintu 2018 Cited by 25 abstract The daily maximum and minimum temperature series of the European Climate Assess- ment & Dataset are homogenised using the quantile matching The low value trends are mainly located in Bulgaria and. 338.26 pages

Homogenization of Bulgarian temperature series - Royal

by M Syrakova 2009 Cited by 20 10.1002/joc.1829. Homogenization of Bulgarian temperature series homogeneity test; temperature series; abrupt shifts; metadata; Bulgaria.


by БМЗАО СТРЕС 2012 Cited by 7 cultivars (9 Bulgarian and a Mexican - BAT 477) and 10 mutant lines tissues (0,​2 g) were homogenized with liquid nitrogen in 3 ml 0.1 % trichloracetic acid The data from weather forecast for this period show that temperature, relative 

Laser beam induced surface alloying of aluminum with niobium

by P Petrov 2008 Cited by 3 P Petrov. Institute of Electronics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,. 72 Tzarigradsko IOP Publishing. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 113 (2008​) 012048.

Fluid salinities obtained by infrared microthermometry of

by R Moritz 2006 Cited by 51 a series of opaque minerals with various intensities of the Effect of light intensity on homogenization temperatures (A) and final ice melting zone, Bulgaria.

Download - Environmental Protection Agency

by J Coll Cited by 2 Tasks flow chart of HOMER applied for the precipitation series of IENet. 6. Figure 3.1. Waisted boxplots the homogenisation of monthly temperature and precipitation, and which can Society, 7 11 September, Sofia, Bulgaria. EMS2015 84.

12th EUMETNET Data Management Workshop - KNMI

8 Nov 2019 control on temperature and precipitation series. 14:10. Athanassios Argiriou. Complete Homogenization of the Hellenic cloud cover time series.

Uncertainty in homogenized daily temperatures and derived

by LA Vincent 2017 Cited by 14 used to derive and validate adjustments required during homogenization process​. The data was first 'aligned' inhomogeneities detected in temperature time series still have no parallel Homogenization of Bulgarian temper- ature series.16 pages

Proceedings of the Fifth Seminar for Homogenization and

climate long-term series from Bulgaria including data of average air temperature and precipitation (Alexandrov et al., 2004). One of the major goals of the second​ 

Food grade nanoemulsions preparation by rotor-stator - arXiv

by D Gazolu-Rusanova 2019 Cited by 7 Pharmacy, Sofia University, 1164 Sofia, Bulgaria. 2. PepsiCo Two main series of experiments were performed depending on the oil concentration The temperature of the emulsions after passing through the homogenizer was measured.


were identified in both minimum and maximum air temperature time series, but Advances in Homogenization Methods of Climate Series: an integrated approach gaps in Bulgarian monthly temperature is based on the stability of the.

Homogenization of daily maximum temperature series in the

by FG Kuglitsch 2009 Cited by 75 (JJAS) maximum temperature series a homogenization of these series Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, France,. Greece  16 pages

How Precisely Can the Temperature of a Fluid Event be

by A Fall 2018 Cited by 29 The range in homogenization temperatures of fluid inclusions within Epithermal deposits: 102 out of 923 FIAs show a range in Th of ≤1°C; the Deposits (IAGOD) Symposium, 4th, Varna, Bulgaria, 1974, Proceedings, v.


In this slide the annual mean of minimum temperature in Bamberg (Germany) is shown. climatic signal (which has to be calculated thanks to the reference series) and behaviors are noted in Romania/Bulgaria (low trends) and Scandinavia 

Traditional Bulgarian Dairy Products: Ethnic Foods - MDPI

by P Petrova 2021 Cited by 4 Mare's fermented milk was also used by the proto-Bulgarians for food, and stored in They start with raw milk filtration to remove solid particles, homogenization and the production of high-quality yoghurt, the temperature during studies show a link between dairy intake and bone turnover markers and 

Diapositiva 1 - Lake Surface Water Temperature

observations. Assessment of historical temperature data series and data homogenization (type B uncertainty inclusion) Bulgarian Insitute of Meteorology.

Glass transition temperatures and structures of

by T Vassilev 2016 Cited by 12 Institute of Physical Chemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Acad. Abstract. Glass transition temperatures, Tg, are determined for a series of multicomponent borate better homogenization, the melts were occasionally mixed by swirling.

Benchmarking Homogenizati - IRIS Uni Torino

by VKC Venema 2013 Cited by 366 Benchmarking Homogenization Algorithms for Monthly Data. Publisher: Published 14 National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria Time series of monthly temperature and precipitation were evaluated because.

Full Text Available - OSTI.GOV

by R Bonnet 2017 Cited by 17 For precipitation and temperature, monthly homogenized series over France from the Série Mensuelle de tionally, the river flows data set is not homogenized, and the series are therefore not necessarily of the Maritsa basin in Bulgaria.


the annual average air temperatures in Bulgaria in 2005 were about ( 0.2. °. C) the climatic Homogenization of Climate Long-term Series in Bulgaria. Report to​  139 pages

Benchmarking homogenization algorithms for monthly data

by VKC Venema 2013 Cited by 366 14 National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria Time series of monthly temperature and precipitation were evaluated because.7 pages

Deliberative Distortions? Homogenization, Polarization, and

by RC Luskin 2017 Cited by 10 Overall, the results show little domination. Only minorities of the group-issue pairs show. Page 27. 27 any movement toward the initial 


Acta Universitatis Cibiniensis Series E: FOOD TECHNOLOGY Bulgaria, 26 ​Maritza boulevard, 4002, Plovdiv, Bulgaria influence of alginate type and concentration, homogenization rate and the oil phase amount experiment, the optimization features selected being temperature, centrifugal and microscopic stability.

Addressing the relocation bias in a long temperature record by

by I Knerr 2019 Cited by 2 strongest during the warm season and for land cover changes between 300 and 500 Syrakova M, Stefanova M (2008) Homogenization of Bulgarian temper-.

Homogenisation of temperature and precipitation time series

by P Domonkos 2017 Cited by 31 relative time series in the homogenisation of temperature. (precipitation) Meteorological Society Sofia (Bulgaria), EMS2015-84. Domonkos P  12 pages

Application of fluid inclusions in geological thermometry

by A Fall 2008 Cited by 4 Homogenization temperature data obtained from fluid inclusions Homogenization temperatures of synthetic fluid inclusions show a systematic variation as a function Symposium, Varna, Bulgaria, 1974, Proceedings 2, p.

Heat wave changes in the eastern Mediterranean since 1960

by FG Kuglitsch 2010 Cited by 272 [1] A new data set of high‐quality homogenized daily maximum and minimum summer air temperature series from. 246 stations in the Albania, Bosnia‐​Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus,. Greece, Israel, Romania 

Climate signals in a multispecies tree-ring network from - CP

by G Leonelli 2009 Cited by 8 Considering a 20 yr low-pass filtered series, the reconstructed temperature record and Bulgaria, thus including areas characterized by continental climates​. weighted averages of high-quality and homogenized neighboring series from the 

Improving Resonance Characteristics of Gas Sensors by

by Z Raicheva 2012 Cited by 2 1 Georgi Nadjakov Institute of Solid State Physics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, to homogenize the etchant. Optimal time for of three series at temperatures 75оС, 80оС and 85оС that show the change of frequency as the result of.

Temperature extremes over Georgia - Justus-Liebig

(NEA) helped in homogenizing temperature series using the Software SGEM (​Surveying Geology & mining Ecology Management) 2011, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2011​ 

Benchmarking homogenization algorithms for monthly data

by VKC Venema 2012 Cited by 366 Benchmarking monthly homogenization algorithms. Participants provided 25 inhomogeneities in mean temperature series occur at a fre- quency of roughly drology BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria, and the National Meteorological.27 pages

Precipitation Variations along the Bulgarian Black - BALWOIS

by V Ivanova Cited by 9 Most of the applied precipitation indices show insignificant Improvements of synoptic models are needed for weather forecasting in order to prevent control and homogenization of monthly and annual precipitation series a.

Homogenized Temperature Records and Long Memory

by HW Rust 2008 Cited by 38 Fewer Jumps, Less Memory: Homogenized Temperature. Records and Analyzing a set of temperature time series before and after homogenization with respect to LRD we find mate variability and change in Bulgaria during the 20th cen-.8 pages

Deliverable D2.8 - CARPATCLIM

by T Szentimrey 2012 According to the accepted deliverables D1.12, D2.5 the homogenization, the data quality control and 2 m mean daily air temperature ºC. Tmin are some gridded series also for Austria, Bulgaria and Moldova according to the contract. On.

Climate variability and change in Bulgaria during the 20th

during the 20th century was done on already homogenized precipitation and average air temperature series. The statis- tical significance of the trends obtained  17 pages

Eighth Seminar for Homogenization and Quality Control in

Homogenization of climate data series and spatial interpolation of climate HOMOGENIZATION OF MONTHLY TEMPERATURE SERIES IN ISRAEL - AN Bulgaria. 7. Andorra. 190. Algeria. No. of observing sites in MEDARE metadata base.


Extreme temperatures trends in eastern Bulgaria during the at 16 weather stations located in eastern Bulgaria (Fig.1). homogenization of data series.

Experiencing the West through the East in the Margins of

in Sofia, Bulgaria over the past decade to show that the experience of eating homogenizing effects of globalization and rendering different meanings to the (​As the frying process in Chinese cuisine is faster and in higher-temperature oil.


by N CHENKOVA 2015 Cited by 8 temperature and precipitation in Northeastern Bulgaria are determined. scientific publications show increasing of extreme climate events in Europe as [​22] Alexandersson, H., Moberg, A., Homogenization of Swedish Temperature Data.

Updated and extended European dataset of daily climate

by EJ Klok 2008 Cited by 271 homogeneity of the precipitation and temperature series is assessed. About 50% of the daily series mated relative homogenization procedure to detect shift.

extremes and related atmospheric circulation - Indico - ICTP

Quality control and homogenization of daily station time series. ▫ Mediterranean Spatial distribution of temperature and precipitation Temperature extremes Heat waves Algeria, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia,.

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by JDV Caceres 2017 GEOSTATISTICAL SIMULATION USING A BENCHMARK TEMPERATURE. DATA SET HOME Advances in Homogenization Methods of Climate Series: an Integrated. Approach Albena, Bulgaria, 16-25 June 2015, Vol. 1, pp. 921-​929.