Modulation Instability Of Incoherent Beams In Noninstantaneous Nonlinear Media

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22. Theory of the helical spin crytal: a candidate for the partially ordered state of MnSi B B inz , AVs hw at d j Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 207202 (2006). 23. Spin Liquid States on the Triangular and Kagome Lattices: A Projective Symmetry

Secondary modulation instability in partially coherent beams

Due to modulation instability partially incoherent optical beams break up into stripe filaments in noninstantaneous media at a first threshold. We numerically and experimentally report on the formation of two-dimensional filaments at a secondary threshold, if increasing the nonlinearity further, which is due to material anisotropy.

Modulation Instability of Incoherent Beams in

Modulation Instability of Incoherent Beams in Noninstantaneous Nonlinear Media Marin Soljacic, 1 Mordechai Segev, 2,3 Tamer Coskun, 4, * Demetrios N. Christodoulides, 4 and Ashvin Vishwanath 1 1 Physics Department, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey 08544

Mathematical frontiers in optical solitons

other than optics. For example, incoherent modulation instability effects and incoherent pattern formation relate to many other systems in nature such as cooled atomic gases (18, 19). To understand the ideas involved, some aspects of incoherent light have to be explained first. A spatially incoherent beam is a

Experiments on Gaussian beams and vortices in optically

modulation instability, grating-mediated waveguiding, discrete soliton interaction, and generation and control of spatial gap solitons,25 30 are expected to occur in 2D lat-tices as well, with even much richer dynamics yet to be explored. In this paper we present our experimental work on the study of 2D fundamental Gaussian beams and vortices

Optical Pattern Transitions from Modulation to Transverse

noninstantaneous nonlinear media has been studied by one of the authors [19,20]. The modulated field evolves into periodic stripes with a small nonlinearity (biased voltage). No matter for coherent or incoherent beams, most of the studies on MI have mainly adopted an approach regarding ð1þ1ÞD solutions. As a first step, this approximation

Optical limiting in a periodic materials with relaxational

Coherent Light in Noninstantaneous Nonlinear Media, Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 133902 (2002). #104742 - $15.00 USD Received 30 Nov 2008; revised 4 Feb 2009; accepted 5 Feb 2009; published 10 Feb 2009 (C) 2009 OSA 16 February 2009 / Vol. 17, No. 4 / OPTICS EXPRESS 2696

Secondary modulation instability of partially coherent beams

Abstract: We experimentally and numerically investigate the modulation in-stability of incoherent optical beams in photorefractive media. Due to material anisotropy the modulation instability occurs successively from formation of stripes at a rst threshold to full two dimensional laments at a second thresh-old.

Decelerating Airy pulse propagation in highly non

44. S. Pricking and H. Giessen, Generalized retarded response of nonlinear media and its influence on soliton dynamics, Opt. Express 19

Eliminating the Transverse Instabilities of Kerr Solitons

form and incoherent along y with an angular spectrum of A n r y. u x is determined by the nonlinearity and can be taken to be real without loss of generality. To study TI, we add a small perturbation B 1 to B S where B 1 ø B S. The nonlinear index change in Kerr media is dn I gI, where g is the nonlinear coefficient n 2. Linearizing Eq. (1

Modulation instability for a relaxational Kerr medium

shows that MI is also found in incoherent beams [9]. Recent studies show that spatial MI can exist in both self-focusing and self-defocusing medium if the nonlinear-ity is non-instantaneous [10,11], which implies new applica-tions in the nonlinear medium like CS 2 [12,13]. Temporal MI in directional couplers with relaxing media was exam-

Modulation Instability of Spatially-Incoherent Light Beams

incoherent wave-packets or beams. Modulation instability in nonlinear incoherent environments reveals several new features that have no counterpart in coherent wave systems. The most important new features are as follows. (I) The existence of a sharp threshold for the nonlinear index change, below which perturbations (noise) on top

Control modulation instability in photorefractive crystals by

Control modulation instability in incoherent beams in noninstantaneous nonlinear media, Phys Modulation instability of a coherent-incoherent mixture

Diffraction rings due to spatial self-phase modulation in a

Apr 06, 2020 modulation instability [1]. A related phenomenon is the spatial self-modulation of a coherent beam, which generates a nested array of concentric intensity rings in the far field. Such diffraction rings have been observed in media 1 Author to whom any correspondence should be addressed. with thermally-dependent refractive index changes [2 5],

Stability of spatial soliton arrays generated in a

Spatial modulation instability (SMI) is induced by the in- beam in a nonlinear medium.1 More precisely, it corre- seeded by incoherent light in noninstantaneous media

Spontaneous pattern formation upon incoherent waves: From

Buljan, A. Šiber, M. Solja i , and M. Segev, Propagation of incoherent white light and modulation instability in noninstantaneous nonlinear media, Phys. Rev. E 66 , 035601-4 (2002). #93524 - $15.00 USD Received 10 Mar 2008; revised 3 May 2008; accepted 5 May 2008; published 15 May 2008

Pattern formation in a ring cavity with temporally incoherent

We present a theoretical and experimental study of modulation instability and pattern formation in a passive nonlinear optical cavity that is longer than the coherence length of the light circulating in it. Pattern forma-tion in this cavity exhibits various features of a second-order phase transition, closely resembling laser action.

Clustering of solitons in weakly correlated wavefronts

when a partially incoherent optical wavefront disintegrates in a noninstantaneous nonlinear medium with a large enough self-focusing nonlinearity. This process is initiated by noise-driven modulation instability (MI), which in turn leads to the formation of soliton-like self-trapped filaments. These solitonic filaments

Incoherent modulation instability in a nonlinear photonic lattice

Here we study modulation instability of incoherent extended stationary beams in nonlinear photonic lattices. The intensity and coherence structure of these extended states posses the peri-odicity of the lattice. In contrast to coherent MI in a lattice, these incoherent beams may excite

Self-organization of spatial solitons

Abstract: We present experimental results on the transverse modulation instability of an elliptical beam propagating in a bulk nonlinear Kerr medium, and the formation and self-organization of spatial solitons.

Suppression of transverse instabilities for vector solitons

saturable media, it is the nonlinearity saturation which leads to the suppression of the transverse instability. The most in-triguing result is for the dark-bright vector pair, for which even in the absence of saturation, i.e., Manakov limit, the nonlinear mode coupling leads to a strong transverse stabili-zation.