Postnatal Development Of Somatotrophs And Mammotrophs In The Pars Distalis Of The C57BL Mouse

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in the pituitary gland of postnatal little (lit) mice Postnatal development of somatotrophs and mammotrophs in the pars distalis of the C57BL mouse.


developing pituitary, results in increased expression of the CDKIs p21, p27 and p57. somatotrophs, lactotrophs and thyrotrophs in both humans and mice (31, 35). present in the postnatal pituitary: marked expression and regulatory activity in differentiation of thyrotrophs in the pars distalis of the rat pituitary glad during 

ZBTB20 is required for anterior pituitary development and

oleh D Cao 2016 Dirujuk 22 kali adenohypophysis, including the anterior and intermediate lobes, increase at postnatal day 3 (P3) in mice, following the appearance.


oleh C MACCHI Male C57BL/6J mice fed standard iron concentration diet or iron- to the hypothalamus, the pituitary stalk, and the pars nervosa of the pituitary.

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Wilson, D.B. and E. Christensen (1980). Postnatal Develop- ment of Somatotrophs and Mammotrophs in the Pars. Distalis of the C57BL Mouse. Cell Tissue Res.

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oleh D Pfaff Dirujuk 1 kali Cynthia L. Andoniadou Division of Craniofacial Development and Stem Cell The adenohypophysis (pituitary) is a remarkable endocrine organ that 

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3 Sep 2006 There are not three NOAEL values within the growth and The derivation of the Eco-SSL for mammalian wildlife was completed as two parts.

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oleh RM Hnasko 2000 Transgenic POMC-Tag mice that develop IL tumors were used to investigate the lactotrophs, somatotrophs and thyrotrophs express the Pit-1 protein (445).

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Chapter 2 In vitro Effects of the Prolactin, Growth Hormone The cells of the adenohypophysis and their functional significance. Int.

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oleh S Luis-Argentina 2010 The folliculostellate cells (FSC) have been reported in pituitary pars distalis (PD) apoptosis expression during postnatal development in the rat heart.

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oleh ME FREEMAN 2000 Dirujuk 2630 kali (358) and mice (968), pituitary prolactin consists of 197 cells, together with somatotrophs and thyrotrophs (348,. 643, 1382, 1599).


oleh E Martines 2013 - Pars distalis: La hipófisis anterior es una glándula endócrina productora de seis hormonas tróficas: corticotropina o ACTH, hormona de crecimiento o. GH, 

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oleh JA Tadross adenohypophysis and the neurohypophysis of the pituitary. adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH); somatotrophs express growth hormone (GH);.

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oleh L Budry 2010 and the adenohypophysis (or anterior pituitary - AP), which contains the bulk somatotrophs is under the positive influence of growth-hormone releasing 


oleh F Castinetti 2010 ISL1 is expressed during pituitary development and in thyrotrophs after birth. We evaluated the expression of ISL1 in the mouse pituitary during development.

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oleh A SAV 2012 Dirujuk 53 kali including vascular endothelial growth factor and its receptor, Soon after birth, the adenohypophysis enters a phase of growth that results in a.

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shown in mouse hair follicles after birth. (Kato et al., 2001). Interestingly, promotion of hair growth occurred in a transgenic mouse line overexpressing Ret​.


THE PITUITARY PARS DISTALIS OF POSTNATAL FEMALE ALBINO RATS. TAGHREED female mice. (Sasaki, 1988) and reduced growth hormone level of somatotrophs and mammotrophs in the pars distalis of C57BL mouse. Cell Tissue 

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oleh B Bak 2012 Dirujuk 1 kali GH/Gh: growth hormone (gene: human/mouse) The anterior pituitary, also referred to as the adenohypophysis, contains five hormone-.

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oleh F Eertmans 2008 The pituitary consists of an anterior lobe, the adenohypophysis which accounts for The somatotrophs are responsible for growth hormone (GH) production,.

Postnatal development of somatotrophs and mammotrophs in

oleh DB Wilson 1980 Dirujuk 13 kali Summary. The pars distalis of the pituitary gland of the C57BL mouse was studied by means of electron microscopy during postnatal stages of males.

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oleh T HARIGAYA 1985 Dirujuk 19 kali Sexual dimorphic changes in postnatal development of prolactin (PRL)- producing cells in the anterior pituitary gland in C57BL mice were immuno-.

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oleh TK Miles 2020 The adenohypophysis consists of the anterior pituitary, the postnatal development of mice, serum GH levels spike at PND1 before progressively.

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oleh L O Hara Neurons in the posterior lobe (pars nervosa) connect to the hypothalamus and store Anterior pituitaries from approximately 40 mice on a mixed C57Bl/6 

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Numbers of somatotrophs and thyrotrophs are greatly diminished whereas Acidophils are the most abundant hormone-secreting cells of the pituitary.

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1. Acidophils (α-cells). a. Somatotrophs (somatotropin, GH). b. Mammotrophs (PRL). c. Mammosomatotrophs (GH, PRL). 2. Basophils (β-cells).

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18 Mei 2019 This drives the adenohypophysis to increase the pulsatile release of Male and female C57BL/6J mice lacking 11b-HSD1 (KO) or littermate 

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oleh VS Chen 2017 Dirujuk 48 kali birth in the C57BL mouse, adult morphology, including postnatal development of somatotrophs and mammotrophs in the pars distalis, is not fully achieved 

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el hígado para producir IGF1 (insulinalike growth factor-1), que a su El Lóbulo Intermedio o pars intermedia, casi no existe en el hombre.

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oleh MA Kelly 1997 Dirujuk 441 kali receptor / mice developed uterine adenomyosis in silver stain of a control mouse reveals the normal acinar architecture of the adenohypophysis.11 halaman

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oleh V Quereda Sánchez-Alarcos 2010 cancer development. Cdks hyperactivation is one of the molecular alterations more frequently found in tumoral cells. The INK4 and Cip/Kip families of Cdk 

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oleh A Saiardi 1997 Dirujuk 217 kali In rodents, the pituitary gland is composed gland by studying mice lacking the DA D2 receptor (D2R) of the adenohypophysis, which comprises the anterior.12 halaman

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oleh HYA Tan 2014 neurohypophysis) and the anterior pituitary (or adenohypophysis). postnatal growth following liver-specific deletion of IGF-1 in mice [109, 110]. Thus,.

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oleh HM Mackenzie 1972 female CHI mice the mammary area growth was isome tric somatotrophs (GH) of the adenohypophysis increased their sec retory activity while gonadotrophs 

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adenohypophysis of developing lit/lit mice (A-C) Sagittal sections of a normal (C57BL) 14 day pituitary gland immunoreacted with anti-growth hormone 

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oleh K Tuand 2016 Mouse growth hormone mir. MicroRNA. MPV. Mean platelet volume. MWU. Mann-Whitney U test. N2a. Neuro-2a cell-line. NBEA. Neurobeachin. NBEAL1/2.

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8 Mei 2015 of prolactin cells in the pars distalis of the pituitary gland of the mouse. of mice with disrupted insulin-like growth factor I gene.

Effects of insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-2 (IGFBP-2

oleh TM Fisch 2005 Dirujuk 1 kali fied as an inhibitor of postnatal growth in mice in vivo 6. somatotrophs, lactotrophs, and thyrotrophs during fetal development of the pituitary.

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29 Agu 2014 *INHAND (International Harmonization of Nomenclature and Diagnostic Criteria for Lesions in Rats and Mice) update on endocrine, male and.

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that important morphological changes may take place in the adenohypophysis in female mice during postnatal development, especially around puberty.

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oleh R Rabeler 2002 Dirujuk 1 kali Die nichtglandotropen Hormone Prolactin und GH (growth hormone, Wachstumshormon) wirken auf viele Zellen des Körpers: - GH ist ein essentieller Faktor für 

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oleh JM Silva mice. The transcription factor PROP1 is not essential for somatotroph and gonadotroph differentiation with increased expression of pituitary hormones 

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oleh E Hrabovszky 2011 GFP zöld fluoreszcens protein. GHRH growth hormone-releasing hormone. GnRH gonadotropin-releasing hormone. GPR54. G-protein kapcsolt receptor 54.

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oleh PA Nice 2013 The pars distalis contains five phenotypically different In most marsupial species postnatal development occurs with the offspring 

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oleh K Ogasawara 2009 Dirujuk 22 kali 2. Wilson DB, Christensen E 1980 Postnatal development of somatotrophs and mammotrophs in the pars distalis of the C57BL mouse.

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oleh C Juan The pars distalis is a classical gland composed predominantly of epithelial of these patients develop somatotroph hyperplasia or adenoma 

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oleh DB Wilson 1992 Dirujuk 7 kali of the pars distalis and the volumetric density of imrnunoreactive growth hormone (GH) cell granules in neonatal litllit and normal C57BL mice. At 8 days.5 halaman

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It is now accepted that, besides the pituitary somatotrophs, growth hormone Male and female C57Bl/6 mice (2-5 g; local animal licence 48/2016 CEUA) were.