Targeting Matrix Metalloproteinase Activity And Expression For The Treatment Of Viral Myocarditis

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elevated matrix metalloproteinase activity by elafin, with suppression of matrix metalloproteinase-9 activity in the ela fin transgenic mice. The promise of this as a therapy led to orphan drug designation for elafin in both the European Union and the United States. Inthis issueofthe Journal,Nickelandcolleagues (pp.1273 1286)

Matricellular protein CCN1/CYR61: a new player in

CCN1 treatment reduced HSV-1-derived oncolytic virus replication and cytotoxicity [26]. These studies have strongly highlighted the induction of CCN1 as a common host response to bacterial or viral infection. Vascular injury Protein and mRNA levels of CCN1 are increased in the plasma of patients with giant cell myocarditis [8] and cardiac

Experimental Autoimmune Myocarditis: Role of Renin

Various ARBs were screened for their role in the treatment of acute myocarditis and are found to have significant activity against acute myocarditis. ARBs prevent progression of systolic heart failure, thereby reducing cardiac morbidity and mortality (Lindholm et al., 2002; Cohn & Tognoni, 2001).

Neonatal mice genetically modified to express the elastase

Jan 03, 2012 (25) and that targeting expression of elafin to endothelial cells might mitigate the adverse pulmonary vascular effects of MV-O 2. We indeed discovered that elafin-expressing (Eexp) mice, contrary to wild-type (WT) pups, showed sustained inhibition of lung elastase and MMP-9 activity during MV-O 2,

719. Specific Cancer Regression by Trans- Splicing Ribozyme

Viral reservoirs are established early during an HIV infection; remain unaffected by highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) for their whole life and virus reemerge after treatment failure or

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short hairpin RNA Targeting Phospholamban. Gene Therapy 2007; 14:211-218 Fechner H, Wang X, Hurtado-Picó A, Wildner J, Suckau L, Pinkert S, Sipo I, Weger S, Poller W. A Bidirectional Tet-Dependent Promotor Construct Regulating the Expression of E1A for Tight Control of Oncolytic Adenovirus Replication. J Biotechnol 2007; 127: 560-574

Role of Semaphorins in Immunopathologies and Rheumatic Diseases

molecules, and degrading enzymes (matrix metalloproteinase and agrecanasses), which perpetuate chronic inflammation, promote the hyperplasia of the synovial membranes, induce the formation of new blood vessels from the existing vasculature, and the destruction of joint structures [24 30].