Structure And Evolution Of Ricin B Chain

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by L Frigerio 1998 Cited by 46 acetylgalactosamine-specific lectin known as the B-chain. (or RTB, 34 kDa). dimensional structure of ricin has been solved by X-ray Trends in Cell Biology.

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by S Notova 2020 Cited by 8 understanding protein evolution but can also be used as scaffold for engineering novel b-Propellers lectins: large panel of structures Proteins chains are binding ricin B. The sequence was repeated to obtain the.

Primary Structure of Three Distinct Isoabrins Determined by

by CH Hung 1993 Cited by 42 chain reaction techniques, cDNA clones of three isoabrins, carrying A and B-chain sequences, were Structure and evolution of ricin B-chain. Nature. (London) 

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by Y Venkatesh Cited by 19 for the notion that ricin B-chain has a third galactose- binding site, which may be lographic structure of native ricin (Rutenber et al, 1991). The identification of the D. (1987) Structure and evolution of ricin B chain. Nature 

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by MM Meagher 2011 Cited by 12 is known as the sarcin-ricin loop.8 The B-chain (RTB) is a lectin that binds to monomer with a secondary protein structure almost identical to that of native trifugation using an Evolution RC Sorvall centrifuge at. 11,344g for 

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by Y Rong 2017 Cited by 11 Ricin toxin exposure by injection or inhalation triggers immediate severe local and systemic Structure and evolution of ricin B chain. Nature.

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by JMJ May 1970 The 3D structure of ricin determined and ricin B chain translated in a wheatgerm. 156 homologous domains for the evolution and function of the B chain will.

From Peptides to Proteins: Exploring Modular Evolution

by RA Broom 2010 Cited by 1 The evolutionary path of a ricin, a family within the beta-trefoils known to possess a carbohydrate binding structures, but those with function, which of course is a prime requisite of evolution. Moreover the PCR: Polymerase Chain Reaction.

Structure-function and application of plant lectins in disease

by A Mishra 2019 Cited by 28 Classification of lectins based on structurally and evolutionary related proteins (Fig. 2). 5.2.1. rally different A and B chains harbouring an enzymatic and a carbo- structure of Ricin (Rutenber and Robertus, 1991). A chain 

Structural Analysis of Nested Neutralizing and Non

by MJ Rudolph 2016 Cited by 16 B cell Epitopes on Ricin Toxin's Enzymatic Subunit α helix B, associated with potent toxin-neutralizing activity. Structure and evolution of ricin B chain.

Analysis of castor bean ribosome-inactivating proteins and

by GL Morais 2013 Keywords: agglutinin, evolution, lipase, Ricinus communis, ricin, RIPs. Received: May the 262 residues of the B chain by a linker peptide of 12 res- idues (Lamb et castor bean gene composition and amino acid conservation, respectively.


by E Boroda 2002 molecules bound to the B chain are each represented as pairs of discs. 12. 3 Soils vary in abiotic and biotic composition and retention depending on interested in prebiotic chemistry and chemical evolution, the concept of primordial soup.

The three-dimensional structure of ricin at 2.8 A. - Journal of

by W Montfort 1987 Cited by 451 the B chain to cell surface receptors appears to trigger endo- cytotic uptake of the It confirms the proenzyme structure of ricin and also reveals that the mains for the evolution and function of B chain will be addressed and 

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Araki et al., Revised amino acid Sequence of the B-chain of ricin D due to loSS of 15, 1985). Rutenber et al., Structure and evolution of ricin B chain, Nature 

Plant AB Toxins with Lectin Domains

have the ability to recognize and bind specific carbohydrate structures. lectins composed only of CRDs, suggesting that through evolution these carbohydrates revealed that the ricin B chain contains two carbohydrate binding subdomains,.

Investigation of Carbohydrate Recognition via Computer

by QR Johnson 2015 Cited by 17 (b) A three-dimensional representation of a lectin (ricin chain B, PDB evolution of structures of the systems are recorded as time-stamped 

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by L Xie 2001 Cited by 16 on the modeling of the three-dimensional structure of the. A-chain, the evolution of plant RIPs [20]. B-chain of ricin and abrin are 2AAIA, 2AAIB, 1ABRA and.

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by PE Stein 1994 Cited by 407 sition, the structure of the cell-binding B-oligomer (S2,. S3, two copies of S4, the side chain of Glu129 is within hydrogen-bond- Evolution of AB5 toxins. Structures B-oligomer of Shiga toxin is associated with a ricin-like.

The high mannose-type glycan binding lectin - Nature

by A Takahashi 2011 Cited by 12 Construction of AH dimer genes, Ala-substitution mutant genes sugar-binding pocket or spacer region of ricin toxin B-chain (RTB); 27 Rutenber, E., Ready, M. & Robertus, J. D. Structure and evolution of ricin B chain.

Structural Analysis of the Laetiporus sulphureus Hemolytic

Jun 12, 2008 suggests the existence of mechanisms of evolution involving the E, structure of Lac bound to one binding site in ricin B-chain (Protein Data 

An in vitro evaluation of epigallocatechin gallate (eGCG) as a

by PDR Dyer 2016 Cited by 14 rRTBC, recombinant RTBC; RT, ricin toxin; RTBC, RT B chain; RTAC, RT A chain; M. Ready, J.D. Robertus, Structure and evolution of ricin B chain, Nature.

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Named Director, Center for Structural Biology, September 1989. Rutenber, E., Ready, M. and Robertus, J.D. (1987) Structure and evolution of ricin B chain. Rutenber, E. and Robertus, J.D. (1991) The structure of ricin B chain at 2.5 Å 

Evolution of Plant Ribosome-Inactivating Proteins - CORE

by WJ Peumans Cited by 28 A-chain of ricin (or A-subunit of the bacterial Shiga toxins). Basically, the B-chain of type 2 RIPs could also be revised using the sequence information made available for Evidently, the chimeric structure must result from an evolutionary.

An Immunotoxin Prepared with Blocked Ricin - Cancer

by JM Lambert 1991 Cited by 157 through its B-chain to galactose-terminated oligosaccharides found on the surface of M., and Robertus, J. D. Structure and evolution of ricin. B-chain. Nalure 

Ultrastructure of rat lung following inhalation of ricin - NCBI

by RFR BROWN 1997 Cited by 83 Groups of rats were exposed to ricin aerosol by inhalation, total. LCt1 ¼ 11.21 mic A-chain and a slightly larger B chain which functions the structural morphology of the lung is not as well bronchioles and alveoli with the evolution of lung.

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by J Hirabayashi 2019 Cited by 19 for which three-dimensional structures are known and sugar-binding functions have been hydrate-binding modules will be generated in the future through evolution, although this is a 14.5-kDa Gal-specific R-type (ricin B-chain-like) lectin,.

Primary Sequence and 3D Structure Prediction of the - MDPI

by R Iglesias 2020 Cited by 1 Ricin B chain consists of two topologically similar domains (lectins), amino acids, (ii) to understand the degree of evolutionary change and 

for catalysis by ricin A chain - PNAS

by KN Morris 1992 Cited by 58 The ricin B chain recognizes galactose-containing receptors on sensitive cells, structure of the A chain alone has not yet been solved) has led to the proposal that the addition, the results have bearing on the evolution of pro- teins, and the 

Sites of Vulnerability on Ricin B Chain Revealed - bioRxiv

by DJ Vance 2020 Abstract. 33. Ricin toxin's B subunit (RTB) is a multifunctional galactose (Gal)-/N-acetylgalactosamine Structure and evolution of ricin B chain.


Cinphorin B-chain exhibited the same N-terminal 10 amino acid sequence and molecular mass as the B- chain of to the diversity in primary structure of these proteins, protein splicing and the molecular evolution of RIP. of ricin A-chain.

Structural Re-Alignment in an Immunogenic Surface Region of

by AT Zemla 2008 Cited by 4 beta carbon along a vector connecting the alpha and beta carbons yielded rigid structural alignments in function and evolution, as well as to applications in medicine and bio-defense. Structural re-alignment in a region of ricin A chain.

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by M Blaber 2012 Cited by 14 However, convergent evolution leading to structural polypeptide chain via gene duplication and fusion events. tion of ricin B chain. Nature 

Cloning and chloroplast-targeted expression studies of insect

by S Kiani Cited by 15 Ricin B-Chain towards C-terminal, generating TP-Cry1Ac-RB construct. The crystal structure of ricin shows that it is comprised of two chains, ricin A-chain to be a good combination to deploy in delaying the evolution of.

Reductive activation of ricin and ricin A-chain immunotoxins

by G Bellisola 2004 Cited by 93 reduction of ricin and of a ricin A-chain immunotoxin by combining enzymatic assays, SDS PAGE separation and ricin A-chain conjugated with a carrier antibody; RTB, ricin B-chain; The three-dimensional crystal structure of cholera toxin. J. Mol Biol cations for mechanism and evolution of a selenocysteine-dependent.

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by C Shang 2015 Cited by 3 The B chain of ricin is a lectin domain which specifically recognizes galactosylated carbohydrate structures and therefore ricin can also be considered as a 


The basic structural differences between RJPs of Type I. II. 18. 2.2. prepropolypeptide (proricin), that contains both A and B chains (Lamb et al., 1985: Rutenber, E. and Robertus, J.D. (1987) Stmcture and evolution of ricin B chain,. Nature 

Crystal structure of momordin, a type I Ribosome Inactivating Protein

are probably due in part to the evolution of the protein without a B-chain partner. which shows only 34% sequence similarity with ricin. A-chain. The structural momordin and ricin are shown in Fig. 3a and b. Ricin. A-chain has a greater 


by RC Middaugh 2018 hence generating a comprehensive B cell epitope map of ricin toxin would not only help in evaluating Structure and evolution of ricin B chain. Nature. 1987 

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by AR Campos Cited by 39 Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Detection of Ricin B Chain in. Human Blood structure and the mechanism of its toxicity have been extensively library by systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment 

- 1 - Title: Fungal ribotoxins: structure, function and evolution

by E Herrero Galán 2009 Cited by 9 sarcin-ricin loop (SRL), because it is the target for the toxins α-sarcin and ricin, best between its amide side chain proton and the carbonyl group of Ile 69. efficiency at acid pH (Arima et al., 1968a, b; Uchida and Egami, 1971). Analysis of 

Calcium Ions Stabilize a Protein Structure of Hemolytic Lectin

by I SALLAY 2001 Cited by 8 The result showed a structural change of CEL-III in the presence of related to those of B-chains of toxic lectins, such as ricin and abrino) from Ricinus comunis and Abrus precatorius during evolution from a common ancestral galactose-.

The structure of the neurotoxin-associated protein - DTIC

by JW Arndt 2004 Cited by 72 report the crystal structure of serotype A HA33 (HA33/A) at 1.5A˚ resolution that contains Structure and evolution of ricin B-chain. Nature, 326,.

Structural basis for sugar recognition, including the Tn

by L Maveyraud 2008 Cited by 33 Keywords: lectin; glycoprotein; isolated ricin B-chain; sugar binding individual aniso- tropic B factors were refined for all structures in the tet- composite of several distinct families of structurally and evolution- ary related 

Characterization of Point Mutations in the cdtA Gene of the

by L Cao 2005 Cited by 35 The cdt gene products exhibit deduced amino acid sequence and structure/function similarities (albeit weak) to The B chain of ricin acts in a lectin-like interaction attaching to Ready M, Robertus JD. Structure and evolution of ricin B chain.

Role of Membrane Lipids in Modulating Protein Structure - ucf stars

structure of CTA1, while non-raft lipids had a smaller stabilizing effect on CTA1 structure. In the next part Figure 3-2 Binding of PBA to Ricin A or B Chain. E.Ruber,M. Ready,J.D. Robertus; Structure and Evolution of Ricin B Chain; Science;.

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by LH Beck Jr 2015 Cited by 15 in the B chain of the plant-derived toxin ricin. This evolution- arily conserved in its current three-lobed (b-trefoil) structure.13 The ricin B domain exists in 

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Oct 7, 2011 concentrate at least 30 ng mLÀ1 of ricin B chain from several liquid food matrices and outcompetes a currently Schematic of ricin B chain aptamer selection via systemic evolution of Construction of gold electrospun fibers.

Response to a Ricin Incident - CDC Emergency Preparedness

2004 ricin incident in the Dirksen Senate Office Building and/or personnel who The NMRC protocol used both the A and B chains of ricin as their gene targets for Its structure is flexible and designed to expand to accommodate local, State,  Missing: evolution ‎ Must include: evolution

Characterization of Functional Domains of the - J-Stage

by Y Kouzuma 2003 Cited by 37 B-chains of ricin and abrin, which are galactose-specific plant toxic lectins; the. C-terminal ricin. B. chain. (A) and a schematic drawing of the domain structure of CEL-‡V. (B). Structure and evolution of ricin B chain, Nature 326, 624-626.

Ricin B chain and discoidin I share a common primitive protein

by JD Robertus 1984 Cited by 38 size of this unit, its prominence in the structure of ricin B chain, and its at least one major gene duplication in its evolution. Fig. 5 shows the