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Risk and Control Considerations for Outsourced IT Environments

Current Trends in IT Outsourcing Gartner 1: Worldwide IT Outsourcing (ITO) Market to Reach $288 Billion in 2013 The global ITO market will record a 5.4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2012 through 2017. Dice 2: U.S. Outsourcing Growth Outpaces Global Rate North America growth rate at 8 percent in 2013 and a


Externalized operations Model (Outsourcing) leveraging on synergies and economies of scale (versus body shopping). The customer still keeps control of the whole process / task at all times. Indra s BPO approach is based on a strong process specialization, while the experience in different industries allows us to export cross industry best

Outsourcing decision support: a survey of benefits, risks, and

widespread outsourcing practices, it has become a frequent topic in the literature. Numerous reasons why outsourcing is initiated have been identified by researchers. Organizations may expect to achieve many different benefits through successful outsourcing, although there are significant risks that may be realized if outsourcing is not

Information Technology Outsourcing

provides information on the types of IT outsourcing (ITO) the life cycle of IT outsourcing, and how internal auditors can approach risk in connection with IT outsourcing delivery. IT outsourcing is the contracting of IT functions, previously performed in-house, to an external service organization.


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2012 Romainor Consulting (002133250-K) www.romainorconsulting.com [PROPOSAL - PAYROLL OUTSOURCING SERVICES] [No. 16 Lorong Cakera Purnama 12/13e, Seksyen 12, Bandar Puncak Alam, Kuala Selangor, 42300 Selangor


The use of the terms outsourcing, business process outsourcing (BPO), and offshoring have been used interchangeably and have caused considerable confusion. In the popular press, outsourcing is many times incorrectly referred to as companies employing service providers from other countries. Outsourcing refers to the

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Outsourcing Technology Services Booklet June 2004 FFIEC IT Examination Handbook Page 1 IT Examination Handbook Presentation Outsourcing Technology Services Booklet Visual Narrative 1. IT Handbook Presentations Outsourcing Technology Services Outsourcing technology services is covered only briefly in the 1996 FFIEC Information Systems

Global IT-BPO outsourcing deals analysis

available outsourcing data as identified throughout this presentation. It does not include contract information gathered from KPMG Sourcing Advisory business engagements. The count and value of the deals may vary notably in reality and is only indicative of market movements and trends in the IT-BPO space. Readers are requested to use their

HR Outsourcing Proposal - McTimothyAssociates

4.Employee Development: Outsourcing HR fun ons help busi-nesses manage employee performance and development. We implement performance management plans to ensure em-1. Our firm is the leading and reputable professional HR outsourcing organiza on in Nigeria, providing industry-focused HR outsourcing,

Outsourcing the Finance and Accounting Functions

about outsourcing s benefits suggest that: a) Outsourcing promises valuable opportunities but poses formidable challenges and risks;and b) A significant number of outsourcing agreements have been mismanaged;and c) The outsourcing market is still relatively immature. The outsourcing market is however maturing,

EBA Outsourcing Guidelines - PwC

Expected presentation of the final text for the E-DSG 31.12.2020 End Reviewing period of existing contracts Outsourcing is a way of gaining relatively easy access to

The Business Value of IT Outsourcing Benchmark Report

the outsourcing provider by applying more management time and talent, creating new internal cross-functional structures to manage outsourcing relationships, and being more willing to escalate problems with an outsourcing provider to its senior executives. How-ever, a significant portion of Best in Class companies (33%) doesn t believe it has the

The effects of outsourcing the logistics function at South

By outsourcing, an organisation will redefine its existing boundaries. In order for outsourcing to be successful, it is vital that an organisation understands the benefits and shortcomings of outsourcing logistics. Therefore the topic chosen for this study aimed to identify the effects of outsourcing, identify the key drivers for outsourcing,

Outsourcing Manufacturing: A 20/20 view

Outsourcing Manufacturing: A 20/20 view 1 While feedback from respondents was varied, it s clear that outsourcing is here to stay. Even with the current trends of reshoring and bringing manufacturing in-house, outsourcing remains a key strategy for most firms. While they may tactically reshuffle or rebalance in-house vs.

WRG May 04 Presentation - Outsourcing the Tax Function v2

Outsourcing can be used to streamline and improve the tax function; but most companies simply perpetuate historical processes and problems. A key to successful transformational outsourcing is the adoption of a strategic sourcing focus. Key Element: Map data flows Key Element: Define the Enterprise Operating Model

The Outsourcing Handbook A guide to outsourcing

Outsourcing has become a major market activity, with Gartner forecasting the IT Outsourcing market alone to reach $287 billion in 2013. With an annual growth rate of 6.5% until 2017, average annual IT Outsourcing investment has reached almost 25% of total IT spend. As this shows, the outsourcing market is growing in

Integrating CMMI and ITIL: An Outsourcing Success Story

Gartner notes that [Capgemini] s outsourcing deal with The UK Inland Revenue [now part of HM Revenue & Customs] (worth more than US$5 billion over 10 years) was the largest outsourcing deal worldwide in 2003. (Gartner, 2004) Capgemini has joined the league of serious contenders in outsourcing with two large contracts signed in 2004

Pharmaceutical R&D Outsourcing: Best Practices, Trends, and

Outsourcing is a key strategy for R&D and all SG&A functions (66140840) (4) BF - Outsourcing - RD Webcast - Presentation - 12 10 10.PPT [Read-Only] Author


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Economics of Outsourcing* - AEDE

Economics of Outsourcing* * Based on presentation to John Glenn Institute for Public Policy Ohio State University, November 2005. Outsourcing will your job move to


Due to this outsourcing in Africa has taken a new shift for example; South Africa and Ghana are the leading in the adoption of outsourcing. Kobayashi-Hillary (2007 showed that the probabilities that Africa one day will obtain a fair-minded share of outsourcing jobs are improving. But there is a menace that the

Optimizing Indirect Procurement through Global Outsourcing

Organizations are selectively outsourcing processes, however some Multi-Tower deals enable end-to-end process synergies (e.g. Benefits Administration, Payroll, etc.) Multi-Tower engagements enable a more simplified governance structure and end-to-

Outsourcing the Accounting Function

Outsourcing teams with the right expertise are also well versed with audits, outside agencies such as DCAA, government accounting and compliance regulations such as FAR, GAAP, etc. They can prove extremely beneficial in these areas. In summary, the practice of outsourcing comes with many benefits. When companies make the decision

Outsourcing - ACCA Global

Outsourcing Outsourcing is when any operation or process that could be or would usually be performed in-house by an organisation s employees is sub-contracted to another organisation for a substantial period. The outsourced tasks can be performed on-site or off-site. Outsourcing is currently relatively popular with both profit-seeking and


outsourcing has been very clear; however, markets such as education and healthcare have been far slower to adopt the outsourced model. This paper is intended to cover the reasons for the differing speed range of adoption and understanding the pros and cons with a self-help guide to understand if outsourcing (or insourcing) is the right choice for

IT Outsourcing: Making it work - Fujitsu Global

1 Zaple A, Successful Outsourcing and Contract Management , Presentation, May 1999 P AGE : 7 / 21 IT O UTSOURCING : M AKING IT WORK W HAT HAS GONE WRONG I N OUTSOURCING


Company Presentation 2015 Governance as a success-factor of IT-Outsourcing IT-Outsourcing-Governance is a specific structure and management of the business relationship, with the purpose to meet the customer s and supplier s business objectives The Governance has to enable: Control Governance has to enable control, in order

Insourcing The end of the classic outsourcing deal

Renegotiation is the prolongation of an existing outsourcing deal with the same provider and largely the same services. In such a setup, it often proves difficult to modernize the deal regarding contract setup and service packaging. Nevertheless, studies have shown that 85 out of 100 outsourcing deals are given to the same provider upon renewal.

Presentation by OFA for the FDA Public Meeting on Drug

Presentation by OFA for the FDA Public Meeting on Drug Compounding by Outsourcing Facilities MAY 21, 2019. OFA s Mission The Outsourcing Facility Association (OFA) is the trade association

Outsourcing to Tier 3 Countries: Cost/Benefit Analysis and

Keynote presentation at the International Outsourcing Forum, Reims By: Martin Labbé, Adviser, Enterprise Competitiveness Date: 2 October 2013 Outsourcing to Tier 3 Countries: Cost/Benefit Analysis and the Development Perspective

Outsourcing: Past, Present and Future

so different from outsourcing in other industries. We then analyze the current market and discuss the impact of outsourcing on the IT industry, and the various forces shaping this business practice. Looking forward, we discuss the future of outsourcing and make some policy recommendations to address some of the issues that we have identified.

Offshoring how to ensure success - Deloitte

Sep 02, 2013 Outsourcing is most mature in the Information Technology (IT) sector and is increasingly developing to include a wide range of business processes such as HR, Finance, Procurement, Customer Service and other back office operations functions. Hence, two main strands of outsourcing have merged; IT outsourcing

Darling, do you want to marry me? Business process

Outsourcing of end- to-end processes Platform-based BPO standardised platforms and processes (Modelbank concept) 1. 2. 3. Full Process-specific outsourcing Optimisationand continuous improvement of existing outsourcing Some selective inclusion of innovation. Vertical. Source: Deloitte analysis. Innovation Increased

Outsourcing Complex Business Processes

outsourcing (BPO), a supplier owns and operates the infrastructure, applica- tions, and people required to deliver services to a customer organization in many cases, an organization from which they have been transferred.

Outsourcing comes of age: The rise of collaborative partnering*

performance. Outsourcing is now as diverse as business itself, differing by country, sector, and company strategy. It is characterised by smarter suppliers, improved automation and better informed buyers driving toward long-term, sustainable outsourcing arrangements. Firms that effectively master the new complexities of outsourcing and the

Outsourcing and The Extended Value Stream

Presentation Agenda 1. Lean and Outsourcing Defined 2. How outsourcing can support and accelerate a lean manufacturing program. 3. How to use value stream analysis to analyze the extended value stream 4. Five steps to improving the extended value stream 5. The benefits of a lean extended value stream 6. A brief case study on outsourcing and lean

The Benefits of Outsourcing Presentation

The Benefits of Outsourcing Presentation 2 WHY OUTSOURCE ?? Aging Bus Fleet State Funding 3 WHY OUTSOURCE ?? Bus Safety Driver Recruitment 4