The Influence Of Haemoglobin Types On Reproduction And Production In Hungarian Merino Sheep

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Cross-sectional study of Anaplasma spp. in goats and sheep

by M Jansson Lagerkvist 2017 Cited by 1 In addition to goat and sheep, several species of wild An interesting finding was the high occurrence of Hb values below assessments about pasture influence on disease development were not possible between 2.5 and 4.0 depending on where the animal is in the reproductive and production cycles.

Understanding physiological drivers of resilience in sheep

by MJ Wilkes 2017 effect on the reproductive potential of a ewe for the rest of her life (Gunn et al. 1995; Morgan 2009) and wool growth in merino sheep (Ingham et al. 2011).

Foreging Responses Behaviour in the African Giant Land Snail

by MH LASHARI GENETIC POTENTIALS OF AWASSI AND HISSARDALE SHEEP BREEDS. MAINTAINED 109.4±5.89mg/100ml, Hemoglobin was. 7.45±0.32% fertility and production trait. [2] Sheep are crossing Merino with local carpet wool sheep growth conditions have significant effect on Hungarian Merino sheep. J Anim.

Sustainable Improvement of Animal Production and Health

8 Jun 2009 Effects of nutritional supplementation and genotype on milk production and fertility of lactating dairy cattle under tropical conditions. D. Indetie

Breeding for Resistance to nfectious Diseases in - CORE

by GD Gray Cited by 55 African Shorthorn cattle are more resistant than other breeds to the effects of production, meat production, reproduction) when designing their breeding programs and For example, after experimental infection of Hungarian Merinos Merino sheep to be less susceptible and confirmed the relation between Hb type and 


FAO ANIMAL PRODUCTION AND HEALTH PAPER reproduction, should be addressed to the Director, Publications Haemoglobin types in Awassi sheep Awassi × Hungarian Combing Wool Merino, French Merino and may be due to the long isolation of the Cyprus sheep on their island or the influence of Turkish.

2320-5407 Int. J. Adv. Res. 6(10) - Zenodo

Sheep and goats play an important role in food production in developing countries. influence the resistance of animals carrying this type of hemoglobin against diseases such Evans, J.V., Turner, H.N. (1965): Haemoglobin type and reproductive performance in Australian Merino sheep. to the Hungarian Native breed.

Animal Genetic Resources - WIPO

There is growing concern that large-scale industrial livestock production directed technologies to improve fertility (e.g. flow cytometers for sperm sorting or the influenced by the wider regulatory environment and the nature of markets for breeds, such as Holstein cattle or Merino sheep, rather than rarer breeds and did.Missing: haemoglobin ‎ Must include: haemoglobin

Annales Agriculturae Fenniae - (Luke) - Jukuri

by F Atroshi 1979 Cited by 41 ties, Hungary, and to Dr. ELIZABETH TUCKER,. Institute of Physiological differences in sheep of different haemoglobin types. 10. 2.1.3. The relationship between transferrin types and reproductive performance and metabolism might be due to genetic effects or of production characters of Merino sheep. AGAR. 11 

Book of Abstracts

3 Jun 2015 The effect of DGAT1 on milk production traits in Turkish Holstein Some reproductive traits in Turkey domestic sheep breeds Akkaraman and Daglic and thin tailed Kivircik and Karacabey Merino and haemoglobin MCH and mean corpuscular haemoglobin Hungarian vetch-Wheat mixtures were.


animal production industry; classifying animals; enhancing soil fertility; preventing soil erosion and managing land; processing agricultural products; adhering to 

Breeding against infectious diseases in animals - WUR E-depot

by H Rashidi 2016 Cited by 5 formation of abnormal haemoglobin molecules, tends to reduce the incidence of Assessment of the economic impact of porcine reproductive and Budapest, Hungary. 267-281 and production traits in commercial Merino sheep flocks. were similar to other studies in different breeds (0.11-0.48) in France (Gruner et al.,.

FLUORIDES - WHO World Health Organization

reached 6 µg/m3. Fluoride is a component of most types of soil, with total fluoride production and detrimental effects on the reproductive capacity of animals.

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6 Farming Systems for Sheep Production and Their Effect on Welfare 213 strength in Merino sheep Livestock Production Science 69: 279 289. Apple, J. K. ing, stress, pasture allowance, and haemoglobin type on reproductive performance of Romney International Congress on Animal Reproduction, Hungary, 2002.


Animal hygiene and welfare in livestock production the first step to food hygiene PROCEEDINGS WELFARE STATUS IN HUNGARIAN PIG FARMS Examples of new pain indicators in sheep and other species are presented. The effect of nutritional management of the dairy cow on reproductive efficiency. Animal.

Regulatory Aspects of Fetal Growth and Muscle Development

by PL Greenwood Cited by 16 livestock production systems in developed and developing countries is a key to sat- breeds and nutritional interventions it is estimated that a 10 kg change in ewe live The concept that nutrition during prenatal life may influence reproductive ships between nutrition of Merino ewes during pregnancy and lactation and 

Effect of Experimental Ostertagia Ostertagi Infection or Chronic

by JE Markovits 1986 Cited by 1 This reproduction was made from a copy of a manuscript sent to us for D.V.M., University of Veterinary Science, Hungary, 1978 uremia can also produce gastric lesions in several species. The most often cattle and sheep in New Zealand.2^ In another experiment in grazing Merino sheep and Angora goats. Aust Vet 

State of the Art Report on Mixture Toxicity - European

22 Dec 2009 studies have produced strong evidence that mixture effects may arise cases are very specific for certain mixtures (compound types, their 4.2 Reproductive and developmental toxicity, teratogenicity embryo hepatocytes, spleen responses to sheep erythrocytes in mice, 2007; Merino-Garcia et al.

nitratesnitrites00deeb.pdf - IDEALS @ Illinois

by BS Deeb 1975 Cited by 58 investigations of nitrates and nitrites and their effects on many species. During the past In another feeding trial, ewes fed high-nitrate forages containing up to 1.3 Once in the blood, nitrite oxidizes the ferrous iron of hemoglobin to the ferric NO3 -N) did not produce significant reproductive problems; abortions occurred 

Sonderheft 2/2006 - AAB

issue also includes papers on other species of farm animals cattle, poultry and (1987) proved that the merino sheep were characterized with sixfold lower effect may have resulted from their inclusion into reproduction as early as in the first the European Association for Animal Production, Budapest, Hungary, 2001.

ISRP Example Proceedings CI 12.07.2019 - Cambridge

3 Sep 2019 Challenges for dairy cow production systems arising from climate changes behavior and ruminal fermentation of Latxa sheep Effect of different types of fibre substituting barley straw on in vitro Ovine ruminal epithelia from six female Merino 3Turul Veterinary Clinic and Pharmacy, Gödöllő, Hungary.

Selected Readings on the History and Use of Old - NALDC

by J Larson 1991 Cited by 2 The maintenance of Hungarian breeds of farm animals threatened by extinction. I. Bodo, In: Genetic The role of rare breed sheep in the farming industry of today. Haemoglobin D in three rare Dutch breeds of sheep. Descriptors: Highland Cattle, Zebus, type of feed, body temperature, effects of ambient temperature.

Effect of complement C3 genotypes on milk production in sheep

by L SOTIROV 2006 Cited by 1 influencing milk production traits on the chromosome 6. GUNEY [4] confirmed that haemoglobin and transferrin included in this experiment were milk type crossings (n = 118 sheep) - Stara mM; 5,5-diethylbarbituric acid (Reanal, Hungary) 10 mM; ted to affect milk production and reproductive performances.


place also in regards to ammonia losses among livestock species distributed as future prognosis indicated food production (meat and milk) to be increased at twice significantly increased the fertility of ewes, the gradation effect was 0.97 lambs Hungarian Merino sheep with Suffolk and Ile de France on carcass traits.

The Second Report on the State of the World's - ReliefWeb

FAO encourages the use, reproduction and dissemination of material in this 1f14 Effects of predation on sheep production in Norway. 125 2C2 Shift of livestock species as a result of climate change: Ghana, Guatemala, Hungary, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Merino breed from the the sixteenth century.

Goat production and research in the tropics 7.21 MB -​ pdf

coconut production, and evaluation of the impact of goats on tropical environments such as atolls. f'iji. Although on feed types, nutrition, reproduction and overall smallholders condition - Goat and Sheep Branch Progress. Report. Para wan and H.B. Ovalo* embryos transported from Australia to Hungary, Proceed-.

Book of Abstracts of the 67th Annual Meeting of the - EU-PLF

4 Jul 2016 Are farming systems a key to understand dairy sheep breed Genetic parameters for breech strike indicator traits in South African merino sheep Influence of non-genetic factors in growth and reproductive traits of Santa Study of lifetime performance in three pig breeds on a Hungarian commercial farm.

Strange Blood - The Rise and Fall of Lamb Blood Transfusion

by B Berner Cited by 1 No part of this book may be reprinted or reproduced or utili- zed in any and test, as one American doctor phrased it, 'the mighty influence of strange truth: only species-similar blood could be used for transfusion all else was 'produce haemorrhage much more often than in the days of old round bul- a Merino lamb.

BREEDING AND GENETICS - American Society of Animal

study was to examine the effect of such missing values on the estimate of DFI by using Providing feed to cattle is a major cost in beef production, and there- fore feed spread to several black-faced sheep breeds within the U.S. as well as. Suffolks in in scrotum circumference for the Hungarian Merino breed (average for.


1979 should be useful to the professional and lay public interested in sheep production. nomics. Wool Technology and Sheep iological studies in sheep. I. Effect of. Breeding 27 (2): 29 to fertility of Soviet Merino rams. Indian ship between hemoglobin type and pro- duction traits (Elisa). Hungarian Veterinary Journal.

Haemonchus contortus - Parasites & Vectors - BioMed Central

by M Saccareau 2017 Cited by 20 Keywords: Haemonchus contortus, Gastro-intestinal nematode, Sheep, Meta-analysis, Resistance, The critical impact on livestock production combined.

Lectures - FAO / DAGENE / EAAP Workshop in Bled

by P Dovc 2004 only partially reflects real genetic diversity, due to dominance effects, lack of detectable phenotypes Research Institute of Animal Production, Hlohovská 2, 949 92 Nitra, Slovakia Rare breeds of sheep (Ruda sheep, Pag island sheep the conventional Hungarian Merino of wool-type as a control breed.


FAO ANIMAL PRODUCTION AND HEALTH PAPER. 57 reproduction, should be addressed to the Director, Publications Haemoglobin types in Awassi sheep. 40. 1 Influence of age on milk production. 152 Retention of milk by the Awassi ewe. 167 Awassi × Hungarian Combing Wool Merino, French Merino and.

Chronic Wasting Due to Liver and Rumen Flukes in Sheep

by A Kahl 2021 the world, including several trematode species that causes a range of the hepatic tissue damage caused by the parasites also influences the fertility, growth rate, and wool production in sheep and the voluntary results showed a significant decrease in the total erythrocyte cell counts, haemoglobin.

ASPA 23rd Congress Book of Abstracts - Taylor & Francis Online

by F Bovera 2019 Cited by 1 Auditorium Ulisse, Animal Physiology, Health and Welfare Reproduction II The Italian cattle breeds in a worldwide context for a genome-wide diversity study. Effect of forage quality on milk production of Sarda dairy ewes. Feasibility study of NIRS technology to predict Merino wool quality University, Hungary.

Fenced grazing systems based on knowledge of - Hal Inrae

by E Lécrivain 2006 Impact of nutrient supply on reproductive outcome in pigs. 1 productive and reproductive performances of high producing dairy cows in early Genetic porlymorphism of hemoglobin, transferrin and ablumin and investigation The slaughter value of two sheep breeds, Hungarian Merino (HM) and Ile de 

The influence of haemoglobin types on reproduction and

by L Fésüs 1994 Cited by 1 reproduction and production in Hungarian. Merino sheep The Hb A and AB breeding ewes were not inferior to their. B type herd mates with respect to average 

RESEARCH AT HOPLAND: 1951-1999 - eScholarship

19 Jun 2003 These latter types of investigations must be carried on under carefully Abstract: The objective of this study was to determine the effect of a Australian scientists, the product consists of the reproductive hormone Rambouillet-Merino ewes were lighter in weight and Dipterology, Budapest, Hungary.


Key words: Alimentation, vitamin E, sows, reproduction the effect produced by stimulators, the optimum field with a point with using of agricultural potential of some forager species, not very used nowadays, like Trifolium It has to be re-evaluated, whether the Hungarian Merino is the only breed which can be used in.

Parasitology GI nematodes and cestodes 2019 Lit - COWS

milk production effects in grazed dairy herds when fluke was present. species on three sheep and beef farms, and to determine the prevalence of cross-infection reduced red blood cells, haemoglobin and packed cell volume when compared to C- Haemonchus contortus infection in Merino sheep populations bred for 


livestock diversity by comparing two types of agro-pastoral systems (mainly 4.7 Forage Shortage Impact to Milk Production and Lactation Curve and healthy pastures, natural regeneration of fragile areas, maintenance of soil fertility, a 4,731 private farms and two state owned Kyrgyz fine-wool merino sheep breeding.


by L Fésus 1980 Cited by 1 PERFORMANCE IN THE HUNGARIAN MERINO The crosses of mutton-wool sheep of a new type obtained by mating fine-fleece of the effect of an unknown factor or factors, fewer HbAA lambs are born than Metabolizable energy consumed by a growing animal is partitioned between heat production.


Rams and ewes with Hb BD were characterized by the lowest fertility in the studied fiock:. Ewes with Hb AB and Hb BB. Lipecka (1976) also suggested that Hb BB type ewes are more productive. report concerning the influence of haemoglobin phenotypes of parents on the ołfspring of Hungarian Merino sheep. Anim.

C: Eco-SSLs Contaminant Specific Documents - US EPA

There is no data available on reproductive effects in avian species. gavage; HE = heart; HMCT = hematocrit; HMGL = hemoglobin; JV = juvenile; Production responses of sheep supplemented with copper, cobalt peppin merino weaner sheep in south-western australia. Budapest, Hungary, September 4-7, 1989.

Rumen Ecology Research Planning - CGSpace - CGIAR

by RJ Wallace 1995 Cited by 12 animal production systems were available from the laboratories and research killed sheep and Tephrosia caused massive rumen stasis. Effect of the type of MPT (sun dried) on rate of nitrogen degradation. 1 initiated some studies on the reproduction, nutrition and microbial population and Hungarian Steppe Cattle.

Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2012 Online Journal of Animal

5 Jan 2012 The effect of different season's production time on wet-salted Hb BB. Keywords: haemoglobin type, Rahmani ewes, reproductive performance.

Effet d'une restriction en eau chez des chèvres en climat

by L Jaber 2014 Effect of Water Restriction on Certain Physiological Parameters in Awassi Sheep. l'efficacité de reproduction et de production des animaux. Breeds of ruminants which are well adapted to arid environments demonstrate a greater glucose level was observed in Merino sheep after 24 and 48 hours of fasting [75], and in.

ADAMETZ, L - Food and Agriculture Organization of the

I. Seasonal influence on fertility. Trop. DEGEN, A.A. Fat-tailed Awassi and German Mutton Merino sheep under semi-arid haemoglobin types and some production traits in Finnish crosses of sheep in KARAM, H.A., JUMA, K.H., AL-SHABIBI, M., ELIYA, J. & ABU AL-MAALI, H.N. Milk production in Awassi and Hungarian.

تأثير الحمل وجنس الجنين على الصورة الدموية في النعاج العواسية

The influence of haemoglobin types on reproduction and production in. Hungarian sheep. Ani. Genet.; 25. (1): 95. 3. production traits in Merino crosses sheep.

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The Male in Farm Animal Reproduction, edited by M. Courol. ISBN 0-89838-682 9 Sheep and Goats: Their Relative Potential for Milk and Meat Produc- Livestock production represents about 30% of the agricultural revenue of the Effect of the proportion of species on the yield and quality Hungarian Merino %Barki.