Topotaxial Reactions During Oxidation Of Ilmenite Single Crystal

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by DS Keller 2019 Cited by 7 monly simple oxides (e.g., rutile, ilmenite), apatite, and, in ultrahigh-P cases, silicates including pyroxene and amphibole. One alternative hypothesis is emplacement of lamellar min- terminating exactly at the garnet crystal faces have been found. whether through oxidation-reduction reactions, diffusion, or some.

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Topotaxial transformation reactions and homoepitaxial growth of garnet antigorite (atg) is biased by the unknown oxidation state of iron in antigorite from single crystals to an olivine + ilmenite framework was gradual: small relict patches of.

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by PH Warren 2004 Cited by 49 migration of the melt component occurred, perhaps by crystal settling and/or filter pressing. Stone 2 acquired an all of the pyroxenoid in the area of (b) is a single large anhedral oikocryst. plus true opaques (ulvöspinel, pyrrhotite, and ilmenite) in. Los Angeles Reaction 1, either during the initial cooling or during some.

Twinning and charge compensation in Nb2O5 doped SnO2

3 Oct 2017 [50] Stanković N, Rečnik A, Daneu N. Topotaxial reactions during oxidation of ilmenite single crystal. J. Mater Sci 2016; 51:958-968.

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relationships both within individual vein generations and in the system as a whole. The reaction kinetics, and various other crystal-chemical influences. are dominated by magnetite with minor amounts of ilmenite, hematite, and the magnetite is rimmed by a narrow mantle of hematite, suggesting later oxidation of​.

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adhesive penetrating between adjacent sheets, at least one an- Heterogeneous reactions in rotary cement kilns: I, Studies on described, and the coatings arc evaluated in terms of oxidation and nickel in the crystal lattice and having the ilmenite-type topotactical (or topotaxial) rcaction is proposed, oriented sain-.

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by S Kobe were able to reconstruct the progressive topotaxial reactions that led to the formation oxidation was further studied by heating single crystals of ilmenite in an 

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situation in which the M1b garnet (with 1% majorite dissolved in its crystal lattice) remains Topotaxial relations between both mineral phases have thus far not been (b) A garnet separate from one garnetite added to the whole rocks in (a) Kennedy, 1976), olivine + ilmenite ± rutile + H2O/Ti-clinohumite (III; Weiss, 1997) 

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by M Do Campo 2017 the scanning electron microscope (SEM) in order to detect evidences of retrograde reactions and thus discriminate between clay-minerals of prograde or.

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crystal structure of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanocrystals during synthesis. revealed ex post oxidation of the primary wustite nanocrystal providing a full 3D GC for the characterization of various iron specimens along the reaction path. Reference spectra of Fe2+ and Fe3+ + acquired from an ilmenite (FeTiO3​) and 

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by AH Treiman 2005 Cited by 233 The seven nakhlite meteorites are augite-rich igneous rocks that formed in flows containing excess crystals over what would form from pure magma. the Antarctic ice, and are considered fragments of a single fall (Misawa et al., 2003a). reaction between olivine and melt, as reported in Lafayette (Harvey and McSween,.


Brian Woodfield for providing further details on the analysis of data in one of his publications. Spinel solid solutions: crystal structure and mineralogy ​ 98 Heat-capacity and entropy measurements for a mixed oxidation state solid in the Table III-2: Selected thermodynamic data for reactions involving iron.

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by RY Zhang 2011 Cited by 9 exsolution of Ca-rich garnet, magnetite, ilmenite, and hercynite from augite. the clinopyroxene and garnet crystals in thin section. and TiO2: 0.03А0.10 wt%), although a single large crystal shows rather (recalculated); reac-r, reaction rim; retr, retrograde. NiO*,. NiO in olivin. 166 The topotaxial relationship between.


by C Ma 1996 Cited by 5 like layers at one or both sides of a stack, ie, (TOT)TOTO TOTOTOT(TOT) Kaolinite whose crystal structure can be damaged by electron Oxidation converts y3+ to y5+ during weathering. A Ti4+ in igneous minerals is found primarily with Fe3+ in ilmenite, magnetite, and rutile. that the reaction was topotaxial.

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by A Recnik 2015 Cited by 20 ORIGINAL PAPER. Topotaxial reactions during the genesis of oriented rutile/​hematite were triggered by surface oxidation of ferrous iron and remo- bilization of ilmenite lamellae from the primary ferrian ilmenite crystals,. (2) exsolution ite networks where individual crystals are interconnected through 

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Preliminary study of iron behaviour during the breakdown reaction of. (Mg,Fe)​2SiO4 to Development of a goniometer stage for single crystal Mössbauer Preparation of a natural hemo-ilmenite sample for magnetic experiments depth​. In addition, our calculations do not account for the effects of Fe in any oxidation or.

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by V Jordan 2018 Cited by 11 Department of Catalysis and Chemical Reaction Engineering, National including topotaxial replacement of anatase, etc., have been ilmenite in Cinkarna Celje d.o.o., Slovenia, was used as a reference Individual crystals in these clusters have well-defined prism and oxidation of titanium powder.

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by MA Pearce 2015 two different mica-carbonate reactions from the same sample, one of which is associated with gold after biotite, siderite after calcite, and anatase after ilmenite. of the sample shows that the Fe-content of the biotite is all in the ferrous oxidation state. dolomite crystal structures (Pearce et al., 2013).


Brian Woodfield for providing further details on the analysis of data in one of his publications. Heat-capacity and entropy measurements for a mixed oxidation state solid in the Table III-2: Selected thermodynamic data for reactions involving iron In some cases, more than one crystalline form of the same chemical.


In topotaxy, a single crystal of a starting material is converted into a pseudomorph​ It has long been accepted that reaction proceeds topotaxially by addition or 

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Dehydroxylation and oxidation of biotite results in a decrease of K2O from 8-6 to less than 1 Compositions of ilmenite and magnetite (single, homogeneous and They classify the xenoliths as follows: (1) subvolcanic and crystal used to best reveal the textures of melting and mineral reactions and in combination with.

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MS-13-P-2813 Topotaxial transformation of ilmenite (FeTiO3) single-crystals to rutile Topotaxial reactions result in the formation of coherent structural intergrowths. During thermally induced oxidation of ilmenite (FeTiO3), for example, the 

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A solid state chemical reaction in the classical sense occurs when local observed in crystalline phases and new phases are formed.1 This definition does wet oxidation is also considered to be a solid state reaction. If after reaction of two substances one or more solid product Previously, a series of topotaxial reac-.

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by S Chandra Cited by 219 which reacts with sulfur oxide produced in the oxidation of the fuel. It is assumed that Chemical Analysis of Individual Fractions of AFBC Fly. Ash (Trinec, Czech bound as a constituent of the crystalline lattice is liberated. Illitic ilmenite. By-​product: Titangypsum: FeOTiOz+ 2HzS04 ~ TiOS04+ FeS04 + 2HzO. TiOS04 + 


the formation of structural intergrowths through the topotaxial reactions. discussing the transformation of ilmenite single crystal from Zagi Mountain, Pakistan, oxidation of Fe2+ in ilmenite to Fe3+ and its diffusion to the surface that triggers 

Topotaxial reactions during the genesis of oriented rutile

6 Feb 2015 were triggered by surface oxidation of ferrous iron and remo- bilization of ilmenite lamellae from the primary ferrian ilmenite crystals,. (2) exsolution of rutile result of topotaxial replacement reactions through decom- position of Ti-​rich more or less parallel within a single rutile domain and are mirrored 

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by J Hu 2016 4.3 Conditions and Reaction Time of Ringwoodite and Wadsleyite Back. Transformation high-pressure minerals in chondrites include akimotoite (​ilmenite structure MgSiO3; by shock-recovery experiments on olivine single crystals and dunite, from Bauer 1979. section (Figure 2.2a) is mostly from terrestrial oxidation.

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by RUY ZHANG 1999 Cited by 116 a topotaxial relation with [220]Mag [200]Ol, [111]Mag [3 3 1]Ol, [111] Mag [​331]Ol, [242]Mag oxidation of olivine; (2) decomposition of Fe3+-bearing olivine formed at >6 GPa; (3) exsolution of a Exsolution lamellae of ilmenite, chromite, kirschsteinite, Ti clinohumite crystals, 0.1 to 1.5 mm in size occur in.

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For individual nanostructures, coherent electron nanodiffraction can be performed in a synthesized to mimic the structure and properties of magnetite crystals in oxidation. The nanostrucured TiO2 surface was functionalized with self assembled Rečnik, A., Stanković, N. and Daneu, N.: Topotaxial reactions during the 

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by P Dowey Cited by 9 Question one - In which depositional environments did the chlorite-​coating Rationale: The crystal shape of authigenic chlorite coats on sand grains can have This was to reduce any reactions which may occur within the stored sediment chlorite through chemical oxidation (Ross and Kodama, 1976)​. Conversely 

Twinning-mediated anomalous alignment of rutile films

by Y Lu 2021 usually alter the crystal orientation, resulting in random orientation and limited Topotaxial reactions during oxidation of ilmenite single crystal.

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by I Baziotis 2018 Cited by 8 In these meteorites, a variety of HP minerals have been reported including, in alphabetical order: ahrensite (Fe-analogue of ringwoodite), akimotoite (ilmenite-​structured pol- ymorph of the (single) L-chondrite parent body at ca. 1), are mostly crystalline (even at the nm scale) and are made up of silicate clasts (​mostly of.

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by S Kobe ilmenite single crystal to rutile and hematite during oxidation in air. includes the initial oxidation of the Fe2+ in ilmenite to Fe3+ and its diffusion to Atomic-​scale Studies of Topotaxial Reactions in Minerals with the Rutile and Corundum-.

Topotaxial reactions during oxidation of ilmenite single crystal

by N Stanković 2016 Cited by 5 Abstract The mechanism of ilmenite rutile transforma- tion during oxidation of natural ilmenite crystal was stud- ied at elevated temperatures in 

1 Crystallographic and Textural Evidence for Precipitation of

by DS Keller Cited by 7 Keywords: Garnet, Rutile, Ilmenite, Corundum, Apatite, crystallographic orientation Exsolution is one form of precipitation that is widely recognized been observed in free-standing idiomorphic rutile crystals in metamorphic or internal inclusions, whether through oxidation-reduction reactions, diffusion, or some other.

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by I Pereira 2018 Cited by 9 Orogenic lode-gold is one of the most prominent types, both in terms of been used in such studies, but it is prone to oxidation and dissolution under diagenetic Rutile can grow in a range of environments, including by solid state reactions during oxides include magnetite, ilmenite, rutile and leucoxene.

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The Levack and Morrison deposits are in one of a few ore systems associated Because Os, Ir, Ru and Rh behave as compatible elements during crystal rocks​, 2) it is the most readily available indicator of oxidation state, and 3) it can provide along metasomatic reaction fronts, such as at albite-K-feldspar boundaries.


by MJ Wort 5.9 The anisotropic susceptibility of a single crystal fragment an apparent decrease in oxidation (for less magnetic fractions collected The reaction of ilmenite with hydrogen sulphide to pseudorutile would form topotaxially by the diffusion.


by GF Palma Lira 2020 Composite ilmenite-ulvöspinel lamellae exsolution in Type-β magnetite from the hydrothermal event followed by a supergene/oxidation event that in addition to Cu oxides As the fluid reacts with the mineral surface, it generates porosity and in apatite from Llallagua, Bolivia, to determine a single-crystal Sm-Nd age.


by IA Adegoke 2021 copper-iron sulphides during hydrothermal mineral-fluid reactions topology of the crystal structure of bornite, chalcopyrite and digenite. Secondly used as one of the paleoproxies of the chemistry (including pH) and temperature of the fluids with increase in sulphide oxidation rate with temperature.

Implications for Barrovian and Buchan metamorphism

to-staurolite reaction and which is favoured, in the case of kyanite, by advan- one or more Al2SiO5 minerals (kyanite, andalusite and silli- preponderance of pelites that contain ilmenite and lack oxidized muscovite+andalusite+cordierite​+biotite+hematite+ reactions in which staurolite crystals become replaced by.

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6 Jul 2017 super-deep diamonds and the oxidation state of the lower mantle Reaction of MgCO3 and Fe observed by transmission electron microscopy Experimental deformation of garnet single crystals at high temperature and (modeled as an ilmenite-rich layer) at both the top and bottom of the lunar mantle in 


by S Bošković temperature reactions, phase diagrams, densification and grain growth, tailoring microstructure TOPOTAXIAL TRANSFORMATION OF ILMENITE TO RUTILE AND 1IHTM Centre of Microelectronic Technologies and Single Crystals, vapour deposition (LPCVD) of Si and subsequent oxidation at high temperatures. In.

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by P Vonlanthen 2007 Cited by 2 grain boundary fractions with temperature is crystal- The following thesis, while an individual piece of one single direction (as in X-ray diffraction analysis) gioclase with minor epidote, chlorite and ilmenite. Although the garnet-forming reaction has not yet been boundary oxidation in fracture toughness of SiC.

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by W BACH Cited by 10 of the CO2 reaction with CaO and MgO in order to estimate the CO2 binding single crystals and crystal aggregates, subdivided into six development: primary oxidized profile was partly reduced due ilmenite, armalcolite) are required in the mantle sources, in an increasingly magnesian olivine that exhibit a topotaxial.

Mineralogy and magnetic behavior of pyrrhotite from a 260 °C

by A KONTNY 2000 Cited by 66 The typical ore-mineral assemblage in the partly graphite-bear- ing paragneisses consists of pyrite, pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite, sphalerite, ilmenite, and rutile; in the 

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by T Simmonds 2017 Cited by 3 structural changes taking place in single stage reduction and oxidation of hematite and magnetite reaction product morphologies are formed on reduction of hematite 800°C, 25%CO-85%CO2, 30s, single crystal, backscatter electron orientations, and (topotaxial) magnetite which appears as a planar growth front

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application of in situ techniques, such as single-crystal X-ray diffraction and perovskite (CaTiO3) and ilmenite (Wilding et al., 1991; Kaminsky et al., 2001) iron ratio for this reaction using the compositions of inclusions in diamonds provide indications of oxidation processes (Fedortchouk et al., 2011) and (e) last but not.

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by J He 2012 2.11 Dielectric constants εa and εc for single crystal BaTiO3 therefore, the ilmenite structure is more stable for itself [40]. On the other be assigned to the oxidation state 3+ and 4+, therefore FeO5 square pyramids are formed. Reactive sputtering occurs when introduced gas react with the target material and produce.

Twinning-mediated anomalous alignment of rutile films

by Y Lu 2021 crystal due to its higher atomic density (e.g., rutile TiO2 {101} twin (Hwang et al., 2000)). Similar to high- The excess energy of coherent TBs is about one order of magni- Topotaxial reactions during oxidation of ilmenite.