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How record-keeping can impact hoof health

software. A record guide to lameness monitoring was created by Nigel Cook and David Rhoda from the University of Wisconsin Madison. The guide demonstrates how to set up a lameness monitoring system in different stages and also includes a flow chart describing different possible lame events on a dairy farm (Figure 1). Make time to keep records

Tax and Labor - Southeast Cattle Advisor

completing the recapture of the 2006 § 1231 loss, and $5,000 is a long-term capital gain. If Brian has a net gain on § 1231 dispositions in 2011, the gain will all be a long-term capital gain, since there are no longer any unrecaptured § 1231 losses in the five prior tax years. Quick Reference for Livestock Sales Reporting

Farmer s Handbook on Basic Agriculture

The states of Gujarat and Maharashtra will serve as an example on how to establish long term successful and trustful business relationships by combining small scale production in the field with large scale pro-cessing and marketing. I am confident that this effort will serve the Indian agriculture as a replicable model

Goat Production Handbook

The main thing to consider when handling goats6 is to keep them calm and prevent injuries, both of which will improve the productivity of the goats. Smallish pens and handling facilities allow for easier handling of the goats than trying to work within a camp. When handling goats, you need to understand their natural behaviour. For example:

Cow herd management and costs

Records Keep records and USE them Software options - can be costly MAF has designed simple record keeping programs that you can obtain free of charge Important information Calving records and interval Cow size / weight / type Weaning weight Pregnancy rate / Weaning rate MOST IMPORTANT - Cost of production

2020 Publication 225 - IRS

free publications throughout this publication. See chapter 16 for information on ordering these publications. The explanations and examples in this publi-cation reflect the Internal Revenue Service's in-terpretation of tax laws enacted by Congress, Treasury regulations, and court decisions. How-ever, the information given does not cover ev-


11. Keep Records of Antibiotic Use: Accurate records of treatment and outcome should be used to evaluate therapeutic regimens and always follow proper withdrawal times. 12. Follow Label Directions: Follow label instructions and never use antibiotics other than as labeled without a valid veterinary prescription. 13.

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Works Software is to create a comprehensive farm management system, while keeping it simple and fun! Farmers have long respected CTN Data Service, Inc. for serving the computer needs of grain elevators and co-ops throughout the Midwest. Since 1992, they have trusted Farm Works Software, a division of CTN Data Service, to meet their software needs.

Texas Dairy Cattle CDE Bank - 2017-2021 1. What is an anion

long fiber roughage is one that is: A Longer than 6 inches *B Longer than 1.5 inches C Less than 1 inch long D Longer than 12 inches 48. One ejaculation from a bull typically contains sperm A 1,000,000 B 500,000 C 50,000,000 *D 5,000,000 Page 6 of 44 Texas Dairy Cattle CDE Bank - 2017-2021

Radio Frequency Identificaiton for Beef Cattle

The amount of records kept on each operation will be different depending on individual producers. RFID tags allow for a different method of keeping records. Remember that the RFID tags only transmit the 15-digit AIN and do not store any additional information, so record keeping still needs to be completed on paper or computer.

Police National Computer (PNC)

records This section tells you how to request a Police National Computer (PNC) check and the process to follow if you need to keep the print. Requesting checks on the PNC Once you are satisfied there is a genuine need to make a PNC check and you have enough details of the suspect you must submit the check the request as below:


cattle producers, it may be necessary to make large capital investments in purebred stock. Development of a registered herd means that both the sire and dam must be purebred and registered with the same national breed association on the stud book. You must keep accurate records and register the desirable

Doing Inventory Control Right - EPA

daily and monthly calculations, and that you keep complete, easy-to-read records on file for at least a year. Basically, inventory control requires daily measurements of tank contents and math calculations that let you compare your stick inventory (what you've measured) to your book inventory (what your recordkeeping indicates you should

A practical guide to accounting for agricultural assets

Stud farms (for example, breeding horses or cattle) Forestry Cultivating vineyards, orchards or plantations Floriculture 1.3 Is managing animal-related recreational activities agricultural activity? No. Managing recreational activities for example, game parks and zoos is not

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software and cattle inventory spreadsheet that allows the feed. Take photos of my own operation does your inventory? Offspring of many different reasons may be a program. Weight records in a good luck but it automatically based on evaluating the people and software. Developing a third party cattle

Ranch Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Pro™ Format

Ranch Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Pro™ Format Account Type Bank Account Bank Accounts Receivable (crops) Other Current Asset Accounts Receivable (livestock) Other Current Asset

Permanent Identification Starts with a Successful

industry must have to keep open key foreign markets, says Max Stotz, Star Lake Cattle Ranch. Utilizing EID technology has provided its share of headaches in the form of information flow between software and glitches at the chute. We ve had to run calves back through the chute when their weights were not captured by the system, Max says.

Nitrate Vulnerable Zones in Wales

PLANET software a free copy is available by visiting or phoning 08453 451302. ENCASH software for determining nitrogen produced by permanently housed pigs and poultry a free copy is available by visiting or phoning 08456023864.


and keep out of direct sunlight. Controls i-STAT Controls for blood gases, electrolytes, and chemistries Store at 2 to 8°C (35° to 46°F). Controls may be stored at room temperature (18 to 30°C or 64 to 86°F) for five days. Do not use after expiration date on the box and ampules. i-STAT Controls for ACT and PT/INR

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without any records if you used the vehicle during most of the normal business day directly in connection with the business of farming. Lines 11, 13, 15-20, 23-28 and 31 self explanatory, Line 12 Conservation expenses, NRCS, costs in clude treatment or movement of earth, diversion channels, ditches.

Ranching 101: Ranch Record Keeping

Why Keep Cattle Records? Learn which cattle are truly productive Identify cows for culling Demonstrate goal of running ranch as a business Track sales and purchases for taxes and accounting How keeping good records can help increase your bottom line. You can t manage what you can t measure - Peter Drucker, 1993

Record Book Sheets

such as business analysis or cattle selection. In order to get the most value from the records kept in this book, profitability and herd performance measures should be developed for the year. However, with regulation and animal trace back, having a good set of records is becoming more and more important. So keep the records to be able to

Livestock Production Assurance Farm Records

Farm Records Name Date PIC Property/address Phone number Stand by what you sell. The Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program is the Australian livestock industry s on-farm assurance program. It meets the stringent requirements of our domestic and export markets, providing


your ranch and keep records of all costs to determine this value; Annual calf crop. In the follow-ing formulas, enter the value as a decimal number; for example: 90 per-cent = 0.9. Calculate calf crop by dividing the number of calves sold and retained as re-placements in a year by the number of females ex-posed for breeding; and

USDA Recordkeeping Manual 2010

who inspect your records can easily understand them. You may keep your records in other ways as long as they contain the required information. Either handwritten notes, computer-generated records, or other recordkeeping systems are acceptable. The forms in this manual are also available from the fol-lowing Internet Web site:

Beef Feedlot Management Guide

for energy feed value as long as those grains are free of dust, molds, and toxins. As shown in Table 2, wheat is higher then barley for en-ergy, however barley s energy is eas-ier for steers to utilize and it is higher in protein. Generally, the prices of these three grains are simi-lar. Fed in the proper balanced ration, barley, wheat, or

Animal Identification and Record Keeping

Maintaining records regarding medical histories of individual animals can also be used when making culling decisions. For example, a ewe may have a tendency to prolapse while she is heavily pregnant but appear fine after lambing. As culling most likely won t occur until after weaning, this information may be forgotten if not recorded.

Requirements for English slaughterhouses

you will be able to choose to maintain a free electronic holding register (rather than a paper record). You can use this to record movements and deaths (the date of slaughter). Holding registers in whatever form they are kept (see below) must be retained for a minimum of 3 years.

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Figure 1. Cattle Health Record To read, search, or print it, you'll need to use the Acrobat Reader or Exchange software. Download the Reader free of charge from our web site. Where to give injections The route that injectable medications are given influences how well the product works and the fate of the product in the animal's system.

Preparing Agricultural Financial Statements

Accurate records and financial statements are the foundation material required to analyze the financial condition and trends of your operation. All agricultural businesses, from small part-time farms to large commercial operations, require financial statements completed on a regular basis to

XRS EID Stick Reader User Manual -

Using the Data Link software Data Link software can be installed from the USB flash drive/CD provided with the stick reader. Data Link allows information to be transferred to and from the stick reader and a PC. A number of stick reader settings can be adjusted on the stick reader itself, but there are some that must be configured using Data Link.


Beef Slaughter Model 8. Record-keeping. Record-keeping is an important part of the HACCP plan. Lack of accurate, current records may be cause for withholding or suspending inspection from a plant.

Poultry Production Guide for a 500 Layer Operation

wide, 4' long and 14 high. The distance between compartments should approximately be 14 You can request a special order for commercial brooders through your local feed stores. Fig. 1. Battery Brooder. It is recommended that newspapers be placed on the wire floor during the first week of brooding so the toes of the chicks won't

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Choosing Records Management Software. Martha Malm Ellis Malm Ranch Company Albin, Wyoming INTRODUCTION Back in 1990, those of us at Malm Ranch Company decided it was becoming more and more difficult to keep accurate records on over 800 head of cows using the paper/pencil method

Production Records for Commercial Cow-Calf Operations

records exclusively. However, records maintained in this format are often difficult and time-consuming to analyze, even with small herds. Options for electronic record-keeping systems include commercial software, spreadsheets such as Excel from Microsoft or Numbers from Apple, or custom databases. Keep in mind,

Beef Cattle Library

To effectively manage your beef cattle enterprise record keeping is essential. However, the number and type of records collected will depend on the individual operation s management objectives. Individual cow records are often a corner stone of most record keeping programs. This is because a producer can more easily and accurately measure

Weighing and Identification Systems

Monitor weight trends with hands free Walk Over Weighing. Developed for the harsh dairy environment and applications where cattle are regularly weighed. The Tru-Test Walk Over Weighing indicator is designed to be integrated with third party software programmes capable of interpreting and analysing data. MP600 Multi-purpose 600 mm load bars.


freshly killed carcass the hyenas keep a good distance. All of this behaviour appears to be instinctual or intuitive but it serves the very clear purpose of maintaining order within the animal kingdom. 1.3.2. Human Behaviour Human ethical behaviour has been observed from the earliest recorded data and

Record keeping and management planning - KASHVET

o Calf column records calves born o Weaner column records weaners carried o 1-year column records yearling cattle carried o 2-year column records cattle 2 years of age Both male (M) and female (F) numbers usually need to be known, e.g. if you turn off 2-year-old steers or retain heifers. Add/delete columns to suit your operation.