Compensation Of Random Distortions Of The Wavefront Based On The Atmospheric Backscatter Signal

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Introduction. The resolution of large ground-based telescopes is limited by random wavefront distortion caused by atmospheric turbulence.

Inverse problems in astronomical imaging - University of

by RA Johnston 2000 Cited by 11 Wavefronts entering the atmosphere acquire phase distortions, which when Most signals of interest have a random component due to factors.

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All refraction in the atmosphere is based on the fact that the atmosphere of is compensated for by assuming a distorted space where the light travels 

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Second, the deramp waveform is assumed to be a matched replica of the transmitted chirp, i.e., an ideal LFM waveform with no distortions in magnitude get echoes 

Wavefront Shaping Concepts for Application in Optical - MDPI

by J Kanngiesser 2020 optically inhomogeneous media are based on adaptive optics. deformations and, hence, to obtain a diffraction-limited signal from the 


Statistical analysis of the wave front distortions in the atmosphere by Hartmann film. 207(405). V.P. Lukin, F.Yu. Kanev,. P.A. Konyaev, and B.V. Fortes.

Wavefront shaping techniques for controlling multiple light

by JH Park 2018 Cited by 34 recipes based on additional modalities (e.g., ultrasonic wave) may provide A. Optical focusing through pre-compensated wavefront shaping.


by D Giggenbach 2009 Cited by 14 All experiments have an atmospheric path section in common. The atmosphere causes distortions of the optical signal wavefront by atmospheric 

Adaptive optics for astronomy - Oxford Academic Journals

by RW Wilson 1996 Cited by 65 Atmospheric distortions are measured by a wavefront sensor (WFS), and phase corrections are applied using a compensating deform-.

Manuscript - A new lidar design for operational atmospheric

by D Bruneau 2021 modelled atmospheric parameters used for the backscattered signal analysis shows a limited a field compensation without residual wavefront distortion).

Laser scanning confocal microscope with direct wavefront

by NP Correa Poblete A centroid algorithm capable of rejecting this signal 1.3 Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor spot positions based on the nature of the incoming wavefront.

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by JW Hardy 1994 Cited by 77 compensate, or correct, for the distor- tion of light caused by atmospheric tur- bulence. measuring distortion in the wavefront.

Distortion matrix concept for deep imaging in optical

by A Badon 2019 Cited by 5 Based on a dynamic correction of the incident and/or reflected wave-fronts, adaptive optics has been employed to compensate for those 

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A Calculation of the Aerosol Backscatter and. B Performance of the MSFC Pulsed Laser System Signal Loss in Atmospheric Propagation at 10.6 pm Due.

Simulation of the Imaging Quality of Ground-based

by Y Ren 2014 telescopes. Adaptive optics systems measure wavefront distortion caused by atmospheric turbulence, and reduce the wavefront aberration in real-time to 

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by SSR Murty Cited by 4 Signal Loss in Atmospheric Propagation at 10.6 µm Due to The atmospheric turbulence manifested in random temperature fluctua-.

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The reflected signal, known as the echo, is backscattered from the surface and received a fraction of a second later at the same antenna (monostatic radar).

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by JT Lynch 1970 Cited by 4 C. Backscatter Measurements Madt Without Compensation for The random wave-front distortion can be considered to be made up of two components, a random 

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atmospheric turbulence effects in astronomical imaging and laser beam propagation. means for real time compensation of the wavefront distortions.

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propagation of optical signals, causes random distortion of for atmospheric distortions, and on analysis of wavefronts and control of adaptive mirrors 

∫ Compensation for Distortions of the Wavefront of a Partially

by VA Banakh 2011 Cited by 3 negligible, initial regular and random distortions of the wavefront of a laser detected signal of atmospheric backscattering controls a flexible mirror.

Adaptive optics and wavefront shaping - World Scientific

by C Ahn 2019 Cited by 11 collection of multiply scattered °uorescence signals, its penetration depth is superior compared to other. 3D imaging technologies. Based on 

Dissertation submitted to the Combined Faculties for the

by M Rückel 2006 Cited by 341 cells can be enhanced by pre-compensation of wavefront distortions [Beuthan based on backscattered light and allows non-iterative wavefront correction.

Statistical model for fading return signals in coherent lidars

by A Belmonte 2010 Cited by 22 modal compensation of wavefront phase distortion. Adaptive compensation of atmospheric statistical properties of the atmospheric random.

Holographic Imaging and Iterative Phase Optimization

by M Purcell 2016 source of light above the atmosphere, measuring the distorted image of the point at the 3.1 is based on lensless Fourier transform holographic imaging.

Orbital Angular Momentum Waves -

by R Chen 2019 Cited by 57 and apply it to the beam to undo the distortion. Based on whether there is a wavefront sensor (WFS) to measure the distorted OAM wavefront, AO compensation 

Adaptive Optics System Baseline Modeling for a USAF Quad

by NR Morris 2017 invented to help compensate for the optical distortions that atmospheric turbulence causes. As part of that technology, artificial guide 


by BD Steinberg 1992 Cited by 22 vector of the phased array accordingly to compensate for the distortion. In wavefront-aberration correction based upon adaptive beamforming, the signals.

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by VA Banakh Сompensation of laser beam wave front aberrations based on atmospheric backscattering backscattered signal has been studied. The compensation method 

Development of Technologies for Active Wavefront Control of

9 Dec 2019 tally limited by absorption-induced wavefront distortion within (c) depending on the phase of switching relative to the signal's phase.

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OPTICAL INTERACTIONS BETWEEN THE LIDAR SIGNAL AND. THE ATMOSPHERE. Molecular absorption. Elastic scattering. I.2.1. I.2.2. Rayleigh scattering.

Atmospheric-Compensation Technology - OSA Publishing

distortions caused by atmospheric turbulence has grown rapidly. proach based on Rayleigh backscatter of a focused, pulsed-.


by A Belmonte Molina 2010 modal compensation of wave-front phase distortion. as well as the random distribution of the atmospheric scatters. Instead, our phenomenological model 


by J Niebergal 2011 ground-based telescopes record temporal and spatial fluctuations of phase and Although atmospheric distortions still occur when using an adaptive optics.

Aero-optical and plume effects in airborne laser

Atmospheric turbulence may impact the performance of a laser countermeasure The wave front distortion can also be expressed in terms of the wave.

First significant image improvement from a sodium - OSTI.GOV

by SS Olivier 1997 Cited by 9 abcxrations caused by the atmosphere, but requires a bright wavefront reference Images of astronomical objects made with ground-based telescopes are 

A Wave Optics Propagation Code for Multi-Conjugate

by BL Ellerbroek 2002 Cited by 27 through the atmosphere, deformable mirror (DM) and wave front sensor (WFS) elements of this model include: Optical phase distortions 

Compensation of random distortions of the wavefront based

by VV Kuskov 2020 The results of an experiment on compensation of random initial distortions of the wave front of an atmospheric backscattering signal from an  6 pages

ystèmes sous-marins - Revues et Congrès

by PF DOBBINS 1994 and compensate for medium induced signal fluctuations 2. Artificial Beacons optical wavefront distortion caused by atmospheric turbulence,.

Distortion matrix concept for deep optical imaging in scattering

by A Badon 2020 Cited by 9 of the incident and/or reflected wavefronts, adaptive optics has been used to compensate for those aberrations.

A Tutorial on Synthetic Aperture Radar

by A MOREIRA 2013 Cited by 1253 side-looking imaging geometry and are based on a pulsed radar installed on a amplitude and phase of the backscattered signal depends.

Turbulence Profiling using Pupil Plane Wavefront Data

by SM Zuraski 2020 Cited by 4 Department of Engineering Physics, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base,. Ohio, United States. Abstract. Long-range optical imaging applications 

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29 Nov 2012 for simulating the whole experiment, based on random walk diffusion glass cause a wavefront distortion and thus the effects of wavefront.


by J Ko 2017 Cited by 3 The reason a minimum number is quoted is because the gradient sample count is dynamic depending on the level of wavefront distortion [36]. Therefore, in this 

Distortion matrix approach for ultrasound imaging of random

by W Lambert 2020 Cited by 16 measure and compensate for the wave front distortions induced by the spatial variations of the optical index in the atmosphere;.12 pages

Inverse Problems in Astronomical Adaptive Optics - courses

by BL Ellerbroek Cited by 82 Adaptive optics (AO) is a technology used in ground-based astronomy to correct for the wavefront aberrations and loss of image quality caused by atmospheric 

Free-space laser communications with adaptive optics

traffic known as atmospheric signal fading. The short-term data losses can be (b) Wave-front distortion compensation based on blind optimization of a.

Laboratory demonstration of an alternative laser guide stars

by H Yang 2019 Cited by 1 stars wavefront sensing technique projected pupil plane pattern, atmospheric distortion, and laser guide stars (LGSs) are commonly used 

26th International Symposium on Atmospheric and Ocean

by GG Matvienko 2020 Compensation of random distortions of the wavefront based on the atmospheric backscatter signal [11560-308]. 11560 28. Analysis of the influence of double 

Experimental Demonstration of Coherent - IEEE Xplore

by F Li 2017 Cited by 21 Combining With Tip/Tilt Control Based on. Adaptive Space-to-Fiber Laser Beam Coupling. Volume 9, Number 2, April 2017. Feng Li. Chao Geng.