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The effectiveness of Nazi propaganda during World War II

was not entirely accurate, and gaps appeared in Pro-Mi reports. This later proved to be one of the greatest success of the propaganda ministry throughout the entire reign of the Third Reich, and one of Hitler s greatest advantages as a ruler. Additional glaring inconsistencies appeared as the war continued, though nothing


The availability of complete and accurate documentation under the Records Management Program allows the Department to: Protect the legal and financial rights of the Government and of individuals directly affected by Government activities; and Preserve institutional memory so that informed decisions are possible and thus

Observation as a formal assessment tool in early childhood

Observation as a formal assessment tool in early childhood classrooms: A professional development module Abstract The purpose of this professional development module to is to explore various purposes and methods of

What Do Labor Market Institutions Do?

Notes: The table is based on a Google scholar search for words in article titles in journals. UI refers to papers on unemployment insurance, unemployment compensation, or unemployment benefit(s); EPL to papers on employment protection or employment security; and MW to papers with minimum wage(s) in the title. The

Chapter 4 Developing Research Questions: Hypotheses and

scholarly information. As of this writing, two useful search engines are Ingenta, Galaxy and Google Scholar. Selecting a Research Problem Scientists select a research problem for anyof several reasons. Some studies are undertaken to evaluate or to advance a particular theory. Others may be undertaken for the purpose of comparing the adequacy of

PDX Scholar - Portland State University

citations is a good or bad thing is a topic open for discussion, as it s possible that citations are being made in place of arrest, or whether the citations are being made because officers feel they

An Integrative Definition of Leadership

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LEADERSHIP STUDIES 7 today. As new findings occur in leadership research we may come to understand leadership differently, but for now, this current definition helps us understand the whole of leadership.

ER201120 Technical Report FINAL March2016

Figure 2.1 Technology Applications over Time based on Google Scholar Citations Figure 2.2 Technology Applications over Time based on the Superfund Remedy Report Figure 4.1 Remediation Performance of 235 In-Situ CVOC Remediation Projects Figure 4.2a Remediation Performance Based on Geometric Mean and Site Maximum Concentrations of Parent CVOC

Historial Origin of the Prison System in America

honor save in his own country, and it would seem fairly accurate to hold that the same sentiment may at times apply to prison systems and types of prison reform. While the writer was born within five miles of Auburn, New York, has passed by the Auburn prison hundreds

Choosing Search Methods Pulling Everything Together

Be sure to get accurate citations while you are searching. Try to get full journal titles as well as journal title abbreviations. If you are citing web sites, be sure to note the correct url as well as the date the site was accessed. Be sure to get the titles and inclusive pagination for chapters in books as well as

Using Zotero to Manage Your Citations - Rice University

Jan 27, 2021 4. Using Zotero with Google Docs 5. Syncing your Zotero library on different computers 6. Backing up your Zotero library 7. Collaborating with Zotero group V. Q&A I. Objectives Participants will be able to: o Install Zotero connector for Firefox o Collect citations from Fondren catalog, JSTOR, and Google Books.

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Advanced Scholar Search This screen offers further ways to refine your search, including searching within a specific publication. Click the arrow at the end of the search box to view the Advanced Scholar Search options. For search tips click About Google Scholar then click Search for Search Tips on finding recent papers, and better results.

Hypothesis Generation During Outbreaks

PubMed electronically submit their citations prior to or at the time of publication. If the publisher has a web site that offers full-text journal access, PubMed pro-vides a link to that site. There may be a charge for accessing the full text, but accessing abstracts through PubMed is free. Some states or academic institutions within states

Social Science Research: Principles, Methods, and Practices

water, and sunlight are free. Many of Google s resources are free too, and one can well imagine where we would be in today s Internet age without Google. Some of the most sophisticated software programs available today, like Linux and Apache, are also free, and so is this book.

An Overview of Program Evaluation - SAGE Pub

such data. Just for fun, I asked for two citations. The next day we received a fax from Sharon Glied of your staff with a number of citations and a paper, Evaluating the Results, that appears to have been written by Frank Farrow of the Center for the Study of Social Policy here in Washington and Harold Richman at the Chapin Hall Cen-

Understanding Reliability and Validity in Qualitative Research

The extent to which results are consistent over time and an accurate representation of the total population under study is referred to as reliability and if the results of a study can be reproduced under a similar methodology, then the research instrument is considered to be reliable. (p. 1)

What to consider: Who is the author or authors? Is there a

How accurate is the information? Google Scholar: https: This site will save your citations in alphabetical order. You can copy and paste the citations

Reconciling Results on Racial Di erences in Police Shootings

a more accurate number of American citi-zens whose lives were ended as a result of a police shooting. Because of their exhaus-tive search process { which included news reports, public records, and original report-ing { the data seem representative for what it is: a count of the fatal shootings by police in America in a given year. The Post and

Occupational Stress: A Comprehensive Review of the Top 50

The mean number of annual citations for the top 50 articles was 34.03 (SD ±12.69) with values ranging from 22.58 citations per year to 76.4 citations per year. Of the top 50 articles with the highest annual citation rate, 32 (64%) were also listed as a top 50 article with the most lifetime citations (Figure 2). In terms of

Scholars at Harvard

Mar 17, 2011 Move useful widgets in and out of your site. Customize menus. Maintain an accurate and citable bibliography of all your writings. Automatically have your publications submitted to indices such as RePEc, Computer Science Repository, and Google Scholar. Collaborate with your colleagues. Allow commentary on your work by whomever

Critique of Hirsch s Citation Index: A Combinatorial Fermi

Forexample,Google Scholar andtheWeb of Science highlight the h-index, among other metrics such as total citation count, in their profile summaries. An enticing point made by Hirsch is that the h-index is an easy and useful supplement to a citation count (Ncitations), since the latter metric may be skewed by a small number of highly cited

Process Safety Management for Petroleum Refineries

Without accurate, complete, and up-to-date P&IDs, engineers and operators can be misinformed: During the PHA process, When creating or modifying operating, maintenance, and repair procedures, When generating work permits, During new equipment installation, and When troubleshooting or maintaining a process.

Science Topic 1: Earthquakes Section 1: Getting Started with

Article Citations There are a variety of ways to search for periodical articles: online databases, such as Academic Search Premier or Newspaper Source Plus, provide access to thousands of full-text articles from magazines, scholarly journals and newspapers Internet-based indexes, such as Google Scholar or PubMed, provide citations or

Important Questions to Ask when Evaluating Sources

like Google Scholar can be used to help track citations). What else has the author written in the field? (WorldCat can be used to look for books written by a particular author, and research databases can be used to search for scholarly articles by particular authors.)

Citing & Referencing: Vancouver Style

5. How do I write citations using the Vancouver style? 3 5.1 Citing one author 3 5.2 Citing more than one piece of work at the same time 3 5.3 Citing the author s name in your text 4 5.4 Citing more than one author s name in your text 4 5.5 Citing works by the same author written in the same year 4

Adaptive Product Normalization: Using Online Learning for

mentioned task of identifying paper citations that refer to the same publication is an important problem in on-line systems for scholarly paper searches, such as CiteSeer and Google Scholar. Additionally, record linkage has been a topic of interest in natural language processing research, where it is known as the co-reference resolution or named

The role of face-to-face interactions in the success of

However, even with perfect transfer of accurate data in a timely fashion, miscommunications still occur as subjective human factors come into play. The rapid advance in communication infrastructure due to the Internet is allowing more and more companies to attempt virtual development teams. Unfortunately, in many instances, the

Searching on LexisNexis vs. Google A Comparison of Legal

through Google Scholar. Accurate Open Web sites indexed by Google typically deliver large amounts of raw, unfiltered data from the courts that researchers must take it upon themselves to review and scrutinize. Some low-cost legal research services may go one step further and offer citation services, but invariably those citators are fairly

Citing & Referencing: Harvard Style

There are a number of rules relating to citations depending on the number of authors of a work, and if you are citing a quotation. 5.1 Citing one author A recent study investigated the effectiveness of using Google Scholar to find medical research (Henderson, 2005). or Henderson (2005) has investigated the effectiveness of Google Scholar in finding

Europe/Middle East/Africa Asia/Pacific Americas

To find out more about the resources included with institutional site licenses, please contact your regional representative or visit NEJM LibraryHub at Americas Mike Tavares [email protected] (781) 434-7095 Asia/Pacific David Kipp [email protected] (781) 434-7634 Europe/Middle East/Africa Patrice Skelley [email protected] (781

Lessons from History: The Startling Rise to Power of Benito

Follow this and additional works at: Part of theBusiness Commons This Article is brought to you for free and open access by the College of Business at ValpoScholar. It has been accepted for inclusion in The Journal of Values-Based Leadership by an authorized administrator of ValpoScholar.

Composition and Clinical Significance of Exosomes in

Jan 04, 2021 based on PubMed/Medline and Google scholar search, 2020. J. Clin. Med. 2021, 10, x FOR PEER REVIEW 4 of 19 Figure 2. Publication frequencies of studies by conculusion and clinical significance of exosomes research in tuberculosis (TB) based on PubMed/Medline and Google scholar search, 2020. Figure 3.

Citing & Referencing: Harvard Style

A recent study investigated the effectiveness of using Google Scholar to find medical research (Henderson, 2005). or Henderson (2005) has investigated the effectiveness of Google Scholar in finding medical research. 5.2 Citing two or three authors If the work has two or three authors, include all names in your citation.

Importance of Academic Writing Skills at the University

Rank Country Documents Citable documents Citations Self-Citations Citations per Document H index 1 United States 7846972 7281575 152984430 72993120 22.02 1518 2 China 3129719 3095159 14752062 8022637 6.81 436 3 United Kingdom 2141375 1932907 37450384 8829739 19.82 934 5 Japan 1929402 1874277 23633462 6832173 13.01 694

Western Michigan University ScholarWorks at WMU

Analyzing Citations and Journals Primarily for tracking traditional forms of publication Tools for analyzing authors, institutions, and journals include: Scopus Web of Science Google Scholar Journal Citation Reports

Digital Footprint for the Personal Branding of Librarians in

3.2 Google Scholar Citations:- Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. From one place, you can search across many disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies,

UF/IFAS Annual Reporting of Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

The UF Libraries have detailed tutorials on how to export citations from the Web of Science and Google Scholar. If you use this method, be sure that the citations are associated with your faculty (some names are common in the scientific world). Manually inserting citations does not work well and should be avoided.

EQ-5D: a plea for accurate nomenclature

Feb 04, 2020 Two samples of recent citations (1) 20 publications reviewed Google Scholar was used to check publications citing the EuroQol Group s1996paper[2] and identified 289 citations for 2019, covering a wide range of EQ-5D usage. We checked the first 20 abstracts (and the full paper, if available), and found that half the papers did not men-

84 CHAPTER 3 Research design, research method and population

more representative it is going to be, smaller samples produce less accurate results because they are likely to be less representative of the population (LoBiondo-Wood & Haber 1998:263-264). In this study a convenience sample of 55 respondents has been obtained, from women who requested TOP