Computational Modeling Of Stabilizing The Instability Of A Relativistic Electron Beam In A Dense Plasma

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On the multistream approach of relativistic Weibel instability. I

by A Ghizzo 2013 Cited by 11 Multidimensional electron beam-plasma instabilities in the The Vlasov-Maxwell model is expressed in terms of an ensemble of one-.

Periodic magnetic focusing of sheet electron beams

by JH Booske 1994 Cited by 80 the more familiar unstable behavior in uniform solenoidal magnetic fields. A period-averaged analytic model shows that a PCM-focused beam is stabilized by 

Simulation studies on a novel betatron injection - IEEE Xplore

relativistic electron beam into a z-pinch channel is discussed. Results from particle-in-cell Though the plasma collision frequency is shown to be.

Stimulated Brillouin scattering of backward stimulated - Nature

by Q Feng 2020 (SBS) is found in the high electron density region by relativistic Vlasov-Maxwell simulation and particle-in-cell (pic) simulation, where the BSRS is in the 

Whistler envelope solitons. II. Interaction with non-relativistic

by C Krafft 2018 Cited by 4 non-relativistic electron beams in plasmas with density and electron beams in inhomogeneous plasmas, using a Hamiltonian model of wave-.

PFC/RR-89-7 DOE/ET-51013-268 Velocity Diagnostics of

by JT Polevoy 1989 Research Scientist - M.I.T. Plasma Fusion Center. Thesis Supervisor 6.1 Computer Modeling of Electron Beam Flow within the 140. GHz Gyrotron.

Particle-in-Cell Simulations of Electron Dynamics - HARVEST

by D Sydorenko 2006 Cited by 49 3.5 Monte-Carlo model of electron-neutral collisions 4.6 Instability of a low density cold electron beam in a cold plasma 101. 4.7 Summary

Plasma Instabilities from blazar-induced pair beams

2 Oct 2018 3.5.2 Electrostatic instability for a beam without perpendicular momentum spread B.1 EBL energy-density spectrum for different models.

Mechanisms for the mitigation of the hose instability in plasma

by TJ Mehrling 2019 Cited by 1 ambient plasma density expel all plasma electrons near the forces for trailing relativistic electron beams [4]. Trailing electron beams 


by LE Thode 1978 oped computer simulation technology at LASL. The pro- the relativistic electron beam-plasma interaction. The calculations can be.


FILAMENTATION INSTABILITY IN A LIGHT ION BEAM-PLASMA SYSTEM gations of numerous instabilities in relativistic electron beam 4), heavy ion beam 5].

Generation and Transport in Solid Density Matter - Laboratory

by J Kim 2016 Computational study of Proton Beam Transport in Solid Den- sity Matter comparison of plasma expansion models (isothermal and adia-.

Final Report on the Advanced Acceleration - SLAC

by P Sprangle Cited by 2 the propagation of a 30 GeV electron beam through a 1.4 m plasma column in modeling is presently at hand, and it is expected that the computational run 


by J GUILLORY Cited by 22 Abstract-The plasma current induced by a high-current electron beam The ohmic heating rate of plasma by electron-ion streaming instability will.

Estimate of the maximum induced magnetic field in relativistic

by M Ghorbanalilu 2017 Cited by 7 just after the shutdown of the electron Weibel instability. tivistic shocks in a hydrogen plasma, the proton beam Weibel insta-.

Workshop on Beam Acceleration in Crystals and Nanostructures

phisticated high-performance PIC codes to model high density plasmas - all that is the coordinate in the co-moving frame of a relativistic electron beam.


by CD Striffler 1973 Cited by 6 consists of a homogeneous, cold, relativistic electron beam (E-Layer The possible stabilizing effects of collisions between plasma.

Giant collimated gamma-ray flashes

by A Benedetti 2018 Cited by 39 of the collective plasma dynamics, the electron beam becomes unstable to small of a high-density ultra-relativistic electron beam with a solid conductor.

Multidimensional electron beam-plasma instabilities in the

by A Bret 2010 Cited by 219 latter being based on waterbag and Maxwell Jüttner model distributions. The main properties of a relativistic electron beam of density nb, mean velocity.

Project List Report in Excel - Department of Energy

Femto-Second X-ray Pulse Generation by Electron Beam. Slicing. $118,348 Computational Modeling of Topo-Taxis: Directing the Motion.

Dynamic mitigation of tearing mode instability in current sheet

by YJ Gu 2021 The magnetic reconnection is induced along with the plasma filamentation. The initial conditions of (b) the electron number density ne and (c) the magnetic.

PROGRAM SYLLABUS - Institut Polytechnique de Paris

Fluid beam-plasma instability for electrostatic and electromagnetic waves (Weibel Fluid model of laser-plasma interaction in the relativistic regime: 

Kinetic instabilities in plasmas: from electromagnetic

by C Ruyer 2014 Cited by 1 pulses to induce Weibel instability-mediated shocks in overdense plasma targets, triggered by counter-streaming, non-relativistic electron-ion beams 83.

A relativistic beam plasma system with electromagnetic

by EG Evstatiev Cited by 18 with the plasma wave, the beam-plasma instability is suppressed. If two electromagnetic waves The model allows for computational efficiency and, with.

spherical 94 95 Acceleration - Wiley Online Library

equivalent, see Equivalent beams. intense relativistic electron (IREB) Beam breakup instability 232. Beam centroid 225, 335. Beam cooling. electron 

MUSTER - International Nuclear Information System (INIS

by BS Newberger 1979 Cited by 1 While the linear theory of instability in beam-plasma systems has n , interpenetrated by a relativistic electron beam of density n, The beam.


by S Humphries Jr 1989 Cited by 1 High-current relativistic electron beams can be focused in vacuum by arrays Strong modulation of the beam density was observed with propagation lengths 

Frontiers for Discovery in High Energy Density Physics

by RC Davidson 2004 Cited by 14 3.3 High Energy Density with Ultra-relativistic Electron Beams in space give the opportunity to test computational modeling against 

physics.plasm-ph - Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

by D Sydorenko Cited by 10 kinetic dispersion relation for a relativistic electron beam propagating in a cold dense plasma with Coulomb colli-.

Laser acceleration - UCI

by T Tajima 2017 Cited by 48 State-of-the-art of electron laser plasma accelerators and/or the plasma density n(z) (as the Alfvén velocity vA(z) = B(z)/(4πn(z)M)1/2) in.

Magneto/Hydrodynamic and Beam Equilibrium and Stability

by R Betti energy density targets and intense beams for heavy-ion drivers. plasmas. Here major improvements in experiments, theory, and modeling are urgently 

Shalaby Mohamad.pdf - uWaterloo LaTeX Thesis Template

by M Shalaby 2017 Cited by 1 2.9 Two-stream instability simulation results in the non-relativistic regime 48 velocity of the beam, density contrast of the beam plasmas to the 

Variable Collision Frequency Effects on Hose and Sausage

by SP Slinker 1987 Cited by 8 computational 7- 13 models have been developed to study this instability, and electron density ne, independent of the plasma electron temperature Te, 

Simulations of fusion product driven electron current via lower

by JWS Cook Cited by 17 deuterium plasmas, which demonstrate a collective instability responsible A fully self-consistent electromagnetic relativistic PIC code 

Effect of Guiding Magnetic Field on Weibel Instability * - Chin

by JW LI 2005 Cited by 3 also investigated the instability in magnetized plasma. Yang et al., 郊 for example, to generate relativistic electron beam in the fast igni-.

Fundamentals and Applications of Hybrid LWFA-PWFA

by B Hidding 2019 Cited by 4 OSIRIS 3D simulation of a PWFA with WII injection: (a) electron density of the drive beam, the plasma and the ionized helium; and (b) ionization 

Accurate Modeling of the Hose Instability in Plasma Based

by TJ Mehrling malized to the ambient plasma electron density n0, charges to the elementary charge e, to a relativistic mass gain/loss of beam electrons and for.

Stable, ultra-relativistic electron beams by laser-wakefield

by J Osterhoff 2009 Cited by 16 Electron-beam scattering off plasma particles and gas molecules contemporary physics, namely the standard model of particle theory 

Electron Beam Cooling Calculations Based on Plasma

23 Jan 2009 beam cooling, with higher density electrons than in presently used the test particle model, as an option to reduce momentum of gold ions.

The Weibel instability in relativistic plasmas - Astronomy

by A Achterberg 2007 Cited by 69 ter radiation (Medvedev 2000) from relativistic electrons in a magnetic field. of beam particles in the self-generated magnetic field stabilizes.18 pages

Beam Plasma Instabilities - Publication Server of the

1.1 b) shows one result from a simulation of a beam plasma instability in Two electron populations approach each other with relativistic velocities,.

Katsouleas vita revised 10.21.18

Plasma Modeling of Electron Clouds in Circular Accelerators, ECLOUD 02, High Energy Density Physics with Ultra-Relativistic Beams, Ron Davidson 

Return current instability and its effects on beam-plasma system

by BN Goswami 2019 Cited by 4 A relativistic beam of electrons of radius a is streaming with velocity U through the plasma along the direction of B0. The beam density,.


by DC Moir 1981 Cited by 5 FOR ULTRA-RELATIVISTIC ELECTRON BEAM PROPAGATION EXPERIMENTS the analytical and computational investigations of beam-plasma microinsta-. 6 7 18-20.

Properties of Nonlinear Solitary Structures in - CU Scholar

by JC Holmes 5 Testing Simulated Relativistic Electron Phase-Space Holes for One way solitary waves can form is by the beam-plasma and two-stream 

Stability analysis of a periodic system of relativistic current

by A Vanthieghem 2018 Cited by 9 6: 1D PIC simulation with the parameters T0 = 1, γ0 = 10 and a0 = 0.04 (as in Fig. 3): space-time evolution of the density of plasma species 1 ( 

Program Booklet - ICOPS 2020

10 Dec 2020 6.1 Optical, X-ray and Microwave Diagnostics. 3.1 Plasma, Ion and Electron Sources. 6.2 Particle Diagnostics. 3.2 Intense Electron Ion Beams.47 pages

One dimensional PIC simulation of relativistic Buneman

by RS Rajawat 2016 Cited by 6 Buneman instability is of importance in many laboratory plasma Consider a cold relativistic electron beam of density n0 and velocity v0.

Quasi-static Modeling of Beam-Plasma and Laser - PICKSC

by C Huang 2005 Cited by 1 4.4 The plasma electron charge density (ρp/ρion) in the x − z plane at ulation for the hosing instability in the adiabatic non-relativistic.

Fundamental plasma studies at IPR - JSTOR

by PK Kaw 1993 Cited by 1 Introduction exotic plasma systems, and (D) Modelling of fusion phenomena. in the modulation of the electron beam density/velocity.