Neutralization Of Thoron Progeny In Gases

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Nanometer Particle Size and Concentration from Thoron Radiolysis

electron scavengers or smaller neutralization rates and thns larger cluster Gzes. A comparison between the activity and number size distributions showed that a large fraction of coagulation particles contained no thoron progeny especially for the case of large humidity. This might be due to the contribution of nonradioactive particle

Estimation of Radiological Dose From October-December 2016:1

the main neutralization processes for these ions or nuclei. Due to these processes, this large fraction of positively charged ions becomes neutral before attaching to the indoor aerosol parti-cles. Several studies have also shown the influence of impu-rities, trace gases, and water vapors in air on the neutralization


mm in diameter. A thoron injector, 64 mm 00 and 48 mm ID, was located near the center of the diffusion tube and 54 mm downstream from the diluting air entrance port. The inside wall of the tube was lined with a layer of stainless steel foil, 0.05 mm thick, to collect the deposited decay progeny.

Federico II - COnnecting REpositories

ties of radon and thoron, radioactive gases produced in uranium and thorium decays. It is now widely known that radon inhalation, in particular its progeny, signif-icantly contributes to the public exposure. On the other hand, the presence of thoron (220Rn) indoor was often neglected for its short half-life. Recent