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organizers, educators, researchers, students, organizations, government, and more. The index is unique in that it is the only widely comprehensive index available for free online that survey takers to access their own scores in comparison the entire data set, while also allowing users to customize

Students Civic Online Reasoning: A National Portrait

enrollment, racial and ethnic diversity, percentage of students receiving special education services, and proportion of schools eligible for Title I under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (see Table 1). 1 We calculated the multi-group racial/ethnic diversity for each school and district with Simpson s Diversity Index formula.

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The Jaccard index will always give a value between 0 (no similarity) and 1 (identical sets), and to describe the sets as being x% similar you need to multiply that answer by 100. So a Jaccard index of 0.73 means two sets are 73% similar. Using this information, calculate the Jaccard index and percent similarity for the Greek and Latin

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diversity and student inclusion in the LAC sessions emphasizes that learners are the reason for all education processes. It is the central role of teachers to establish learning environments that are responsive to learner diversity. It underscores the importance of teachers' knowledge and

Sample Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Nonprofit

Diversity of funding sources (% of total for each type or certain types) Number of clients served Program attendance Program enrollment Client satisfaction rate Volunteer hours served per period Cost per service or unit Changes in knowledge, skills, abilities, and/or behaviors (e.g. pre- and post- scores)

How to Measure Woody Biomass in Your Forest

health, productivity, and diversity of their woods. Many forests are not currently as productive as they could be for either biodiversity or wood products. As forests have changed ownership over the last century, management goals and objectives have also changed. Many forests once managed for industrial timber production, for

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The UGR value is calculated with a formula. This takes into account all of the luminaires in the system that contribute to the impres-sion of glare. The UGR values for luminaires are determined using the table method pursuant to CIE 117. Zumtobel quotes both a UGR reference value for a reference room and the UGR tables for other room sizes for

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on Gini s Diversity Index (gdi), which is a measure of impurity and is given by: 𝑔 𝑖=1− ∑ 2(𝑖) Ü where the sum is over the classes i at the node, and p(i) is the observed fraction of classes with class i that reach the node. A node with just one class (a pure node) has a Gini index 0; otherwise the Gini

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User Guide Taleo Recruiting FP12A ii Confidential Information and Notices Confidential Information The recipient of this document (hereafter referred to as the recipient ) agrees that the Confidential

The Kruskal-Wallis Test

SPSS does not report an effect size index for the Kruskal-Wallis test. However, simple indices can be computed to communicate the size of the effect. For the Kruskal-Wallis test, the median and the mean rank for each of the groups can be reported. Another possibility for the Kruskal-Wallis test is to compute an index that is usually

AP Statistics 2011 Scoring Guidelines

Either the formula with correct symbols or with correct numerical values is needed in addition to the value 2.4 in the calculation of the z -score. A diagram can show direction from the mean, if the quantities are appropriately labeled.

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50 50 AIHA ERPG American Industrial Hygiene Association's emergency response planning guidelines. ERPG 1 is the maximum airborne concentration below which it is believed nearly all individuals could be exposed up to one hour

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Free Space Loss Free space loss, ideal isotropic antenna P t = signal power at transmitting antenna P r = signal power at receiving antenna λ = carrier wavelength d = propagation distance between antennas c = speed of light (≈ 3 x 108 m/s) where d and λ are in the same units (e.g., meters) ()() 2 2 2 42 4 c d fd P P r t! ! = =

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The Shannon-Wiener Diversity Index (H′) was used to determine the diversity of species in both the natural forest and plantation. H0 ¼ ∑k i¼1 pi lnpi (1) where k is the number of species, pi proportion of individual species to the total. Shannon evenness index (Peet, 1974; Krebs, 1989). J ¼ H0=H0 max (2)

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breast milk or formula. Breast feeding has been shown to no longer breast fed shows increased diversity and an 8-bp index sequences at both ends extracted by

Propagation data and prediction methods required for the

the formula: A d 20 h / F 1 10 dB (2) where h is the height difference (m) between most significant path blockage and the path trajectory (h is negative if the top of the obstruction of interest is above the virtual line-of-sight) and F 1 is the radius of the first Fresnel ellipsoid given by: = 17.3 1 2 m 1 f d d d F (3) with: f: frequency (GHz)

A Review of Ionospheric Scintillation Models

0 the wave number in free space, hei the average dielectric permittivity; (r,t) specifies the location of the irregularity is space and time. Equation (1) is a differential equation with randomly fluctuating coefficients which forms the basis of the scintillation theory. To solve the equation, one has to resort to certain approximations.

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7. Calculate the Diversity Index (DI). Use the following formula: DI = number of runs/number of plants = 619 = 0.67 8. Discuss the results. The Diversity Index is a measure of the biodiversity of a group of organisms in an area. The value of the Diversity Index will vary between 0 (no diversity) and 1 (high diversity). Values around 0.5


CONTENTs Introduction Chapter 1 Basic Concepts in Statistics 1.1 Statistical Concepts 2 1.2 Variables and Type of Data 5 1.3 Sampling Techniques 12 1.4 Observational and Experimental Studies 17

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In the Shannon index, p is the proportion (n/N) of individuals of one particular species found (n) divided by the total number of individuals found (N), ln is the natural log, Σ is the sum of the calculations, and s is the number of species. The Simpson index is a dominance index because it gives more weight to common or dominant species.


7 Research Introduction: Research is an essential and powerful tool in leading man towards progress. Without systematic research there would have been very little

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formula for the best proportion of time to spend planning, writing, and reviewing: writers, topics, and occasions differ too widely for a universal rule to apply. Keep in mind, however, that you are unlikely to have time to draft, revise, and recopy your essay. Therefore, taking a few minutes to plan your essay is a much better strategy than

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sample size s = sample standard deviation (i.e., the sample-based estimate of the standard deviation of the population)


scale-free, defined as [2]: A scale-free network is a network whose degree distribution follows a power law. As Figure 4.2 indicates, for the WWW the power law persists for almost four orders of magnitude, prompting us to call the Web graph scale-free network. In this case the scale-free property applies to both in and out-de-grees.

Using DSM-5 in Case Formulation and Treatment Planning

Using DSM-5 in Case Formulation Gary G. Gintner, Ph.D., LPC Louisiana State University [email protected]

THE EFC FORMULA, 2021 2022 - ed

The student was born before January 1, 1998. The student is married or separated (but not divorced) as of the date of the application. At the beginning of the 2021 2022 school year, the student will be enrolled in a master s or

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tients.5 Thus, validation of the severity index should incorpo-rate an assessment of its ability to assess the risk of death in independent groups of patients with varying etiology and se-verity of liver disease as well as geographical diversity.6 In this report, we examine the validity of the Model for


The GRE score in this formula is the old GRE score ranging from 200-800. The new GRE ranges from 130-170. You must convert the new GRE to the old GRE and plug it into the above equation using the ETS conversion table. If you submit the optional GRE Score Report, the program will calculate your FRK index. A FRK index of 5.5 or


Forecasting are provided as online supplements on ScienceDirect. ObjectivityTo ensure fairness and objectivity, double-blind reviewing will be used. Replication studiesThe IJF encourages replication studies, especially of highly cited papers. See Encouraging replication and reproducible research (an editorial published in 2010) for further

Original Research Comparing the Stand Structure of a

diversity of species composition [1-4]. The annual frost-free period is 80 to Definitions and values of each spatial structure index. Index Formula Value 0 0

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function of the signal-to-noise ratio for the coherent free-space optical systems. The derived generalised moment-generating function formula is further utilised to effectively analyse the several performance metrics such as amount of fading and ergodic capacity. The accuracy of our theoretical analyses are corroborated via some numerical results.

Fundamentals of Telecommunications

9.2.5 Diversity and Hot-Standby 215 9.2.6 Frequency Planning and Frequency Assignment 216 9.3 Satellite Communications 217 9.3.1 Introduction 217 9.3.2 The Satellite 217 9.3.3 Three Basic Technical Problems 217 9.3.4 Frequency Bands: Desirable and Available 219

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index of 5.5 or higher is preferred. For example, a student might obtain a 5.5 FRK index with a 3.0 undergraduate GPA and GRE scores of 500 in both the verbal and quantitative areas. The FRK index formula permits higher GRE scores to compensate for lower GPA and vice-versa.

Diversity in Dung Beetle Assemblages as Indication of

Table 2. Diversity indices and their measurement. Diversity Index Measurement Formula Berger Parker (1/d) Dominance D = Nmax/S Simpson (1-C) Relative abundance of each species C = Σn(n-1)/N(N-1) Margalef (D) Species richness D = (S-1)/lnN Dung beetle diversity across sites and seasons were analyzed using a two-way (site,

WHO monographs on selected medicinal plants

Cumulative index of major chemical constituents (by compound name in alphabetical order) 406 Annex 6 Cumulative index of major chemical constituents (ordered by CAS number) 430 Annex 7 Cumulative index of major chemical constituents (ordered by molecular formula) 437 Contents

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Benefit based on a formula Minimum Appointment Requirements Must be in an eligible appointment 50% or more for 12 months or longer Must be eligible for full benefits Contributions Required Employee Contributions Employer Contributions


the Grain-Free Option a try. There are three great plans, each featuring three options (27 ways to go in total, if you include the various calorie levels). Feel free to try them all to see what works best for you. Finally, we ve centralized the food lists and expanded them to include some more healthy options while cutting out a lot of the more

Measurement of Similarity

Similarity index = a numerical index describing the similarity of two community samples in terms of their species content Similarity matrix = a square, symmetrical matrix with the similarity value of every pair of samples, if Q-mode, or species, if R-mode, in the data matrix

Evaluation of altitudinal distribution and population

Where, d' = Margalef's index, S = number of species, N = total number of individuals in community. Evenness index: The Monthly value of evenness index was calculated in the following manner. S H e log e Where, is the Shannon diversity index and S is the number of species. In all the indices natural log (log e) was used.