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Personal Core Values Checklist Remember no list can ever be complete. There may be additional personal values that are unique to you, so don t be limited by the list. Add anything else that just feels right. Acceptance Fast pace action Power Achievement

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with their values & goals P = policies; is it consistent with my organizations procedures & guidelines? L = legal: is it acceptable under the applicable laws, regulations, & contractual agreements? U = universal; does it conform to the universal principles/values my organization has adopted? S = self; does it satisfy my personal definition of

Basic Human Values: An Overview Shalom H. Schwartz The Hebrew

achievement values may be compatible with the pursuit of power values - seeking personal success for oneself is likely to strengthen and to be strengthened by actions aimed at enhancing one's own social position and authority over others. Another example: The pursuit of novelty

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Values Assessment Worksheet A value is defined as a principle, standard, or quality considered inherently worthwhile or desirable. Individuals, groups, and whole societies hold values. Values are what motivate and fulfill you. They imbue your work and your life with meaning. In essence, a value is what is important to you.

Developing a Personal Leadership Philosophy

Personal Leadership Philosophy: Definition A set of beliefs, values, and principles that strongly influences how we interpret reality and guide our understanding of influencing humans. It s our philosophy, our understanding, and interpretation of leadership, that affects how we react to people, events, and situations around us.

Values and Principles for the Social Work Profession

8 Values Principles for the Social Work Profession SOCIAL WORK CODE OF ETHICS 4.0 VALUES AND PRINCIPLES In the determination and pursuit of its aims, social work is committed to the following core values: human rights and human dignity, social justice and service. These values determine the principles to which each social worker should aspire.

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Personal values; reading interest; Twitter; content targeting ACM Classification Keywords influence the H.5.3. Group and Organizational Interfaces: Computer-supported cooperative work. INTRODUCTION Personal values convey what is important to us. By definition, they are deeply rooted, abstract motivations that

Values, Principles and Integrity: Academic and Professional

academic staff in U.K. universities and HE colleges. It examined their personal/professional values and their views on the values that should underpin higher education. That contrasted with their perceptions of current operating reality in terms of system level policy and institutional management expectations and academic/professional standards.

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The table below contains a list of common work and personal values. It is not extensive and you should feel free to add any that are important to you. 1. Have each individual family member fill out a personal values exercise. 2. From this list of values circle the ten that are most important to you. EXAMPLE accomplishment, success

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Values own opinions. Doesn t compromise values for others. Shares personal information in an appropriate way (does not over or under share). Knows personal wants and needs, and can communicate them. Accepting when others say no to them. Most people have a mix of different boundary types. For example,


needs and welfare of the client, which must come before the personal values of the professional (Pack‐Brown, Thomas, & Seymour, 2008). The result is a collective set of values for the

Chapter 18. Measures of Values and Moral Personality

also added 35 new values to the 21 values retained from the original 36 Rokeach values; the resulting 56 values formed the original Schwartz Value Survey (SVS), which measures these 10 motivational types. The SVS, which contains lists of 30 terminal values and 26 instrumental values, asks respondents to use a 9-point scale (7 to 21)

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Individuals' personal values, undoubtedly, have a significant impact on social entrepreneurship activities. Values are accepted as belief systems which come into exist in an individual's early life phase and are shaped through life experiences [26]. Values are principles which lead an individual's choices, evaluations with regard to a

The Classification of Values: A Method and Illustration

by limiting the term to a homogeneous subclass of values, e.g., goals, stand- dards, interests, or imperatives. However, in the absence of scientific reasons to exclude any normative element, a broad and inclusive definition seems prefer- able for exploratory inquiry. The controlling definition of value employed here is derived from

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definition of personal values is the most frequently cited definition of human values. Rokeach believed that people have a finite number of values and an infinite number of attitudes that arise out of these values. McCarty and Shrum (2000) concur with Rokeach and assert that values serve as prototypes for subsequent behaviors and attitudes.

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1.0 Our personal values ^One s judgement of what is important in life ( Our personal values describe what is most important to us - what we instinctively prioritise above other things our inner guide. They are the core of who we are, the fundamental

An Overview of the Schwartz Theory of Basic Values

Values have been a central concept in the social sciences since their inception. For both Durkheim (1897/1964) and Weber (1905/1958), values were crucial for explaining social and personal organization and change. Values have played an important role not only in sociology, but in psychology, anthropology, and related disciplines as well. Values are


Personal, social, societal and human attitudes and values can be incorporated into curricula using a variety of approaches and terms. While this concept note uses the term attitudes and values throughout, it does not exclude other terms. Indeed, clarifying these terms is essential for developing a common language and shared understanding.

Core Values Clarification Exercise Step 1: Core Values List

Please place your personal core values in priority order and list the outcome statement and behavior indicators for each of them. The behaviors do not need to be in priority order. It is critical to place your core values in priority order, in the event you face a decision where two values conflict.

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personal values to muddle the interaction with the client, the client s autonomy is threatened. The counselor can cause harm to the client by devaluing the client s personal beliefs and values. A counselor is not working for the good of the individual if the counselor sits in judgment of the client. Justice is not served when conflicts

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Such an attempt does not mean the abolition of values at all; it is simply the (often un-noticed) replacement of one set of values with another. For example, the ideas that a society ought to treat values as primarily personal is itself a strong social value. To some extent the focus on corporate and personal core values is consistent with

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Values guide our behavior, providing us with a personal code of conduct. When we honor our personal core values consistently, we experience fulfillment. When we don t, we are incongruent and are more likely to escape into bad habits and

Standard on Valuation of Personal Property

resources necessary to assess personal property accurately and equitably. 3. Definition of Personal Property Property means an aggregate of things or rights to things whose possession is protected by law. Two broad categories of property are real and personal. Real property is the rights, interests, and benefits connected with real estate.


Values, conveniently and in accord with received usage, place things, acts, ways of behaving, goals of action, on the approval-disapproval continuum (Kluckhohn, et al., p. 395). But values carry more than an approval-disapproval connotation. Smith's (1954) definition is more accurate. He stated that by values, I shall mean a person's

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To value personal and inter-institutional co-operation above individual decision-making. Self Interest/Control To restrain your feelings and control your personal interests for the purpose of physical survival in this world. Intimacy To be able to share yourself fully - thoughts, feelings, fantasies and realities - mutually

Values, attitudes, and norms

Attitudinal factors, Contextual Factors, Personal Capabilities, and Habits or Routines. This paper concentrates on the attitudinal factors, which comprise of values, environmental attitudes and beliefs, and personal norms. Defining Values Values, or primitive beliefs, have traditionally been regarded as core aspects of the self-concept

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Core Personal Values Understanding your values can help you prioritize your goals. Identifying and thinking about your values is a great exercise to help understand what motivates you. Your life purpose or impact is all about how you make a difference and this is ALL about your values.


define Values and then go over the definition. (Slide 5) Go through each discussion question on the slide, asking for the group to brainstorm, respond, list, etc. Identifying Personal Values (10 min.) (Slide 6) Have the participants spend 5-10 minutes looking through the values listed (adding any they

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this definition by putting it as the use of self in social work practice is the combining of knowledge, values, and skills gained in social work education with aspects of one s personal self, including personality traits, belief systems, life experiences, and cultural heritage (p. 545). On similar lines,


definition and indicators. For each core value listed, the table that follows explicates these values by providing a core value definition and sample indicators (not exhaustive) that describe what the physical therapist would be doing in practice, education, and/or research if these core values were present. 1. Accountability 2. Altruism 3.

What are Values, Mission Statements, and Vision Statements

What are Values, Mission Statements, and Vision Statements? Definitions Values important and enduring beliefs or ideals shared by the members of a culture about what is good or desirable and what is not. Values exert major influence on the behavior of an individual and serve as broad guidelines in all situations (

The Effect of Personal Values, Organizational Values, and


Values, Beliefs, Behaviors, and Cultural Differences

Values and Beliefs = Expectations All human groups, including families and couples, need values and beliefs to guide them. Values and beliefs that have been learned from childhood seem hard-wired into us as adults. They form the basis of our expectations. When you are a child and say to another child, That s not how we do it at our house!

Professional Values

Definition of Professional Values professional values are the guiding beliefs and principles that influence your work behaviour. your professional values are usually an extension of your personal values such as honesty, generosity and helpfulness. while these values may change over time and around different life events, your core

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Remember that a personal mission statement is as much discovery as it is creation. Don t rush it or set rigid timetables for yourself; rather, go slowly through the process, ask yourself the right questions, and think deeply about your values and aspirations. A meaningful personal mission statement contains two basic elements.

Summary of Values Based Segmentation (Values Modes)

individuals through their life. This, and the great difficulty in creating personal experiences which enable a person to meet basic needs, means it is far more effective to match communications to values than to try and change people Planning for Settlers, Prospectors and Pioneers is the base level of VBS. For high value targets and

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What are Cultural Values? Webster s Dictionary says cul ture (klchr) n. The totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought.

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professional and personal priorities. Talk to alumni about their career trajectories Read job descriptions in your field of interest Read the personal narratives available through Versatile Ph.D. Use an externship, internship, or volunteer experience to learn more about various roles Read industry publications and blogs


incorporate the many values and attributes that are part of professionalism. For each identified core value, (ie, accountability, altruism, compassion/caring, excellence, integrity, professional duty, and social responsibility) a definition and sample indicators (not intended to be exhaustive) are provided that describe what the