Comparative Analysis Of Vortex Ejector And Jet Pump Characteristics

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Development of a Variable Geometry Ejector for a - Sigarra

ejector design and performance analysis. The objective of the study was to investigate the entrainment ratio as well as the optimum position of the NXP.

Current Advances in Ejector Modeling - MDPI

by Z Aidoun 2019 Cited by 24 that even though several studies claimed substantial performance A theoretical comparison of two-stage and CRMC based jet pump cycles 

D00366354 Jet pump systems for maintaining tidal entrances

4.4.3 Stability Analysis. 22. 4.4.4 The Influence of Littoral Drift. 23. 4.5 The Effects of Jet Pumps. 24. 5. CHARACTERISTICS OF THE TUGGERAH ENTRANCE.

Jit Breakup and Mixing Throat Lengt tie Liquid Jit - CiteSeerX

by RJ DOPKIN Cited by 111 Performance characteristics oj the liquid jet gas pump (efficiency arid compression analysis providing (he mixing zone remains in the throat. Jet 

Zare-Behtash, H., Gongora-Orozco, N., and Kontis, K.

by H Zare-Behtash 2011 Cited by 34 primary jet geometry on ejector performance: a cold-flow According to the study of Zare-Behtash et al.,17 the vortex loop circulation 

Fluid flow and gas absorption in an ejector venturi scrubber

the art review of Bonnington and King (1972) on jet pumps and ejectors the theory and performance of high energy venturi scrubbers, there is.

CFD Case Studies - Elsevier

In this case study, the influence of Re on the flow characteristics and heat trans- fer will be investigated. Computational Fluid Dynamics. 

Numerical analysis of an annular water air jet pump with self

by X Deng 2017 Cited by 7 mixing chamber with the conventional annular jet pump (AJP). numerical comparison demonstrated an approximately 10% pumping performance increase 

The effect of a parallel free surface upon a submerged shallow

by A Kumar Cited by 1 The primary objective of these analysis and measurements is to gain a physical insight into the characteristics of vortex ring in a synthetic jet ejected 

A review on design criteria for vortex tubes

by M Yilmaz 2009 Cited by 102 defined as the difference in temperature between inlet flow The coefficient of performance (COP) for a heat pump is the ratio of the energy transferred 

^ 5 ' - OSTI.GOV

High temperature mercury vapor could be used to drive a vapor jet pump, of the generation of head by forced vortex theory with the analysis of.

1-s2.0-S0735193320302098-main - University of Twente

by K Khajeh 2020 In this study, an air based ejector (ABE) was designed and manufactured, The difference between the pressure and the velocity of.

The working principle of a Ranque-Hilsch Vortex Tube

by Y Xue 2013 Cited by 8 has not been a well-accepted explanation for the thermal separation, Exergy density analysis in the air-operated vortex tube was performed in this.121 pages

Flow Structure and Performance of Axisymmetric Synthetic Jets

by MO Mueller 2001 Cited by 35 structure in the near field of the synthetic jet varies with flow length. At small flow lengths, vortex rings form close to the orifice and loose some of 

Hydraulics, Pumps and Water Supplies - National Operational

pump, from an open source to a jet on the fire- ground. The energy changes which take place when a limb and the vertical difference between the levels.

ARTI Report No. 10110-01 RECOVERY OF - AHRI

by F Liu 2008 Ejector and ejector expansion ECU test uncertainty analysis Performance comparison of transcritical CO2 air conditioning system with and without.


by JO Dabiri 2005 Cited by 1 contribution to fluid transport than an equivalent steady jet. Figure 2.10 Comparison of predicted vortex growth to experimental measurements 35.

A Study of Subsonic Air Air Ejectors with Short - QSpace

by A Maqsood Cited by 18 Table 6.6: Comparison of performance parameters-experiments vs. various The ejector or jet pump is a simple device used for pumping of a fluid by means 

PIV Measurements in Low Noise Optimized Air Jet Pump

respect to the baseline solution are analyzed. Keywords PIV measurements, jet pump. I. INTRODUCTION. N ejector is a device which employs a high-velocity.

Comparison of Flow Field Simulation of Liquid Ejector Pump

by Q Zaheer 2018 Cited by 3 study the underlying flow field characteristics of subject ejector pump, the fluid domain is mixing layer, free shear layer and turbulent jet flow.11 pages

A review on current status of capacity control - DTU Orbit

by P Gullo Cited by 6 Needle ejector; Vapour-compression system; Vortex ejector well as the comparison of their performance were reported. It was.


the ratio of the velocity difference across the layer divided by The mixing layer flow inside a supersonic ejector is well.

Compressible Flow Analysis of Thrust Augmenting Ejectors

by M Moujahid 1995 Cited by 1 predict the thrust augmenting characteristics of jet ejectors. finite difference model of Gilbert and Hill6'7 which used a mixing length model for the.

A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation on Ejector

by G Desmarais 2018 Cited by 1 6.11 Steady state analysis of the Mach performance for a non-linear KP of Ejectors, also commonly referred to as eductors1 or jet pumps, are used to 

Manuscript Preparation Instruction for Publishing in Computer

Supersonic ejectors are flow devices of rugged and simple construction, including vacuum pump, thermocompressor, static mixer, jet propulsion thrust.

2019-2-1 Крижанівський-Паневник - JOURNAL OF

[10] characteristics of the jet pump. The French Keywords: chisel flushing system, ejection coefficient, hydraulic resistance, near-bit jet pump. 1 the jet pump characteristics; 2 the hydraulic system pump generates the pressure difference required to the bottom-hole differential pressure by vortex and hydraulic jet 

Analysis and design of air-jet pumps for pneumatic

by D Wang Cited by 5 predict air-jet pump performance is formulated on the basis of fluid mechanics and a Difference between Jet Pumps and Venturi Feeders.

Experimental Investigation of a One-Sided Ejector Nozzle

by K Zaman 2019 Cited by 2 vortex generators or lobed mixers at the primary nozzle lip can There have been numerous previous studies on ejectors as fluidic pumps and as a device 

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7 Dec 2018 CFD Simulation of a Vortex Ejector for Use in Vacuum Applications well as for evacuation of enclosed spaces have been analyzed.


Cited by 23 by Nelson L. Sanger. Lewis Resea rch Center. SUMMARY. The performance of two jet pumps having low nozzle- to throat-area ratios was.64 pages


by B Bozkır 2018 Entrainment performance versus pressure ratio (π) comparison for The ejector system can be defined as an alternative jet pump or a 

Investigation on the influence of jetting equipment on - X-MOL

by Q Si 2016 Cited by 9 vortex strength and recirculation onset critical flow rate. Keywords. Centrifugal pump, jetting equipment, noise reduction, pump performance, 

Characteristics of Ejectors on Small Gas Turbine - DGLR

by J Georgi Cited by 3 An ejector is a jet pump without moving parts, see Fig. 1. It 8: With increasing velocity ratio the difference between the free jet opening angle and 


by MJ Carletti Cited by 25 enhancing ejector performance (Carletti et al., 1995). In general enhanced jet mixing The basic difference between tabs and vortex generators is in.

Advances in Ejector Thrust Augmentation - JSTOR

by PM Bevilaqua 1987 Cited by 22 A THRUST AUGMENTING EJECTOR is a simple jet pump, consisting of the primary jet The difference in the aerothermodynamic cycle illustrates the difference 

A High Efficiency Ejector Refrigeration System A - MOspace

4.7 Performance comparison between current investigation and reported results mechanical pump, and ejector in the ERC are analogous to the mechanical 

Ejector Nozzle Development

ducted on various multi-lobed and vortex-generating nozzles. Predicted jet characteristics were obtained by calculating a finite difference solu-.

Computational fluid dynamics analysis and PIV - IOS Press

by L Xu 2015 Cited by 9 However, the vortex flow formed by current pulsatile blood pumps were either transient or interrupted by the transition between filling and ejection phase, 


follow with a comparison summary of different pumps reported in the literature: changing the ejection and suction duty cycles on the performance of the 


by AN Mikhal chenkova 2020 COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF VORTEX EJECTOR AND JET PUMP. CHARACTERISTICS. A. N. Mikhal'chenkova,1 M. G. Lagutkin,2 and E. Yu. Baranova2.7 pages

Constant Rate of Momentum Change Ejector - USQ ePrints

2.16 Profile of the convergent-divergent throat jet-pump from the work of 2.18 Performance comparison of conventional and CRMC ejectors at different.

The Ejector - White Rose eTheses Online

Jet pump or eductor refers to an ejector which uses as the motive fluid, or Croft & Lilley[67] worked on a finite difference program utilising the k-E.270 pages


2.4.8 Influence of nozzle parameters on pump flow characteristic main types of jet pumps where the difference is the nozzle of the motive.


by A Rogovyi 2016 Cited by 18 characteristics of jet vortex type superchargers. Key words: vortex ejector, comparative analysis, vortex chamber pump, numerical calculation, energy.

A Numerical Study of Micro Synthetic Jet and Its - SMARTech

by S Li 2005 Cited by 22 5.6 General heat transfer characteristics and comparison with conventional 3.10 Vortex dynamics of a synthetic jet (not formed) with hc/dc = 1, f=1 kHz,.


characteristics, determination of the number of pumps, control water level, The level difference between the bottom water level and the wet well.

CFD-Based Study of Nozzle Section Geometry Effects on the

by K Xu Cited by 2 the mixing mechanism of the annular multi-nozzle jet pump and the influence of vortex structure on its performance and flow field are 

An Integrated Lumped Parameter-CFD approach for off

by G Besagni Cited by 79 needed for both on-design and off-design ejector performance (iii) Normalized difference of the mass flow rate between the.


by C LIAO 2008 Cited by 45 dissertation focuses on gas ejector and discussion on liquid jet pump is developed a finite-difference scheme to model the flow process within a gas 

~ U ii D 'It CETEC 1LW l 0 G 'i C EN T f{ -

by JL Porter 1979 Cited by 51 13 SPDF F, AE Addy, A. L., The Analysis of Supersonic Ejector Systems , 65 SPDF P ET Arnberg, B. T., Operating Characteristics of Jet Pumps Using.