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curred violently via an electric spark. In the discussion in which he proposed the original experi-ment to determine if lightning were electrical (July 1750 see Chapter 1), Franklin repeated his suggestion for protective light-ning rods, adding that they should be grounded (i.e., that a wire should connect the lightning rod to the ground or

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STRONGER electric fields at sharply curved surfaces! Used for attracting or getting rid of charge: lightning rods Van de Graaf metal brush transfers charge from rubber belt Mars pathfinder mission tungsten points used to get rid of accumulated charge on rover (electric breakdown on Mars occurs at ~100 V/m) (NASA)

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gives rise to an electric charge separation which ultimately leads to the lightning flash. Figure 1 shows a typical charge distribution within a fully developed thunder cloud. Fig1. Typical charge distribution in cumulonimbus cloud. Lightning can also be produced by frontal storms where a front of cold air moves towards a mass of moist warm air.

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Lightning is a big spark that occurs when electrons move from one place to another very quickly because of the unequal distribution of electrons. 8. There are two types of electric charge: positive & negative a. Like charges Repel b. Opposite Charges Attract 9. Electric charge depends on an imbalance of protons and electrons. Transfer of

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24) The charge begins to LEAK or BLEED off into the air around the charged sphere. As the charge level increases, the air becomes ionized around the sphere, causing the air to become a conductor that allows electrons to move onto the sphere. 25) A lightning bolt flashes across the 3 ft gap.

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potential around the Lightning Ball. Record the electrical potential at various distances around the entire Lightning Ball. Use the measurements to sketch the electric field around the ball. Compare your findings to your results in Activity 2. It is always ! wise to DO an experiment ahead of time to be able to best present it to the class


curtain rod by touching the ball end with an electrified body, charge is transferred to the curtain rod and the attached aluminium foil. Both the halves of the foil get similar char ge and ther efore repel each other The divergence in the leaves depends on the amount of charge on them. Let us first try to understand why material bodies


The science of lightning protection was born when Franklin discovered that lightning was a form of electricity. The conventional protection method consists of the following: a) Deploying air terminals at suitable points above the structure to act as sacrificial termination points for the lightning strokes. b) Dissipating the collected

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2) A third ball carrying a positive charge, is brought near the first two. + Y X 3) While the positions of these balls are fixed, ball Xis connected to ground. + Y X 4) Then the ground wire is disconnected. + Y X 5) While X and Y remain in touch, the ball carring the positive charge is removed. Y X 6) Then ball Xand Yare separated. Y X

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produced by the ball but the electric field from charges induced at the trap electrodes. To determine the particle charge twelve measurements were carried out. Different values of potential were applied to the ball and the distance from the particle to the center of the ball was determined. The initial value of the potential was equal to 15000 V.

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Charge concentrates at sharp tip of lightning rod, because electric field lines are very dense there (intense E). (Recall demo of van de Graaf generator) Charge leaks away, diffusing charge, via what is sometimes called St. Elmo s Fire (ball lightning) , or coronal discharge Lightning rod Heavy wire, outside house! Ground rod


particularly churches where lightning accounts for nearly one-third of all church-building fires each year (Fig.1). Lightning protection systems in the United States date back to colonial days and the time of Benjamin Franklin. Figure 1. Saved from a wrecking ball and renovated in 1970 by a


Introduction to Electric Charge and Electric Field The image of American politician and scientist Benjamin Franklin (1706 1790) flying a kite in a thunderstorm is familiar to every schoolchild. (See Figure 18.2.) In this experiment, Franklin demonstrated a connection between lightning andstatic electricity. Sparks were drawn from a key hung

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a much smaller scale. Static electric charge builds up in clouds when water and ice particles collide. The negative charge in the cloud is attracted to positively charged objects on the ground. The charge from the cloud is released in the form of lightning, with a much bigger zap! Ask visitors to observe the image of lightning. Do they notice


an electrical charge, which in turn was transferred to a metal comb. The electrical charge then traveled from the comb to an attached metal ball, and then into a Leyden jar for storage. Ben Franklin s Kite After watching lightning jump from cloud to cloud and from modern-day cloud to ground, American statesman and

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2nd: A) The magnitude of charge Q 3 < the magnitude of charge Q 1 B) The magnitude of charge Q 3 > the magnitude of charge Q 1 C) Cannot determine relative magnitudes of charges of Q 3 & Q 1 Q 2 Q 1 g d 12 Q 2 d 23 Q 3 A charged ball Q 1 is fixed to a horizontal surface. Another charged ball Q 2 is brought near It achieves equilibrium at a

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charge. Although the details of this process are not understood, the resulting charge separation can produce enormous electric fields that result in a lightning bolt. Electric Charge and Electric Field Chapter 17 By the end of this chapter, you will be able to: 1. Sketch the distribution of charges for both conducting and insulating objects in

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known as charge transfer, where a well-grounded point exchanges ions between the air and earth. This ionizing capability helps keep the local electric field below lightning potential, making the protected site less likely to experience direct strikes. During intense storm activity, the SBT functions as a highly effective air terminal,

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showed that lightning is an electrostatic phenomena. In designating excess charge as positive, Franklin started the convention that positive charges move in an electric field, which gives the impression that it is protons, not electrons, which are electrically transferred.

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5A-23 Electric Wind The wind can be indirectly seen by the extinguishing of a candle. Before lighting strikes there is charge build up and lightning conductors have sharp tips to attract the lightning. The sun also has large electric and magnetic fields and emits the solar wind


polythene, it acquires a small electric charge. Similarly, when a plastic comb is rubbed with dry hair, it acquires a small charge. These objects are called charged objects. In the presence of a charged refill or plastic comb, pieces of paper and hair also get charged. Let s try to charge some other objects that are familiar to you.

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Electric Charge Notes o Create Lightning Press a coin into a ball of clay so that the coin stands upright. Balance a toothpick on the coin.

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Average lightning hit rate is 44+-5 Hz 1.4 billion flashes per year Lightning is dangerous - Georg Wilhelm Richmann July 1753 killed as he tried to repeat en Franklin s experiment hit in the head by a blue ball of lightning Venus, Jupiter and Saturn have lightning

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the difference in electric charge is great enough, the current can even flow through a poor conductor like air. This is what happens when lightning strikes the earth. Clouds with a very strong negative charge are insulated from the earth by air. As the negative charge on the cloud

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The negative charge of the electron cancels out the positive charge of the proton giving the atom a zero net (or neutral) charge. Atoms with an electric charge are called ions. These ions either have more protons than electrons and so have a positive charge or have more electrons than protons and have a negative charge.

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Electric charge is an intrinsic property of the fundamental particles that make up objects such as the rods, silk, and fur.That is, charge is a property that comes automatically with those particles wherever they exist. Two Types. There are two types of electric charge, named by the American


92. Draw electric field lines due to a point positive charge. (S) 93. Draw electric field lines due to a point negative charge. (S) 94. Draw electric field lines due to two equal but unlike charges. (S) 95. Draw electric field lines due to two equal but like charges. (S) 96. Draw electric field lines due to two like but unequal charges. (S) 97.

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A dust particle in a plasma gains an electric charge and responds to electric forces. The charge can range from zero to hundreds of thousands of electron charges, depending on the particle size and the plasma condi­ tions. It arises from collecting electrons and ions from the plasma and sometimes from emitting electrons. In a

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you that one of the safest places to be in a lightning storm is inside an automo-bile; if the car is struck by lightning, the charge tends to remain on the metal skin of the vehicle, and little or no electric field is produced inside the passenger com-partment. Field at the Surface of a Conductor

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Between the two bells a metallic ball is suspended by an insulating thread. 1. Assume that a lightning occurs and electrons are transmitted via the lightning rod onto the bell on the right. Plot in the diagram below the charge distribution (including induced charges) the instant after the lightning has occurred. You may explain your

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Read PDF Electric Charge And Static Electricity Worksheet Answers American Photography Gravity and Gravitation is a physics book that is written in a form that is easy to understand for high school and beginning college students, as well as science buffs.

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birth of ball lightning. In two cases, navigation crew of aircraft saw ball lightning form at the windscreen inside the cockpit of their planes. In the first case, the ball lightning occurred during a thunderstorm, with much lightning activity outside of the plane. In the

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In reality, ball lightning has been reported in the sciendfic literauire by meteorologists, physicists, chemists, geologists, and Theories of Ball Ughtning Berry-* categorizes in 'estigations of ball lightning into four types: lype 1 ^a form of naturai light­ ning; Type 2 electric discharge in a gaseous

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Sep 15, 2017 the space-charge effects. (If ball lightning was generated in isolation then one would expect charge neutrality; however, nearly all ball lightning sightings are associated with a light-ning channel.) This assumption is based on the fact that elec-trons are far more mobile than ions, drifting 100 times faster

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The electric field can not only do work, but store energy. The storage of energy in electric fields, and its release, is the basis of chemical energy. The metabolizing of food and burning of fuel are basically the act of rearranging configurations of electric charge so as to release some of the energy stored in the original arrangement.


If an object possesses an electric charge, it is said to be electrified or charged. When it has no charge it is said to be neutral. UNIFICATION OF ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM In olden days, electricity and magnetism were treated as separate subjects. Electricity dealt with charges on glass rods, cat s fur, batteries, lightning, etc., while

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the electrons move freely, we call these conductors, they conduct electric charge well, and if you apply an external electric field, it is easy to induce electric current, a river of electrons. Metals are conductors, copper is the best, and makes good wires for carrying electrical current.

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outside (see Fig. 15.1b and c). The electric charges present on the surface of the metal can exert an electric force on the electrons in the electroscope that just balances the force exerted by the charged plastic rod outside; the net electric force exerted on the electrons in the electroscope rod under the can is zero.

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38. What is the electric force between a proton and an alpha particle (charge 2 e) that are separated by a distance of 4.5 × 10 −6 m? (e 1.60 × 10 −19 C, k C 8.99 × 10 9 N m 2/C 2) 39. A thundercloud has an electric charge of 48.8 C near the top of the cloud and 41.7 C near the bottom of the cloud.