Vibrotactile Display Of Flight Attitude With Combination Of Multiple Coding Parameters

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by Z XINGZI Cited by 6 multiple images of a scene, the 3D model of the image can be obtained with attitude towards the proposed ideas is between neutral and largely positive, which leads to 7.2.2 Automatic estimation of camera parameters from single image of the statue is directly used for visual display and haptic interaction, the 

Haptics - Social Robotics Lab - Yale University

ing to its limits, many researchers turn to the haptic modality - the sense of touch - as a means of conveying unauthorized copying under Title 17, United States Code. ProQuest 6.8.4 Preferences for specific parameter combinations. cant differences between the vibrotactile and visual feedback groups for each of the.


by C Branje Cited by 2 Attitudes about the Vibrochord and vibrotactile music seemed cautiously Figure 1 - The Emoti-Chair a high density vibrotactile display, with 16 (melodies on a single vibrator, melodies across multiple vibrators and chords). research with musical instruments, it should be combined with a more that axis or plane.

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by JBF van Erp 2007 Cited by 97 Vibrotactile spatial resolution on the torso: Effects of location and timing 6.2 Experiment 7: Pilot study on distance coding schemes 7.2 Experiment 10: Tactile altitude display Among the many functions of the skin, that of sensory system is straight and level flight, at least five aircraft parameters (attitude, airspeed,.

Human Factors Design Guidance - NHTSA

specific, quantitative design parameter values, if available, that can be incorporated Secondary tasks are numerous and many may benefit drivers in some way (e.g., Head-Up Display (HUD): Used in conjunction with auditory or haptic alerts to facilitate driver comprehension of more complex vibrotactile seat displays.


by BP Self Cited by 44 issues related to coding principles; that is, how best to develop tactile patterns to be that tactile displays in military environments will often use vibrotactile stimuli temporal parameters. Although it is technically feasible to display multiple pieces of information flight problems caused by different flight attitude indicators.


ATTITUDE AWARE SMARTPHONES FOR TELE-OPERATED 3.7 Settings View small, tele-operated, ground robot was developed and assessed via a multi-phase the trained pilots currently flying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). primarily through subtle visual indicators in combination with physical device.


by J Orasanu 2012 Interim Report #3. FAA/NASA NextGen Flight Deck Human Factors Research parameters displayed in the cockpit are appropriately set. What is important for 

D4.3 Interim Report on Reactive Behaviour and Haptic - UPF

30 Nov 2020 Interaction Fields types and their combination virtual agents, and evaluates the usage of vibrotactile wearable They defined the in-group attitude which was research, we simulate the environment as a 2D plane, and agents several example, we noticed the importance of this parameter, and in 

Method generation for the evaluation of virtual buttons with

by L Diwischek 2016 domain, and force-sensing for activation combined with vibrational and auditory feedback (so- Vibrotactile and auditory feedback coupled with each designed carefully and several parameters need to be amplified when taking the testing from a The DIN EN ISO 16352:2005 states three parameters for coding a tactile 

Neuromorphic sensory substitution with an asynchronous

by K Arth 2018 This test reveals learning processes across multiple sessions The first results show that an event-based sys- of the back, especially with vibrotactile stimulation[167]. The process of learning is a crucial parameter in sensory substitution Flight Attitude with 2 Combination of Multiple Coding Pa-.

Baseline and Multimodal UAV GCS Interface Design - DTIC

by W Giang 2011 Cited by 1 aggregate attitude upset tactile display, were chosen for further development and testing. automation and autonomy provide several benefits: (a) increased flight safety; (b) simplified Combination of Yaw and Pitch Displays to form Yaw-Pitch were coded using the two tactors by varying the number of tactors vibrating 

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by E Masnavi 2011 Cited by 1 tactile displays, we proposed some methods for displaying flight dynamics (Roll, Pitch Many thanks are extended to professors Hamid Tizhoosh for 2.4 Vibrotactile Spatial Acuity of the Trunk and Effects of Timing Parameters on Localization 2.5.3 Coding Information by using Different Durations of Vibrotactile stimuli

Human Factors: a view from an integrative perspective - HFES

13 Dec 2012 Eye-tracking parameters as a predictor of human performance in the detection of Time as a safety critical system integrator for flight control recovery in aviation camera views of the remote robot in the form of colour-coded 3D visual functions with each level assigning a function or a combination of 

Information acquisition in physical human-machine interaction

by M Ogrinc This thesis develops a feedback method based on vibrotactile apparent motion for display of navigation cues to an autistic deafblind individual is evaluated. In particular A tactile array (bottom) can employ combination of encodings to produce L for multiple values of the Weber fractions that were considered. Based on 

ComTouch: A Vibrotactile Mobile Communication Device

by A Chang 2002 Cited by 3 The approach of ComTouch is to use this vibrotactile mapping for conveying the Cognitive aspects of touch in combination with other modalities Figure 3-3 Design variables for tactile communication. Several artistic explorations advanced the idea of haptic mouse, serve as a redundant sensory display for visual.


Four pilots completed a 24 h simulator flight in eleven 2 h legs terminated by ILS landings. The lise of codes permits the simultaneous transmission of multiple data on a limited chosen so that experimental variables could beevaluated within the context of an number on counter display), and execute the response.

Tactile Memory Accuracy of the Blind - Student Theses Faculty

by KI Paul 2016 4.2 Differences Between Temporal and Location Coding 5.4 Combined Effect on Tactile Working Memory Performance while Using the Cane How many vibro-tactile items can be presented before recall accuracy de- creases of-Flight 3D camera which is analysed in real-time by a portable computer.

Low Frequency Noise Study - ROSA P

8.2 Ability of Tokita Nakamura Threshold to Prediction Aviation Noise Impact ​ Code of Federal Regulations level LFN events may cause rattle (i.e. simultaneous multiple runway Conduct statistical analysis to establish what combination of physical The noise monitor reported hourly Leq values, from which an.

Spatial Disorientation - NATO STO

presented at the Symposium but several authors quoted accident rates. plane'(​MP) and an 'arc segmented'(ASR) attitude display in a PC based flight Tactor activation may also be coded for vertical and/or horizontal velocity and in The combination of the parameters and G-profiles of the test was different in each.

Flight Control with Large Time Delays and - mediaTUM

by TMJ Fricke 2017 Cited by 1 a simulator flight with a time delay of several seconds. To cope Figure 3.6 Illustration of some of the Neal-Smith Criterion parameters, as in [92] 46 airplane, i.e., the combination of airframe and digital flight control algorithms. instruments or the outside environment, but with the help of a vibro-tactile torso display.

42nd European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP

28 Aug 2019 show that many specific properties of human face percep- represented visual angles intersecting a picture plane in ulation code precluding their perception as a part of a single saccade parameters on fixation-related potentials during laboratory has focussed on how the combination of synaes-.

An Exploration of Tactile Warning Design Based on Perceived

by Y Li 2013 Cited by 1 several warning designs with three important parameters of tactile warnings with subjective rating. In Experiment 3 I examined one warning design in the context of flight simulation. Table 18: Criteria of attitude status to match activation levels​. preliminary work, we developed a wearable tactile display to present tactile 

A Review of Surface Haptics: Enabling Tactile Effects - arXiv

by C Basdogan 2020 Cited by 17 Index Terms surface haptics, tactile feedback, vibrotactile, the tangential plane to display tactile effects if there is a The combination of two vibration modes is also possible The en- coded signals then travel across a series of neural structures There are several parameters affecting the tactile per-.

Visual Flow Display for Pilot Spatial Orientation - DiVA portal

by L Eriksson 2009 Cited by 2 direction of any of the aircraft control and performance flight parameters (p. 298)​. As one of several illusions termed 'somatogravic'12 the illusion of pitch as means that a constant aircraft speed combined with a decrease in altitude employed display coding principle, the user's expectations and preferences, and the 

A vibrotactile belt to display precise directional - J-Stage

by Q Ouyang 2018 [2] Q. Ouyang, et al.: Vibrotactile display of flight attitude with combination of multiple coding parameters, Appl. Sci. 7 (2017) 

Vibrotactile Display of Flight Attitude with Combination - MDPI

by Q Ouyang 2017 Cited by 3 In this paper, seven coding methods with seven combinations of multiple coding parameters (location, rhythm, intensity, and mode) were 

Integrative Warning Concept for Multiple Driver Assistance

by R Zarife Cited by 18 an important question is how multiple ADAS warnings can be integrated into the Furthermore, the C-HIP model includes factors like attitudes, belief and parameters are used to map information into a warning, e.g. criticality through auditory warnings contained direction cues and were presented in a head-up display.

Design for All - CEN-CENELEC

characteristics of telephony terminals Part 3: Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) A-​law, loudspeaking ISO 9241-1: Ergonomic requirements for office work with visual display environment (e.g. work practices, organizational structure and attitudes). Many users will be unable to distinguish certain colour combinations​.

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by P Eslambolchilar 2006 Cited by 11 and not only applicable on small screen devices but also in many range of com- a paper, prepare demo, code intelligibly, recover a crashed Pocket PC, and stay focussed. and enthusiastic attitude and motivating ideas within the subject field which 5.9 An example of bad coefficients settings for tilt-controlled SDAZ.

Effects of multi-directional vibrotactile feedback on vestibular

by KH Sienkoa 2008 Cited by 73 Eight subjects with vestibular loss donned a multi-axis feedback device that mapped body tilt estimates the subject, a vibrotactile display, and a laptop comput-.

User-centered design of an attitude-aware controller for

by AM Walker 2015 Cited by 2 a blend of psychology, engineering, and computer programming. ator a larger periodic field of view, many operators have difficulty reconciling the viewing slider along the bottom of the screen allows access to the settings menu a where users were observed inadvertently flying the aircraft backward, given their​ 

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by J Mc Knight 2006 Cited by 1 Recognition System and Vibrotactile Display of gestures using multiple orientation sensors attached to the arm. parameters can be used in encoding information through them. This type of drift compensation is often called attitude gesture as a combination of at least one and possible 3 different classes of Roll​, Pitch.

Spatialized Auditory and Vibrotactile Cueing for Dynamic

by RJ Cunio 2019 additional benefit when combined with the auditory display. Dommett, for his programming expertise and countless hours of Many operational settings require visual searches of spatial up displays (HUDs), which communicate altitude, direction, distance, and other Human factors in aviation (pp.

Vibrotactile Displaying of Flight Attitude with Combination of Multiple

Type of the Paper (Article). 1. Vibrotactile Displaying of Flight Attitude with. 2. Combination of Multiple Coding Parameters. 3. Qiangqiang Ouyang 1, Juan Wu1​. 4.

Head-mounted Sensory Augmentation System for - CORE

by H Kerdegari 2017 Cited by 1 batteries and a refined vibrotactile display composed of seven vibration motors based on the results combinations of two command presentation modes (​continuous, discrete) and two frequency as a natural parameter for encoding information when erates a midway phantom sensation between multiple stimuli when.

Supporting route guidance of car drivers with a tactile display

therefore, be used as a parameter for encoding vibrotactile information. was attained by combining a tactile display with a visual display or an auditory display​.

full proceedings - HFES Europe

by D de Waard Anger and bother experience when driving with a traffic light assistant: A multi- laboratory settings show that computer mice allow for a faster and more precise physical effort, and efficiency (combination of the first two measurements). the environment is time-critical especially in low altitude flight and poor visibility.

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by O Carlander 2013 settings, and that a tactile display can counteract front-back confusion the driver of a combat vehicle it was found that combining displays for different Vibrotactile displays can be used to present directional or coded information to an concluded that the altitude errors seen in flight was reduced by 50% and that a tactile.

Exploring Real-time Feedback for Learning to Play the Violin

by RMG Johnson 2014 Cited by 5 MusicJacket - combining motion capture and vibrotactile feedback to teach violin In a laboratory setting it is easy to view learning the violin simply as feedback in these multiple settings the aim is to understand the role real-time feedback can play where high scores indicated a positive attitude towards the instructions.


by JL Rochlis 1998 Cited by 10 human flight and space travel came unusual sensory environments (greater A vibrotactile display that was proposed to increase one's SA has been developed and Station (ISS) astronauts in the space program combined with the unique displays (attitude indicators, altitude and speed indicators, pressure gauges, etc.)​ 

Summary of Tactile User Interfaces Techniques and Systems

Many of the parameters associated with tactors and is not available, the combination of other coding mechanisms (e.g. size, shape) may be useful. touch. There are two basic types of vibrotactile displays: pins and larger point-​contact stimulators. For straight-and-level flight, use of the tactile display resulted in a 20% 

General Aviation pilot situation assessment and decision

the results shows a clear benefit of the active reminder display with a credibly The posterior intercept (β0), slope (β1), and scale (σ) parameters from the robust linear situation assessment relates to several factors, such as a pilots' cognitive pilot detection and decision-making during at-altitude flight, we started the 

The generation of vibrotactile patterns on a linear array

by RW Cholewiak 2000 Cited by 139 tile display can enhance environmental awareness. In this study, optimal parameters were explored for lines presented dynamically to the skin with vibrotactile 

Development of augmented reality serious games with a

by L Zhu 2020 Cited by 3 A haptic feedback for VR HMDs was presented by combining vibrotactile Vibrotactile display of flight attitude with combination of multiple coding parameters.

Tactile illusory movement: Effects of spatio-temporal - MADOC

by A Schwab 2008 Cited by 1 information about an aircraft's attitude or threat to the pilot, and thus maintains an and high-frequency vibrotactile stimulus patterns on hairy skin are needed to location of saltatory stimuli (multiple stimuli at each of three locations) or the The combinations of these conditions resulted in four different spatial settings.

Delft University of Technology Haptic feedback for flight

18 Nov 2020 support pilots in monitoring the main flight parameters by employing a flight envelope exploratory research, included both vibro-tactile cues and force feedback. The visual display was evaluated using sixteen professional Airbus pilots Figure 1.2: Pilot-aircraft control loop, combined with the haptic 

Fabien DANIEAU Contribution to the Study of Haptic

by F Danieau 2014 Cited by 2 The combination of haptics and audiovisual content becomes the complete medium of haptic-audiovisual the edition of multiple parameters (usually three translational accelerations and three angular display them with a vibrotactile device [uR08]. Since there is no obvious way to classify the encoding of haptic effects 

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The sensitivity threshold plots show the multiple hot spots of these fields due to the innervation of multiple receptors. Reprinted from Tactile sensory coding in 

Haptic Experience Design (DRAFT: January 9, 2017) - UBC

9 Jan 2017 tively design three vibrotactile effect authoring tools, each a case study covering a example on a mobile touch screen, can be manipulated by both mechanical The Tactile Brush algorithm [126] combined phantom tactile detection depends on many variables, including location on the user's body, how.