Genetic Variation Of 5 SNPs Of MC1R Gene In Chinese Indigenous Sheep Breeds

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Genomic mapping identifies two genetic variants in the MC1R

we conducted a genome-wide association study to identify candidate genes and genetic variants associated with coat colour in 75 Chinese Tan sheep using the ovine 600K SNP BeadChip. Accordingly, we identified two significant SNPs (rs409651063 at 14.232 Mb and rs408511664 at 14.228 Mb) associated with coat colour in the MC1R gene on chromo-

Life Science Journal 2017;14(12) http://www.lifesciencesite

(pig 5, dog 3, sheep 2, cattle arctic fox 2, horse 1 and red fox 1) for MC1R gene (Switonski et al., 2013). And also, 22 polymorphic sites were observed in coat colour variation in canids (10 in the dog, 8 in the red fox, 3 in the arctic fox and 1 in the Chinese raccoon dog (Nowacka‐Woszuk et al., 2013). In addition, a

Molecular characterization of coat color gene in Sahiwal

MC1R gene must reveal an effect on the coat color of the diverse animal species like the cow, buffalo, Chinese yakow [14 18] sheep, goat [19, 20], pigs, horses [21, 22] foxes, dogs [23, 24], cats, and mice [25, 26]. The MC1R gene encoding for a 7-transmembrane do-main [27] contains a single exon spanning over 954 base pairs.

Adaptive molecular evolution of MC1R gene reveals the

associated to the phenotypic variation. However, the signatures of selection on genes entailing for profitable traits between Chinese commercial and indigenous goats have been poorly interpreted. We noticed footprints of positive selection at MC1R gene containing SNPs genotyped in five Chinese native goat breeds. An

A 6-bp deletion in exon 8 and two mutations in introns of

of MC1R gene. Three MC1R alleles were identified, ED1 (MC1R*2, MC1R*21, MC1R*23), E+ (MC1R*19) and EP (MC1R*6). All these three detected alleles have been documented in Chinesedomestic pig breeds in previous report (Li et al., 2010). As shown in Table 2, all of these al-leles existed both in black and blond pigs and there are no significant

The Identification of SNPs in BCDO2 Gene for Skin Color in

BCDO2 gene and the yellow skin phenotype in European domestic chicken has been reported. Here, we genotyped the reported SNPs (SNP A, SNP B, and SNP C) of the BCDO2 gene in 183 Chinese Indigenous chickens from 11 breeds/populations, including 57 yellow, 17 white, and 109 black skin chickens. The frequency of all three SNPs were

Genomic regions under selection for important traits in

REVIEW Genomic regions under selection for important traits in domestic horse breeds Xuexue LIU1,2, Yuehui MA1,2, Lin JIANG( )1,2 1 Institute of Animal Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural

Whole-genome sequencing of eight goat populations for the

(Fig. 2a, Supplementary Dataset S1 and S2). MC1R plays key roles in the regulation of eumelanin (black/brown) and phaeomelanin (red/yellow) synthesis in mammalian melanocytes. Mutations in the MC1R gene have been associated with coat colors variation in pigs23,24, cattle25, and goats26. As an antagonist to MC1R to stimulate

Genomic Characteristics and Selection Signatures in

with that of some global commercial breeds, indigenous goat breeds are facing the problem of genetic invasion and resource degradation in recent years (Kim et al.,2019;Monau et al.,2020).