Utilitarian Moral Judgment In Psychopathy

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Simulating Moral Actions: An Investigation of - CentAUR

oleh KB Francis 2017 Dirujuk 40 kali Anti-social personality traits, including psychopathy, predicted this endorsement of harm in VR, but did not predict utilitarian judgments in text-based 

Psychopathy and Moral Dilemma Judgments - Society for

oleh D Luke Dirujuk 7 kali Research on moral dilemma judgment suggests that higher levels of psychopathy are associated with a greater preference for utilitarian over deontological 

Psychopathy and Moral Dilemma Judgments - Bertram

oleh DM Luke 2021 Dirujuk 7 kali Research on moral dilemma judgment suggests that higher levels of psy- chopathy are associated with a greater preference for utilitarian over.18 halaman

Dark Tetrad Responses to Moral Dilemmas - Digital

oleh K Wrenn 2020 Furthermore, individuals who score high in psychopathy may utilize more utilitarian moral reasoning due to their emotional deficits (Blair, 2007) 

Psychopathy: Morally Incapacitated Persons

low-anxious psychopaths make more utilitarian judgments on personal moral dilemmas compared to controls, whereas high-anxious psychopaths perform at.21 halaman

Two Models of Moral Judgment - Wiley Online Library

oleh S Bretz 2018 Dirujuk 13 kali (2008) argued that in personal dilemmas, load affected only utilitarian judgments because these judgments required explicit (rational) cognitive processes (i.e. 

How Can Studying Psychopaths Help Us Understand the

oleh AL Glenn Dirujuk 7 kali The role of emotion and cognition in moral judgment has yet to be determined. In situations in which individuals make non-utilitarian judgments, their.

psychopathic traits are related to diminished guilt aversion

oleh X Gong 2019 Dirujuk 6 kali offenders with psychopathy showed deficits in reasoning about social rules these social dilemmas found no differences in utilitarian moral judgment 

Low Levels of Empathic Concern Predict Utilitarian Moral

oleh E Gleichgerrcht 2013 Dirujuk 260 kali Citation: Gleichgerrcht E, Young L (2013) Low Levels of Empathic Concern Predict Utilitarian Moral Judgment. PLoS ONE 8(4): e60418. doi:10.1371/.

European Portuguese adaptation and validation of dilemmas

oleh C Fernandes 2018 Dirujuk 4 kali utilitarian moral judgment with controlled cognitive a more utilitarian judgment.11-14. Adults with psychopathy, who show pronounced deficits.

A Dual-Process Account of Moral Judgment: What

oleh D Kelly 2016 Kohlberg's reasoning tasks privileged utilitarian reasoning as being one of the highest forms of morality. As such, by being utilitarian4 psychopaths can 


oleh CV Griffiths 2019 make moral judgements as a part of his defense of utilitarianism. Applying Greene's model to psychopaths raises questions about his.

An investigation of psychopathic traits and utilitarian moral

reasoning of psychopathic individuals. Recent examination of psychopathy and utilitarianism suggests that psychopaths' moral decision-making differs from 

Alcohol, empathy, and morality - Warwick WRAP

26 items oleh KB Francis 2019 Dirujuk 3 kali that deliberative reasoning results in greater utilitarian moral traits inversely related to psychopathy such as Honesty-.

Psychopathy Increases Perceived Moral Permissibility of

oleh L Young Dirujuk 124 kali psychopaths and 25 criminal nonpsychopaths on a moral judgment task Antisocial personality traits predict utilitarian responses to moral dilem-.9 halaman

Do psychopathic patients use their DLPFC when - Nature

oleh S Tassy 2009 Dirujuk 27 kali Brodman areas 10, 11, 25 and 32) when facing moral dilemmas. These patients made unusual utilitarian judgments as they endorsed harmful actions to peers.


oleh PB Bauman psychopathy, and life meaninglessness. These results question the widely-used methods by which lay moral judgments are evaluated, as these approaches lead 

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oleh A Körner 2020 Dirujuk 16 kali approach treats utilitarian and deontological judgments as between psychopathy and moral dilemma judgments in the.

Alcohol, Empathy, and Morality: Acute effects of alcohol

26 items oleh KB Francis 2019 Dirujuk 3 kali found in psychopathic populations, results from deficits in affective empathy1 increased non-utilitarian moral judgments (Greene et al., 2001).

Virtual Morality: Transitioning from Moral Judgment to Moral

oleh KB Francis 2016 Dirujuk 86 kali systems are associated with non-utilitarian moral judgments [5]. rise that traits associated with Psychopathy such as low empathy 

Moral reasoning in psychopaths? - University of Tilburg

a prison and forensic psychiatric institution completed a moral judgment test utilitarian moral judgment among psychopaths observed in the study of Cima 

Do psychopathic patients use their DLPFC when making

2009 Dirujuk 27 kali as people make difficult (non personal) utilitarian moral judgments. Thus, according to Greene's theory, when the. VMPFC is damaged, the 'cognitive' system 

Moral identity in psychopathy - Judgment and Decision Making

oleh AL Glenn 2010 Dirujuk 162 kali Keywords: psychopathy, morality, moral identity, antisocial, immoral, moral behavior. that leads to non-utilitarian moral judgments; individuals.9 halaman

The Characteristics of Moral Judgment of Psychopaths: The

oleh S Li 2020 Dirujuk 2 kali Keywords: psychopathy, moral judgment, deontological inclination, utilitarian inclination. Introduction. Psychopathy is a personality disorder that includes  10 halaman

Moral Competence and the Psychopath - Adelaide Research

oleh M Tieu 2013 Various theories of moral judgment have been proposed in light of a mutually competitive role in utilitarian moral judgments with.

Is Utilitarianism Risky? - INSEAD

14 Jul 2015 utilitarianism, deontology, moral judgment, risk taking, affect regulation vmPFC brain lesions, individuals with psychopathic ten-.

The Influence of Situational Factors in Sacrificial Dilemmas on

utilitarian moral judgment and not acting classifies as a deontological situational factors influence utilitarian moral judgments in sacrificial 

The Effects of Exogenous Testosterone on Men's Moral

oleh S Arnocky 2016 Dirujuk 18 kali Koenigs, M., Kruepke, M., Zeier, J., & Newman, J. P. (2012). Utilitarian moral judgment in psychopathy. Social Cognitive and Affective 

Maximizing the clinical impact of moral judgment research

10 Jul 2014 The use of hypothetical moral dilemmas which pit utilitarian Keywords: Moral judgment; Neuropsychology; Social cognition; Psychopathy; 

Phronesis and Psychopathy: The Moral Frame Problem

12 Jun 2014 cognition, moral judgment, and moral action. PRiMARy AND SECoNDARy because of psychopathic or utilitarian tendencies, my moral judgment 

Kant be Compared - Portsmouth Research Portal

oleh A Fleischmann 2020 Moral Dilemmas and Disentangling Deontological from Utilitarian Responses Psychopathic personality and utilitarian moral judgment in college students.

Does Utilitarian Judgment in Moral Dilemmas Reflect a Truly

judgment in moral dilemmas was associated with psychopathic traits, and additionally whether this related to less utilitarian decisions in monetary dilemmas 

physical coldness promotes utilitarian moral judgment

oleh H Nakamura Dirujuk 21 kali process and utilitarian judgment in high-conflict personal moral as psychopathy (Bartels and Pizarro, 2011) and psychoticism.

The Consequentialist Scale: Elucidating the Role of - TSpace

oleh JS Robinson Dirujuk 11 kali Deontological and Utilitarian Beliefs in Moral Judgments 4 Machiavellianism, Psychopathy, Life Meaninglessness and the Consequentialist scale:.

The Psychopaths' Moral Decision Making - Universitas Mercu

economic point of view - one can make in moral dilemmas, it is interesting to see, whether Psychopathy Increases Utilitarian Moral Judgments.

Empathy & Emotional Expression: Implications of Psychopathy

6 Nov 2019 The role of emotion in moral judgment is so prominent that the lack of students by asking them questions about utilitarian decisions, 

'Utilitarian' judgments in sacrificial moral dilemmas do not

oleh G Kahane 2015 Dirujuk 312 kali Moral judgment. Moral dilemmas. Utilitarianism. Psychopathy. Altruism. Impartiality. a b s t r a c t. A growing body of research has focused on so-called  18 halaman

Trait psychopathy and utilitarian moral judgment: The - OSF

oleh I Patil Dirujuk 88 kali Thus, the increased tendency in psychopathy to make utilitarian moral judgments is in part due to reduced aversion to carrying out harmful actions. Keywords: 

Reduced empathic concern leads to utilitarian moral

oleh I Patil Dirujuk 126 kali Keywords: moral judgment, alexithymia, utilitarianism, moral dilemma, behavioral study shows that justifications given by psychopathic.

High levels of psychopathic traits alters moral choice - CORE

oleh S Tassy Dirujuk 81 kali high level of psychopathic traits and increased utilitarianism in choice of action but not in moral judgment may explain the contradictory  6 halaman

Association of heart rate variability with moral judgment

oleh D Armbruster Key words: moral judgment; deontology; utilitarianism; additionally assessed psychopathy since the trait has been repeatedly associated with differ-.

Exploring associations of personality with third-party judgment

oleh A Behnke 2020 Dirujuk 3 kali individuals with higher trait psychopathy punish other players who seek to positively associated with utilitarian judgments in moral 

Beyond moral dilemmas: The role of reasoning in five

2 Jan 2021 minology, a moral judgment is characteristically utilitarian if Patil, 2015) but negatively with psychopathy (Bartels and Pizarro 

Utilitarian moral judgment in psychopathy - Oxford Academic

oleh M Koenigs 2012 Dirujuk 350 kali High-anxious psychopaths and non-psychopaths did not significantly differ in their personal moral judgments. These results provide novel laboratory evidence of  7 halaman

Psychopathic personality and utilitarian moral judgment in

oleh Y Gao 2013 Dirujuk 94 kali Psychopathic personality and utilitarian moral judgment in college students. Yu Gao a,⁎, Simone Tang b a Department of Psychology,  9 halaman

Sometimes Psychopaths Get it Right: A Utilitarian - NYU Stern

moral judgments are most likely to be made by the individuals least likely to possess the character traits generally perceived as moral.

Do High Psychopaths Care More about Moral Consequences

oleh S Li 2020 Dirujuk 1 kali psychopathy characteristics and utilitarian moral judgment are applied. The CNI model is proposed by Gawronski et al., which can quantify 

Sometimes Psychopaths get it Right: A Utilitarian Response to

oleh T PAYTAS 2014 Dirujuk 7 kali character and moral judgement. Although there is no evidence that most individuals who endorse utilitarian solutions have psychopathic.

The Dark Triad of personality and utilitarian moral judgment

27 Jan 2014 ger predictive value of psychopathy in explaining utilitarian moral reasoning is a clear-cut illustration of utilitarianism insofar.3 halaman

Is Utilitarianism Risky? - JSTOR

oleh BJ Lucas 2015 Dirujuk 22 kali utilitarianism, deontology, moral judgment, risk taking, affect regulation vmPFC brain lesions, individuals with psychopathic ten-.