Dirac Node Engineering And Flat Bands In Doped Dirac Materials

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A Lieb-like lattice in a covalent-organic framework and its

by W Jiang Cited by 29 framework (sp2c-COF) represents a material realization of a Lieb-like lattice. The observed ferromagnetism upon doping arises from a Dirac (valence) band in a non-ideal 1 Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Utah, Salt Lake exclusively of light elements, such as the flat bands in ideal 2D.

Discovery of Dirac Node Arcs in PtSn4 Abstract - OSTI.GOV

by Y Wu 2016 Cited by 181 3Department of Materials Science and Engineering,. Iowa State Dirac node arcs - in the ultrahigh magnetoresistive material PtSn4 using laser-based dimension in momentum space and confined by band gaps on either end. Linear magnetoresistance caused by mobility fluctuations in n-doped.

Topological band crossings in epitaxial strained SnTe

by S Fragkos 2019 Cited by 5 2Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of West Attica, 12244 Athens​, Greece. 3Université of Grenoble Dirac node at the borders between type-I and type-II Dirac nodes. terestingly, bulk Pb1−xSnxTe, a material similar to SnTe, other one disperses upwards crossing the flat band, thus.

Quantum transport in Dirac and Weyl semimetals - Taylor

by S Wang 2017 Cited by 85 Physics, institute for Quantum science and engineering, south in two typical topological semimetals, namely Dirac and Weyl Different energy bands classify various materials. realize Weyl semimetal has only a pair of Weyl nodes, which can only In the same material Cd3As2 but being n-doped, a 

Electron Interactions and Nanotube Fluorescence Spectroscopy

I. Introduction : Many examples of topological band phenomena. II. Recent Line node semimetal Inversion of opposite parity bands leads to a Dirac Circle Band inversion can be controlled by doping with transition metal atoms X Nearly Flat Surface Bands. Surface Brillouin Zone. Projected. Dirac circle. Flat band kx.

Pressure-induced superconductivity and - HPSTAR

by E Cheng Cited by 6 freedom, and superconductivity has been found in many materials via this route​29 31. such as flat bands, Weyl and Dirac nodes, Dirac nodal lines, zeroes.

Dirac node engineering and flat bands in doped Dirac materials

by A Pertsova European Physical Society. Condensed Matter Division. CMD2020GEFES. Dirac node engineering and flat bands in doped Dirac materials. Anna Pertsova. 1.1 page

Electron Interactions and Nanotube Fluorescence Spectroscopy

I. Introduction : Many examples of topological band phenomena. II. Recent Line node semimetal Inversion of opposite parity bands leads to a Dirac Circle Band inversion can be controlled by doping with transition metal atoms X Nearly Flat Surface Bands. Surface Brillouin Zone. Projected. Dirac circle. Flat band kx.

Lecture Notes - Harvard University

13 May 2021 between the flat bands and the lowest Landau level give insight into the effect of interactions. This is a special feature arising from graphene's Dirac electrons. Consequently, at low doping the superconducting Tc was predicted to be limited were identified, a class of nickelate materials were deemed 

2D Dirac electrons in 3D materials - Research Explorer

2.10 Schematic of 3D Dirac semimetal transition and 3D Dirac cone dispersion 26. 2.11 Schematic of Weyl semimetal and Weyl nodes of opposite chirality 27.

Direct Observation of Landau Level Resonance and Mass

28 Feb 2017 Key Laboratory of Polar Materials and Devices, Ministry of Education, Department of dynamics and band evolution in Cd3As2 thin films with controlled breaking and the resultant Dirac gap engineering through Cr substitution for Cd atoms. of Dirac nodes through photoemission spectroscopy.​4,10,11.

Experimental realization of two-dimensional Dirac nodal line

by B Feng Cited by 143 nontrivial valence and conduction bands that touch at a line near the Fermi level. The exotic Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo 315201, China. Dirac/Weyl semimetals3 6 and nodal line semimetals7 18. originate from the electron doping of the metallic Cu(111).

Dirac node engineering and flat bands in doped Dirac materials

by A Pertsova 2020 (Dated: today). We suggest the tried approach of impurity band engineering to produce flat bands and additional nodes in Dirac materials.

Robust Platforms for Superconductivity - Diva Portal

Topological Phases of Matter, Flat bands, Van Hove Singularity, Graphene, Twisted Bilayer ing, and there are many predictions of superconductivity in doped graphene. In materials host gapless Dirac fermion metallic edge states [​23, 24]. Weyl nodes are the momentum space analogs of the magnetic hedgehog and.

Quantum Hall effect of Weyl fermions in n-type

1School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA. topological materials with Dirac/Weyl nodal features in their band Weyl nodes, they both share similarity in band topology, spin tex- doping and detect a topologically non-trivial π Berry phase in quantum Hall sequences.

Dirac Cones in two-dimensional conjugated polymer - Nature

by JJ Adjizian 2014 Cited by 60 Linear electronic band dispersion and the associated Dirac physics has special-case materials, notably graphene and the surfaces of possibilities for doping and Dirac cone distortion. The wavefunctions have nodes at the connectors, rendering them nondispersive and giving rise to flat bands whose.


Alireza Nojeh, Electrical & Computer Engineering. University and without (b) time reversal symmetry T Weyl nodes are represented by circles with ducting; the resulting zero-energy surface flat bands linking the Dirac nodes are mer School for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics through NSF grant DMR-.

template CMD2020GEFES (1)

by TA Benschop Jeanie Lau (invited). 10:10-10:30 Flat band superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene. Dirac node engineering and flat bands in doped Dirac materials.31 pages

Dirac Cones, Topological Edge States, and Nontrivial Flat

by E Kalesaki 2014 Cited by 145 2Physics and Materials Science Research Unit, University of We show that the width of the Dirac bands varies between tens and hundreds functions on each node of the honeycomb. tronic doping, and surface termination of the 2D honeycomb Engineering Artificial Graphene in a Two-Dimensional.12 pages

Spin and Charge transport in Dirac Materials - Max-Planck

of electrical engineering. I would like to thank Martin band (n-doping) e.g. from the conduction band to acceptor states near the conduction The Dirac nodes in graphene are protected by time-reversal symmetry. T H (k)T −1 still flat up to 200 K, signifying the robustness of spin injection in this device (see. Figure 4.15  161 pages

Ultrafast investigation and control of Dirac and Weyl semimetals

by CP Weber 2021 Cited by 1 of these materials' characteristic properties their linear band dispersion, Berry curvature, near-vanishing density of states line semimetals (with a continuous line of Dirac nodes) a)Electronic tures, and surface doping films' large, flat surfaces facil- romagnet by optical engineering of the crystal field.

Recent advances in Dirac spin-gapless semiconductors

by X Wang 2018 Cited by 57 Engineering Physical Sciences and Mathematics Long range intrinsic ferromagnetism in two dimensional materials and has a similar Dirac band structure to that of the DSGSs, has essary properties such as magnetism through doping. wiched by two flat bands, respectively, and the Dirac type.

Optical Studies on Dirac and Weyl Semimetals - OPUS

by MB Schilling 2018 Dirac materials, including the nodal line semimetal ZrSiS, the topologically non- results to band structure calculations and find excellent agreement. Flat Optical Conductivity in ZrSiS due to Two-Dimensional Dirac Bands node-like Fermi surface of a Dirac cone or Fermi arcs of a Weyl semimetal can 

Electronic correlations in nodal-line semimetals

by Y Shao Cited by 32 3Institute for Molecules and Materials, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The. Netherlands. 4Department of Physics, Institute for Nanoscience and Engineering, Dirac fermions with highly dispersive linear bands1 3 are they are above, in contrast to the flat nodal line (Fig. 1d). dispersion when the doping is not too large.

Observation of Dirac Node Formation and Mass - CiteSeerX

by Y Okada Cited by 272 Our work paves the way for engineering the Dirac band gap and realizing interaction-driven topological to control the properties of Dirac materials through strain or doping. the Lifshitz transition; the flat dispersion at the.

Synthesis, Transport, and Thermoelectric Studies of

by TA Hosseini 2017 DIRAC SEMIMETAL CD3AS2 FOR ROOM TEMPERATURE WASTE HEAT Normalized thermoelectric properties and ZT versus doping concentration at 300k properties of materials depends on the existence of a finite band gap and the the density of states, band structure engineering, and by means of quantum​ 

Optical signatures of Dirac nodal lines in NbAs - PNAS

tum materials with linear bands and symmetry-protected the opening of the low​-lying gap 2∆ in Dirac band dispersion. tivity (Right) for 3D Weyl cones (A), flat nodal line (B), and dispersive nodal Note that the conductivity spectra in A apply to Dirac nodes as well. We believe that the lightly doped Dirac nodal lines.

Weyl nodes and magnetostructural instability in antiperovskite

by SML Teicher 2019 Cited by 2 tions in structural alloys and Mn3SnC3 and carbon-doped Mn3ZnN4 exhibit negative associated with a flat band (FB) with large density of states (DOS) near the materials with a graphene-like linear-band crossing, or Dirac cone, near the a Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC). (​Grant No.

Observation of effective pseudospin scattering in - DR-NTU

by MS Lodge 2017 Cited by 24 ABSTRACT: 3D Dirac semimetals are an emerging class of materials that with opposite pseudospin deep inside valence and conduction bands. quasiparticle interference at the atomic level will aid defect engineering at the synthesis level, line node is predicted to exist near the Fermi energy with linear dispersion 

Dirac terahertz plasmonics in two and three dimensions - SUTD

by KJA Ooi 2020 Cited by 5 a School of Energy and Chemical Engineering, Xiamen University Malaysia, band [8]. Before the age of Dirac materials, the absence of materials with well as environmental substrate-doping of carrier densities, place its CaTe: a new topological node-line and Dirac semimetal, Npj Quantum Mater.

Epitaxial thin films of Dirac semimetal antiperovskite Cu

by CX Quintela 2017 Cited by 10 5Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of band structure calculations, we discuss the interplay between nitrogen stoichiome- DSMs are robust against physical perturbations and doping as they are C4 crystal symmetry of Cu3PdN is broken, the Dirac nodes in the 

Monoclinic C16:sp2-sp3 Hybridized Nodal-Line Semimetal

by X Feng 2018 Cited by 24 These include the Dirac band and band inversion around the Fermi level, and four on the (001) surface of mC16 and the double drumhead-like flat surface state semimetals, topological carbon materials are particularly interesting Topological node-line semimetal in three-dimensional graphene.

Strain engineering the topological type-II Dirac semimetal

15 Mar 2021 The simplest example of a Dirac material is graphene, for which valence and of its Dirac node, closer to the Fermi level when compared with similar systems [42,​55 5,6 symmetry representation is nearly flat and close to the with Li doping shows the formation of dispersionless bands close to the Fermi 

Topological node-line semimetal in three-dimensional

by H Weng 2015 Cited by 550 4International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (WPI-MANA), National Institute The bulk node line can evolve into a 3D Dirac point in the absence of inversion (d) The eigenenergy distribution of a surface flat band nestled inside of a Bicontinuous nanoporous N-doped graphene for the oxygen.

BCS-BEC crossover and superconductor-insulator transition

by S Saito 2019 Cited by 2 Science, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Southampton, metal characteristics with the existence of both Weyl and Dirac Fermions electrons, regardless of the definite number of electrons in a material, because the Hopfene and the observed flat-band features would be favourable for the 

Robust semi-Dirac points and unconventional - SciPost

by M Horsdal Cited by 5 transitions in doped superconducting Sr2IrO4 tunnel coupled to Semi-Dirac fermions are known to exist at the critical points of ing materials so that their low-energy theory is described by effective momentum space structure of the topologically protected flat bands at the surface. engineering, Phys.

Semi-Dirac Dispersion, and its Various Aspects By

by S BANERJEE 2012 Cited by 1 Topological aspect of the semi-Dirac band structure: Calculation of Berry's Phase a spectrum at the point node in the A-phase of superfluid He3 [7] and studied its topo- In condensed matter physics properties of a material depends on how an which is small (for the VO2 system only very small doping levels will remain​ 

Topological carbon materials: a new perspective - NSF-PAR

by Y Chen 2020 Cited by 11 upon doping helped the establishment of the field of organic conductive 0, corresponding to a point node with fourfold-degeneracy and linear of two Dirac bands plus a flat band as can be seen in Fig. of Science and Office of Basic Energy Sciences, Materials Sciences and Engineering Division, U.S

Six-membered-ring inorganic materials: definition and prospects

by G Liu Cited by 1 intriguing properties and phenomena, such as Dirac electronic and phononic (​a) Scheme of materials science and engineering research framework linked to Cu2Si have a flat monolayer structure, while a By switching on the SOC effect, the Dirac nodal lines are broken into Weyl nodes and the SNOP is split into two 

Topologically nontrivial electronic states in CaSn3 - Dr

by S Gupta 2017 Cited by 14 Berry curvature calculations show that these nodes of materials, and (iv) topological materials beyond Dirac and observed in some topological materials with doping25 27 and jected on a 2D plane and a surface flat band when viewed Engineering Research Board, DST, India, for a fellowship.

Dirac Cones, Topological Edge States, and Nontrivial Flat

by E Kalesaki 2014 Cited by 145 2Physics and Materials Science Research Unit, University of We show that the width of the Dirac bands varies between tens and hundreds functions on each node of the honeycomb. tronic doping, and surface termination of the 2D honeycomb Engineering Artificial Graphene in a Two-Dimensional.

Maximally Localized Wannier Orbitals and the Extended

by M Koshino 2018 Cited by 367 magic angles, around which nearly flat bands with extremely narrow bandwidth structures to the Supplemental Material [40]. III. original Dirac points, we pick up q's inside the cutoff circle jq − q0j < qc, where A detailed analysis of Dirac nodes and mass generation and Engineering under Award No.

Topological Science - DoD Basic Research Office

7 Apr 2020 To examine the potential of topological materials, a workshop was held on July 30-31, 2019 at the doping of semiconductors for modern computing to novel anomalous Hall systems, Weyl and Dirac semimetals (linear band touchings) (​2) The development of a theory of engineering flat band systems.

Epitaxial Thin Films of Dirac Semimetal Antiperovskite Cu3PdN

5 Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of California Irvine composition analyses and ab initio band structure calculations​, we discuss the doping. The discovery of three-dimensional (3D) Dirac semimetal (DSM) broken, the Dirac nodes in the 3D-DSM phase are gapped and Cu3PdN 

Topological Phases in Perovskite Iridates with - TSpace

by Y CHEN metallic phase in materials with strong spin-orbit coupling. Such a When the TRS is absent, two Weyl nodes split from the Dirac node and are sepa- zero-​energy flat bands, while ν1D = +1 case supports only zero-energy flat bands generate a high Tc SC in Iridates, where the amount of doping can be controlled by the 

Charged skyrmions and topological origin of superconductivity

5 May 2021 which gives way to superconductivity on doping. Here, we other moiré materials do not show superconductivity but also points to unexplored platforms where robust tum Hall (or flat Chern band) ferromagnets with purely repulsive trilayer case, an additional ingredient is a coexisting Dirac node,.11 pages

Emerging Dirac materials for THz plasmonics - Zenodo

Dirac materials that are endowed with linearly dispersed electronic bands, The complex optical conductivity I(ω) of doped graphene and 3D TIs intensity was tuned by engineering the plasmonic grating with a variable characterized by band touching points (so-called Weyl and Dirac points or nodes) where two or​ 

double/half Dirac cones and quantum - IOPscience

by M Wu 2016 Cited by 39 2Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of It is well known that graphene possesses a band structure with Dirac cones materials[2], such as graphyne[3, 4] and the surface of 3D topological insulators[5​]. by intersections of two bands, namely, node-line rings, right at the Fermi level​, 

Download PDF - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

8 May 2018 Three dimensional (3D) topological insulators are quantum materials with a on the ability to tune the chemical potential on their surfaces in the vicinity of the Dirac node. and molecular-doping to systematically tune the Dirac fermion of electronic structure engineering of the Bi2Te3 surface with alkali 

A Novel Topological Node‐Line Semimetallic

30 Dec 2017 Node-Line Semimetallic Carbon Composed of Tetrarings recent studies on 2D carbon materials show that the other member rings College of Engineering pass through the flat band by electron doping, the Dirac and.