Groundwater Quality And Its Hydrochemical Characteristics In A Shallow Weathered Rock Aquifer Of Southern India

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Hydrogeochemical characterization of a possible carbon sink

Jan 7, 2021 a mass balance method, Gibbs diagrams of the hydrochemistry, and carbon The carbon sequestration of the shallow saline alkaline groundwater, and surface rocks are potential materials in the aquifers occurs during the weathering dissolution of carbonate Himachal Pradesh, India, Environ.

Hydrochemical characteristics and quality assessment of

by Y Srinivas Cited by 35 in contact with rock material, but also reflects inputs from the atmosphere, soil and weathering as well as pollutant sources such as to know the groundwater quality along the coastal aquifer located in the southern end of Tamil Nadu, India. shallow basaltic aquifers, Deccan trap Hydrologic Province,.

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Rajesh, R., Brindha, K. and Elango, L, Groundwater quality and its hydrochemical characteristics in a shallow weathered rock aquifer of southern India , Water 

Hydrogeochemistry and Quality Assessment of Shallow

by P Li Cited by 80 groundwater protection; hydrochemistry; water-rock interaction; groundwater. characteristics of shallow groundwater in the Datong Basin. Xu et al. (2010).

Geochemical processes controlling the groundwater - PLOS

by W Luo 2018 Cited by 45 Based on the distribution characteristics of the aquifers and the hydraulic features​, The major properties and the hydrochemistry of the shallow and deep groundwa- water, and that from the southern piedmont plains (area B0) was most deep groundwater samples were influenced by rock weathering 

Hydrochemical Characteristic of Groundwater and Its - MDPI

by W Feng 2020 Cited by 4 The chemical characteristics and water quality of groundwater alluvial fan and loess terrace area, whereas the southern region is hydrochemical characteristics of shallow groundwater in the study the geochemical processes (weathering of rocks, cation exchange, yields in the Guna district, India.

Geochemical processes controlling the groundwater quality in

by M Senthilkumar Cited by 48 quality in lower Palar river basin, southern India 1Central Ground Water Board, Chennai 600 090, India. Cation exchange and silicate weathering are the important processes control- The hydrogeochemical characteristics of water and Results of hydrochemical processes of wells located in hard rock regions. Initial.

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Mar 9, 2010 A holistic assessment of the quality of groundwater from the shallow aquifer of the Chinnar watershed, Cauvery River, Tamil Nadu. in India, especially in the arid and semi-arid regions of the weathering in the rocks ranges varies from 5 to 15 m near hills South Eastern Coastal Region Chennai.

Hydrogeochemical Characterization and Vulnerability - DOI

Assessment of Shallow Groundwater in Basement Complex groundwater is due to the dissolution of the rock that makes up the aquifer. Plagioclase degree of chemical weathering of various rock hydrochemical processes in order of importance because those with similar qualities will tend to South-West Nigeria.

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India is by far, the largest and fastest growing consumer of groundwater in the world, summarizes various aspects of ground water quality in the shallow aquifers in the country Water-bearing rock formations (aquifers), range in age from qualities. At the same time, hydrochemistry has a potential use for tracing the 

Groundwater Flow Model for a Tannery Belt in Southern India

by NC Mondal 2011 Cited by 17 rated groundwater quality [3,4]. In order to meet the aquifer characteristics; 3) estimation of natural recharge by using well shallow aquifer making use of the available data and simulation for which have also caused weathering of coarser rocks. Weathering used for mass transport modeling as the hydrochemical.

Phreatic Water Quality Assessment and Associated

by F Liu 2020 Cited by 3 Rock weathering and evaporation jointly predominate the evolution of phreatic water chemistry. Due to high permeability and shallow water depth in the Yinchuan plain, phreatic aquifers are highly vulnerable to pollution. characteristics and groundwater quality for the sustainable management of 

Identification of hydrogeochemical processes in the

by PJ Sajil Kumar 2016 Cited by 33 Tamil Nadu; India. 1 Introduction (2010) studied the groundwater quality degrada- controlling the hydrochemistry were the dissolution of 2.1 General characteristics Hard rock terrains hold water in fissures, fractures, joints Shallow weathered aquifers are better developed and yield more in.

Spatial distribution and potential health risk of fluoride - Nature

by Y Hu 2021 water rock interactions and mineral weathering from fluoride bearing minerals characteristics, influencing factors analysis and health risk assessment of and the Carboniferous limestone aquifer in Huaibei27. The quality of shallow groundwater is generally worse than that of deep groundwater in loose Quaternary.

Groundwater quality of an hard rock aquifer in the Subledu

by V Narasaiah 2021 Keywords Quality of groundwater Hard rock aquifer Subledu basin. Introduction India, nearly 80% of the rural population and around 50% of the urban tion is falling from north-west to south of the basin caus- ing the main Ali SA, Ali U (2018) Hydrochemical characteristics and spatial analysis.

Groundwater quality in the alluvial aquifer system of northwest

by DJ Lapworth 2017 Cited by 70 In this study, we explore the hydrochemistry of the top 160 m of. 17 contamination, the degradation of groundwater quality and aquifer Geogenic contamination of shallow groundwater resources from arsenic and fluoride is well weathered rock aquifer in southern India. Role of soil physicochemical characteristics.

Groundwater hydrochemical characteristics and processes

by L Xing 2013 Cited by 91 groundwater in the coastal aquifer (Vandenbohede et al., 2009;. Giambastiani from both shallow aquifers and deep aquifers to a maximum depth changes of hydrochemical characteristics and geochemical pro- south-west to north-east. nant effects of precipitation, rock weathering, or evaporation in.


by C Missi 2018 Cited by 7 Chilwa in the Lake Chilwa Basin in southern Malawi. Our goal was to be made to map shallow fresh groundwater aquifers for domestic and industrial use.

Appraisal of groundwater resource in Holocene soil deposits

in the Gulf of Mannar Coast from Southern India. A. Antony Ravindran1 hydrochemistry in shallow aquifer and mixing of sea water intrusion chemical characteristic of water and environmental analy- sis helps the carried out using 2-D ERT, groundwater quality, sieve of grain size cates weathered gneiss rock. In the 

Silicate or calcite weathering in wet-dry climate in lower

Tamilnadu, India A determinant in global warming. Ramesh K. 1 situated in Thiruvannamalai and Villupuram districts of Tamil Nadu, Southern India. It to assess the geochemical characteristics of groundwater (Laluraj,2005; Subramani, or silicate weathering also determines the quality of the ground water.

Hydrochemical processes and groundwater quality

by J Liua Cited by 2 Water-rock interaction. 1. Introduction ples and used the hydrochemical characteristics to assess the groundwater quality in Telangana State, South India. Other groundwater nary shallow aquifer in Yushenfu mining area. Therefore, the present that the weathering of silicate minerals is the main process regulating the 

Water Quality and Hydrogeochemical Characteristics of Some

by MA Hoaghia 2021 The groundwater quality index (GWQI) showed that the waters are of However, the karst aquifers are the most vulnerable to anthropic interaction, ion exchange, weathering, geological structure, rock type, flow northern part of the area) and 570 mm (at low altitudes in the southern part of the Apuseni.

Status of Geochemical behavior of ground water of - IRJET

Muktainagar Area of Jalgaon District M.S. India. Dr. S N Patil 1, Abstract:- Hydrochemical characteristics of deep ground geochemical study of ground water will throw light on the from north to south. The physicochemical analysis, irrigation quality parameters characteristics in a shallow weathered Rock Aquifer of.

Characterizing multiple water-rock interactions in the critical

by P Négrel 2018 Cited by 9 the surface-water is a source of ground-water recharge, often causing changes in ground-water quality. Surface water and shallow groundwater are particularly (​weathered rock, the weathered-fissured zone, and fractured bedrock; Subarnarekha River Basin, located in northeastern India, rising in southern Bihar state.

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EVALUATION OF GROUND WATER QUALITY IN A PART OF BHIWANI. DISTRICT 5140 area in south west part of Haryana. The chemical characteristics including pH, EC, TDS major ions Na, K, Ca, The geological formations found in the district are ferruginous chiastolite schist associated argillaceous rocks.

Hydrochemical Facies and Ionic Ratios of the - BioOne

Hydrochemical facies and ionic ratios of the coastal groundwater aquifer of Saudi Gulf of Aqaba: implication for seawater intrusion. Journal of Coastal Research, 

Influence of geochemical processes on hydrochemistry and

by D Vasu Cited by 8 evolution and to evaluate the groundwater quality for irri- gation. Deccan plateau Á Silicate weathering Á Rock water aquifer characteristics and the strata over which they flow In the arid and semi-arid regions of southern India, Guo H, Wang Y (2004) Hydrogeochemical processes in shallow.

Evaluation of Groundwater Suitability for Domestic and

by TYJ Ghislain 2012 Cited by 18 searchers carried out the hydrochemical characteristics of groundwater and quality of groundwater in different ba- cal properties of the aquifers [5]. place here which include weathering of rocks minerals Shallow Groundwater Occurrence in Ibadan, South- Quality of Parts of Gwalior (India) for Agricultural Pur- poses 

Assessment of seawater intrusion using multivariate - HESS

by J Sae-Ju 2018 Cited by 2 the hydrochemical data, seawater intrusion into coastal aquifers in this area could According to the hydrochemical characteristics, groundwater can be divided with surface water, the groundwater is of high quality, is barely affected by fluoride (F) in groundwater can be inferred from the weathering of rocks in this area.

Recent Hydrogeological Research in India - Indian National

1Central Ground Water Board, MOWR, RD & GR Government of India. 2Department of Geology Groundwater quality deterioration by anomalous concentration of arsenic, fluoride and salinity. The for pollution in weathered rock aquifers of southern. India. and its Hydrochemical Characteristics in a Shallow. Weathered 

Groundwater quality appraisal and its hydrochemical

Nov 21, 2017 domestic, industrial and irrigation water supply in the India. During geochemistry for restoring and maintaining its basic characteristics for which it is being for causing a change in the hydrochemical quality of groundwater of semi-arid degree of susceptibility of rock formations to chemical weathering,.

Hydrogeochemical Assessment of Groundwater in Neyveli

by MV Prasanna 2010 Cited by 42 hydrochemical characteristics of the groundwater and its evolution under natural water circulation Neyveli basin is located in Cuddalore district of Tamilnadu, South India. The area Generally, yield from the shallow aquifers are less than deep controlled by water-rock interaction, most likely by feldspar weathering. The http - CiteSeerX

by MV Prasanna Cited by 42 hydrochemical characteristics of the groundwater and its evolution under natural water circulation processes Neyveli basin is located in Cuddalore district of Tamilnadu, South India. The area is Generally, yield from the shallow aquifers are less than deep aquifers. Weathering of rocks results in the release of sodium.

Redalyc.Groundwater chemistry of the Oban Massif, South

by AS Ekwere 2012 Cited by 10 influences of weathering (mainly silicates), ion exchange processes, and water groundwater from shallow aquifers. due to mixing with shallow groundwater from the overburden. Natural geochemical processes play an important role in groundwater quality. Hydrochemical processes controlling water characteristics.

An Exploration of the Ground Water Quality of the Trinity

The Trinity Aquifer, often referred to as the Trinity Group is not a single entity, but actually consists of numerous individual rock formations that are grouped together 

A study on variation in dissolved silica - IOPscience

by K Pradeep 2016 Cited by 21 the groundwater of a hard rock aquifer in India, 23 groundwater samples were collected as a result of chemical weathering of silicate minerals in rocks and sediments reservoirs had higher silica values than in groundwater of shallow origin. Southern part is covered by Argillaceous and calcareous sandstones along.

Identifying the origin and geochemical evolution of

May 28, 2014 types: the Quaternary groundwater, the shallow Cretaceous the hydrochemical characteristics of water resources. Rock weathering is confirmed to play a leading role in the the quantity and quality of groundwater resources have been be viewed as an integrated unconfined aquifer in the area.

Hydrogeochemical evaluation and statistical analysis of

Nov 3, 2018 north-western, and south-western part of Sylhet region. The cation exchange process and carbonate weathering, which groundwater quality depends on the quality of recharge investigate the hydrochemical characteristics of both sur- water from both shallow and deep aquifers is the primary.

Basara groundwater quality.pdf - India Environment Portal

by N Adimalla 2018 Cited by 82 assess the water chemistry with sodium absorption ratio, %Na, residual sodium carbonate, magnesium hazard. The nitrate and fluoride 

International Journal of Computer Science and - IJMTER

on India may be currently that biggest extractor for groundwater in the Earth's planet. Groundwater Quality and its Hydrochemical Characteristics in a Shallow. Weathered Rock Aquifer of Southern India Water Qual Expo Health 7 515-524 

Hydrochemical characteristics and water quality of

by S Li hydrochemical characteristics of groundwater are affected by both the long-term shallow groundwater in the Zhongwei section of the Loess Plateau, and concluded aquifer due to the relatively large porosity, and the Malan loess is the top soil (Huang inputs and rock weathering to dissolved solutes (Wu et al., 2005).

Ground Water and Surface Water - USGS Publications

by TC Winter Cited by 1771 Box O Effects of nitrogen use on the quality of ground water and surface water 62 important characteristic of the water table is that its configura- tion varies of the minerals that are weathered, the relative produce a predictable sequence of hydrochemical facies. In the the interrelations of different rock types, shallow.

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Consequently, ground-water quality assessment is invariably directed towards factors characteristics, and such aquifers can be said to have dual porosity and permeability. In many small and/or shallow aquifers the hydrochemistry does not evolve further. If, (1980) in weathered metamorphic rocks in southern Africa​.

Groundwater Quality - JSTOR

by B Hua 2008 the ground water quality of west Dwarka subcity of Delhi was conducted block of southern Haryana, India (Dahiya et al., 2007). These samples usage on shallow groundwater quality in karst rocky area in. Guizhou Hydro-chemical characteristics of groundwater and their and the supremacy of weathering of rocks.

Natural and human-induced factors controlling the phreatic

by W Li 2020 Na Ca HCO3 are the major groundwater hydrochemical facies. groundwater quality standards of China, while the same test results are (such as the South China) generally consider the surface. water chemistry of the phreatic aquifer in the study area. indicating that the rock weathering (water rock interac-.

An Observatory of Groundwater in Crystalline Rock Aquifers

Jul 7, 2019 hydrodynamic and transport properties of the shallow weathered part of such This is especially the case in southern India, where rice is. 38 The hydrogeological characteristics of the fractured layer are then of primary importance. Among the threats to groundwater quality, fluoride release has been 


by A Nagaraju 2016 Cited by 3 chemistry of the groundwater and to identify the dominant hydrogeochemical processes samples in C3 are more likely to originate from rock weathering. Assessment of Groundwater Quality of Udayagiri area, Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh, South India Using study the water quality characteristics of Udayagiri area.

Geochemical processes controlling the groundwater quality in

by M Senthilkumar 2020 Cited by 49 quality in lower Palar river basin, southern India 1Central Ground Water Board, Chennai 600 090, India. Cation exchange and silicate weathering are the important processes control- The hydrogeochemical characteristics of water and Results of hydrochemical processes of wells located in hard rock regions. Initial.


by R Ayuba 2017 Cited by 6 KEY WORDS: Groundwater quality, Gboloko, Hydrochemical Facies, Irrigation water. INTRODUCTION characteristics and evaluating the quality of the shallow.

Sustainable Groundwater Management - World Bank Document

by H Garduño 2009 Cited by 29 Some 85% of the land-area of Andhra Pradesh is underlain by the Weathered rock' aquifer system, which forms extensive but shallow (low-storage and More surprisingly associated hydrochemical studies only locally show signs of quality of groundwater bodies is strictly limited by their weathering characteristics and.