Polyketide Synthase Modules Redefined

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by M Klausab Cited by 17 Engineering of assembly line polyketide synthases (PKSs) to produce novel covalent linker between heterologous modules or introducing a (35) Keatinge-Clay, A. T. (2017) Polyketide Synthase Modules Redefined.

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by KJH Lim 2021 The amino acid sequence of the type III polyketide synthase, OLS, from C. sativa The term domain can be redefined as a functional unit of Wilson, P.D. A modular and concise total synthesis of (+/−)-daurichromenic acid 


by P Shah 2019 Polyketide synthases are enormous modular enzymes that synthesize large acyl chains known as polyketides. Common polyketides Polyketide modules are comprised of different domains Modules Redefined, Angewandte Chemie. 56:.

Molecular genetics and enzymology of secondary metabolite

by LL Grochowski 2004 mixed polyketide synthase (PKS) and nonribosomal peptide synthetase found to code for a PKS with three extension modules and an NRPS with The translational start site for B1sM was redefined upon reevaluation of the.

Recent advances in the discovery and combinatorial

by JW Park 2019 Cited by 4 minimal modular components required for polyketide chain elongation (Fig Keatinge-Clay AT (2017) Polyketide synthase modules redefined.

1 Two Methods for Accessing Synthetic Polyketides

by K Kumru 2020 The engineered PKSs were constructed from the first module of Venemycin with either the Keatinge-Clay, A. T. Polyketide synthase modules redefined.

Heterologous expression of a lichen polyketide synthase in

by AN Gagunashvili polyketide biosynthesis involving modular type I PKS. Fungal iterative type I Fauman and coworkers redefined AdoMet binding motif nomenclature, identifying.

Discovery, Characterisation and Engineering of Non

by K Robins 2016 Non-ribosomal peptide synthetases (NRPSs) are multi-modular biosynthetic enzymes that are responsible for polyketide synthase. Ppant and redefined as 

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by GV Buitimea-Cantúa 2020 Cited by 1 modules polyketide synthase (PKS). Results: The global gene Keywords Affinin, Alkamides biosynthesis, Heliopsis longipes, Polyketide synthase, RNA sequencing Polyketide synthase modules redefined. Angewandte 

Establishing and engineering heterologous production

2 May 2019 Polyketide synthases (PKS) use acyl-coenzyme A (acyl-CoA) precursors as building PKS modules are highlighted in green and NRPS modules in red. The information gathered from the experiments helped redefine.

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by DW Brown 2013 Cited by 28 Diversity of Polyketide Synthases in Fusarium. 143 redefine the entities found within Fusarium mon- NRPS module spans ~1400 AA and consists of.

Genomic insights on secondary metabolism in symbiotic

by G Beedessee polyketide synthase for pikromycin, consisting of 6 modules made of genus was redefined using stricter morphological criteria and now 

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by S Hwang Cited by 6 Type I modular polyketide synthases (PKSs) and non- ribosomal peptide synthetases Polyketide synthase modules redefined. Angew. Chem.

Structure, function and dynamics in acyl carrier proteins - PLOS

by R Farmer 2019 Cited by 10 (FAS) and polyketide synthase (PKS) systems with the aim of sibly because, as part of a multi-domain modular system, they can transfer between processing The modules of trans-acyltransferase assembly lines redefined.

An Iterative Type I Polyketide Synthase PKSN Catalyzes

by I Fujii 2005 Cited by 108 gene encodes a polyketide synthase (PKS), named. PKSN nization, fungal PKSs have a single modular architecture [28] redefined AdoMet binding motif no-.

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by RE Kalkreuter 2018 Erythromycin A, are constructed via multi-megadalton polyketide synthase (PKS) 'assembly Keatinge-Clay, A. T., Polyketide Synthase Modules Redefined.

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by EJN Helfrich 2021 Trans-acyltransferase polyketide synthases (trans-AT PKSs) are bacterial multimodular exchange patterns suggesting recombination of extended PKS module series as an Keatinge-Clay, A. T. Polyketide synthase modules redefined.

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1.11 STRUCTURE OF POLYKETIDE SYNTHASE AND MECHANISM OF BIOSYNTHESIS FIGURE 2 SIMPLIFIED DIAGRAM OF A NRPS MODULE [138]. Over time 'ethnobotany' has been redefined multiple times and is now.

Evolution and Diversity of Assembly-Line Polyketide Synthases

by A Nivina 2019 Cited by 38 Polyketide synthases (PKSs) are multifunctional enzymes (39) Keatinge-Clay, A. T. Polyketide Synthase Modules Redefined. Angew. Chem.

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by N Gaitatzis 2001 Cited by 143 ses, some in cooperation with polyketide synthases. Myxochelins fui e modular logic of the myxochelin biosynthetic operon led us :ions are redefined based.

Chemoinformatic-Guided Engineering of Polyketide Synthases

ABSTRACT: Polyketide synthase (PKS) engineering is an attractive method to generate new engineering a partially reductive PKS module to produce a saturated β-carbon through a reductive redefined with a central acyl carrier protein.

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by M Hirsch 2020 The loops of modular polyketide synthases (PKSs) serve diverse functions The modules of trans-acyltransferase assembly lines redefined.

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by J He 2.4.2 Genetic Engineering of Modular Type I Polyketide Synthases PKS, the classes of PKS were redefined and enriched by accession of type III PKS and.

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particular, pyruvate synthesis and protein translation are decreased polyketides that form stable complexes with Na. + introduced by Brown and Wu has been recently redefined. (219). fibrinolysis by assembly from modules. Cell 41: 

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by R Kong 1.1.5 The Iterative Type I Polyketide Synthase for Enediyne Production Type I PKSs are comprised of several modules, with each of them Moreover, SgcE10 is redefined as a type II thioesterase which is responsible for the cleavage of.

Acyltransferases as Tools for Polyketide Synthase Engineering

by EM Musiol-Kroll Cited by 20 Consequently, the term module , for modular cis-AT PKSs had to be redefined and the polyketide assembly lines updated [43]. According to 

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by YQ Cheng 2010 nonribosomal peptide synthetase-polyketide synthase (PKS) pathway for the biosynthesis. 6 AT-less PKS modules on DepBC for polyketide chain elongation. As a result, the dep gene cluster is now redefined to contain 12 genes: depA 

Manipulating polyketide stereochemistry by exchange of

4 Sep 2020 A key goal of modular polyketide synthase (PKS) engineering is to these redefined boundaries.25,29,30 Nevertheless, module exchanges.

Engineering enzymatic assembly lines for the production of

by E Kalkreuter 2018 Cited by 27 substrates, the swapping of enzymatic domains and modules, and the impact synthesized by polyketide synthases (PKSs) and non-ribosomal peptide synthetases (NRPSs), [30] Keatinge-Clay AT: Polyketide synthase modules redefined.

Implication of Botrytis cinerea polyketide synthases in the

by P Bally 2011 of Botrytis cinerea polyketide synthases in the infection process: hunting can start. have helped to redefine and shape our understanding of the nature An editing module (GRS edition) allows manual functional annotation.

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polyketide synthases and non-ribosomal peptide synthetases, and will also be a platform for the members Polyketide synthase modules redefined. ​Angew.

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by AT Keatinge‐Clay 2017 Cited by 44 As the domain order of the mammalian fatty acid synthase is KS +AT+. DH + ER + KR + ACP + TE, the modules of the polyketide assembly line 

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by CA Patenode 2016 focused on the highly modular polyketide synthase (PKS) clusters84. Polyketide synthases and one-pot syntheses redefined organic synthetic strategies.

Genomic and transcriptomic analyses of the tangerine

by M Wang Cited by 29 A total of 12 polyketide synthases (PKSs), 7 non-ribosomal peptide (PLs), 86 Auxiliary Activities (AAs) and 11 Carbohydrate-Binding Modules.

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by C Hobson 2019 ER domains, with a trans-AT PKS module which has a separately encoded AT Both compounds are assembled by polyketide synthases, but there are parts of redefined so that the accessory domains are grouped with the downstream KS 

2013 - 2014 Honours Level Module Catalogue - University of

14 Aug 2013 This module comprises practical experiments involving synthesis, the biosynthesis of the main natural products groups (polyketides, terpenes, East Asia were forged, transformed, or actively redefined by political elites in a.

Integrity of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum - ScienceOpen

by Y Yu 2012 Cited by 36 Ss-Sl2, a Novel Cell Wall Protein with PAN Modules, Is. Essential for of in vitro growth conditions, Li and Rollins redefined six distinct and sequential polyketide synthase-encoding gene (Ss-Pks1) in S. sclerotiorum, and.


The main enzymes of secondary metabolism i.e. synthases, are often coded by products of an unusual hybrid modular polyketide synthase encoded by a 

Nonribosomal peptides in fungal cell factories from - ORBi

by A Vassaux 2019 Cited by 8 Polyketide synthase; PPTase, Phosphopantetheine transferase; SGS, Second generation NRPSs can be divided into multiple modules, each of them that the self-contained catalytically active unit can be redefined as.

Extraction and Purification of Biologically Active Metabolites

by M Alenazi 2018 Bacterial Type I Modular Polyketide Synthase. A classic bacterial Type I PKS redefined in 1977 to accommodate the rhodochrous complex. The rhodochrous 

Characterization of the Colibactin Biosynthetic Pathway

by L Zha 2018 A hybrid non-ribosomal peptide synthetase-polyketide synthase assembly downstream KSs and a need to redefine module boundaries in assembly lines.48.

What does genetic diversity of Aspergillus flavus tell - PubAg

by PK Chang 2010 Cited by 85 nonribosomal polyketide synthase gene necessary for cyclopiazonic of the genes in these modules are contiguous across the Aspergillus species With this insight we redefine previously understood concepts about the origin and evolution 

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by EWAM MUSIOL-KROLL 2020 functional megaenzymes, the polyketide synthases (PKSs). [15] Keatinge-Clay AT (2017) Polyketide synthase modules redefined. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 

Harnessing synthetic biology for the bioprospecting and

by MJ CUMMINGS 2017 2 Steps towards the synthetic biology of polyketide biosynthesis Pictorial illustration of 6-dEB synthase, a modular type I PKS, and successful attempts at to modernise and redefine natural product classification to house exotic, hybrid, 

Chapter 1. Bacteria: Pathogenicity factors - OECD iLibrary

mechanisms of adherence to host cells (adhesin biosynthesis, regulation of adhesins, identification of secretion system tolerate a wide range of protein modules that become displayed with the same structure involved in intracellular multiplication, and for a hybrid peptide-polyketide genotoxin needs to be redefined.

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Organization of polyketide biosynthesis gene clusters in A. alternata HPLC system consisting of a Waters 2695 Alliance Separations Module connected redefined. Studies in Mycology 75, 171-212. Wu, D., Oide, S., Zhang, N., Choi, M.Y., 

In vitro reconstitution of the myxochelin biosynthetic - PNAS

by N Gaitatzis 2001 Cited by 143 ses, some in cooperation with polyketide synthases. Myxochelins encoding PKS and NRPS modules on single ORFs have been reported sequences of the six redefined core motifs R1 R6 (shown shaded in gray) are.

Characterization of 2-Octenoyl-CoA Carboxylase/Reductase

by HG YOO 2011 Cited by 22 tomyces avermitilis; polyketide synthase; filipin biosynthesis sphaeroides was recently redefined as crotonyl-CoA in polyketide biosynthesis.1) Many bacterial polyketide biosynthetic gene cluster.3) In the catalysis of modular polyketide 

Secondary metabolite production and the safety of industrially

by CR Harwood 2018 Cited by 64 B. subtilis group: PKs, synthesised by polyketide synthases (PKS), and peptides, syn- turn and, as a result, there are at least as many modules as there are ing RiPPs, to redefine the lassopeptide biosynthetic landscape.

Gatekeeping Ketosynthases Dictate Initiation of Assembly

by D Yi 2021 By comparing the substrate specificities for polyketide synthases that extend (4) Keatinge-Clay, A. T. Polyketide synthase modules redefined.