An Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm Based On Genetic Algorithm For Ad Hoc Networks

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Genetic Algorithm Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Network

This study proposes an algorithm called genetic algorithm-based location-aided routing. (GALAR) to enhance the MANET routing protocol efficiency. The GALAR.

An empower hamilton loop based data collection algorithm

by J Wang 2019 Cited by 114 Rationalizing the energy distribution of sensor nodes is a crucial challenge to improve network performance [5, 6]. Wireless routing protocol is a hot topic 

An intelligent cluster optimization algorithm based on - PLOS

by G Husnain 2021 Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (VANETs) an important category in Routing optimization based on evolutionary or genetic algorithms is also 

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by Y Dong 2016 Cited by 9 3.3.1 Prediction-based Energy-Efficient Routing (PEER) Algorithm The sensors carried by animals form a mobile ad hoc network to collect.

an energy efficient fitness based routing protocol in wireless

by A Balamurugan Cited by 11 Fitness Value, Genetic Algorithm, Hop Count, Wireless Sensor. Networks In [3], SPAN protocol that is proposed for multi hop ad hoc networks that reduces 

An Optimized Energy Efficient Route Selection Algorithm for

22 Dec 2018 Abstract: Due to the advancement of technology and the increased utilization of mobile sensors, Mobile Ad hoc Networks.

A Genetic Algorithm Based and Subtree Restricted Routing

Keywords Wireless sensor networks, Network lifetime, Routing tree, Genetic structed with this routing algorithm are not energy efficient because it doesn't for energy efficient routing in two-tiered sensor networks , Ad Hoc Networks, 

An energy efficient routing protocol for wireless Internet-of

by V Vashishth 2018 Cited by 13 boost network efficiency. This technique combines the benefits of Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Genetic Algorithm.

Implementation of Hybrid Algorithm for Mobility and Routing

by V Ratnaparkhi Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) are collection of wireless mobile nodes, thus connectivity is an issue in this network. Moreover it, the network topology is 

A Multi-hop Routing Algorithm for WSNs based - IEEE Xplore

by M Al Mazaideh 2021 Index Terms: Compressive sensing, energy efficiency, genetic algo- based methods include routing algorithms and network cod-.

A Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm based - CiteSeerX

by GH EkbataniFard Cited by 55 A Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm based Approach for. Energy Efficient QoS-Routing in Two-tiered Wireless Sensor. Networks.

Energy-aware multicast routing in manet based on particle

by AS Nasab 2012 Cited by 26 paper proposes a novel multicast routing in mobile Ad Hoc networks based on particle Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is an evolutionary algorithm.


Genetic Algorithm (IRGA) is used for the best Cluster Head (CH) selection. Secondly, based energy-efficient routing protocol is suggested.

Energy Secured Intrusion Detection System and Analysis of

10 Apr 2020 performance of the network by varying the number of malicious nodes in the network. MANETs. The designed conservative routing algorithms.

Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks: An Energy-Efficient

by X Xiao 2021 Cited by 4 We propose a novel energy-efficient clustering routing protocol based on data fusion and genetic algorithms (GAs) for UWSNs. In the clustering 

A multi-hop graph-based approach for an energy-efficient

by H Rhim 2018 Cited by 36 Comparing sensor networks to ad-hoc networks, the number of sensor nodes in a aware routing algorithm for wireless sensor networks (LTAWSN) aiming to 

Bibliometric Analysis of Particle Swarm Optimization

27 Apr 2021 in WSN and cluster-based routing methods. Keywords: Bibliometric Analysis Energy Efficiency Wireless Sensor. Network Particle Swarm 

Optimising Locations of Sink Nodes in Wireless Sensor

by L Yang 2006 Cited by 6 search problem which a genetic algorithm can be applied to. A simulation result is also given before much bigger than the nodes in an ad hoc network;.

Efficient Energy Clustering Protocol Using Genetic Algorithm

by N Srikanth 2018 Cited by 3 by efficient energy clustering protocol based on genetic algorithms which had been and a flexible AODV-based (Ad hoc On-Demand Distance. Vector) routing  9 pages

Title of Paper (14 pt Bold, Times, Title case) - DergiPark

by MOR Veenu Cited by 1 A Proposed System Using Genetic Algorithm for Energy Efficiency in. Wireless Mesh Networks This is contrasting to ad hoc network where sink and source.

Energy Efficient QoS Routing Protocol based on - CORE

by MLR Chandra 2014 Cited by 1 Mobile ad-hoc networks need sure distinctive characteristics which might cause In existing genetic algorithm based routing, achieving energy efficiency  7 pages

Energy-efficient Multicast Routing by using Genetic Local

by V Katerinchuk 2014 Energy-efficient multicast routing algorithms have predominantly focused on wireless or ad-hoc mobile net- works. However, since the turn of the century the 

An Energy-efficient Routing Protocol for MANETs: a - Elsevier

MANETs is their routing algorithms [3, 4 and 5]. Routing protocols for ad hoc networks can be divided into two categories based on when and how.

Nature-Inspired Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks - arXiv

by A Singh 2020 Cited by 8 netic Algorithm (NSGA-II) and Indicator-Based Evolutionary Algorithms for optimal Energy Efficient Clustering and Routing using PSO.

Detection of Attacks on Wireless Sensor Network Using

by S Al Hayali 2019 Cited by 2 Keywords: wireless sensor network, fuzzy, genetic algorithm, detection of attack, malicious node. efficient routing methods in WSNs considered to be.

A Fast Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm based Approach for

NSGA-II is proposed for energy efficient QoS-routing in two-tiered WMSNs. communication capabilities that are networked in an ad hoc fashion.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Mobile Ad hoc Networks using

by S Khelifa 2020 [11], used genetic algorithms to increase the efficiency of the OLSR routing protocol and it aims at better energy conservation in MANET. The most optimal path  13 pages

An ad-hoc network routing algorithm based on - IOS Press

by C Kai Abstract. Under the influence of COVID-19, an efficient Ad-hoc network routing algorithm is required in the process of epidemic prevention and control.

Energy-Efficient Routing Algorithm Based on Multiple Criteria

by L Tang 2015 Cited by 22 solutions for the deployment of ad-hoc communication networks [3,4]. 3 Energy-Efficient Routing Algorithm Based on Chaos Genetic 

A Multi-hop Routing Algorithm for WSNs based on

by M Al Mazaideh 2021 Index Terms: Compressive sensing, energy efficiency, genetic algo- based methods include routing algorithms and network cod-.

Enhancement of Lifetime Ratio in Wireless Sensor Network

by M Rashmi 2018 an energy effective genetic algorithm used to determine the nature of quality of service multicast routing issue and also recovered the dead nodes.7 pages


by Y Chen 2019 Cited by 9 Afterwards, genetic algorithm is used to compute the minimum number of potential posi- tion to let all target be k-covered and all sensor nodes be m-connected, 

An enhanced energy efficient routing protocol for VANET

by A Kumar 2019 Cited by 9 exchange of information. AODV is all good reactive ad hoc routing protocol. increase overall lifetime of a network through optimal usage of battery.

An energy efficient routing algorithm based on genetic algorithm for

Abstract. Highly dynamic topology is an essential feature of mobile ad hoc networks. For this reason, maintaining a consistent state for routing purposes can be a 

An energy efficient routing algorithm based on genetic algorithm for

Abstract. Highly dynamic topology is an essential feature of mobile ad hoc networks. For this reason, maintaining a consistent state for routing purposes can be a 

Enhanced Energy Efficient Multipath Routing Protocol for

by DAA Raj 2014 Cited by 15 Energy efficient routing is one of the major thrust areas in Wireless Ant Based Routing Algorithm for Manets (ARAMA) was used to send 

A Genetic-Algorithm-Based Optimized Clustering for Energy

by GS Sara 2012 Cited by 14 Based on this, a clustering algorithm is designed to optimize the energy of Energy. Efficient Routing Protocol (E2RP) for Wireless Sensor Networks).

Genetic based optimization for multicast routing algorithm for

by C RAJAN 2015 Cited by 25 Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET); multicast routing; MAODV routing; genetic algorithm. 1. Introduction. Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) are autonomous mobile 

Redalyc.An Energy-efficient Rout ing Protocol for MANE Ts: a

by S Jamali 2013 Cited by 66 An Energy-efficient Routing Protocol for MANETs: a Particle Swarm. Optimization Approach An example of table-driven ad hoc routing protocols.

Power and cost aware localized routing with guaranteed

by I Stojmenovic 2004 Cited by 56 delivery in unit graph based ad hoc networks In a localized routing algorithm, each node currently holding a message makes forwarding decision solely 

Qos Improvement Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm Based

by NK Kuppuchamy 2021 1.3 Evolutionary Algorithm based Routing in MANETs proposed an energy-efficient routing protocol with adaptive fuzzy threshold energy.

An Energy Efficient Routing Based on Swarm Intelligence for

by Y Lv 2014 Cited by 5 Wireless sensor networks is a class of wireless ad hoc approach for such a routing algorithm are so-called ant algorithms based on mechanisms inspired 

International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering

23 Sep 2019 MANETs is a dynamic topological self-configuring network having energy conservation genetic Algorithm energy efficient trusted network.

Study on Evolutionary Approaches for Improving the Energy

In case of efficient routing of messages across the network Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks, Evolutionary Algorithms, Solution Representation, 


It also exhibits good performance in vehicular ad hoc networks[2]. Routing Optimization using Genetic Algorithm-An Ad-Hoc network is a group of wireless  13 pages

Genetic Algorithm Based Congestion Aware Routing Protocol

by SS Baboo 2012 Cited by 11 Keywords: Mobile Ad hoc Networks; Congestion Control; Genetic Algorithm; routing, such as acceptable delay, jitter and energy in the case of multimedia 

Energy Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks based on

by A Rodriguez 2015 Cited by 8 Many algorithms have been proposed for saving energy. Keywords wireless sensor networks; genetic algorithm; multi- objective optimization.

Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm Based on Harmony Search

by Y Liu 2021 Abstract. Under the premise of limited node energy, an efficient and energy-saving wireless sensor network routing algorithm was proposed to 

An Energy Efficient GA-Based Routing for Wireless Sensor

life time, energy consumption and the total distance covered in each round. Keywords: Wireless sensor networks, routing, genetic algorithm, network.

Exponential Genetic Algorithm-Based Stable and Load-Aware

by AR Rao 2017 Cited by 2 In this paper, an exponential. GA (EGA)-based stable and load-aware QoS routing protocol (SLAQR) is proposed for mobile ad hoc networks. (MANETs)