Distributional Records Of The Opossum In Ontario

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Atlas of the Mammals of Ontario - Long Point Biosphere

more accurate record of Ontario s mammals than can be found in a field guide. Maps in field guides tend to be large-scale, sometimes including entire countries or even continents in an attempt to map the entire range of a species. The Mammal Atlas focuses on Ontario, mapping actual mammal specimen records, sightings, and telltale evidence.

Distributional Records of the Opossum in Ontario

DISTRIBUTIONAL RECORDS OF THE OPOSSUM IN ONTARIO Published accounts of the opossum (Didelphis marsupialis virginiana) in Ontario leave some doubt concerning its status in this province. The earliest published account of this mammal in Ontario seems to be that contained in THE HAND-BOOK OF TORONTO (Anon. 1858) which indicates that an opossum had


THE PRFHISTORIC DISTRIBUTION OF THE OPOSSUM BY JOHN E. GUILDAY The opossum, Didelphis marsupialis virginiana Kerr, is widely distributed throughout the eastern United States. It occurs as far north as southern Ontario (Peterson and Downing, 1956). Hamilton (1943) gives its range as including Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, southern

Endangered and Threatened Crayfishes (Decapoda: Cambaridae)

distributional ranges of these six crayfishes in North America and Ohio, including a map, are described. Pertinent literature is cited, and the status of these forms in Ohio as endangered, threatened, or of special interest is discussed. METHODS AND MATERIALS The nomenclature of Hobbs (1974) is followed. The distribution

Results of the Alcoa Foundation-Suriname Expeditions. XIV

RESULTS OF THE ALCOA FOUNDATION-SURINAME EXPEDITIONS. XIV. MAMMALS OF BROWNSBERG NATURE PARK, SURINAME BURTON K. LIM Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Biology, Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queen s Park, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2C6 Canada

in Patterson et al. 2007, Digital Distribution Maps of the

Barnett, A. A. 1991. Records of the grey-bellied shrew opossum, Caenolestes caniventer and Tate's shrew opossum, Caenolestes tatei (Caenolestidae, Marsupialia) from Ecuadorian montane forests. Mammalia 55:443-446. Barnett, A. A. 1999. Small mammals of the Cajas Plateau, southern Ecuador: ecology and natural history. Bulletin.