Special Properties Of The Sugars In Cardioactive Glycosides

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Plieninger, H. Prephenic Acid: Properties and the Present Status of its Synthesis Randerath, K. Thin-Layer Chromatography of Nucleotides Reichstein, T. Special Properties of the Sugars in Cardioactive Glycosides Rinke, H. Elastomeric Fibers Based on Polyurethanes Rochlitz, F., Vilcsek, H. b-Chloroethanephosphonic acid Dichloride: Its Synthesis

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58. Which are the most frequently occurring special sugars present in the cardioactive glycosides? a. cymarose b. apiose c. xylose d. fucose 59. Choose the drugs which contain no cardioactive compounds. a. Thornapple leaf b. Allii bulb c. Oleandri folium d. Foxglove leaf 60.


Sugars 61 Lipids 61 Phenolic Compounds 61 Tannins 62 Resins 63 Alkaloids 63 Glycosides 63 Terpenoids 63 Phenylpropanoids 63 Iridoids 64 Lignans and Lignin 65 Naphthoquinones 65 CHAPTER 5 Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 67 Introduction 69 Photosynthesis - Calvin Cycle 69 Glycolysis 71


glycosides resides in the genin, the activity is considerably modified by the sugar moiety. The sugars when combined with the aglycones increase both the potency and toxicity of the active principle. In addition, the sugars affect certain physical properties of this chemical