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Journey Through Arabia Petræa to Mount Sinai and the

end, becomes one of the clearest. , as well as the most wonderful, evidences of the an accurate description of the mausoleum in question. , which the natives call the convents Of Ser bal, Wady. Mokatteb, and then return by Suez to. Egypt​.

thr Vaunt Trutli.

which He utters close beside us, we are at old German Mennonites on the question of the lawfulness of war. Wady Mokatteb (the written valley) enormous​ 

Recent Explorations in the Peninsula of Sinai - JSTOR

by FW Holland 1868 Cited by 3 near the mouth of Wady Ghurundel, and found it to consist of broken ground with deep our party for Wady Mokatteb, to work at the inscriptions there in Mr. Holland, in reply to a question by Mr. Bracebridge concerning the use of the aneroid 

The Pentateuch vindicated from the Aspersions of Bishop

by WH Green Cited by 8 it may offer itself, and to represent the difficulties in question as manifest and far and near, that he has examined the intrenchments of Moses all around, and that on Sinai and Serbal, along with those in Wady Mokatteb and in a hundred.

o7% Bornmuller-Festschrift 0^ @

Wady Mokatteb. Near 'Aqaba. Anthemis deserti Boiss. Desert of Vol. II (​1850). Gross: Das Problem der nacheiszeitlichen Klima- und Florenentwicklung in.

Outlines of the philosophy of universal history

reduced to the question what Christ thought and said of his own person and of with Pindar, in the divinely given beginning and end of man. Ha must, at least, Valley of Inscriptions (Wadi Mokatteb) towards the south, the Djebel. Mokatteb from the coast; but the western extremity of the Wady Feiran is in latitude 28° 44' 

April, de Laborde et Linant. Fol. XII. Livraisons. Paris - JSTOR

li The first question was put on our side ; our object being to know if we could go to then returned to Akaba by a more eastern route, near the edge of the great down to the western coast ; Wady Mokatteb, parallel to the same coast, and 

The desert of the Exodus - FADA ::Birzeit University

by EH Palmer 1872 Cited by 203 Wady. Igne; Egyptian minesand hieroglyphic tablets. Anec- dotes of the Arabs. An outlaw. of certainty the disputed questions of the Exodus. The objects of the​  331 pages

The Survey of Western Palestine - ANU College of

of shells and corals from the raised sea-bed at Moses' Wells, near Suez. The Memoir has KHA-(f) 010' AKABAH-(g) OF WESTERN PALESTINE; OF WADY ESIf. SHERtAH Belgium, or have the fossils in question a wider range than has hitherto been supposed?' {Mokatteb and Badera}, brought home by the late Rev.160 pages

A handbook for travellers in Egypt; including descriptions of

notes for Eoute 22, Wady Halfah to Khartoom, were kindly fnrnished by Mr. dim​ Wddy Mokatteb Wddy. Feirdn Jebel the end of February, going in adaliabeeah up to the Second Cataract and back. question of civil and criminal juris-.


Railway, and in close proximity to the Four Courts and bouses of E>rl Russell paid tliut ns the question of the seiiure of the The wady Mokatteb, cele-.


Kibroth Hattavah and Wady Mokatteb: Num. xi. 26. critically examined, by I have a copy of the pamphlet in question which indeed, as far as I can find, is the 

Annual Report 1995 - National Gallery of Art

ership contributions from many close many questions from conservators and curators. Wady Mokatteb, 1849, pen and brown ink over graphite.

univERsity oF copEnhAGEn

Mr. Michaelis has himself published his questions to. 30. Niebuhr (1791). 31. The journey to Mt. Sinai in search of Dsjäbbel el Mokatteb is described by 

N 255.pdf

Maps of the Wady Tumilat and the Land of Goshen have already been at Turra. A patch of hard quartzite Is found close to Cairo at question now is, Where are we to look for Migdol and 'Arish) with its Wady formed Mokatteb, D c.64 pages

Bible cyclopaedia, critical and expository - Salt Lake Bible

29). of Origen's Laboon, and the birth- end of their own calling. T. Assyria, and India ; then it had close (Acts viii. they also appropriate her words, I in Bethlehem He was born), when decides the question. Serbul, and the Wady Mokatteb,.


upon the question of the site of Kadesh-Barnea, and the boundary of the ancient kingdom of found that Nassar's tents had been removed here fro:th Wady Nusb​, where we had Mokatteb leads past it, but the origin of its name, The Valley of. Cataracts -that we were close upon a large g;jm, or raiding expedition. 'Ve.

The Christian topography of Cosmas Indicopleustes

on the rocks in the Wady Mokatteb, and who recorded incidents of voyages in which are generally held, except by Kondakoff, to be close copies of an antique bearing on the question discussed in the Topography, the shape of the world.

Bibliography of 1913-14: Christian Egypt - SAGE Journals

MICHAEL MACARIUS. At the end of the second six months is a useful alphabetical raises the question whether any connexion can be traced and he quotes a short Coptic inscription from the rocks of Wady Mokatteb. The excavations by 

Through Bible lands - Log College Press

man, abhor all manner of meat, are at their wit's end and On this question the Egyptologists are divi- of Maghara Wady Mokatteb and the Sinaitie In-.

Critical inquiry on the use and value of 19th and 20th century

This article is made available under the University of Nottingham End User licence and may questions concern the extent to which environmental and climatic inscriptions in wady Mokatteb, or the written valley, Glasgow/London,. Collins.353 pages

The modern traveller - Bitly

t A mountain near Damascus still bears the name of Salehiyeh. See MOD. TRAV. in Wady Mokatteb, on the surface of blocks which have fallen down from the 

THE CHURCHES: - Church of God General Conference

in love and patknee, aud, at the close ot our lives, may the measure ef. m.r service be full, and question of great importance, because, if the litcial Jews be the kingdom of written valley). 1'lie Wady Mokatteb opens into the great plain afore-.

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greatest educational problem. Lond. With an account of the inscriptions in Wady Mokatteb, excavation of the Roman station of Camelon, near Falkirk in.


by J Strong Cited by 7 mathematics, remaining in that position until the college was closed by the civil war. There is a treatise in the Mishna so entitled, in which various questions of casuistry of Wady Mokatteb, lying in the way to Wady Feil-In. This last is full of.

Life of John Eadie - Electric Scotland

22 Apr 2020 the close of his lecture and the starting of the train. When he went to the elusion on a question, without having looked at all. ' the sides of it ; point) we entered the Written Valley (Wady Mokatteb), and thence came by the 

A Journey on Foot through Arabia Petræa

lying between the ancient Egyptian mining stations of Wady Mugharah and Serabit el K£tdim vith the upon the question of the site of Kadesh-Barnea, and the boundary of the Mokatteb leads past it, but the origin of-its nalue, The Valley of. Cataracts/' 'that ,ve ,vere close upon a large g01U, or raiding expedition. ,Vc.

La Sainte Bible - L'Exode - Bibliothèque Saint Libère

Les diverses questions relatives à ce livre sont traitées soit dans le com- mentaire cd Deir lo nom de Wady Schoeib, c'est à dire, vallée de et livide. Une raie brillante l'end seule le ouest au sud-est, par l'ouadi Mokatteb, l'ou- adi Feiran 

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Route to India, in Connection with the Central Asian Question. A. Paper Read before the or, a Journey from Cairo, by Wady Feiran, to Mount Sinai and Petra. By the Author of Mountain of Ellora near Aurungabad in the Decan Engraved From 1850 and 1851. With an Account of the Inscriptions in Wady Mokatteb,.

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31 Mar 2016 Inscriptions on Rocks in the Wady Mokatteb. 175. Irish Mud Cabin question, thus hmited, the Book of Job is devoted. Its form is well suited to.

Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall: Erinnerungen und Briefe - GAMS

by A Wagner nullement vraisemblable; c´est une question qui mérite d´être examinée, mais que je n´ai point encore discutée. Es war mir unmöglich, bis nach Accaba und Wady Musa Noten zu den Inschriften des Dschebel al Mokateb.

in Sinai, Egypt - SOAS Research Online

'Horeb (Dt 1:2); mount of God in the land of Madian; near mount Sinai over. Arabia in The question of whether Hagia Koryphe is indeed the Biblical 'Mount of the. Law' has Wady Mokatteb, or the Written Valley, Glasgow and London. 343  447 pages

On the Age of the Nubian Sandstone - Journal of the Geological

sition of the strata in question, the better to explain away those in- ferences which obtaining a portion of a SigiUarian stem from the Wady Mokatteb, which, though gorge of the Ekry, near Cefn, St. Asaph, have furnished from time t Geology 

Bible cyclopaedia, critical and expository - Salt Lake Bible

gult, but acknowledgments of God's upheavals shall accompany the closing men of the E. are the wandering aient E. The four took their 9488 in the Red Sea Esau, with his 400 The brook Zerod (wady ol Ahsy) was Ruteps (according to an inscription caj), and notices the bistorical fact the question. E. Mokatteb.

Wanderings in the land of Israel and through the wilderness of

11 Aug 2010 How we arrived at the Gate of Suez, how it was closed against us, and how it was frank and simple look, I asked him some questions, such as. Who made him? to Wady Budrah, which led us into Wady Mokatteb, the.310 pages

Hours with the Bible : or, The Scriptures in the light of modern

Entrance to Wady Mokatteb. for cooling the water, had set up his stall, and close to him a crowd of rising above all doubt and question where others hesitate.

The modern traveller - Rare Book Society of India

t A mountain near Damascus still bears the name of Salehiyeh. See MOD. TRAV. in Wady Mokatteb, on the surface of blocks which have fallen down from the  380 pages