Lie Symmetry Reductions And Wave Solutions Of Coupled Equal Width Wave Equation

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Keywords: modified equal-width equation, Lie symmetries, optimal system different techniques and methods to construct travelling wave solutions of (1).

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wave solutions of these equations found by existing exact solutions of both the coupled equal width wave equation and the (2+1)-dimensional Nizhnik-No-.

Delft University of Technology Model Reduction of Wave

erate such subspaces by exploiting certain symmetry properties of the wave equations. We illustrate the effectiveness of the resulting reduced-order models 

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by OD Adeyemo 2019 Symmetry analysis of modified equal-width and Burgers equation and thereafter find the travelling wave solution of the equation.

Solutions of Konopelchenko-Dubrovsky Equation by - CORE

by S Kumar 2014 Cited by 11 wave hypothesis as well as the Lie symmetry analysis will This is a coupled system of equation where the dependent.7 pages


by N Akozbek 1998 higher symmetry solutions may exists for both negative and positive Kerr coefficient. The underlying nonlinear electromagnetic wave equation can be reduced, 

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Flexural Gravity Wave Blocking in Coupled Plate System 126 Solution of a Differential Equation Using Fixed Point Results in Graph-.

Linear & nonlinear diffusion-convection equations applied to

by JM Stewart 2002 include nonlinear wave equations (see e.g. Ibragimov & Khabirov 2000) and wave tion using invariant solutions constructed from Lie's classical symmetry 

Lie symmetry analysis and exact solutions of the - CiteSeerX

by A Bihlo Cited by 18 complete set of point symmetries of the two-layer equations is determined Rossby wave solutions in the two-layer model are rediscovered.

Stochastic Bifurcations of Group-Invariant Solutions for a

17 Mar 2021 equation; Lie symmetry reduction; group-invariant solution. 1. Introduction nonlinear wave equations is so-called bifurcations.

Exact solutions and conservation laws for the modi ed equal

by CM Khalique 2018 Cited by 3 ed equal width-Burgers equation; Lie point symmetries; exact solutions; conservation laws equal width wave equation and the exact analytical so-.

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quantum Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation is reduced into a linear PDE with two The behaviour of the weakly nonlinear ion-acoustic waves in the presence the simplest equation method were used to the Zakharov-Kuznetsov modified equal width equation The system (2.1) admits a Lie point symmetry with generator.

Exact Solutions and Conserved Vectors of the Two - MDPI

by CM Khalique 2021 Abstract: In this article, we investigate a two-dimensional generalized shallow water wave equation. Lie symmetries of the equation are 

Symmetries and Conservation Laws for the Wave Equations of

by AM Mitofsky A symmetry of an equation is a transformation which does not alter the set of solutions of the equation. In this work, a Lie transformation refers to a 

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by G Wang 2015 Cited by 32 Lie symmetry analysis leads to many plethora of solutions to the equation. related to nonlinear ion-acoustic waves (IAWs) in magnetized.

Novel explicit solutions for the nonlinear Zoomeron equation

by W Gao 2020 Cited by 70 Keywords Nonlinear Zoomeron equation Exact solution New extended direct of coupled wave equations (Morris and Leach 2014; Degasperis et al.13 pages

Lie symmetry analysis, Lie-Bäcklund symmetries, explicit

by Y Zhang 2017 Cited by 10 reductions, conservation laws, and explicit solutions by using symmetries can simplest equation method and have obtained the traveling wave solutions of  17 pages

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by EME Zayed Cited by 11 Mukherjee Naskar equation via traveling waves and Lie symmetry Painlevé Analysis and a Solution to the Traveling Wave Reduction of the.

A Robust Cubic Reaction-Diffusion System for Gene

by BH Bradshaw-Hajek 2004 Cited by 23 arrives at a reaction-diffusion equation with cubic source term, rather than the quadratic equation previously derived travelling wave solutions.13 pages

Travelling wave solutions of multisymplectic discretisations of

by FC McDonald 2013 Cited by 3 how well multisymplectic integrators preserve these types of solutions. We call the resulting equation the discrete travelling wave equation. It cannot.

arXiv:1207.6198v3 [nlin.PS] 31 Jul 2013 - WMS - AGH

by V Vladimirov 2012 Cited by 7 Stability and dynamical features of solitary wave solutions for a through the symmetry-based reduction of the initial system, 

LA-6392-T Symmetry Breaking in Fluid Dynamics: Lie Group

by DD Holm 1976 Cited by 14 invariance algebra of the wave equation is constructed and realized as a differential operator algebra. Sample group reducible solutions - which include.


2 Feb 2017 method, is travelling wave solution of b-family equation. Zakharov-Kuznetsov modified equal width equation (vcZKMEW) that is given as.

Symmetries, Conservation Laws and Reductions of

by P Masemola 2014 Lie symmetry analysis of differential equations was pioneered by the prominen- equation (3.1) results only in travelling wave solutions with no 

Lie Symmetry Analysis and Exact Solutions of - MDPI

by C Li 2019 Cited by 14 where u = u(t, x, y) represents the electrostatic wave potential in we study symmetry reductions to the time fractional ZK equation.

Symmetry of Differential Equations - SLAC

by UM Congress rential equations, symmetry reduction and construction of exact solutions. Wave Solutions in Relaxing Hydrodynamic-Type Model.

ized KdV equation - Computational Methods for Differential

by SBG Karakoc Cited by 2 equation, regularized long wave (RLW) equation, equal width wave (EW) equation approximating the solution of the coupled KdV equation and KdV equation.

Reaction-Diffusion equations with applications

by C Kuttler Cited by 34 7.2.5 Travelling Wave Trains in Reaction Diffusion Systems with Oscillatory (with α fixed constant) forms a symmetry group for the diffusion equation.

Theory of electromagnetic fields

by A Wolski 2011 Cited by 26 provide mathematically valid solutions to Maxwell's equations in free space, with the same relationships between the various quantities (frequency, wave vector, 

Symmetry and variational analyses of fluid interface equations

by ZG Nicolaou 2017 Cited by 1 We then enumerate the possible symmetry reductions of the thin film equations, ally invariant travelling wave solutions, (ii-3) the constant solutions,.


by VG Ivancevic 2013 Cited by 67 variety of its traveling wave solutions), as spatiotemporal models of nonlinear ex- citations in complex physical systems. 2.1. Sine Gordon Equation (SGE).

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the influence of the dimer lattice on the properties (width and propagation speed) of wave solutions of the nonlinear partial differential equation 

Lie symmetry analysis and traveling wave solutions of equal

by A Chauhan 2020 Cited by 5 The solution of nonlinear partial differential equation plays an impor- tant role in understanding the behavior of complex system. Equal width wave (EWW)  20 pagesMissing: Coupled ‎ Must include: Coupled

Lie Symmetry Reductions and Solitary Wave Solutions of Modified

Then, we used tanh method and power series method for solving reduced Keywords Modified equal width wave (MEWW) equation Lie symmetry analysis Yang, S., Hua, C.: Lie symmetry reductions and exact solutions of a coupled 

Exact and Approximate Solutions for Nonlinear -

by AH Salas Exact Solutions of the Symmetric Regularized Long Wave Equation and the Lie Point Symmetries of (1) and Symmetry Reduction. The.

dimensional Modified Equal Width Wave Equation with

by K Alaguraja Symmetry Reductions of (2+1)-dimensional Modified. Equal Width Wave Equation with Damping Term by Lie. Classical Method. K. Alaguraja1, R. Asokan1 and S.

Symbolic Computation of Exact Solutions of Nonlinear Partial

by A NUSEIR Cited by 16 Nonlinear evolution and wave equations are partial differential equations the so-called nonclassical symmetry method produces reductions other than  63 pages

On the Camassa-Holm Equation and a Direct Method - JSTOR

by A Parker 2004 Cited by 75 A bilinear form of the Camassa-Holm equation is presented and used to derive solitary-wave solution, which is examined in various parameter 

Self-adjointness, Formal Lagrangian and Conservation Laws

9 Feb 2021 4.7.4 Solitary wave solution with symmetry reduction 40 Zakharov-Kuznetsov modified equal width equation. ZK − BBM.

Lie symmetry analysis and group invariant solutions of the

by K Sakkaravarthi 2018 Cited by 11 Also, we carry out a detailed numerical analysis of the reduced equations and obtain multi-peak nonlinear wave trains. As a special case of the 

Numerical Method For Soliton Solutions Springer - Glenn Howells

Exact And Numerical Soliton Solutions To Nonlinear Wave. December 25th, 2019 - In this article the authors apply the Lie symmetry approach the time dependent coupled KdV Burgers equation is reduced to a system of December 13th, 2019 - Numerical Solutions Of The Modified Equal Width Wave Equation Are 

Novel solitons and periodic wave solutions for Davey

by RM El-Shiekh 2020 Cited by 4 structed for obtaining solitary and soliton wave solu- tions to nonlinear partial differential equations (NPDEs), but symmetry methods are 

Solitons and other solutions to Gardner equation by similarity

by YC GUO Cited by 4 Key words: Gardner equation; dual-power law nonlinearity; similarity reduction; classical Lie group transformation; Clarkson-Kruskal direct method.


30 Jul 2021 2 Classification of partial differential equations variables, one-dimensional waves, similarity, complex variables, integral transform 

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9 May 2013 1 for waveguide modes. 3) Write equations for the boundary conditions that must be satisfied by these sets of superimposed waves, and then solve 

analysis of a singular parabolic partial differential equation by

Similarity reductions dealing with Lie symmetries and invariant properties are ( ) represents a localized wave solution and exemplifies a stationary.



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Hamdi, S., Enright, W. H., Schiesser, W. E., and Gottlieb, J. J., Exact solutions of the generalized equal width wave equation, Math.

On Global Attractors of Hamilton Nonlinear Wave Equations

by AI Komech Cited by 2 Maxwell, Schrödinger, Dirac, coupled systems, etc) with a Lie symmetry group: For a generic equation with a Lie symmetry group each finite energy solution 


by TP WITELSKI 2000 Cited by 8 ing wave solutions of reaction-diffusion equations. For example, con- write the reduced form of the radial Laplacian operator in n dimensions,.