The Significance Of The Discordant Variance Estimates

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An Empirical Bayes Approach to Robust Variance Estimation

by ZQJ Lu 2012 Cited by 2 Inter-Reader and Intra-Reader Variability; Time Series Variance Estimation; Estimation of Many Variances;. Statistical Decision ity in imaging acquisition analysis, what is the mini- dant decreases , 4 discordant decisions for ​increase


of a test of significance for the difference between two proportions: C. C. Sekar, S. P. Agarwala applications of bipolykays to the estimation of variance components and their moments: R. Hooke. discordant variance estimates: M. Siotani.


4.3.2 Regression-Based Methods for Estimating and Testing for Trends 103 study objectives provide the context for understanding the purpose of the data collection effort A large sample variance implies the data are not clustered close to Discordance test assumes that the data without the suspected outlier are 

Small-sample bias and corrections for conditional maximum

by S Greenland 2000 Cited by 87 Schaefer, 1983); a corresponding variance estimate for ˆβ − ˆb may be computed by the delta the bias of odds-ratio estimates directly from the exact conditional distribution of the discordant pairs For this purpose, simple approximate.

Logistic Regression - Sam M. Walton College of Business

Unlike linear regression, the logit is not normally distributed and the variance is not logistic regression usually requires a more complex estimation method called If you want a different significance level for the confidence intervals, you can A pair is discordant if the observation with the outcome has a lower predicted 

Statistical and Economic Articles in Recent Periodicals - JSTOR

of a test of significance for the difference between two proportions: C. C. Sekar, S. P Agarwala applications of bipolykays to the estimation of variance components and their moments: R. Hooke. discordant variance estimates: M. Siotani.

Concordance, disease progression, and heritability of coeliac

by L Nistico 2006 Cited by 246 In 90% of concordant pairs the discordance time was. (2 years. MZ and DZ co-​twins environmental (E) components of variance.4 Additive genetic factors are underlines the importance of the subclinical component, we fitted the same ACE 

Data Quality Assessment - ITRC

4.3.2 Regression-Based Methods for Estimating and Testing for Trends 103 study objectives provide the context for understanding the purpose of the data collection effort A large sample variance implies the data are not clustered close to Discordance test assumes that the data without the suspected outlier are 

Genotypic Association Analysis Using Discordant - ResearchGate

n discordant-relative-pairs are genotyped at the locus, with 9 probabilities yields variance estimates. tion of the McNemar's test atαlevel of significance is.

The Implications of Over-Estimating Gene Tree Discordance

by DA Evangelista 2019 On reason being that modelling mutational variance within a gene tree is difficult (Huang, discordant estimated gene tree and the most discordant. However, this is the opposite of what was expected for FMutSel0, which.


Txy be a count of the pairs that are concordant, discordant, and tied on the One useful property of using a jackknife variance estimate is that the variance of Korn and Simon [2] point out the importance of restricting the range of comparison.

Hershberger (1996) Touch dominates haptic estimates of

by WA HERSHBERGER 1996 Cited by 41 sequently asked to estimate the size of the discordant standard the purpose of estimating its size. were subjected to a mixed three-way analysis of variance 


estimates of central tendency (mean) and variability (variance, standard deviation) does a population parameter estimated from sample data differ from some claimed Example from Rosner - what is the relationship between oral contraceptive (OC) of interest. analysis dependent on concordant and discordant pairs 

Diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome using - hbiostat

by SM Rudolfer 2002 5.2 Concordant/Discordant pairs of observations 5.3.6 Estimated Asymptotic Variance of G under the null hypothesis that γ =0. Define response variable Y and predictor variable x, after consultation with medical expert.

Comparing Generalized Variance Functions to Direct - NCES

calculation of standard errors and for significance testing. Direct variance estimation techniques such as Taylor Series Linearization (TSL) and discordant points where the TSL method yields somewhat higher p-values than the GVF 

A novel estimator of between-study variance in random-effects

by N Wang conclusions tend to be discordant because of various study For instance, we can define a differen- The weights, overall mean estimator, variance of the.

stability - Nature

by HP Piepho 1994 Cited by 16 importance over yielding ability. Various rq=(afi)q+ e, and hence to estimate the variance. = var(r,) of MINQUE yield rather discordant estimates. The.

Analysis of Matched Cohort Data - SAGE Journals

by P Cummings 2004 Cited by 83 Risk ratios can be estimated using matched-pair cohort data with Only the counts in cells B and C the cells discordant on both exposure and Exact McNemar significance probability. = 0.0000 the same matched-pair variance estimator.


by D Langan 2015 Statistical significance of these p-values at the 5% level is discordant between at least two heterogeneity variance estimators in 10.3% of meta-analyses.

A general estimator for the varience of the Mantel-Haenszel

by N No A GENERAL ESTIMATOR FOR THE VARIANCE OF THE MANTEL-. HAENSZEL essence, a consistent variance estimator is where nlo = number of discordant pairs a total of r controls and i = 1 if the case is exposed, 0 otherwise​. Define 

Analysis of Concordance and Discordance in Genetic

by C Cao 2020 insignificance, or two types of discordant significance. The former estimate the same probability as IDR above given observed z-values of association. 10 approach, we varied the effect size and variance and generated data based on Puv.

Hereditary factors in basal cell carcinoma of the skin: a

by T Milán 1998 Cited by 27 Components of variance in liability were estimatedby structural equation modelling. assessment of the significance of additive genetic effects, effects Table 3 Numbers of twin pairs concordant and discordant for basal cell carcinoma of the 

G*Power 3.1 manual - Universität Düsseldorf: Psychologie

Mar 1, 2017 power level 1 − β, significance level α, and the to-be- detected population In addition to the odds ratio, the proportion of discordant pairs, i.e. πD, must be Next, we estimate the common variance σ within each group by 

Linkage Analysis of Extremely Discordant and Concordant

by KM van Asselt 2004 Cited by 64 In the adjusted variance-components analysis, 12 chromosomes had a LOD score of. 1.0. age, we performed simulations to obtain significance thresholds.

Toward Estimating the Rank Correlation between the Test

by J Urbano Cited by 3 nowadays is to report the p-value of a statistical significance test run either for each pairs are concordant or discordant between the two rankings: a pair is concordant if tributed with mean µ and variance σ2/n as n → ∞. Using the cdf of the 

Concordance for Survival Time Data - Mayo Foundation for

Apr 17, 2007 dependent covariate; Variance estimate; Cox proportional hazards discordant, tied in prediction and tied in time. Note, from this all patients with events we define the concordance for the whole sample as. 1.1) (. ) (. ) +½. +.

1I I~lllll~li lmlli - DTIC

by H Chernoff 1993 Cited by 1 purpose of the United States Government. Key words and phrases. Two-way tables, matched pairs, odds ratio, discordant pairs. is impossible to estimate accurately the variances of estimates or the significance levels of.

Stochastic Pacing Inhibits Spatially Discordant Cardiac

by D Wilson 2017 Cited by 3 estimate for the maximum local dispersion in APDs with larger values formation of discordant alternans as the variance increases. We define Cn(x) as the peak value of the intracellular calcium concentration of the nth 

Standard errors and confidence intervals for variable

by H Ishwaran Cited by 79 importance in random forest regression, classification, and survival. Hemant to estimate the variance of VIMP and for constructing confidence intervals. The method is and discordance over pairs of points, a O(n2) operation. With M trees​ 

Selection and subsequent analysis of sib pair data for QTL

by DG CHATZIPLIS 2001 Cited by 6 However, the use of discordant sib pairs was found to be less powerful for QTL variance estimates are biased to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the selection method. 1. were included in the sample, a test of significance for.

The distribution of Kendall's tau for testing the significance of

by KH Hamed 2011 Cited by 19 autocorrelation on the variance of Kendall's τ (Hamed the probabilities of concordance and discordance (xn, yn), an estimate t of τ can be calculated as: t =.

Discordance among Commercially Available - ATS Journals

by JD Mancuso 2012 Cited by 70 instability, Poisson regression with robust variance estimation was used significance of test discordance, particularly the need for longi-.

Variance of d! for the same different method

by J Bi 2002 Cited by 17 The purpose of this paper is to provide variance estimates of d! for the portion of the same responses for the discordant sample pairs or ; k is a 

HbA1c Levels Are Genetically Determined Even in - Diabetes

by H Snieder 2001 Cited by 204 twins and 2) MZ twins concordant and discordant for type 1 diabetes. Healthy twins. In other words, this model enabled us to quantify which part of the variance components (genetic Our data emphasizes the importance of familial factors.

Estimating the burden of pertussis in Mexican - jstor

by D Follmann 2014 Cited by 3 The discordant approach provides inferences that are very similar to those of the full We thus use robust estimates of the bias and variance to summarize this is an ambiguous parameter in this simulation where we define the 'true' w as the​ 

A multispecies coalescent model for quantitative traits - eLife

Phylogenetic inferences made about traits can include estimating a trait's Recent work on the relevance of gene tree discordance to phylogenetic inferences among individuals of A, but the expected variance in species A's mean trait value 

interrelationships among the variables. In addition - CiteSeerX

1977 Cited by 30 With the variance-covariance estimates, the user can examine a wide range of hypotheses for statistical significance. ver the last ten years the power of the 

The Concatenation Question - Matthew Hahn Lab - Indiana

by D Bryant Cited by 16 scope of gene tree discordance, the importance of statistical consistency, and the corresponding sources of variance when estimating genetic distances 

On F-modelling based Empirical Bayes Estimation of Variances

by Y Kwon 2018 Empirical Bayes estimator of Variances (F-EBV), which converges to the corresponding the intervals based on the F-EBV have the smallest number of discordance, an attractive feature Define f(s2), n(s2) and h(s2) as. (A.2) f(s2) = ∫ ∞. 0.

FDA Guidance for Industry: Statistical Approaches to

Jan 31, 2001 used to allow estimation of within-subject variances for the T and R two one-​sided tests of hypothesis at the 5% level of significance (Schuirmann discordant with corresponding data for that subject and/or for the rest of the 

17: Odds Ratios From Case-Control Studies

Oct 9, 2006 purpose. We will discuss the sampling theory behind case-control studies in lecture. estimate of the relative incidence (relative risk) of the outcome associated with exposure Discordant pairs differ with respect to exposure.

Estimating the annual risk of HIV transmission within HIV sero

by SF Awad 2018 Cited by 5 sero-discordant couples in sub-Saharan Africa. Susanne F. Awada,b, accounting for factors known to potentially affect this estimation. Methods: We used a Brown MS. Coitus, the proximate determinant of conception: inter-​country variance.


by C Kartsonaki 2020 discarding the concordant pairs and testing the discordant pairs for an equal a simple significance test (Fisher [8, Chapter II], 1935) in which the strong null hypothesis The asymptotic variance of the estimate of the treatment effect θ in the 

Harmonizing Discordant Notes: A Reply to Waters

by RA Thompson 1983 Cited by 50 Harmonizing Discordant Notes: A Reply to sum, our findings affirm the importance of viewing mother-infant attachment as a dynamic relationship altered classification variance by creating an- pare directly the stability estimates of Main.

A Bayesian model for cross-study differential gene expression

by RB Scharpf Cited by 48 the estimated effect, as well as concordant and discordant differential ing strength across genes when estimating the gene-specific variance across samples. It is We define a hierarchical Bayesian model for the expression values xgsp.

Discordant beliefs and trading activity in the - IDEALS @ Illinois

The resultsgenerally support the notion ofa link between discordance and trading volume An IndirectMeasure of Investor Assessments of Stock Price Variance the process should lead to valid estimates of the instantaneous standard deviation. bid-ask spread have a significance level better thanthe 0005 level.

Composite Statistics for QTL Mapping with - Cell Press

by WF Forrest 2000 Cited by 38 Extreme discordant sibling-pair (EDSP) designs have been shown in theory to be very powerful for mapping quantitative-trait tics such as those used in variance components and Has- mean IBD sharing in the n sibling pairs, we define our.

Variance partitioning of stream diatom, fish, and invertebrate

by RE Zuellig 2012 Cited by 19 sites (15 16%) for invertebrates and diatoms, whereas discordance Key words​: variance components, sampling variability, invertebrates, fish, diatoms, stream condition, collectively define hereafter as sampling variability.

The SURVEYFREQ Procedure - SAS Support

PROC SURVEYFREQ computes variance estimates based on the sample design used to obtain the levels of the CLUSTER variables define the clusters in the sample. requests the difference between discordant proportions for 2 2 tables.

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by M SIOTANI THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE DISCORDANT. VARIANCE ESTIMATES. By MINORU SIOTANI. (Received Aug. 10, 1955). 1. Summary and introduction. Among